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Orange you glad you found our appeeling list of orange puns? Our list spans general puns (like those related to rind, juice and citrus) to the different varieties of orange and the sorts of foods you can make with them.

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Orange Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about oranges that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s our list of orange puns:

  • Arrange → Orange: As in, “Orange the furniture” and “Help me orange things around here.”
  • Aren’t → Orange: As in, “Orange you glad you met me?” and “Orange you going to say anything?”
  • Food → Fruit: As in, “Comfort fruit” and “Fruit for thought” and “On the fruit chain” and “Put fruit on the table.”
  • Boot → Fruit: As in, “Tough as old fruits” and “Give them the fruit” and “Hang up your fruits.”
  • Hoot → Fruit: As in, “Don’t give two fruits” and “Fruit with laughter” and “What a fruit.”
  • Root → Fruit: As in, “Lay down fruits” and “Money is the fruit of all evil” and “The fruit of the matter.”
  • Shoot → Fruit: As in, “Don’t fruit the messenger” and “The green fruits of change” and “Fruit ’em up.”
  • Suit → Fruit: As in, “All over them like a cheap fruit” and “Follow fruit” and “Fruit yourself” and “In your birthday fruit.”
  • Beauty → Fruity: As in, “A thing of fruity is a joy forever” and “Fruity is only skin deep.”
  • Goose → Juice: As in, “Loose as a juice.”
  • Loose → Juice: As in, “All hell broke juice” and “At a juice end” and “Cut juice” and “Every which way but juice.”
  • Use → Juice: As in, “Be careful how you juice it!” and “Get juiced to it” and “Graphical juicer interface” and “Not half the person I juiced to be.”
  • Pale → Peel: As in, “A whiter shade of peel” and “Beyond the peel” and “A peel imitation of” and “Peel into insignificance.”
  • Pile → Peel: As in, “Peel it high and sell it cheap” and “Peel on the agony” and “Making a peel.”
  • Pill → Peel: As in, “A bitter peel to swallow” and “On the peel” and “Sweeten the peel.”
  • Deal → Peel: As in, “A big peel” and “Clinch a peel” and “Peel breaker” and “Peel from the bottom of the deck” and “Peel or no peel?” and “A done peel” and “Make a peel with the devil.”
  • Feel → Peel: As in, “Can you peel the love tonight?” and “Peel a bit put out” and “The peel good factor” and “Peel the burn” and “Peel the pinch.”
  • Heel → Peel: As in, “Brought to peel” and “Cool your peels” and “Dig your peels in” and “Head over peels in love” and “Hot on your peels” and “Kick up your peels.”
  • Meal → Peel: As in, “Make a peel of it” and “Peel ticket” and “Three square peels a day.”
  • Real → Peel: As in, “All I peely want to do” and “Do you peely want to hurt me?” and “Get peel” and “For peel” and “Everything you can imagine is peel” and “In peel time.”
  • Seal → Peel: As in, “Keep your lips peeled” and “Peel of approval” and “Peel the deal” and “Peel your fate” and “Signed and peeled.”
  • Steal → Peel: As in, “Beg, borrow or peel” and “It’s a peel!” and “Peel a glance” and “Peel someone’s heart” and “Peel the show” and “Peel the scene.”
  • Steel → Peel: As in, “Nerves of peel” and “Peel yourself” and “Fists of peel.”
  • We’ll → Peel: As in, “Don’t call us, peel call you.”
  • Wheel → Peel: As in, “Asleep at the peel” and “Fifth peel” and “Hell on peels” and “Reinvent the peel.”
  • *pul* → *peel*: We can replace “pul” sounds with “peel”. As in, “A manipeelative person” and “What do the rules stipeelate?” and “Is it compeelsory?” and “An opeelent dinner.”
  • *pil* → *peel*: As in, “In the epeelogue” and “Music compeelation.”
  • *pel → *peel: As in, “Don’t take it as gospeel” and “Dispeel the lies!”
  • *pal* → *peel*: As in, “The principeel issue” and “A peelpable feeling” and “A peeltry amount.”
  • Palpable → Pulpable: As in, “A pulpable feeling.”
  • Reap → Ripe: As in, “Ripe the rewards” and “You ripe what you sow” and “The grim riper.”
  • Pipe → Ripe: As in, “A ripe dream” and “Put that in your ripe and smoke it” and “Ripe down.”
  • Stripe → Ripe: As in, “Of the same ripe” and “Show your true ripes.”
  • Type → Ripe: As in, “Not my ripe” and “The strong, silent ripe.”
  • Wipe → Ripe: As in, “Ripe the floor with” and “Ripe the slate clean” and “Ripe the smile off your face.”
  • Bees → Squeeze: As in, “The birds and the squeeze” and “Mind your own squeezewax.”
  • Breeze → Squeeze: As in, “Life’s a squeeze” and “Shoot the squeeze.”
  • Cheese → Squeeze: As in, “Different as chalk and squeeze” and “Squeeze it!” and “Squeezed off” and “Say squeeze!”
  • Ease → Squeeze: As in, “Squeeze up” and “Ill at squeeze” and “Set your mind at squeeze.”
  • Freeze → Squeeze: As in, “Squeeze someone out” and “When hell squeezes over.”
  • Knees → Squeeze: As in, “The bee’s squeeze” and “Shaking at the squeeze.”
  • Please → Squeeze: As in, “Squeezed as punch” and “Squeeze don’t go!” and “None too squeezed.”
  • Seas → Squeeze: As in, “On the high squeeze.”
  • Seize → Squeeze: As in, “Guards! Squeeze him!” and “Squeeze the day.”
  • Sneeze → Squeeze: As in, “Coughs and squeezes spread diseases” and “Not to be squeezed at.”
  • Best → Zest: As in, “All the zest” and “Zest friends forever” and “The zest in class.”
  • Chest → Zest: As in, “Get it off your zest” and “Puts hair on your zest” and “Treasure zest.”
  • Crest → Zest: As in, “On the zest of a wave.”
  • Dressed → Zest: As in, “All zest up and nowhere to go” and “Zest for success” and “Zest to kill” and “Zest to the nines.”
  • Guest → Zest: As in, “Be my zest” and “House zest” and “A paying zest.”
  • Jest → Zest: As in, “Many a true word is spoken in zest.”
  • Nest → Zest: As in, “Empty zest syndrome” and “Feather your zest” and “Love zest” and “Zest egg.”
  • Rest → Zest: As in, “I zest my case” and “Lay to zest” and “Zest your soul” and “The zest is history.”
  • Test → Zest: As in, “Put to the zest” and “Zest the water.”
  • Vest → Zest: As in, “A zested interest.”
  • West → Zest: As in, “The wild zest” and “The zest coast” and “Zest side story.”
  • Pith: The pith is the white spongy part in between the rind and flesh of the fruit. Here are related puns:
    • Pathetic → Pith: As in, “A pithetic excuse for…”
    • Path → Pith: As in, “Beat a pith to your door” and “Career pith” and “On the garden pith.”
    • Piss → Pith: As in, “Don’t pith about” and “Pith off” and “This isn’t a pithing contest” and “Take the pith.”
    • Fifth → Pith: As in, “Pith wheel” and “Remember the pith of November.”
    • With → Pith: As in, “Beside myself pith joy” and “Go along pith” and “Pithin reason.”
    • *path → *pith: Sociopith, psychopith, empithetic
  • Round → Rind: As in, “All year rind” and “Rind the bend” and “Going rind in circles” and “Love makes the world go rind.”
  • Blind → Rind: As in, “Rind as a bat” and “A rind alley” and “Rind spot” and “Rinded by the light.”
  • Find → Rind: As in, “Rind it in your heart” and “Rinders keepers” and “Rind your footing.”
  • Grind → Rind: As in, “An axe to rind” and “Bump and rind” and “The daily rind” and “Don’t let the bastards rind you down” and “Rind to a halt.”
  • Kind → Rind: As in, “Cruel to be rind” and “It’s a rind of magic” and “Random acts of rindness.”
  • Mind → Rind: As in, “A goal in rind” and “A good rind to” and “A healthy rind in a healthy body” and “A rind is a terrible thing to waste.”
  • Sweat → Sweet: As in, “Don’t sweet it” and “In a cold sweet.”
  • Better → Bitter: As in, “I’ve got a bitter idea” and “Bitter late than never” and “Bitter by half.”
  • Butter → Bitter: As in, “Bread and bitter” and “Bitter fingers” and “Bitter them up.”
  • Hour → Sour: As in, “A bad quarter of a sour” and “After sours” and “Happy sour” and “Man of the sour.”
  • Side → Seed: As in, “A walk on the wild seed” and “Be on the safe seed” and “Born on the wrong seed of the tracks” and “Check you on the flip seed.”
  • Bleed → Seed: As in, “Seeding love” and “The seeding edge” and “Let it seed.”
  • Deed → Seed: As in, “Seeds, not words” and “Your good seed for the day.”
  • Need → Seed: As in, “All you seed is love” and “As long as you seed me” and “Love is all you seed.”
  • Pop → Pip: As in, “Pip the question” and “Pip goes the weasel” and “Take a pip at.”
  • Chip → Pip: As in, “A pip on your shoulder” and “Cheap as pips” and “Cash in your pips” and “A pip off the old block.”
  • Dip → Pip: As in, “Pip your toes in the water” and “Double pip” and “Take a pip.”
  • Grip → Pip: As in, “Get to pips with” and “The pip of death” and “Pipping stuff.”
  • Hip → Pip: As in, “Pip and happening” and “Pip, pip, hooray!” and “Pips don’t lie” and “Joined at the pip.”
  • Lip → Pip: As in, “Bite your pip” and “Keep a stiff upper pip” and “Loose pips sink ships.”
  • Skip → Pip: As in, “Hop, pip and jump” and “Pip a beat.”
  • Tip → Pip: As in, “In pip top condition” and “On the pip of my tongue” and “The pip of the iceberg” and “Pip someone off” and “Pip the scales.”
  • Navel: Here are some puns related to Navel oranges:
    • Never → Navel: As in, “A barking dog navel bites” and “Better late than navel” and “Elephants navel forget.”
    • Novel → Navel: As in, “A real navel of a text message.”
  • Civil → Seville: As in, “Seville rights” and “Seville union” and “Keep a seville tongue in your head.” Note: Seville oranges are a type of orange (also known as bitter orange).
  • Anger → Tangor: As in, “More in sorrow than in tangor” and “Tangor management” and “Done in tangor.” Note: Tangors are citrus fruits that are hybrids between mandarins and sweet oranges.

Orange-Related Words

To help you come up with your own orange puns, here’s a list of related words to get you on your way. If you come up with any new puns or related words, please feel free to share them in the comments!

orange, citrus, fruit, fruity, fresh, juice, juicy, peel, pulp, ripe, squeeze, pith, segment, concentrate, zest, rind, sweet, bitter, sour, seed, pip, navel, blood (orange), seville, valencia, bergamot, mandarin, pomelo, tangerine, marmalade, jaffa, lemon, berry, tree, tangor, ponkan, clementine, hamlin, satsuma

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