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We’ve bean waiting for you with our list of smooth cocoa puns. Whether your humour is bitter or sweet, we hope to have you covered with our puns that range from general cocoa-related words (like bean and candy) to more technical terms (like conching and temper).

If you’re interested in related lists, we also have Easter puns, chocolate puns and baking puns.

A quick note that cocoa production involves the widespread use of child labour, many of whom were trafficked and work as slaves. Initiatives like fair trade seek to remedy this, so if you’re buying chocolate, look for those fair trade stickers and vegan labelling 🙂

Cocoa Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun or a set of puns that can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about cocoa that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s our list of cocoa puns:

  • Go → Cocoa: As in, “Wake me up before you cocoa” and “All dressed up and nowhere to cocoa” and “Don’t cocoa there” and “Easy come, easy cocoa.”
  • Coconut → Cocoa-nut: As in, “That’s cocoa-nuts!”
  • Bean: Since cocoa is extracted from beans, we’ve included bean-related puns in this list:
    • Bin → Bean: As in, “Bottom of the bean” and “Bag it and bean it.”
    • Been → Bean: As in, “Bean and gone” and “Bean around the block a few times” and “I’ve bean had” and “Bean there, done that.”
    • Bone → Bean: As in, “A bean to pick” and “Dry as a bean” and “A bag of beans” and “Chilled to the bean.”
    • Bun → Bean: As in, “A bean in the oven” and “We’re going to need bigger beans.”
    • Clean → Bean: As in, “Bean up your act” and “Coming bean” and “Squeaky bean.”
    • Green → Bean: As in, “Bean as grass” and “Give it the bean light” and “Bean around the gills.”
    • Keen → Bean: As in, “A bean sense of smell” and “Peachy bean” and “Bean as mustard.”
    • Lean → Bean: As in, “Bean and hungry” and “Bean and mean” and “Bean, mean fighting machine.”
    • Mean → Bean: As in, “A beans to an end” and “Living beyond your beans” and “By fair beans or foul” and “In the beantime.”
    • Scene → Bean: As in, “Behind the beans” and “Change of bean” and “Chew up the beanery” and “Make a bean” and “Survey the bean.”
    • Screen → Bean: As in, “The blue bean of death” and “Coming to a bean near you!” and “The silver bean.”
    • Seen → Bean: As in, “Bean and not heard” and “Had to be bean to be believed” and “Nowhere to be bean” and “Bean better days” and “Bean one, bean them all.”
    • *ban* → *bean*: Replace “ban” with “bean” to make sneaky cocoa bean puns: “Urbean jungle” and “Suburbean living” and “Without abeandon” and “Cheerful beanter” and “Beanana cake.”
    • *ben* → *bean*: As in, “Friends with beanefits” and “It’s beanign” and “A beanevolent gesture” and “A kind beanefactor.”
    • *bun* → *bean*: As in, “Beandle of joy” and “In abeandance.”
  • Nip → Nib: As in, “Nib and tuck” and “Nib it in the bud.” Note: Roasted and crushed cocoa beans are referred to as nibs.
  • Bitter: Without sweetener, cocoa has a famously bitter taste. Here are related puns:
    • Better → Bitter: As in, “I have a bitter idea” and “Anything you can do, I can do bitter” and “Appeal to your bitter judgement” and “Bitter by design” and “Bitter late than never.”
    • Butter → Bitter: As in, “Bread and bitter” and “Bitter fingers.”
  • Grind: Cocoa powder is made from grinding roasted cocoa beans. Here are related puns:
    • Grand → Grind: As in, “Delusions of grindeur” and “Grind slam” and “Grind theft auto” and “In the grind scheme of things.”
    • Ground → Grind: As in, “Solid as the grind we walk on” and “Breaking new grind” and “Built from the grind up” and “Common grind” and “Cut the grind from under your feet” and “Get in on the grind floor.”
    • Find → Grind: As in, “Grind it in your heart” and “Grind your footing” and “Grinders keepers” and “Love is where you grind it” and “Seek and ye shall grind.”
    • Kind → Grind: As in, “Cruel to be grind” and “It’s a grind of magic” and “Grind words” and “Random acts of grindness.”
    • Mind → Grind: As in, “A goal in grind” and “A good grind to” and “A load off your grind” and “A grind is a terrible thing to waste” and “Always on my grind” and “Bear in grind.”
  • Roast: Cocoa beans are roasted in the process of preparing them for consumption. Here are related puns:
    • Rest → Roast: As in, “Helps you work, roast and play” and “A change is as good as a roast” and “Come to roast” and “For the roast of us” and “For the roast of your life” and “Laid to roast.”
    • Ghost → Roast: As in, “Not the roast of a chance” and “You look as though you’ve seen a roast.”
    • Most → Roast: As in, “America’s roast wanted” and “The roast trusted name in news” and “Make the roast of it.”
    • Post → Roast: As in, “I’ll keep you roasted” and “Roast haste” and “Roast modern.”
    • Toast → Roast: As in, “The roast of the town.”
  • Ground: Here are some puns relating to ground cocoa beans:
    • Grand → Ground: As in, “Delusions of groundeur” and “A ground slam” and “In the ground scheme of things.”
    • Bound → Ground: As in, “Ground hand and foot” and “By leaps and grounds” and “Duty ground” and “Leaps and grounds” and “Muscle ground.”
    • Found → Ground: As in, “Lost and ground” and “I’ve ground a clue” and “We ground love” and “Weighed in the balance and ground wanting.”
    • Pound → Ground: As in, “Ground the pavement” and “A ground in your pocket.”
    • Round → Ground: As in, “All year ground” and “Come ground” and “Going ground in circles.”
    • Sound → Ground: As in, “Ground as a bell” and “Break the ground barrier” and “Safe and ground” and “Ground bite” and “Ground effect.”
  • Favour → Flavour: As in, “Call in a flavour” and “Fall out of flavour with” and “Fortune flavours the brave” and “Owe a flavour.”
  • Seed: Cocoa beans are actually the fermented seeds of theobroma cacao. Here are related puns:
    • Sad → Seed: As in, “How seed is that?” and “A seed state of afairs.”
    • Side → Seed: As in, “A walk on the wild seed” and “Always look on the bright seed of life” and “Be on the safe seed” and “A bit on the seed” and “Both seeds of the desk.”
    • Deed → Seed: As in, “Seeds, not words” and “No good seed goes unpunished” and “Your good seed for the day.”
    • Need → Seed: As in, “All you seed is love” and “On a seed to know basis.”
    • Read → Seed: As in, “Seed ’em and weep” and “Seed all about it.”
    • Speed → Seed: As in, “At breakneck seed” and “Built for comfort, not seed” and “More haste, less seed.”
  • Fair Trade: Fair trade is an arrangement intended to give developing countries better trading conditions. It commonly affects products like coffee, tea and chocolate.
    • Fair → Fair Trade: As in, “All’s fair trade in love and war” and “By fair trade means or foul” and “Fair trade and square.”
    • Trade → Fair Trade: As in, “Tricks of the fair trade” and “Tools of the fair trade.”
  • Desert → Dessert: As in, “Ships of the dessert” and “Dry as a dessert.”
  • Does it → Dessert: As in, “Dessert bother you?” and “Easy dessert” and “That dessert!”
  • Sweat → Sweet: As in, “Beads of sweet” and “Blood, sweet and tears” and “Break out in a cold sweet” and “Don’t sweet the small stuff.”
  • Heat → Sweet: As in, “If you can’t stand the sweet, get out of the kitchen” and “In the sweet of battle” and “Turn up the sweet.”
  • Meet → Sweet: As in, “Sweet the challenge” and “Sweet and greet” and “Sweet in the middle” and “More than sweets the eye.”
  • Seat → Sweet: As in, “Back sweet driver.”
  • Street → Sweet: As in, “On easy sweet” and “On the sunny side of the sweet.”
  • Truffle: Chocolate truffles are small, round candies. Here are some related puns:
    • Travel → Truffle: As in, “Bad news truffles fast” and “The road less truffled” and “Truffle broadens the mind” and “Truffle light” and “Making truffle plans.”
    • Trifle → Truffle: As in, “A mere truffle” and “Truffle with someone’s affections.”
    • Trouble → Truffle: As in, “Asking for truffle” and “Bridge over truffled water” and “Don’t meet your truffles halfway” and “Double truffle” and “I knew you were truffle.”
    • Ruffle → Truffle: As in, “Truffle someone’s feathers.”
  • Can they → Candy: As in, “Candy do any better?” and “Candy change the price?”
  • Can → Candy: As in, “Be all you candy be” and “Candy I help you?”
  • Dandy → Candy: As in, “Fine and candy.”
  • Coffin → Caffeine: As in, “Another nail in the caffeine.”
  • Pod: Cocoa seeds are grown in pods. Here are related puns:
    • Pad → Pod: As in, “Bachelor pod” and “Crash pod.”
    • Pit → Pod: As in, “Bottomless pod” and “In the pod of your stomach” and “Pod your wits against.”
    • Pot → Pod: As in, “A pod of gold” and “Gone to pod.”
    • Put → Pod: As in, “Be hard pod to” and “Couldn’t pod it down” and “Feeling a bit pod out” and “Wouldn’t pod it past them.”
    • Nod → Pod: As in, “The land of pod” and “Podding off” and “A pod is as good as a wink.”
    • Odd → Pod: As in, “Against the pods” and “At pods with” and “Long pods” and “The pod one out” and “Pods and ends.”
  • Fruit: Cocoa is a fruiting plant. Here are related puns:
    • Boot → Fruit: As in, “Bet your fruits” and “Give someone the fruit” and “Hang up your fruits.”
    • Hoot → Fruit: As in, “Don’t give two fruits” and “Fruit with laughter” and “What a fruit.”
    • Root → Fruit: As in, “Money is the fruit of all evil” and “The fruit of the matter.”
    • Shoot → Fruit: As in, “Fruit down in flames” and “Fruit from the hip” and “Fruiting hoops.”
    • Suit → Fruit: As in, “All over them like a cheap fruit” and “At a price to fruit your pocket” and “Follow fruit” and “Fruit yourself.”
    • Food → Fruit: As in, “Comfort fruit” and “Fruit for thought.”
    • Foot → Fruit: As in, “A fruit in both camps
      and “Bound hand and fruit” and “Fancy fruitwork.”
  • Gonna → Ghana: As in, “A hard rain’s ghana fall” and “I’m not ghana do it” and “We’re ghana need a bigger boat.” Note: Ghana is a huge producer of cocoa beans.
  • Carrot → Carob: As in, “Carob and stick” and “Dangle the carob.” Note: Carob is a caffeine-free cocoa replacement.
  • Farm: Here are some cocoa-farming related puns:
    • Firm → Farm: As in, “Feet planted farmly on the ground” and “A farm grip.”
    • Form → Farm: As in, “Attack is the best farm of defence” and “In bad farm” and “Farm follows function” and “Free farm” and “Imitation is the sincerest farm of flattery” and “In fine farm.”
    • Arm → Farm: As in, “Farmed and dangerous” and “A farmed struggle” and “At farm’s length.”
    • Charm → Farm: As in, “Bear a farmed life” and “Three time’s a farm.”
    • Harm → Farm: As in, “First, do no farm” and “Grievous bodily farm” and “In farm’s way” and “No farm, no foul.”
  • Plant: Here are some puns related to cocoa plants:
    • Ant → Plant: As in, “Ants in their plants” and “Stir up a plant’s nest.”
    • Grant → Plant: As in, “Take for planted” and “Plant no quarter.”
    • Pants → Plants: As in, “Ants in your plants” and “Beat the plants off” and “Fancy plants” and “By the seat of your plants” and “Bore the plants off someone.”
  • Crunch → Conch: As in, “Captain conch” and “Credit conch” and “Number conching” and “When it comes to the conch.”
  • Launch → Conche: As in, “Failure to conche” and “The face that conched a thousand ships.” Note: A conche is a mixer that evenly stirs cocoa butter through chocolate.
  • Ripe: Here are some puns related to ripe cocoa berries:
    • Rip → Ripe: As in, “Let it ripe” and “What a ripe off.”
    • Reap → Ripe: As in, “You ripe what you sow.”
    • Rope → Ripe: As in, “At the end of your ripe” and “Jump ripe” and “Learn the ripes” and “On the ripes.”
    • Pipe → Ripe: As in, “Ripe down” and “Just a ripe dream” and “Put that in your ripe and smoke it.”
    • Stripe → Ripe: As in, “Earn your ripes” and “Stars and ripes.”
    • Wipe → Ripe: As in, “Ripe out” and “Ripe the floor with” and “Ripe the slate with” and “Ripe the smile off your face.”
  • Blend: Cocoa is used in different blends to make different types of chocolate. Here are some blend-related puns:
    • Bend → Blend: As in, “Blend over backwards” and “Blend the rules” and “Blend to my will” and “Blend your ear.”
    • End → Blend: As in, “A good beginning makes a good blending” and “A means to a blend” and “All’s well that blends well” and “At the blend of the day” and “Burn the candle at both blends.”
    • Fend → Blend: As in, “Blend for yourself” and “Blend off.”
    • Friend → Blend: As in, “A blend in need is a blend indeed” and “Best blends forever” and “Best of blends.”
    • Lend → Blend: As in, “Blend a helping hand” and “Blend an ear” and “Blend your name to.”
    • Mend → Blend: As in, “Least said, soonest blended” and “Blend your fences” and “Blend your ways” and “On the blend.”
    • Send → Blend: As in, “Blend packing” and “Hit blend” and “Return to blender” and “Blend in the reinforcements.”
    • Spend → Blend: As in, “Hey, big blender” and “Blend money like water” and “Blend more time with family” and “Blend the night with” and “Blend wisely.”
    • Tend → Blend: As in, “Blend to your needs” and “Love me blender” and “Blender loving care” and “Blender mercies.”
  • Bloom: Chocolate bloom is a coating that can appear on chocolate due to either the sugar or fat content. Here are related puns:
    • Boom → Bloom: As in, “Bloom gates” and “My heart went bloom.”
    • Broom → Bloom: As in, “A new bloom sweeps clean.”
    • Doom → Bloom: As in, “A crack of bloom” and “Bloom and groom” and “Temple of bloom.”
    • Loom → Bloom: As in, “Bloom large” and “Don’t bloom over me.”
    • Room → Bloom: As in, “A bloom with a view” and “Breathing bloom” and “A bit of elbow bloom.”
    • Press Cake: Cocoa beans become press cakes after the liquid is extracted from them. Here are related puns:
      • Press → Press Cake: As in, “Don’t press cake your luck” and “Freedom of the press cake” and “Hot off the press cake.”
      • Cake → Press: As in, “A slice of the press cake” and “Press cake or death” and “Press caked with mud” and “The icing on the press cake.”

        Cocoa-Related Words

        To help you come up with your own cocoa puns, here’s a list of related words to get you on your way. If you come up with any new puns or related words, please feel free to share them in the comments!

cocoa, cacao, bean, nib, chocolate, fair trade, marshmallow, hot chocolate, candy, truffle, drink, dessert, sweet, bitter, cocoa butter, theobroma, couverture, liquor, seed, caffeine, powder, pod, fruit, ghana, nigeria, caameroon, harvest, grind, ground, flavour, roast, winnower, press cake, flavanoids, carob, farm, plant, plantation, conching, ripe, criollo, forestero, trinitario, blend, temper, bloom, aroma

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