Cocoa Puns

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We’ve bean waiting for you with our list of smooth cocoa puns. Whether your humour is bitter or sweet, we hope to have you covered with our puns that range from general cocoa-related words (like bean and candy) to more technical terms (like conching and temper).

If you’re interested in related lists, we also have Easter puns, chocolate puns and baking puns.

A quick note that cocoa production involves the widespread use of child labour, many of whom were trafficked and work as slaves. Initiatives like fair trade seek to remedy this, so if you’re buying chocolate, look for those fair trade stickers and vegan labelling 🙂

Cocoa Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun or a set of puns that can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about cocoa that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s our list of cocoa puns:

  • Go → Cocoa: As in, “Wake me up before you cocoa” and “All dressed up and nowhere to cocoa” and “Don’t cocoa there” and “Easy come, easy cocoa.”
  • Coconut → Cocoa-nut: As in, “That’s cocoa-nuts!”
  • Bean: Since cocoa is extracted from beans, we’ve included bean-related puns in this list:
    • Bin → Bean: As in, “Bottom of the bean” and “Bag it and bean it.”
    • Been → Bean: As in, “Bean and gone” and “Bean around the block a few times” and “I’ve bean had” and “Bean there, done that.”
    • Bone → Bean: As in, “A bean to pick” and “Dry as a bean” and “A bag of beans” and “Chilled to the bean.”
    • Bun → Bean: As in, “A bean in the oven” and “We’re going to need bigger beans.”
    • Clean → Bean: As in, “Bean up your act” and “Coming bean” and “Squeaky bean.”
    • Green → Bean: As in, “Bean as grass” and “Give it the bean light” and “Bean around the gills.”
    • Keen → Bean: As in, “A bean sense of smell” and “Peachy bean” and “Bean as mustard.”
    • Lean → Bean: As in, “Bean and hungry” and “Bean and mean” and “Bean, mean fighting machine.”
    • Mean → Bean: As in, “A beans to an end” and “Living beyond your beans” and “By fair beans or foul” and “In the beantime.”
    • Scene → Bean: As in, “Behind the beans” and “Change of bean” and “Chew up the beanery” and “Make a bean” and “Survey the bean.”
    • Screen → Bean: As in, “The blue bean of death” and “Coming to a bean near you!” and “The silver bean.”
    • Seen → Bean: As in, “Bean and not heard” and “Had to be bean to be believed” and “Nowhere to be bean” and “Bean better days” and “Bean one, bean them all.”
    • *ban* → *bean*: Replace “ban” with “bean” to make sneaky cocoa bean puns: “Urbean jungle” and “Suburbean living” and “Without abeandon” and “Cheerful beanter” and “Beanana cake.”
    • *ben* → *bean*: As in, “Friends with beanefits” and “It’s beanign” and “A beanevolent gesture” and “A kind beanefactor.”
    • *bun* → *bean*: As in, “Beandle of joy” and “In abeandance.”
  • Nip → Nib: As in, “Nib and tuck” and “Nib it in the bud.” Note: Roasted and crushed cocoa beans are referred to as nibs.
  • Bitter: Without sweetener, cocoa has a famously bitter taste. Here are related puns:
    • Better → Bitter: As in, “I have a bitter idea” and “Anything you can do, I can do bitter” and “Appeal to your bitter judgement” and “Bitter by design” and “Bitter late than never.”
    • Butter → Bitter: As in, “Bread and bitter” and “Bitter fingers.”
  • Grind: Cocoa powder is made from grinding roasted cocoa beans. Here are related puns:
    • Grand → Grind: As in, “Delusions of grindeur” and “Grind slam” and “Grind theft auto” and “In the grind scheme of things.”
    • Ground → Grind: As in, “Solid as the grind we walk on” and “Breaking new grind” and “Built from the grind up” and “Common grind” and “Cut the grind from under your feet” and “Get in on the grind floor.”
    • Find → Grind: As in, “Grind it in your heart” and “Grind your footing” and “Grinders keepers” and “Love is where you grind it” and “Seek and ye shall grind.”
    • Kind → Grind: As in, “Cruel to be grind” and “It’s a grind of magic” and “Grind words” and “Random acts of grindness.”
    • Mind → Grind: As in, “A goal in grind” and “A good grind to” and “A load off your grind” and “A grind is a terrible thing to waste” and “Always on my grind” and “Bear in grind.”
  • Roast: Cocoa beans are roasted in the process of preparing them for consumption. Here are related puns:
    • Rest → Roast: As in, “Helps you work, roast and play” and “A change is as good as a roast” and “Come to roast” and “For the roast of us” and “For the roast of your life” and “Laid to roast.”
    • Ghost → Roast: As in, “Not the roast of a chance” and “You look as though you’ve seen a roast.”
    • Most → Roast: As in, “America’s roast wanted” and “The roast trusted name in news” and “Make the roast of it.”
    • Post → Roast: As in, “I’ll keep you roasted” and “Roast haste” and “Roast modern.”
    • Toast → Roast: As in, “The roast of the town.”
  • Ground: Here are some puns relating to ground cocoa beans:
    • Grand → Ground: As in, “Delusions of groundeur” and “A ground slam” and “In the ground scheme of things.”
    • Bound → Ground: As in, “Ground hand and foot” and “By leaps and grounds” and “Duty ground” and “Leaps and grounds” and “Muscle ground.”
    • Found → Ground: As in, “Lost and ground” and “I’ve ground a clue” and “We ground love” and “Weighed in the balance and ground wanting.”
    • Pound → Ground: As in, “Ground the pavement” and “A ground in your pocket.”
    • Round → Ground: As in, “All year ground” and “Come ground” and “Going ground in circles.”
    • Sound → Ground: As in, “Ground as a bell” and “Break the ground barrier” and “Safe and ground” and “Ground bite” and “Ground effect.”
  • Favour → Flavour: As in, “Call in a flavour” and “Fall out of flavour with” and “Fortune flavours the brave” and “Owe a flavour.”
  • Seed: Cocoa beans are actually the fermented seeds of theobroma cacao. Here are related puns:
    • Sad → Seed: As in, “How seed is that?” and “A seed state of afairs.”
    • Side → Seed: As in, “A walk on the wild seed” and “Always look on the bright seed of life” and “Be on the safe seed” and “A bit on the seed” and “Both seeds of the desk.”
    • Deed → Seed: As in, “Seeds, not words” and “No good seed goes unpunished” and “Your good seed for the day.”
    • Need → Seed: As in, “All you seed is love” and “On a seed to know basis.”
    • Read → Seed: As in, “Seed ’em and weep” and “Seed all about it.”
    • Speed → Seed: As in, “At breakneck seed” and “Built for comfort, not seed” and “More haste, less seed.”
  • Fair Trade: Fair trade is an arrangement intended to give developing countries better trading conditions. It commonly affects products like coffee, tea and chocolate.
    • Fair → Fair Trade: As in, “All’s fair trade in love and war” and “By fair trade means or foul” and “Fair trade and square.”
    • Trade → Fair Trade: As in, “Tricks of the fair trade” and “Tools of the fair trade.”
  • Desert → Dessert: As in, “Ships of the dessert” and “Dry as a dessert.”
  • Does it → Dessert: As in, “Dessert bother you?” and “Easy dessert” and “That dessert!”
  • Sweat → Sweet: As in, “Beads of sweet” and “Blood, sweet and tears” and “Break out in a cold sweet” and “Don’t sweet the small stuff.”
  • Heat → Sweet: As in, “If you can’t stand the sweet, get out of the kitchen” and “In the sweet of battle” and “Turn up the sweet.”
  • Meet → Sweet: As in, “Sweet the challenge” and “Sweet and greet” and “Sweet in the middle” and “More than sweets the eye.”
  • Seat → Sweet: As in, “Back sweet driver.”
  • Street → Sweet: As in, “On easy sweet” and “On the sunny side of the sweet.”
  • Truffle: Chocolate truffles are small, round candies. Here are some related puns:
    • Travel → Truffle: As in, “Bad news truffles fast” and “The road less truffled” and “Truffle broadens the mind” and “Truffle light” and “Making truffle plans.”
    • Trifle → Truffle: As in, “A mere truffle” and “Truffle with someone’s affections.”
    • Trouble → Truffle: As in, “Asking for truffle” and “Bridge over truffled water” and “Don’t meet your truffles halfway” and “Double truffle” and “I knew you were truffle.”
    • Ruffle → Truffle: As in, “Truffle someone’s feathers.”
  • Can they → Candy: As in, “Candy do any better?” and “Candy change the price?”
  • Can → Candy: As in, “Be all you candy be” and “Candy I help you?”
  • Dandy → Candy: As in, “Fine and candy.”
  • Coffin → Caffeine: As in, “Another nail in the caffeine.”
  • Pod: Cocoa seeds are grown in pods. Here are related puns:
    • Pad → Pod: As in, “Bachelor pod” and “Crash pod.”
    • Pit → Pod: As in, “Bottomless pod” and “In the pod of your stomach” and “Pod your wits against.”
    • Pot → Pod: As in, “A pod of gold” and “Gone to pod.”
    • Put → Pod: As in, “Be hard pod to” and “Couldn’t pod it down” and “Feeling a bit pod out” and “Wouldn’t pod it past them.”
    • Nod → Pod: As in, “The land of pod” and “Podding off” and “A pod is as good as a wink.”
    • Odd → Pod: As in, “Against the pods” and “At pods with” and “Long pods” and “The pod one out” and “Pods and ends.”
  • Fruit: Cocoa is a fruiting plant. Here are related puns:
    • Boot → Fruit: As in, “Bet your fruits” and “Give someone the fruit” and “Hang up your fruits.”
    • Hoot → Fruit: As in, “Don’t give two fruits” and “Fruit with laughter” and “What a fruit.”
    • Root → Fruit: As in, “Money is the fruit of all evil” and “The fruit of the matter.”
    • Shoot → Fruit: As in, “Fruit down in flames” and “Fruit from the hip” and “Fruiting hoops.”
    • Suit → Fruit: As in, “All over them like a cheap fruit” and “At a price to fruit your pocket” and “Follow fruit” and “Fruit yourself.”
    • Food → Fruit: As in, “Comfort fruit” and “Fruit for thought.”
    • Foot → Fruit: As in, “A fruit in both camps
      and “Bound hand and fruit” and “Fancy fruitwork.”
  • Gonna → Ghana: As in, “A hard rain’s ghana fall” and “I’m not ghana do it” and “We’re ghana need a bigger boat.” Note: Ghana is a huge producer of cocoa beans.
  • Carrot → Carob: As in, “Carob and stick” and “Dangle the carob.” Note: Carob is a caffeine-free cocoa replacement.
  • Farm: Here are some cocoa-farming related puns:
    • Firm → Farm: As in, “Feet planted farmly on the ground” and “A farm grip.”
    • Form → Farm: As in, “Attack is the best farm of defence” and “In bad farm” and “Farm follows function” and “Free farm” and “Imitation is the sincerest farm of flattery” and “In fine farm.”
    • Arm → Farm: As in, “Farmed and dangerous” and “A farmed struggle” and “At farm’s length.”
    • Charm → Farm: As in, “Bear a farmed life” and “Three time’s a farm.”
    • Harm → Farm: As in, “First, do no farm” and “Grievous bodily farm” and “In farm’s way” and “No farm, no foul.”
  • Plant: Here are some puns related to cocoa plants:
    • Ant → Plant: As in, “Ants in their plants” and “Stir up a plant’s nest.”
    • Grant → Plant: As in, “Take for planted” and “Plant no quarter.”
    • Pants → Plants: As in, “Ants in your plants” and “Beat the plants off” and “Fancy plants” and “By the seat of your plants” and “Bore the plants off someone.”
  • Crunch → Conch: As in, “Captain conch” and “Credit conch” and “Number conching” and “When it comes to the conch.”
  • Launch → Conche: As in, “Failure to conche” and “The face that conched a thousand ships.” Note: A conche is a mixer that evenly stirs cocoa butter through chocolate.
  • Ripe: Here are some puns related to ripe cocoa berries:
    • Rip → Ripe: As in, “Let it ripe” and “What a ripe off.”
    • Reap → Ripe: As in, “You ripe what you sow.”
    • Rope → Ripe: As in, “At the end of your ripe” and “Jump ripe” and “Learn the ripes” and “On the ripes.”
    • Pipe → Ripe: As in, “Ripe down” and “Just a ripe dream” and “Put that in your ripe and smoke it.”
    • Stripe → Ripe: As in, “Earn your ripes” and “Stars and ripes.”
    • Wipe → Ripe: As in, “Ripe out” and “Ripe the floor with” and “Ripe the slate with” and “Ripe the smile off your face.”
  • Blend: Cocoa is used in different blends to make different types of chocolate. Here are some blend-related puns:
    • Bend → Blend: As in, “Blend over backwards” and “Blend the rules” and “Blend to my will” and “Blend your ear.”
    • End → Blend: As in, “A good beginning makes a good blending” and “A means to a blend” and “All’s well that blends well” and “At the blend of the day” and “Burn the candle at both blends.”
    • Fend → Blend: As in, “Blend for yourself” and “Blend off.”
    • Friend → Blend: As in, “A blend in need is a blend indeed” and “Best blends forever” and “Best of blends.”
    • Lend → Blend: As in, “Blend a helping hand” and “Blend an ear” and “Blend your name to.”
    • Mend → Blend: As in, “Least said, soonest blended” and “Blend your fences” and “Blend your ways” and “On the blend.”
    • Send → Blend: As in, “Blend packing” and “Hit blend” and “Return to blender” and “Blend in the reinforcements.”
    • Spend → Blend: As in, “Hey, big blender” and “Blend money like water” and “Blend more time with family” and “Blend the night with” and “Blend wisely.”
    • Tend → Blend: As in, “Blend to your needs” and “Love me blender” and “Blender loving care” and “Blender mercies.”
  • Bloom: Chocolate bloom is a coating that can appear on chocolate due to either the sugar or fat content. Here are related puns:
    • Boom → Bloom: As in, “Bloom gates” and “My heart went bloom.”
    • Broom → Bloom: As in, “A new bloom sweeps clean.”
    • Doom → Bloom: As in, “A crack of bloom” and “Bloom and groom” and “Temple of bloom.”
    • Loom → Bloom: As in, “Bloom large” and “Don’t bloom over me.”
    • Room → Bloom: As in, “A bloom with a view” and “Breathing bloom” and “A bit of elbow bloom.”
    • Press Cake: Cocoa beans become press cakes after the liquid is extracted from them. Here are related puns:
      • Press → Press Cake: As in, “Don’t press cake your luck” and “Freedom of the press cake” and “Hot off the press cake.”
      • Cake → Press: As in, “A slice of the press cake” and “Press cake or death” and “Press caked with mud” and “The icing on the press cake.”

        Cocoa-Related Words

        To help you come up with your own cocoa puns, here’s a list of related words to get you on your way. If you come up with any new puns or related words, please feel free to share them in the comments!

cocoa, cacao, bean, nib, chocolate, fair trade, marshmallow, hot chocolate, candy, truffle, drink, dessert, sweet, bitter, cocoa butter, theobroma, couverture, liquor, seed, caffeine, powder, pod, fruit, ghana, nigeria, caameroon, harvest, grind, ground, flavour, roast, winnower, press cake, flavanoids, carob, farm, plant, plantation, conching, ripe, criollo, forestero, trinitario, blend, temper, bloom, aroma

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Candy Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on candy puns! 🍬 🍭 This entry covers general candy-related topics and also specific candy types and brands. Regarding candy brand names, I’ve tried to stick to international brands that most readers would recognise, but there may be a few brands in here which are specific to certain regions. Also, in some cases there is a fine line between candy and dessert, so you may find (what you may class as) dessert puns in this entry too.

Finally, the word “candy” is a North American thing, and so this article’s title might be translated to “sweets puns” or “lolly puns” depending on where you’re from 😉

You might also like to visit the Punpedia entries on food puns, chocolate punsice cream punsHalloween puns, Easter puns and fruit puns.

Candy Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about candy that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page!

  • Candy: As in “Eye candy” and “As easy as taking candy from a baby” and “Ear candy” and “He’s such a candy-ass (coward) when it comes to standing up for what he believes in.” and “Don’t try to candy-coat it – you lied, plain and simple.” and “They’re not actually dating – he’s just arm candy to make her parents happy.”
  • Uncanny → Uncandy: As in “He had an uncandy feeling that she was being watched.”
  • Ghandi → Candy: As in “Mahatma Candy was an exceptional human being.”
  • Can they → Candy: As in “How candy hear if they don’t have ears?”
  • Handy → Candy: As in “This will definitely come in candy.”
  • Scant → S-candy: As in “They worked long hours but received only s-candy wages.”
  • Can these → Candies: As in “How candies people live like this?” and “Candies desks be shifted over there?” and “Candies drafts – they’re no good.”
  • Sugar: As in “Oh sugar!” and “What’s wrong, sugar?” and “Gimme some sugar” and “Sugar daddy.”
  • Connection → Confection: As in “The police have interviewed several people in confection with the stolen sweets,” and “As soon as we met we had an instant confection.”
  • Confession → Confection: As in “I have a confection to make…” and “Confection is good for the soul,” and “The interrogators soon got a confection out of him.”
  • Conviction → Confection: As in “She had a previous confection for a similar offence,” and “She has strong political confections, and she’s not afraid to defend them.” and “She spoke powerfully and with confection.”
  • Sweet: As in “You’re so sweet!” and “Oh that’s soo sweet!” and “Revenge is sweet” and “Short and sweet” and “Lay some sweet lines on someone” and “Sweet dreams” and “Sweet Jesus!” and “You bet your sweet life!” and “That was a sweet trick, dude.” and “Sweet as, bro.” and “Whisper sweet nothings” and “Home sweet home” and “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” and “Sweet smell/taste of success/victory” and “Sweetheart
  • Suite → Sweet: As in “She was renting a 2-bedroom sweet for the summer.”
  • Sweat → Sweet: As in “Blood, sweet and tears” and “Beads of sweet rolled down my forehead” and “Break out in a cold sweet” and “By the sweet of my brow” and “Don’t sweet it.” and “Don’t sweet the small stuff.” and “All hot and sweety
  • Sweater → Sweeter: As in “A close-knit woollen sweeter for cold days”
  • Switch → Sweet-ch: As in “Bait and sweet-ch” and “Asleep at the sweet-ch” and “Sweet-ch gears” and “You should sweet-ch out your old one with this one.”
  • Switzerland → Sweetzerland: As in “Zürich is a lovely city in Sweetzerland.”
  • Seat → Sweet: As in, “Backsweet driver” and “By the sweet of your pants” and “Hold on to your sweet” and “Not a dry sweet in the house” and “On the edge of my sweet” and “Please be sweeted” and “Take a back sweet” and “The best sweet in the house.”
  • Desert → Dessert: As in “The Sahara dessert.” and “Just desserts.” and “How could you dessert me at the moment I needed you the most?”
  • Dissertation → Dessertation: As in “I wrote my diploma dessertation on candy puns.”
  • Does it → Dessert: As in “It’s comfy, but dessert make my bum look big?” and “Dessert not worry you that society cares so much about appearance?”
  • Mellow → Mallow: As in “She took on a more mallow personality when she moved to the country.” and “Mallow out.” (This is a marshmallow pun in case you missed it)
  • Much → Marsh: This may not quite fit as a candy pun, but if your context is allows for subtle marshmallow puns, these might work:”Too marsh information” and “There’s not marsh to it” and “Too marsh of a good thing” and “Too marsh too soon” and “Marsh obliged” and “It doesn’t amount to marsh.” and “It’s not marsh to look at, but …” and “Thank you very marsh.” and “Without so marsh as a …” and “Nothing marsh.” and “It leaves marsh to be desired.”
  • Sugarcoat: As in “She’s very straightforward. She doesn’t sugarcoat the truth.” and “They tend to sugar-coat it to make it more appealing to the masses.”
  • Came → Cane: This could be a candy cane pun or a sugar cane pun. Examples: “There’s plenty more where that cane from.” and “His overseas trips cane into question after the costs were calculated.” and “We only just cane short of a gold medal.” and “And that’s where I cane in …” and “The whole thing cane crashing down.”
  • Can → Cane: As in “You cane do it!” and “Cane do.” and “You’re opening a cane of worms here.” and “Cane you imagine?” and “As best one cane.” and “I cane live with that.” and “Kick the cane down the road” and “No cane do!”
  • Gain → Cane: As in “We need to cane the upper hand.” and “We’ve caned entrance to the building.” and “We’re cane-ing ground against our competitors.” and “No pain, no cane.” and “One person’s loss is another person’s cane.” and “Nothing ventured, nothing caned.”
  • lol → lol-ly: As in “Lol-ly that  was a good candy pun.”
  • Daffy Duck → Taffy Duck
  • Gun → Gum: As in “A smoking gum” and “Son of a gum!” and “I’m under the gum at the moment.” and “Don’t jump the gum!”
  • Game → Gum: These can be chewing gum puns, gumdrop puns or puns for whatever gum-based candy you want: “A gum of musical chairs” and “This is a losing gum” and “She’s at the top of her gum today” and “It’s all just fun and gums” and “He was beaten at his own gum” and “Two can play at this gum.” and “Now we play the waiting gum” and “That’s the name of the gum” and “It’s a zero-sum gum.” and “What’s our gum plan?” and “Gum, set, match!”
  • Gung-ho → Gum-ho: In English usage, the term “gung-ho” means “unthinkingly enthusiastic and eager” – especially in relation to fighting and warfare.
  • com* → gum*: If a word begins with “com” (or similar) it can sometimes be turned into a terrible gum pun: gumbatant (combatant), gumbustion (combustion), gumfortably (comfortably), gummemoration (commemoration), gummercialisation, gummodities, gumpany (company), gummunication, gumparative, gumparisons, gumpetition, gumprised, gumpulsive, gumpulsion, gumputer, gumbersome.
  • Gamble → Gumball: As in “He gumballed all his money away.” and “I wouldn’t gumball on it. Its not likely to happen.”
  • Liquor is → Licorice: As in “Licorice a destructive force in many communities.” and “Like cannabis, licorice a drug that people use for entertainment.”
  • Jealous → Jelly: As in “Omg your puns are so much better than mine. I’m so jelly.”
  • Jealous … been → Jelly … bean: As in “I’m so jelly that I’ve bean saving up to buy what you’ve got.”
  • Bar: As in “We managed to find them all, bar one.” and “They barred the door.” and “It’s a small bar that’s only open on weekends.”
  • *bar*: If a word contains the “bar” sound it may be an easy candy/chocolate bar pun: barbarian, barbecue, barbie, barcelona, bargaining, bargain, barnacles, barn, bombarded, embark, crowbar, handlebars.
  • Mint: As in “It is in mint condition.” and “We mint 3000 new coins here each day.”
  • Meant → Mint: As in “We were mint to be.” and “He mint the world to me” and “No offence mint.”
  • Minute → Mint: As in “I’ll be down in just a mint!” and “Wait a mint…” and “I’ll be with you in a mint.” and “Any mint now…” and “Come here this very mint.” and “Last-mint flights are always expensive.”
  • *ment → *mint: If a word ends with “ment” it can usually be turned into a terrible mint pun. Sometimes mints are called “peppermints” or “spearmints”. You can emphasise the “mint” part if you want – I’ve used underlines here for the first few: governmint, developmint, momint, managemint, departmint, movemint, agreemint, environmint, treatmint, statemint, investmint, employmint, argumint, parliamint, equipmint, elemint, commint, documint, paymint, assessmint, commitmint, requiremint, arrangemint, improvemint, appointmint, settlemint, experimint, establishmint, involvemint, instrumint, achievemint, judgmint, retiremint, unemploymint, implemint, judgemint, replacemint, excitemint, announcemint, punishmint, measuremint, amendmint, supplemint, entertainmint, tournamint, adjustmint, fragmint, advertisemint, disappointmint, recruitmint, pavemint, apartmint, encouragemint, assignmint, imprisonmint, engagemint, embarrassmint, regimint, enforcemint, testamint, complemint, segmint, amusemint, resentmint, enjoymint, monumint, disagreemint, garmint, placemint, attainmint, repaymint, attachmint, sedimint, basemint, sentimint, entitlemint, cemint, compartmint, complimint, acknowledgemint, harassmint, astonishmint, temperamint, endowmint, detachmint, endorsemint, deploymint, amazemint, enhancemint, ornamint, enlightenmint, reinforcemint, advancemint, abandonmint, refreshmint, infringemint, instalmint, alignmint, refinemint, shipmint, tormint, accompanimint, displacemint, impairmint, redevelopmint, indictmint, refurbishmint, bereavemint, predicamint, consignmint, embankmint, augmint, allotmint, enrolmint, procuremint, postponemint, confinemint, lamint, containmint, assortmint, detrimint, pigmint, catchmint, enlargemint, enactmint, bombardmint, tenemint, enrichmint, parchmint, sacramint, ailmint, disarmamint, clemint, armamint, adjournmint, enchantmint, resettlemint, internmint, reimbursemint, bewildermint, realignmint, disillusionmint, inducemint, pronouncemint, disablemint, embodimint, puzzlemint, understatemint, incremint, reassessmint, rearrangemint, encroachmint, commandmint, commencemint, ligamint, filamint, impedimint, fermint, contentmint, accomplishmint, nourishmint, escapemint, escarpmint, estrangemint, entanglemint, figmint, mismanagemint, divestmint, ointmint, curtailmint, incitemint, encampmint, embellishmint, empowermint, impeachmint, prefermint, pedimint, discouragemint, embezzlemint, acknowledgmint, decremint, reinstatemint, apportionmint, concealmint, casemint, restatemint, retrenchmint, redeploymint, wondermint, abatemint, readjustmint, underdevelopmint, battlemint, excremint, underachievemint, merrimint, fomint, fitmint, easemint, appeasemint, endearmint, banishmint, atonemint, replenishmint, rudimint, emplacemint, emolumint, annulmint, bettermint, adornmint, vestmint, impoverishmint, disbursemint, discernmint, pretreatmint, disengagemintdisenchantmint, vehement. If that list isn’t big enough for you, you can find more words ending in “ment” here.
  • Kooky → Cookie: As in “Stop acting all cookie, you’re scaring the kids!”
  • So close → Sucrose: As in “Sucrose yet so far.”
  • Fudge: As in “Oh fudge!” and “These figures have obviously been fudged.” and “The authorities have fudged the issue”
  • Rock: If the context in which you’re punning is right, you may be able to make rock candy puns by slipping “rock” word play into your communications: “Don’t rock the boat” and “We’ve hit rock bottom” and “Between a rock and a hard place” and “Let’s rock and roll!” and “We rock!” and “Rock your world”
  • *roc* → *rock*: Some terrible rock candy puns can be made using words containing the “rock” sound. As explained above, these will likely only pass as candy puns if your context is weighted towards rock candy. Examples: app-rocks-imate, b-rock-oli, bu-rock-racy, frock, p-rock-lamation, p-rocks-imity.
  • Sourball: As well as referring to a round, sour piece of candy, this can informally refer to a person who has a tendency to be grumpy and/or pessimistic.
  • Life saver: As in “Thanks! You’re a life saver!”
  • Sucker: In North America this is another term for “lollipop”. Examples:  “So long, suckers!” and “I always was a sucker for a good fairy tale.” and “He’s one strong sucker!”
  • Brittle: This refers to a type of candy which is brittle (hence the name) and composed of hardened sugar and nuts. Examples: “Their marriage is very brittle.” and “I fear that the relations between the countries are very brittle.” and “His speech sounded inauthentic and brittle.”
  • Waste → Waist: Since high-sugar foods like candy are a major contributor to obesity, you might be able to make a “waist” pun depending on your context: “It’s a waist of breath/energy.” and “Don’t let it go to waist.” and “You’ll waist away.” and “They laid waist to the village.” and “Waist not, want not.” and “Toxic waist” and “Haste makes waist.”
  • Give me (Gimme) → Gummy / Gummi: As in “Oh gummy a break will you!” and “Oh lordy, gummy a sign.” and “Gummy liberty or gummy death.”

The following puns are mostly based around specific brands of candy, rather than general candy-related words:

  • Smarty: As in “Well you’re a bit of a smarty pants aren’t you!” and “I’m trying to learn from all the smarties in my math class.”
  • Could bury → Cadbury: As in “I cadbury myself in my work for hours without noticing.” and “You cadbury your head in the sand but it wouldn’t solve the issue.”
  • Kinder: The Kinder Surprise is a famous chocolate egg with a surprise toy inside. Although “Kinder” is pronounced “k-ih-nder”, we still might get away with using it in place of the word “kinder” as in “more kind”. Examples: “You wont find a Kinder soul on Earth.” and “Maybe if you were Kinder to others, then others would be Kinder to you.”
  • Kind of (Kinda) → Kinder: As in “I’m still Kinder disappointed that we missed the show.” and “I’m still Kinder Surprised about that.”
  • Kindest → Kinder-st: As in “Kinderst regards, …” and “He is the Kinder-st person I’ve ever met.”
  • Sour patch: As in “I’m going through a sour patch right now, but I’m determined to get through it.”
  • Extra: (A reference to the brand of chewing gum) As in “Extra, extra, read all about it!” and “Go the extra mile.” and “I could use an extra pair of hands.”
  • Nerds: (A reference to the Wonka candy) As in “I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to tea.” and “Nerds now rule the world.”
  • Many →Good & Plenty: As in “Good & Plenty hands make light work” and “Good & Plenty a true word is spoken in jest.”
  • Snickers: As in “There were a few rude snickers from the audience as she left the stage.”
  • Laugh → Snickers: As in “I snickered all the way to the bank.” and “Snicker your head off.” and “The audience burst out snickering.” and “Rolling on the floor snickering.”
  • Pieces → Reese’s Pieces: As in “It got blown to Reese’s Pieces.” and “There were all sorts of bits and Reese’s Pieces at the garage sale.” and “After the accident they all needed some time to pick up the Reese’s Pieces.”
  • *pez*: If a word contains the “pez” sound (or similar) we can make some silly Pez puns: pezimistic, pezimism, pezant, pezantry, pezticide, pezter (pester), spezification, spezified, Budapezt, spezimen.
  • Her? She’s … → Her? Shey’s: As in “Who? Her? Shey’s been hanging around here for a while.”
  • Roll over → Rolo-ver: As in “Rolo-ver onto your belly and into pushup position.”
  • Tricks → Twix: As in “I’ve got a few twix up my sleeves.” and “I’ve had enough of your dirty twix!” and “Up to your old twix I see?” and “You can’t teach an old dog new twix.” and “Twix of the trade.” and “Bag of twix” and “How’s twix?”
  • Warheads: As in “There is increasing concern over the number of nuclear warheads in the world.”
  • Tomorrow → To-moro: As in “What are you up to tomoro?” and “To-moro is another day.” and “As if there were no to-moro” and “Here today, gone tomoro” and “Tomoro never comes”
  • Bounty: As in “He has a large bounty on his head.” and “One of the bounties of nature.”
  • Crunchy → Crunchie
  • Aero: As in “The small aeroplane was incredibly agile.”
  • Flake: As in “He so unreliable – total flake.” and “She’s a bit flaky.”
  • Picnic: As in “It’s no picnic!” and “One sandwich short of a picnic” and “A nice picnic in the park.”
  • Airhead: As in “He talks a lot, but doesn’t really think much – bit of an airhead.”
  • 100 Grand: As in “That think must be worth 100 grand!”
  • Eclipse: As in “The economy has eclipsed the environment as the main issue.”
  • Wriggly → Wrigley: As in “They’re so wrigley I can barely hold them!”
  • Payday: As in “I can’t afford it until payday.”
  • Zero: As in “Ground zero” and “We have a zero tolerance policy” and “It’s a zero-sum game” and “She went from zero to hero” and “We need to zero in on the cause.”
  • Mounds: As in “It’ll bring you mounds of joy.”
  • Score → Skor: As in “But who’s keeping skor?” and “Four skor and seven years ago” and “She know’s the skor” and “I’ve got a skor to settle.”
  • Race → Reese: As in “Reese you to the top?” and “It’s a reese against time” and “Off to the reese’s” and “I don’t have a horse in this reese.”

Candy-Related Words

There are many more puns to be made than could be documented in this Punpedia entry, and so we’ve compiled a list of candy-related concepts for you to use when creating your own puns. If you come up with a new pun, please share it in the comments!

candy, candies, sugar, chocolate, confection, confectionery, rock candy, sweet, dessert, caramel, marshmallow, candy cane, sugarcoat, hard candy, lollipop, taffy, gumdrop, licorice, liquorice, cotton candy, candyfloss, syrup, chewing gum, bonbon, nougat, sweeten, praline, butterscotch, toffee, turkish delight, jelly bean, candy corn, candy bar, chocolate bar, milk chocolate, sweets, mint, sweetener, cookies, cookie, gummy, lolly, sugary, saccharine, sucrose, fructose, glucose, sugarcane, fudge, rock, jelly, jawbreaker, gobstopper, peppermint, fondant, jujube, lozenge, sugarplum, nonpareil, horehound, easter egg, sweet tooth, lemon drop, sourball, chewy, dark chocolate, brittle, life savers, bar, suck, sucker, sweet tooth, spearmint, candy corn, diabetes, waist, blood sugar, obesity, cavities, tooth decay

smarties, cadbury, nestle, kinder surprise, kinder, pez, gummi bears, gummy worms, reese’s pieces, reese’s sticks, hershey bar, lindt, maltesers, kit kat, hershey’s kisses, milk duds, milky way, rolo, snickers, twix, whoppers, m&m’s, jelly tots, jolly rancher, twizzlers, chupa chups, sugar daddy, warheads, sour patch kids, milky way, extra, aero, bounty, crunchie, curly wurly, flake, moro, picnic, toblerone, twirl, wonka, nerds, zero, 3 musketeers, skor, cherry ripe, skittles, 100 grand, airheads, sour punch, runts, pop rocks, sweet eye, sugar baby, dove, hot tamale, eclipse, fishermen’s friend, fox’s glacier, wrigley, excel, mentos, minties, polo, tic tac, juicy fruit, hubba bubba, trident, milk duds, spree, starburst, werther’s originals, rolo, oreos, riesens

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