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Orange you glad you found our appeeling list of orange puns? Our list spans general puns (like those related to rind, juice and citrus) to the different varieties of orange and the sorts of foods you can make with them.

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Orange Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about oranges that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s our list of orange puns:

  • Arrange → Orange: As in, “Orange the furniture” and “Help me orange things around here.”
  • Aren’t → Orange: As in, “Orange you glad you met me?” and “Orange you going to say anything?”
  • Food → Fruit: As in, “Comfort fruit” and “Fruit for thought” and “On the fruit chain” and “Put fruit on the table.”
  • Boot → Fruit: As in, “Tough as old fruits” and “Give them the fruit” and “Hang up your fruits.”
  • Hoot → Fruit: As in, “Don’t give two fruits” and “Fruit with laughter” and “What a fruit.”
  • Root → Fruit: As in, “Lay down fruits” and “Money is the fruit of all evil” and “The fruit of the matter.”
  • Shoot → Fruit: As in, “Don’t fruit the messenger” and “The green fruits of change” and “Fruit ’em up.”
  • Suit → Fruit: As in, “All over them like a cheap fruit” and “Follow fruit” and “Fruit yourself” and “In your birthday fruit.”
  • Beauty → Fruity: As in, “A thing of fruity is a joy forever” and “Fruity is only skin deep.”
  • Goose → Juice: As in, “Loose as a juice.”
  • Loose → Juice: As in, “All hell broke juice” and “At a juice end” and “Cut juice” and “Every which way but juice.”
  • Use → Juice: As in, “Be careful how you juice it!” and “Get juiced to it” and “Graphical juicer interface” and “Not half the person I juiced to be.”
  • Pale → Peel: As in, “A whiter shade of peel” and “Beyond the peel” and “A peel imitation of” and “Peel into insignificance.”
  • Pile → Peel: As in, “Peel it high and sell it cheap” and “Peel on the agony” and “Making a peel.”
  • Pill → Peel: As in, “A bitter peel to swallow” and “On the peel” and “Sweeten the peel.”
  • Deal → Peel: As in, “A big peel” and “Clinch a peel” and “Peel breaker” and “Peel from the bottom of the deck” and “Peel or no peel?” and “A done peel” and “Make a peel with the devil.”
  • Feel → Peel: As in, “Can you peel the love tonight?” and “Peel a bit put out” and “The peel good factor” and “Peel the burn” and “Peel the pinch.”
  • Heel → Peel: As in, “Brought to peel” and “Cool your peels” and “Dig your peels in” and “Head over peels in love” and “Hot on your peels” and “Kick up your peels.”
  • Meal → Peel: As in, “Make a peel of it” and “Peel ticket” and “Three square peels a day.”
  • Real → Peel: As in, “All I peely want to do” and “Do you peely want to hurt me?” and “Get peel” and “For peel” and “Everything you can imagine is peel” and “In peel time.”
  • Seal → Peel: As in, “Keep your lips peeled” and “Peel of approval” and “Peel the deal” and “Peel your fate” and “Signed and peeled.”
  • Steal → Peel: As in, “Beg, borrow or peel” and “It’s a peel!” and “Peel a glance” and “Peel someone’s heart” and “Peel the show” and “Peel the scene.”
  • Steel → Peel: As in, “Nerves of peel” and “Peel yourself” and “Fists of peel.”
  • We’ll → Peel: As in, “Don’t call us, peel call you.”
  • Wheel → Peel: As in, “Asleep at the peel” and “Fifth peel” and “Hell on peels” and “Reinvent the peel.”
  • *pul* → *peel*: We can replace “pul” sounds with “peel”. As in, “A manipeelative person” and “What do the rules stipeelate?” and “Is it compeelsory?” and “An opeelent dinner.”
  • *pil* → *peel*: As in, “In the epeelogue” and “Music compeelation.”
  • *pel → *peel: As in, “Don’t take it as gospeel” and “Dispeel the lies!”
  • *pal* → *peel*: As in, “The principeel issue” and “A peelpable feeling” and “A peeltry amount.”
  • Palpable → Pulpable: As in, “A pulpable feeling.”
  • Reap → Ripe: As in, “Ripe the rewards” and “You ripe what you sow” and “The grim riper.”
  • Pipe → Ripe: As in, “A ripe dream” and “Put that in your ripe and smoke it” and “Ripe down.”
  • Stripe → Ripe: As in, “Of the same ripe” and “Show your true ripes.”
  • Type → Ripe: As in, “Not my ripe” and “The strong, silent ripe.”
  • Wipe → Ripe: As in, “Ripe the floor with” and “Ripe the slate clean” and “Ripe the smile off your face.”
  • Bees → Squeeze: As in, “The birds and the squeeze” and “Mind your own squeezewax.”
  • Breeze → Squeeze: As in, “Life’s a squeeze” and “Shoot the squeeze.”
  • Cheese → Squeeze: As in, “Different as chalk and squeeze” and “Squeeze it!” and “Squeezed off” and “Say squeeze!”
  • Ease → Squeeze: As in, “Squeeze up” and “Ill at squeeze” and “Set your mind at squeeze.”
  • Freeze → Squeeze: As in, “Squeeze someone out” and “When hell squeezes over.”
  • Knees → Squeeze: As in, “The bee’s squeeze” and “Shaking at the squeeze.”
  • Please → Squeeze: As in, “Squeezed as punch” and “Squeeze don’t go!” and “None too squeezed.”
  • Seas → Squeeze: As in, “On the high squeeze.”
  • Seize → Squeeze: As in, “Guards! Squeeze him!” and “Squeeze the day.”
  • Sneeze → Squeeze: As in, “Coughs and squeezes spread diseases” and “Not to be squeezed at.”
  • Best → Zest: As in, “All the zest” and “Zest friends forever” and “The zest in class.”
  • Chest → Zest: As in, “Get it off your zest” and “Puts hair on your zest” and “Treasure zest.”
  • Crest → Zest: As in, “On the zest of a wave.”
  • Dressed → Zest: As in, “All zest up and nowhere to go” and “Zest for success” and “Zest to kill” and “Zest to the nines.”
  • Guest → Zest: As in, “Be my zest” and “House zest” and “A paying zest.”
  • Jest → Zest: As in, “Many a true word is spoken in zest.”
  • Nest → Zest: As in, “Empty zest syndrome” and “Feather your zest” and “Love zest” and “Zest egg.”
  • Rest → Zest: As in, “I zest my case” and “Lay to zest” and “Zest your soul” and “The zest is history.”
  • Test → Zest: As in, “Put to the zest” and “Zest the water.”
  • Vest → Zest: As in, “A zested interest.”
  • West → Zest: As in, “The wild zest” and “The zest coast” and “Zest side story.”
  • Pith: The pith is the white spongy part in between the rind and flesh of the fruit. Here are related puns:
    • Pathetic → Pith: As in, “A pithetic excuse for…”
    • Path → Pith: As in, “Beat a pith to your door” and “Career pith” and “On the garden pith.”
    • Piss → Pith: As in, “Don’t pith about” and “Pith off” and “This isn’t a pithing contest” and “Take the pith.”
    • Fifth → Pith: As in, “Pith wheel” and “Remember the pith of November.”
    • With → Pith: As in, “Beside myself pith joy” and “Go along pith” and “Pithin reason.”
    • *path → *pith: Sociopith, psychopith, empithetic
  • Round → Rind: As in, “All year rind” and “Rind the bend” and “Going rind in circles” and “Love makes the world go rind.”
  • Blind → Rind: As in, “Rind as a bat” and “A rind alley” and “Rind spot” and “Rinded by the light.”
  • Find → Rind: As in, “Rind it in your heart” and “Rinders keepers” and “Rind your footing.”
  • Grind → Rind: As in, “An axe to rind” and “Bump and rind” and “The daily rind” and “Don’t let the bastards rind you down” and “Rind to a halt.”
  • Kind → Rind: As in, “Cruel to be rind” and “It’s a rind of magic” and “Random acts of rindness.”
  • Mind → Rind: As in, “A goal in rind” and “A good rind to” and “A healthy rind in a healthy body” and “A rind is a terrible thing to waste.”
  • Sweat → Sweet: As in, “Don’t sweet it” and “In a cold sweet.”
  • Better → Bitter: As in, “I’ve got a bitter idea” and “Bitter late than never” and “Bitter by half.”
  • Butter → Bitter: As in, “Bread and bitter” and “Bitter fingers” and “Bitter them up.”
  • Hour → Sour: As in, “A bad quarter of a sour” and “After sours” and “Happy sour” and “Man of the sour.”
  • Side → Seed: As in, “A walk on the wild seed” and “Be on the safe seed” and “Born on the wrong seed of the tracks” and “Check you on the flip seed.”
  • Bleed → Seed: As in, “Seeding love” and “The seeding edge” and “Let it seed.”
  • Deed → Seed: As in, “Seeds, not words” and “Your good seed for the day.”
  • Need → Seed: As in, “All you seed is love” and “As long as you seed me” and “Love is all you seed.”
  • Pop → Pip: As in, “Pip the question” and “Pip goes the weasel” and “Take a pip at.”
  • Chip → Pip: As in, “A pip on your shoulder” and “Cheap as pips” and “Cash in your pips” and “A pip off the old block.”
  • Dip → Pip: As in, “Pip your toes in the water” and “Double pip” and “Take a pip.”
  • Grip → Pip: As in, “Get to pips with” and “The pip of death” and “Pipping stuff.”
  • Hip → Pip: As in, “Pip and happening” and “Pip, pip, hooray!” and “Pips don’t lie” and “Joined at the pip.”
  • Lip → Pip: As in, “Bite your pip” and “Keep a stiff upper pip” and “Loose pips sink ships.”
  • Skip → Pip: As in, “Hop, pip and jump” and “Pip a beat.”
  • Tip → Pip: As in, “In pip top condition” and “On the pip of my tongue” and “The pip of the iceberg” and “Pip someone off” and “Pip the scales.”
  • Navel: Here are some puns related to Navel oranges:
    • Never → Navel: As in, “A barking dog navel bites” and “Better late than navel” and “Elephants navel forget.”
    • Novel → Navel: As in, “A real navel of a text message.”
  • Civil → Seville: As in, “Seville rights” and “Seville union” and “Keep a seville tongue in your head.” Note: Seville oranges are a type of orange (also known as bitter orange).
  • Anger → Tangor: As in, “More in sorrow than in tangor” and “Tangor management” and “Done in tangor.” Note: Tangors are citrus fruits that are hybrids between mandarins and sweet oranges.

Orange-Related Words

To help you come up with your own orange puns, here’s a list of related words to get you on your way. If you come up with any new puns or related words, please feel free to share them in the comments!

orange, citrus, fruit, fruity, fresh, juice, juicy, peel, pulp, ripe, squeeze, pith, segment, concentrate, zest, rind, sweet, bitter, sour, seed, pip, navel, blood (orange), seville, valencia, bergamot, mandarin, pomelo, tangerine, marmalade, jaffa, lemon, berry, tree, tangor, ponkan, clementine, hamlin, satsuma

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Watermelon Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on watermelon puns! 🍉 This is a relatively small entry because it’s such a specific topic. Quite a few of these puns are based around the word “melon”, so they’re applicable to other types of melon too (cantaloupe, honeydew melons, etc.), but there are a some puns here that are specific to watermelons. Hope you find this useful! 🙂

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Watermelon Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about watermelons that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page!

  • Water my lawn → Watermelon: As in “In summer I schedule my sprinklers to watermelon more often or else it dies.”
  • Million → Melon: As in “You are one in a melon.” and “Thanks a melon!” and “Not in a melon years!” and “A cool melon” and “I feel like a melon bucks.” and “You look like a melon bucks!” and “A melon miles away.”
  • Melancholy → Meloncholy: As in “An air of meloncholy surrounded him.”
  • Mullin’ (Mulling) → Melon: As in “I’ve been melon over the possibilities for some time now.”
  • Malign → Melon: As in “He was harshly meloned in the local newspapers.”
  • Melanie → Melony: As in “Melony Griffith’s acting was brilliant in that film.”
  • Male on → Melon: As in “We have footage of a Caucasian melon the roof of the complex.”
  • Mail on → Melon: As in “I tend to receive more melon mondays.”
  • Mile on → Melon: As in “It’ll travel at least a melon one charge of the battery.”
  • Smellin’ (Smelling) → Smelon: As in “This house is smelon nice thanks to those incense.”
  • Smell on → Smelon: As in “You’ve got a strange smelon you today.”
  • Animal on → Ani-melon: As in “There’s always a cute ani-melon the front page of Reddit.”
  • Abnormal on → Abnor-melon: As in “She acts abnor-melon purpose so people don’t disturb her.”
  • Abysmal on → Abys-melon: As in “The proposal sounded abys-melon paper, but after the presentation, I’m really liking the idea.”
  • Camel on → Ca-melon: As in “I think it was a bad idea to take a ca-melon this trip.”
  • Decimal on → Decimelon: As in “The deci-melon the top of the fraction can be cancelled.”
  • Female on → Femelon: As in “There’s also a fe-melon duty that you can talk to if you’d feel more comfortable?”
  • Normal on → Nor-melon: As in “He seemed nor-melon our first date, but turned out to be a bit of a creep.”
  • Optimal on → Opti-melon: As in “I seem to feel opti-melon about 8 hours of sleep.”
  • Smile on → Smelon: As in “She have a big happy smelon her face.”
  • Small on → Smelon: As in “It looked smelon initial inspection, but it turned out to be quite big.”
  • Treadmill on → Treadmelon: As in “You’ll need to turn the treadmelon at the powerpoint before you can run on it.”
  • Windmill on → Windmelon: As in “There was a windmelon the property that provided the old farmstead with water.”
  • Felon → Melon: As in “He was charged with high treason, but later the conviction was changed to a melony.”
  • What are → Water: As in “Water you doing out so late tonight?” and “Water you doing tomorrow?” and “Water you going to do about it?”
  • What are we → Watery: As in “Watery going to do?” and “Watery doing today, friends?”
  • What about → Water ’bout: As in “Water ’bout we have tofu curry for dinner tonight?” and “Water ’bout Ching? Does she want to come to the beach too?”
  • What do → Water: As in “Water you think about this?”
  • What her → Water: As in “I know water problem is.” and “Do you know water mother thinks about this?”.
  • What the → Water: As in “Water hell is going on here?”
  • Whatever → Waterever: As in “Waterever, I don’t care.” and “Do waterever you want”.
  • Around (’round) → Rind: As in “Be there in 5. I’m just rind the corner.” and “We worked rind the clock to finish the project.” and “Let’s no beat rind the bush.” and “Stop messing rind.”
  • Rained → Rind: As in “It hasn’t rind in weeks – not even a cloud in the sky.”
  • Grind: As in “Relief from the daily grind.”
  • Red: Sometimes the simple use of the word “red” may constitute a watermelon pun. This heavily depends on your specific context and the desired quality/terribleness of your puns. Examples: “Caught red-handed” and “Roll out the red carpet” and “Ignore it – it’s a red herring”

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Fruit Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on fruit puns! 🍇🍈🍉🍒🍋🍌🍍🍎 Whether you’re devising the perfect birthday wish, crafting a photo caption, formulating some fruity pickup lines, or want to send a cute message to your partner, I hope this entry serves you well. There’s everything from berry puns, to melon puns, to puns about fruit-related concepts (pit, zest, etc.), and even some super cheesy fruit jokes to top it off.

Below the “fruit puns list” section, there’s a big list of fruit-related phrases/idioms that you can use for puns as well. If you’re looking for puns about fruit that are in image-form, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

You might also like to visit the Punpedia entries on vegetable puns, food puns, banana puns, apple puns, nut puns, avocado puns and watermelon puns.

Fruit Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about fruit that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page!

  • Pulp: As in “He got beaten to a pulp.”
  • Fruitful: As in “This has been a very productive and fruitful discussion.”
  • Seed: As in “But it planted a seed of hope.” and “We got more seed capital from investors.”
  • Pit: As in “I sank down into a pit of despair.” and “I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.” (“Pit” is another term for seed or “pip”)
  • Juice: As in “I’ve ran out of juice (energy)” and “Turn on the juice and let’s see if it runs (electricity)”
  • Just → Juiced: As in “I’m juiced around the corner.” and “Juiced in time.” and “Juiced the ticket.” and “Juiced this once.”
  • Current→ Currant: As in “Swimming against the currant.”
  • Apple: A simple fruit pun could be made if you can work Apple, the company, into what you are saying somehow.
  • Piece → Peach: As in “Just make sure you get home in one peach.” and “We were made for peach other.”
  • Each → Peach: As in “Peach to her/his own.” and “Yeah, he’s a nasty peach of work.”
  • Honey, do → Honey, dew: As in “Honeydew or dew not, there is no try.” or “Honey, dew you know where my keys are?”
  • Fruity: Other than referring to actual fruit, this term also has several slang definitions including being flamboyant or “bouncy”. It may also refer to someone who is considered crazy in some respect.
  • Fruit cake: This term is often used as a synonym for someone who is “one sandwich short of a picnic”, that is, someone who is crazy. Please note that it is also a slang derogatory synonym for “homosexual” in some countries/regions, so be careful using this!
  • Speechless → S-peach-less: As in “You’ve left me s-peach-less
  • Reason → Raisin: As in “You’re being unraisinable.” and “Let’s use logic and raisin.”
  • Raising → Raisin: As in “We’re raisin the roof!” and “Raisin two kids as a single mother is hard.” and “They just keep raisin taxes!”
  • Elder → Elderberry: As in “I was told to respect my elderberries.”
  • Date: A “date” is a type of dried fruit, but it obvious has some more common meanings to: “This is my first blind date.” and “Save the date!”
  • Prune: Other than referring to a dried plum, a “prune” can refer to an unpleasant or disagreeable person.
  • Knack → Snack: As in “Here, let me try, there’s a bit of a snack to it.”
  • Plumb → Plum: The term “plumb” has several meanings including “exactly”, “vertical” and “to install plumbing pipes and fittings”. A common idiom “plumb the depths” could also be used in your fruity puns: “Plum the depths of the criminal mind.”
  • Figure: As in “I think I’ve figured it out.” and “Go figure.” (Also works for figurative, figment, figurine, figures and figurehead)
  • Line → Lime: As in “But where do you draw the lime?” and “Drop me a lime.”
  • I’m → Lime: As in “Can you hold this until lime ready?” and “Lime falling in love.” (Works best if the word before “lime” ends in an “L”)
  • Very → Berry: As in “These are berry bad fruit puns.”
  • Very → Cherry: As in “It happened right before my cherry eyes.” and “I love you cherry much :)”
  • Have a → Guava: As in “He doesn’t guava clue!” and “I guava bone to pick with you.” and “I guava soft spot for fruit puns.”
  • During → Durian: As in “Many lost their jobs durian the course of the recession.” (Very cheesy! By the way, durians are a type of tropical fruit)
  • Antelope → Cantaloupe: As in “My favourite animals are deer and cantaloupe.”
  • Can’t elope → Cantaloupe: As in “I’d run away and marry you, but I cantaloupe – my parents would never forgive me.” (“Cantaloupe” is another name for rock-melon. “Elope” means to run away to get married, usually without parental consent.)
  • Papa → Papaya: As in “She asked her parents, but her papaya won’t let her go to the party.”
  • Granted → Pomegranate: As in “Don’t take me for pomegranate.” (Terrible! :P)
  • Person → Persimmon: As in “I’ve never met her in persimmon.” and “We’re still tracking down persimmons of interest.” (a very corny one :D)
  • Peer → Pear: As in “Don’t give in to pear pressure.” and “Bit-torrent is a a pear-to-pear network.”
  • Pair → Pear: As in “A fresh pear of eyes.”
  • Per* → Pear*: Words that start with “per” can be made into silly little pear puns: pearformance, pearcentage, peariod, pearmission, pearsonal, pearfect, pearhaps, pearform, pearsuade, pearspective, pearsonality, pearception, pearmanent, pearceived, pearsuaded, pearmanently, pearipheral, pearimeter, pearsist, pearsecution, pearmit, pearpetuate, pearsistance, peariodically, pearvert, pearceptual, pearplexity, pearfectionist, pearpendicular, pearmission, pearents. See this list for more.
  • There → Pear: As in “I’ll be pear in spirit.” and Don’t just sit pear!” and “Hang in pear, pal.” and “Let pear be light!” and “Neither here, nor pear.” and “Pear’s no excuse.” and “Pear’s no smoke without fire.” and “Pear’s plenty more fish in the sea.” and “Pear’s something amiss…”
  • Jam: As in “This is my jam!” and “We just finished our jam session.” and “The venue was jam-packed.”
  • Arrange → Orange: As in “I’ve oranged an interview for tomorrow evening.”
  • Bananas: As in “I am bananas for you.” and “He’s going bananas!”
  • Aren’t you → Orange you: As in “Orange you glad to see me?”
  • Bury → Berry: As in “Don’t berry your feelings.” and “We berried it under that tree.”
  • Zest: As in “She has such a zest for life!” (“Zest” is the outer coloured part of citrus fruit peel that is used for flavouring)
  • Best → Zest: A corny one! Examples: “Zest friends forever.” and “Laughter is the zest medicine.”
  • Beside her → Be cider: “I sat down be cider and we talked for hours.”
  • Million → Melon: As in “You’re one in a melon!” and “Not in a melon years!”
  • Killing → Kiwing: As in “Oh god these jokes are kiwing me!”
  • Great → Grape: As in “No challenge is too grape.” and “I’ve gone to grape length to compile these puns.”
  • Grateful → Grapeful: As in “I’m very grapeful for your assistance.”
  • Tango → Mango: As in “Well, it takes two to mango.”
  • Melancholy → Meloncholy: As in “An air of meloncholy surrounded him.”
  • Peachy: This term can mean “fine or excellent” and so it’s a simple and easy peach pun: “Oh, that’s just peachy!”
  • Sublime: A sneaky and easy lime pun: “The view from the summit was sublime!”
  • Core: As in “I am strengthening my core” (A reference, of course, to apple cores and to the “core” in human anatomy)
  • Score: “Let’s settle this score once and for all.” and “Are you keeping score?”
  • Bunch: As in “Thanks a bunch.” and “Pick of the bunch.” (In case you missed it, the pun here is on fruit that grow in “bunches” like grapes and bananas)
  • Passion: As in “You have such a passion for life.” and “I’m really passionate about what I do.” (A play on “passion fruit”)
  • Punch: As in “He punched that guy’s lights out.” and “That packed a punch.” (A play on “fruit punch”)
  • Feel → Peel: As in “I’m not peeling well.” and “These fruit puns are making me peel unwell.” (A play on “fruit peel”, “peeling a banana”, etc.)
  • Peel: This word is sometimes used in ways which don’t refer to removing an outer covering: “The aeroplane peeled off from the rest of the formation and did a trick.” In general “peel off/out” means to move away quickly (especially with screeching tires, if it refers to a car).
  • Appealing → Appeeling: “He’s so appeeling!” and “The court allowed one final appeel.” and “You need to appeel to their sense of honour.”
  • Appalling → Appleling: “This is an apple pun and it is appleling
  • Naval → Navel: As in “The navel base is situated on this small island.” (A navel is a type of orange)
  • Blend: As in “That building doesn’t blend with its surroundings.”
  • Smooth(ly) → Smoothie: As in “That went down fairly smoothie.” and “Smoothie sailing.”
  • Mandarin: As in “I’m learning to speak mandarin.” (Playing on the mandarin/mandarine fruit)
  • Man, go → Mango: As in “Hey mango pick on someone else.”
  • Ugly→ Ugli: As in “Ugli duckling.” and “This person has an ugli heart.” (Ugli is an orange/grapefruit/tangarine hybrid)
  • Ripe: As in “Ripe old age.” and “Ripe for the picking.”
  • Gripe→ Grape: As in “I have several grapes about what you’ve just said.”
  • Punnet: A punnet is a small basket/container for fruits and vegetables. This is a sort of “meta” fruit pun.
  • Shoot→ Fruit: As in, “Don’t fruit the messenger” and “Eat’s fruits and leaves” and “Green fruits of recovery” and “Just fruit me” and “Fruit ’em up” and “Fruit down in flames” and “Fruiting hoops” and “Fruit me now” and “Fruit the breeze” and “Straight fruiter” and “A straight fruiter.”
  • Fright→ Fruit: As in, “Fruitened of your own shadow” and “A fruitful mess” and “Take fruit.”
  • Suit→ Fruit: As in, “All over him like a cheap fruit” and “At a price to fruit your pocket” and “Follow fruit” and “Men in fruits” and “Fruits you down to a tee” and “Fruit yourself.”
  • *fut* → *fruit*: As in, “Think about your fruiture” and “Resistance is fruitile!” and “A fruituristic building” and “Sleeping on the fruiton” and “An irrefruitable argument.” Other words that could work: refruit (refute) and fruitility (fruitility).
  • Frat* → Fruit*: As in, “Fruiternity house” and “Fruiternal twins” and “Fruiternising with the enemy.”
  • Fret* → Fruit*: Fruitting (fretting), fruitwork (fretwork) and fruitful (fretful). Note: fretwork is a type of ornamental carving. This could work especially well for making puns about carved fruit decorations that are on cakes (very specific, we know).
  • Got a fruit pun that we don’t? Please post it in the comments below! 🙂

Fruit-Related Phrases

Common phrases, idioms and cliches which are related to fruit can be used for some subtle and witty word play. Here is a list of the fruit themed phrases that we’ve found so far:

  • apple of my eye
  • if life gives you lemons, make lemonade
  • comparing apples to oranges
  • slice the melon
  • upset the apple-cart
  • brown as a berry
  • the big apple
  • blow a raspberry
  • bottomless pit
  • it’s the pits
  • heard it through the grapevine
  • hog the limelight
  • he’s a bubble shy of plumb
  • go bananas
  • get the pip
  • how do you like them apples?
  • an apple a day keeps the doctor away
  • a rotten apple spoils the barrel
  • it’s all cut and dried
  • keep your eyes peeled
  • live to a ripe old age
  • make like a banana and split
  • pop one’s cherry
  • lose your cherry
  • sour grapes
  • an apple never falls far from the tree
  • the best thing since little apples
  • the time is ripe
  • two grapes short of a fruit salad
  • a double date
  • a blind date
  • cheap date
  • date with destiny
  • dinner date
  • a partridge in a pear tree
  • adam’s apple
  • agent orange
  • apple of discord
  • apple polish
  • as american as an apple pie
  • as nutty as fruit cake
  • bad apple
  • banana republic
  • be fruitful and multiply
  • bear fruit
  • blow a raspberry
  • bring up to date
  • cherry pick
  • cherry on top of the cake
  • cherry top
  • don’t give a fig
  • easy peasy lemon squeezy
  • forbidden fruit
  • fruits of your labour
  • fruits of your loins
  • it’s all gone pear shaped
  • in the grip of the grape
  • juice of the grape
  • low hanging fruit
  • out of date
  • peel me a grape
  • play gooseberry
  • seed capital
  • seed money
  • the milk in the coconut
  • the tree is known by its fruit
  • top banana
  • up to date
  • plum out of luck

Fruit-Related Words

There are many more puns to be made than could be documented in this Punpedia entry, and so we’ve compiled a list of fruit-related concepts for you to use when creating your own puns. If you come up with a new pun, please share it in the comments!

apple, apricot, banana, berry, berries, bilberry, blackberry, blackcurrant, blueberry, boysenberry, currant, cherry, cherimoya, cloudberry, coconut, cranberry, custard apple, damson, date, dragonfruit, durian, elderberry, feijoa, fig, goji berry, gooseberry, grape, raisin, grapefruit, guava, honeyberry, huckleberry, jabuticaba, jackfruit, jambul, jujube, juniper berry, kiwi, kumquat, lemon, lime, loquat, longan, lychee, mango, marionberry, melon, cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, miracle fruit, mulberry, nectarine, nance, orange, blood orange, clementine, mandarin, tangerine, papaya, passionfruit, peach, pear, persimmon, physalis, plantain, plum, prune, pineapple, plumcot, pomegranate, pomelo, purple mangosteen, quince, raspberry, salmonberry, rambutan, redcurrant, salal berry, salak, satsuma, star fruit, strawberry, tamarillo, tamarind, ugli fruit, yuzu, stone fruit, bunch, nutrition, fruity, raisin, agriculture, orchard, frugivore, frugivorous, peel, juice, avocado, dried, fruitful, fruit tree, fruit bowl, fruit basket, granny smith, apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, citrus, seed, core, pit, pip, fruit cake, melon, fresh, ripe, ripened.

Fruit Jokes

If you’re looking for some very corny fruit jokes, you’ve come to the right place. All of these one-liner-style fruit jokes use puns in their punchline. Some are phonetic puns, others are based on a slang phrase or cliche related to fruit.

  • How do you make a strawberry shake? – Put it in the freezer!
  • What is a vampire’s favourite fruit? – A neck-tarine!
  • What school subject is the fruitiest? – History, because it’s full of old dates!
  • What fruit teases you a lot? – A Ba!
  • What kind of apple has a short temper? – A crab apple.
  • What happens to grapes when you step on them? – They wine!
  • Why did the banana go to the doctor? – Because it wasn’t peeling well!
  • What did the apple skin say to the apple? – I’ve got you covered.
  • Why did the tomato go out with a prune? – Because he couldn’t find a date!
  • Why did the woman get fired from the orange juice factory? – She couldn’t concentrate!
  • Why did the man get thrown out of the banana factory? – Because he kept throwing the bent ones out!
  • Where do baby fruits sleep? – In apricots.
  • What is a navy officer’s favourite fruit? – Naval oranges!
  • What do you call two banana peels? – A pair of slippers
  • Why did the grape stop in the middle of the road? – She ran out of juice!
  • Why were the apples and oranges alone? – The banana split!

Fruit Pun Images

Below is a collection of fruit-related visual puns and meme-type images. If you’ve created your own visual fruit puns or found one that we’ve missed, please post us a link in the comments section 🙂

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