Camel Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on camels! 🐫🏜🐪 There’s decent variety of puns involving or to do with camels, considering that there are only two types of camel to derive puns from.

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Have fun going through the puns in this entry and let us know if there are any that we’ve missed out!

Camel Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about camels that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s our list of camel puns:

  • Camel: To start, here are a couple of sayings involving camels which may serve as punny camel witticisms in the right context: “Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel,” and “A camel through the eye of a needle.”
  • Camembert → Camelbert: Camembert is a type of soft cheese from France, which now has some great non-dairy soy options. You can use this similar sounding word to make a cheesy camel pun: “My favourite cheese is soy camelbert.”
  • Camcorder → Camel-corder: As in, “Wait! Let me get my camel-corder.”
  • Camera → Camelra: As in, “Wait! This will look fantastic on my new camelra,” and “Camelra shy,” and “Lights, camelra, action!” and “Smile! You’re on candid camelra,” and “The camelra doesn’t lie,” and “The camelra loves you.” Also works for camelraman (cameraman) and camelramen (cameramen)
  • Scammed → S-camel’d: As in, “Gosh darn it! Those hooligans s-camel‘d me!”
  • Campaigner → Camelpaigner: As in, “The camelpaigners for this movement are really dedicated.” Also works for “campaign” (as in, “This is a really suave camelpaign.”)
  • Campus→ Camelpus: As in, “This is such a studious camelpus. I’m gonna love it here.”
  • Camelot → Camelot: As in, “The court at Camelot.”
  • Camouflage → Camelflage: As in, “Where’s your camelflage?” Also works with camelflaged (camouflaged) and camelflaging (camouflaging)
  • Cameron → Camel-ron: As in, “Camel-ron Diaz was so great in Charlie’s Angels.”
  • Cameron will → Cam will → Cam’ll → Camel: As in “Camel take care of that for you.”
  • Cameroon → Camel-roon: As in, “The Republic of Camel-roon.” (Which is a country in West Africa)
  • Amelie → Camelie: As in, “I loved the movie Camelie. So romantic and whimsical.”
  • Bechamel → Be-camel: A creamy white sauce, used in pasta and traditionally made from a butter base – but today coming in great vegan varieties. Use this to make some sneaky camel puns: “I can’t believe this be-camel is non-dairy!”
  • Camry → Camelry: As in, “They drive a Camelry.”
  • Cavalry → Camelry: As in, “Prepare the camelry!!”
  • Cambodia → Camel-bodia: As in, “I’m going to Camel-bodia this Thursday.”
  • Camagüey → Camel-güey: A city in Central Cuba whose name lends itself well to a clever camel joke: “Welcome to Camel-güey! I hope you brought a hat.”
  • Hump: Here are a couple of phrases which use the word “hump” and can be used as a pun in the right situation: “Hump day,” and “My humps.”
  • Chump → C-hump: As in, “C-hump-change.”
  • Humpty Dumpty → Hump-ty Dumpty: As in, “the character Hump-ty Dumpty” or “that’s a blatant Hump-ty Dumptyism!”
  • Calf: Calf can mean either a young camel or the lower part of a leg. You can use these double meanings to replace these words in inappropriate (or very appropriate, as the case may be) ways to make your own camel puns. Also works for the plural, “calves”, which is the same spelling for both. 
  • Cafe → Calf-e: As in, “Let’s go to that calf-e!” or, “Calf-e au soy lait.”
  • Caffeinated → Calfinated: As in, “Is this coffee decalfinated?”
  • Cuffs → Calf: As in, “Those hoodlums are engaged in fisticalfs!! (fisticuffs)” and “Get these handcalfs (handcuffs) off me!” and “These calf-links (cuff-links) are exquisite.”
  • Half → Calf: As in “I’m still calf asleep” and “I’ve got calf a mind to …” and “Calf measures,” and “Ain’t calf bad,” and “Better calf,” and “Cheap at calf the price,” and “Getting there is calf the fun,” and “Calf a chance,” and “Calf alive,” and “Calf assed,” and “Calf a mind to,” and “Calfway to paradise.”
  • Scarf → S-calf: As in, “That is an unbelievably soft s-calf (scarf)” or “Wow, he is really s-calfing (scarfing) that burrito.”
  • Desert: Here are a few phrases that use the word “desert/s” in them, which you can use to sneak in a few opportune  dromedary puns: “Just deserts” (instead of “just desserts”) and “Ships of the desert.”
  • Palindrome → Palin-dromedary: Dromedary is another word for the Arabian Camel. Use it in some great camel puns, like this one: “It would really work for this pun if ‘camel’ was a palin-dromedary, but it just isn’t.”
  • Hooey → Hoof-ey: As in, “Smells a little hoof-ey in here,” or “This is complete and utter hoof-ey.” (Hooey meaning nonsense).
  • Who f* → Hoof*: As in “Hoofeels hungry right now?” and “Hoofinished the last bit of coconut icecream?” or “Hoofarted?”
  • Who’ve → Hoof: As in “Hoof you spoken to so far?”
  • Half → Hoof: As in “Is the glass hoof full or hoof empty?” and “My other/better hoof.”
  • Run → Hoof it: As in “They’re onto us! Hoof it!”
  • Belt → Pelt: As in, “Below the pelt,” and “Pelt it out,” and “Buckle your seat pelts,” and “Tighten your pelt,” and “Under your pelt,” and “A notch in someone’s pelt.”
  • *pelt*: As in: spelt and misspelt.
  • *phar* → *fur*: Change the “phar” in certain words to “fur” to make terrible puns: furmacy (pharmacy), furaoh (pharaoh), furmacist (pharmacist), furmacology (pharmacology).
  • *phe* → *fur*: As in, “Natural furnomenon (phenomenon),” and “A furnomenal mistake.” Other words that would work: furseant (pheasant), eufurmism (euphemism), blasfurmy (blasphemy).
  • *phere* → *fur*: As in, atmosfur (atmosphere), hemisfur (hemisphere), biosfur (biosphere), stratosfur (stratosphere), and troposfur (troposphere). Note: the troposphere is the lowest layer of the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • *phor* → *fur*: As in, “A useless metafur,” and “Giddy eufuria (euphoria).” Other words that could be used: camfur (camphor), phosfur, dysfuria (dysphoria) and semafur (semaphore). Note: semaphore is a system of signs.
  • *pher* → *fur*: As in, “You’re indecifurable,” and “I’m not your gofur (gopher),” and “The wedding photografur,” and “The barefoot philosofur.” Other words that could work: furomone (pheromone), cifur (cipher), philosofur (philosopher), cinematografur, perifural (peripheral), cartografur, atmosfur (atmosphere), sfur (sphere), parafurnalia (paraphernalia), perifury (periphery), hemisfur (hemisphere).
  • Sephiroth → Sepfuroth: Note: Sephiroth is a much-loved character from the Final Fantasy game franchise.
  • *fir* → *fur*: “At furst,” and “At furst blush,” and “A furm handshake.” Other suitable words: affurm, confurm, affurmation and affurmative.
  • *for* → *fur*: As in, “A furce to be reckoned with,” and “Good furm (form),” and “Move furwards,” and “Why have you fursaken me?” and “The furcast for tomorrow,” and “So on and so furth,” and “Furbidden fruit.” Other words that would work: perfurmance, infurmation, therefur, fursight (foresight) and fursee.
  • Fear* → Fur*: As in: furful, furless, fursome and furmonger.
  • *feur* → *fur*: As in: chauffur and coiffur. Note: a coiffeur is a hairdresser.
  • Four* → Fur*: As in: fur (four), furth (fourth), furteen, furty (forty) and fursome (foursome).
  • Far → Fur: As in, “A step too fur,” and “As fur as it goes,” and “As fur as the eye can see,” and “A fur cry,” and “Few and fur between,” and “Over the hills and fur away,” and “So fur, so good,” and “As fur as I know.” Other suitable “far” containing words: furm (farm), furwell (farewell), furt (fart), further (farther), insofur (insofar), nefurious (nefarious), welfur and furce (farce).
  • *fer* → *fur*: As in, “A offur you can’t refuse,” and “I beg to diffur,” and “Make a diffurence,” and “Marching to the beat of a diffurent drum,” and “Offur condolences.” Other “fer” containing words that you could use: furn (fern), fural (feral), furvent (fervent), furvor (fervor), furret (ferret), furment (ferment), furocious, furtile, furrule (ferrule), defur (defer), confur, infur, refur, offur, transfur, buffur, prefur, proffur, refurence, confurence and transfurence.
  • *fur*: Use these fur-related/containing phrases in your wordplay: “Couldn’t be further from the truth,” and “Moving furniture,” and “A furtive manner,” and “And furthermore..” and “A roaring furnace,” and “Blind fury,” and “Fast and Furious,” and “Furnishing the truth.”
  • Tail: Use these tail-related phrases: “Happy as a dog with two tails,” and “Nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs,” and “Bright eyed and busy tailed,” and “Can’t make head or tail of it,” and “Chase your own tail,” and “Two shakes of a lamb’s tail.” Note: two shakes of a lamb’s tail is a phrase used to indicated that something is very fast.
  • Tale → Tail: As in, “Dead men tell no tails,” and “Fairytail ending,” and “Live to tell the tail,” and “Never tell tails out of school,” and “An old wives’ tail,” and “Tattle tail,” and “Tell tail sign.”
  • Talent → Tailent: As in, “___’s got Tailent,” and “A tailented painter,” and “Where would you say your tailents lie?”
  • Toilet → Tailet: As in, “Down the tailet,” and “In the tailet.”
  • Style → Stail: As in, hairstail, freestail, lifestail, and stailus (stylus)
  • Tile → Tail: As in, fertail (fertile), percerntail (percentile), projectail (projectile), reptail (reptile), and versatail (versatile).
  • Coat: Use these coat-related phrases in your mammalian wordplay: “Coat-tail investing,” and “Don’t forget your raincoat,” and “Ride on someone’s coat-tails.” Some coat-related words: petticoat, turncoat, overcoat, sugarcoat, waistcoat and peacoat.
  • Heard → Herd: As in “I overherd them speaking about …” and “The last I herd, …” and “You herd it here first,” and “You could have herd a pin drop,” and “Make yourself herd” and “Stop me if you’ve herd this one.”
  • Camera → Cama-ra: A cama is a hybrid between a male dromedary camel and a female llama. You might create a really corny pun with this: “This cama-ra was $2 off eBay.”
  • Camoflage → Camaflage:  (Note: A cama is a hybrid between a male dromedary camel and a female llama.) “Their camaflage was brilliant. You wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between them and a couple of real camels.”
  • Remnent → Ruminant: As in “I haven’t a ruminant of pride left after making all these terrible camel puns.” (Note: A “ruminant” is a family of hooved mammals comprising cows, camels, sheep, deer, giraffe and their relatives)
  • Prominent → Pruminant: As in “She’s a pruminant member of our group.”
  • (Note: A “ruminant” is a family of hooved mammals comprising cows, camels, sheep, deer, giraffe and their relatives)
  • Permanent → Pruminant: As in “I’ve accidentally used pruminant marker on the whiteboard.”
  • (Note: A “ruminant” is a family of hooved mammals comprising cows, camels, sheep, deer, giraffe and their relatives)
  • Her before → Herbivore: As in “I’ve never met herbivore.”
  • Man you’re → Manure: As in “Manure making some awful puns today.”
  • Could → Cud: As in “Cud you stop it please?” and “As fast as her legs cud carry her” and “I cud do it in my sleep.” Also works for “couldn’t” – as in, “I cudn’t see what the big deal was.”
  • Cud: In the right context, you could make an alpaca pun using the phrase “chewing the cud,” which means to chat aimlessly.
  • Cuddle → Cud-dle: Simply put the word “cud” into “cuddle”, as in “let’s cud-dle!”
  • Withers → WithersWithers is a homophone, meaning either the ridge between the shoulder blades of certain animals, or to shrivel. Swap the use and meaning of this word around to make a cheesy camel pun in the right context.
  • Whither → Wither: As in, “Wither are we bound?” (Note: Withers refers to the ridge between the shoulder blades of certain animals.)

Camel-Related Words

To help you come up with your own camel puns, here’s a list of camel-related words to get you started. If you come up with any new puns, please feel free to share them in the comments!

dromedary, bactrian, cama, hump, hooves, mammal, pachyderm, camelus, calf, desert, herbivore, cloven-hoof, genus camelus, herd, cud, saddle, cameleer, howdah, even-toed, ungulate, camelid, single-hump, double-hump, Arabian, camelops, camelidae

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Animal Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on animal puns!  🐻🐝🐦🐈🐔🐄🐕🐬🐘🐟🐸🐐🐎🐒 This entry is an aggregation of all the entries of specific types of animals. Each item in the list has a bunch of example puns and then a link to the full entry where there are many more. Enjoy! 🙂

Animal Puns List

If you know of any puns about animals that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s the list of animal puns:

  • Bear puns: “Bear with me.” and “I can’t bear this anymore.” and “I will bear the responsibility for this.” and “Child-bearing.” and “Will you bear this luggage across the river for me?” and “Does this tree bear fruit?”  and “Just let me get my bearings.” and “Oil the bearings” and “I hate to be the bearer of bad news.” See the entry on bear puns 🐻 for more .
  • Bee puns: “Bee in your bonnet” and “As busy as a bee” and “Busy bee” and “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” and “The bee’s knees” and “None of your bee’s wax” and “Queen bee” and “Put the bee on (someone)” and “The birds and they bees” and “If truth bee told” and “Not all it’s cracked up to bee” and “A force to bee reckoned with” and “Well I’ll bee!” and “Appearances can bee deceiving.” and “Honey, I’m home!” and “The land of milk and honey” and “Honey-mouthed (smooth, persuasive, seductive)” and “Honey trap” and “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” See the entry on bee puns 🐝 for more.
  • Bird puns: “A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush” and “A bird-brain” and “Bird’s eye view” and “A little bird told me …” and “An early bird” and “Early bird gets the worm” and “Like a bird in a gilded cage” and “The birds and the bees” and “Birds of a feather flock together” and “Flip someone the bird” and “Free as a bird” and “The bird has flown” and “Sing like a bird” and “Jailbird“. See the entry on bird puns 🐦 for more.
  • Rabbit puns: “(To) go down the rabbit hole” and “At it like rabbits” and “Breed like rabbits” and “Rabbit food (referring to vegetables)” and “Pull the rabbit out of the hat” and “The rabbit died (referring to someone being pregnant)” and “A hop, skip and a jump” and “Hopping mad” and “Full of hops” and “Hop to it!” See the bunny puns 🐇 entry for more.
  • Cat puns: “A scaredy-cat” and “Playing cat and mouse” and “All cats are grey in the dark” and “The cat’s whiskers” and “Cat got your tongue?” and “Cat in the sack” and “Cool cat” and “Cool cat” and “Look at what the cat dragged in!” and “Raining cats and dogs” and “See which way the cat jumps” and “When the cat’s away, the mice will play” and “Curiosity killed the cat” and “Like a cat on a hot tin roof” and “They let the cat out of the bag” and “A fat cat” and “You’ve cat to be kidding (or kitten) me.” and “Cat it in one!” and “It’s cat me stumped” and “I haven’t cat all day” and “You’ve cat another thing coming” and “I’m not feline well today.” and “A gut feline” and “Are you feline okay?” and “He’s got felines for him” and “Hurt felines” and “I’m feline like a million dollars!” and “I’ve got mixed felines about this” and “No hard felines” See the cat puns 🐈 entry for more.
  • Chicken puns: “A chicken and egg situation” and “Chicken out of something” and “Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched” and “Chicken sh*t” and “Get up with the chickens” and “You’re chicken (scared)” and “Curses, like chickens, come home to roost” and “Chicken feed (small amount of money/something)” and “Don’t let the fox guard the hen-house” and “As scarce as hen’s teeth” and “A mother hen” and “Hen-pecked” and “Hen’s night/party” and “By fair means or fowl” and “Cry fowl” and “Fowl language” and “Fowl up” and “No harm, no fowl” and “A fowl-mouthed person” and “Fowl play” and “A bad egg” and “Egg on” and “A hard egg to track” and “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and “Egg on one’s face” and “A good egg” and “A rotten egg” and “Egg and spoon race” and “The pecking order” and “Peck at (eat only a bit)” and “You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die.” See the chicken puns 🐔 entry for more.
  • Cow puns: “A cash cow” and “Don’t have a cow!” and “Holy cow” and “A sacred cow” and “How now, brown cow?” and “Until the cows come home” and “Why buy a cow when you can get milk for free?” and “A cock-and-bull story” and “Like a bull in a china shop” and “Bull-headed” and “Grab the bull by its horns” and “Full of bull” and “Bull’s-eye” and “Mess with the bull and you get the horns” and “Hung like a bull” and “Bull-headed” and “What a load of bull/BS” and “Bullish (aggressively confident)” and “Like a red flag to a bull” and “Udderly ridiculous!” and “I overherd them speaking about …” and “The last I herd, …” and “Your herd it here first.” and “You could have herd a pin drop.” and “Stop me if you’ve herd this one” and “Hay, what’s up?” and “We missed the bus and had to hoof it home.” See the cow puns 🐄 entry for more.
  • Crab puns: “That was an incredibly crabtivating speech.” and “He just woke up, he’s a little crabby.” and “Crab ahold of something/someone” and “The old hermit has lived there for years.” and “We should have a shellebration.” and “High-fat, low-crabohydrate diets are just an unhealthy fad.” See the crab puns entry for more.
  • Dinosaur puns: “Do you think he saurus (saw us)?” and “I came, I saur, I conquered.” and “You’re a saur loser” and “A sight for saur eyes” and “Sticks out like a saur thumb” and “A bone to pick” and “A bone of contention” and “All skin and bones” and “Bare-bones” and “As dry as a bone” and “Ship rex” and “Train rex” and “Nervous rex” and “Jurassic (you’re a sick) puppy, James.” and “Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures.” and “Can I do it? You bet Jurassican.” and “I dino whether that’s the correct answer.” See the dinosaur puns entry for more.
  • Dog puns: “Dog eat dog” and “Barking dogs seldom bite” and “As crooked as a dog’s hind leg” and “As sick as a dog” and “Dog days” and “Dog in the manger” and “Dog tired” and “Dog’s bollocks” and “Dog’s breakfast” and “Don’t keep a dog and bark yourself” and “Every dog has her/his day” and “Give a dog a bad name” and “Hot diggety dog” and “The dog ate my homework” and “The tail wagging the dog” and “Work like a dog” and “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” and “A shaggy dog story” and “A sly dog” and “Call off the dogs” and “Everybody and their dog” and “Doggie paddle” and “Ruff and tumble” and “Ruff around the edges” and “Diamond in the ruff” and “Ruff stuff” and “Take the ruff with the smooth” and “Ruff someone up” and “With all my mutt” and “Mutt as well” and “Try as I mutt” and “It was a mastiff waste of time.” See the dog puns 🐕 entry for more.
  • Dolphin puns: “I didn’t do it on porpoise!” and “They porpoisefully moved toward me.” and “I can tell you’re being porpoisely vague.” and “They are not to be used for illegal porpoises.” and “I love my new multi-porpoise cleaning spray!” and “Oh will you stop spouting your nonsense please.” and “There’s somefin about the way he walks” See the dolphin puns 🐬 entry for more.
  • Duck puns: “Duck and weave” and “A sitting duck” and “Like water off a duck’s back” and “Duck and cover” and “Duck out” and “Duck off” and “Ducking and diving” and “Get one’s ducks in a row” and “Golden duck” and “If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and (etc.) like a duck, it probably is a duck” and “Take to like a duck to water” and “Lame duck” and “Ducked the question” and “The duck side of the moon” and “A duck horse” and “A shot in the duck” and “Be kept in the duck (about something)” and “Duck clouds on the horizon” and “It’s always duckest just before dawn” and “Deep, duck secret.” See the duck puns entry for more.
  • Eel puns: “When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s a moray.” and “I’m feeling a bit eel.” See the eel puns entry for more.
  • Elephant puns: “Your comment is irrelephant” and “That’s not relephant.” and “Ivory now and then” and “Ivory so often” and “Ivory bit as good as …” and “Ivory last inch” and “Ivory which where” and “Each and ivory one” and “Are you up to the tusk?” and “It’s a thankless tusk” and “It’s hard to stay on tusk with all the noise” and “The elephant in the room” and “I overherd them speaking about …” and “The last I herd, …” and “Your herd it here first.” See the elephant puns  🐘 entry for more.
  • Fish puns: “Cod we be friends?” and “I’ll mullet over and get back to you.” and “I am a pacifisht.” and “I’ve got no fin left to give!” and “Any fin goes.” and “Door-to-dorsals people are really annoying.” and “She has always been my arch nemosis.” See the fish puns  🐟 entry for more.
  • Frog puns:”This documentary is ribbeting!” and”I’ve frogotten all the lyrics!” and”I’m sorry. Can I have your frogiveness?” and”We need to frogo some of our privileges so that we can help others in need.”  and “This is froggin’ awesome!” and “Toaday is the big day!” and “Frog puns are toadally awesome.” and “Someone you can depond on.” See the frog puns 🐸 entry for more.
  • Goat puns: “Sorry, I didn’t mean to get your goat (annoy you)” and “Separate the sheep from the goats” and “Play the goat (act silly)” and “Act the giddy goat” and “Old goat” and “Goatie” and “Scapegoat” and “You have goat to be kidding me” and “I haven’t goat all day” and “Cat goat your tongue?” and “Goat it in one!” and “Goat me stumped” and “Goat to get moving” and “Goat to run” and “(Someone) has goat game” and “Something’s goat to give” and “The one that goat away” and “You goat it!” and “You’ve goat me there” and “You’ve goat another thing coming” and “You’ve goat me there” and “You’ve goat to do what you’ve goat to do.” and “Egoatistical” See the goat puns 🐐 entry for more.
  • Horse puns: “Quit horsing around, will you?” and “As rare as rocking horse droppings” and “A dark horse” and “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth (meaning:don’t be ungrateful for gifts)” and “Eat like a horse” and “Get off your high horse” and “Horse of a different colour” and “Horse play” and “Hung like a horse” and “One horse town” and “Put the cart before the horse” and “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” and “Hold your horses” and “Straight from the horse’s mouth” and “A horse of a different colour” and “A one-horse race” and “Closing the barn/stable door after the horse has bolted” and “Don’t change horses in the middle of the river” and “Horses for courses” and “A trojan horse” and “A one-trick pony” and “Pony up (pay up)” and “Dog and pony show” and “A show pony” and”C’mon, quit foaling around, will you?” and “Foal me once, shame on you, foal me twice, shame on me” and “It’s a foal’s errand” and “Foal’s gold” and “Make a complete foal of yourself” and “Played for a foal” and “Play the foal” and “Played for a foal” and “I think he’s foal of it.” and “At foal throttle/pelt” and “Foal blast” and “A foal-bodied coffee” and “Foal of beans/bologna” and “In foal feather” and “You know foal-well that …” and “In foal swing” and “On a foal stomach”. See the horse puns 🐎 entry for more.
  • Koala puns: “Spend some koalaty time” and “Premium koalaty” and “Top-koalaty” and “Are you sure you have the koalafications?” and “I’ve got through the koalafying rounds.” and “My thesis mainly involves koalatative research.” and “Gender ekoalaty is an important issue in the world.” and “I’m overkoalafied for this job.” and “I was diskoalafied in the third round.” See the koala puns 🐨 entry for more.
  • Llama puns: “But first, llama take a selfie” and “Llama think about that for a bit.” and “No probllama.” and “Against my wool” and “Accidents wool happen” and “Time wool tell” and “Every dog wool have its day” and “Heads wool roll” and “Love wool find a way” and “Fifty-fifty spit” and “Spit hairs” and “Spit second” and “Spit up (with someone)” and “I overherd them speaking about …” and “The last I herd, …” and “Your herd it here first.” and “Llama Del Rey” and “Kendrick Llama” and “Dalai Llama” See the llama puns entry for more.
  • Monkey puns: “Monkeying around” and “Monkey business” and “Monkey see, monkey do” and “Monkey’s uncle” and “A monkey on one’s back” and “More fun than a barrel of monkeys” and “Grease monkey” and “Make a monkey of (someone)” and “Brass monkey” and “Don’t give a monkey’s” and”I am bananas for you.” and “He’s going bananas!” and “Banana republic” and “She’s the top banana around here.” and “No worries, that’s a one-banana problem.” and “You will be gibbon no quarter” and “We can take that as a gibbon” and “At any gibbon hour” and “I was gibbon the sack today” and “Capuchino“. See the monkey puns 🐒 entry for more.
  • Otter puns: “You should have see the otter guy!” and “Hey, hold up! Wait for the otters!” and “We need to leave now, otterwise we’ll be late!” and “My otterney advised me to plead guilty.” and “I hope one day we can explore otter space.” and “The otterocities and war crimes.” and “Only the most otterocious otter puns are allowed.” and “Ten minutes otter be enough time.” See the otter puns entry for more.
  • Owl puns: “She’s a real night owl” and “Owl if you will” and “Free-for-owl” and “A jack of owl trades” and “A man for owl seasons” and “A rising tide lifts owl boats” and “After owl is said and done” and “A know-it-owl” and “Above owl” and “Against owl odds” and “Owl at once” and “I’m owl ears” and “Owl else being equal, …” and “Owl by my lonesome” and “Owl hands on deck” and “Owl hell breaks loose” and “Owl gone” and “Owl good things must come to an end” and “Owl in owl” and “Owl in a day’s work” and “It’s owl in your head” and “Owl manner of …” and “Owl of a sudden” and “Owl or nothing” and “Owl over the place” and “Owl right.” and “Owl rights reserved” and “Owl smiles” and “Owl systems are go” and “Hoot have thought it would be so easy?” and “I don’t give a hoot” and “Look hoo’s talking!” and “Says hoo?” See the owl puns entry for more.
  • Panda puns: “The newspapers are pandaing to people’s baser instincts.” and “What was originally a small argument ended in utter pandamonium.” and “This unassuming disease has caused a panda-emic.” and “It just feels like you think I’m ex-panda-ble.” and “Living in China for a few years expandad my world-view” and “Our monthly ex-panda-ture is over 5 thousands dollars.” and “Panda camera slowly to the left” See the panda puns 🐼 entry for more.
  • Pig puns: “Stop hogging all the food!” and “Give me some! You’re such a hog.” and “Go hog wild” and “He’s a ball hog who doesn’t know what teamwork means.” and “The road hog was straddling 2 lanes.” and “We went whole hog” and “That’s utter hogwash and you know it.” and “Boared out of my brains” and “Boared to tears/death” and “Boar someone stiff” and “Boar the pants off someone” and “Boared silly” and “Boared out of my mind” and “Hogs and kisses” and”I’m a morning porcine” and “I’m not a people porcine” and “Couldn’t have happened to a nicer porcine” and “I feel like a new porcine” and “Porcine of interest” and “Taken for grunted” and “Wallowing in self-pity” and “Wallowing in money”. See the pig puns 🐖 entry for more.
  • Shark puns: “There’s some fin about the way he walks” and “I’ve got no fin left to give!” and “Any fin goes.” and “Vanished into fin air.” and “You’re skating on fin ice.” and “Jawsome” See the shark puns entry for more.
  • Sheep puns: “A wolf in sheep’s clothing” and “Separate the sheep from the goats” and “Make sheep’s eyes at” and “Counting sheep” and “Black sheep of the family” and “Cast a sheep’s eye” and “Of all sheeps and sizes” and “Any way, sheep or form” and “Bent out of sheep” and “It’s all gone pear-sheeped” and “Abandon sheep!” and “Go down with the sheep” and “That sheep has sailed” and “Sheep skate” and “Dirt sheep” and “On the sheep“. See the sheep puns 🐑 entry for more.
  • Squid puns: “I have an inkling that he’s lying.” and “You’ve got to be squidding me!” and “I squid you farewell!” and “Hahaha you’re kraken me up!” and “It will go the the highest squidder.” and “I squid you not.” and “The last tunacorn.” and “I’m a physics grad working on tunafication of fundamental forces.” See the squid puns entry for more.
  • Tuna puns: “The tunaverse is massive.” and “The members tunanimously voted to ban fish puns.” and”I don’t know how to tuna violin.” See the tuna puns 🐟 entry for more.
  • Turtle puns: “I am in turtle awe of her skills.” and “Turtley!” and “This is turtley amazing!” and “It’s a cruel turtle-itarian regime.” and “Oh! You sturtled me!” and “That was sturtling news.” and “Turtle-neck sweater” and “He who lives by the sword shell die by the sword.” and “A shell of a time” and “Our parents tortoise to be kind to animals”. See the turtle puns 🐢 entry for more.
  • Whale puns: “Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here?” and “I hope you and your family are whale.” and “It’s been a whale since we last saw each other.” and “Strike whale the iron is hot.” and “All the whale, he just sat there.” and “Don’t call us, whale call you” and “And narwhal (now we’ll) take a minute to thank our sponsors”. See the whale puns 🐳 entry for more.

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Bunny Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on bunny rabbits! 🐰🐇👯 This entry is a work-in-progress, so please share rabbit puns that we don’t have in the comments at the end of the page. Thanks! 🙂

Bunny Puns List

  • Rabbit: There are a few phrases/idioms that involve the word “rabbit” and that could therefore be used as rabbit puns in the right context: “(To) go down the rabbit hole” and “At it like rabbits” and “Breed like rabbits” and “Rabbit food (referring to vegetables)” and “Pull the rabbit out of the hat” and “The rabbit died (referring to someone being pregnant)”
  • Hop: There are a few phrases/idioms than involve the word “hop” and thus might be used as bunny puns: “A hop, skip and a jump” and “Hopping mad” and “Full of hops” and “Hop to it!”
  • *op* → *-hop-*: If a word contains the “op” sound, we can make a silly rabbit pun by turning it into “hop”, for example: co-hop-eration (cooperation), ad-hop-tion (adoption), p-hop-ulation (population), helic-hop-ters (helicopters), dr-hop-lets (droplets), eavesdr-hopping, impr-hop-erly (improperly), hoperational (operational), hoperator (operator), hoppertunistic (oppertunistic), monhopoly, lollip-hop, photoc-hop-ier (photocopier), p-hop-ularity, hoptimism, hoptimal, hoptimistic, hopulence (opulence), hoptional (optional), p-hopcorn (popcorn), prhopaganda, prhoposition, unp-hop-ular.
  • Rub it → Rabbit: As in “Okay, I lost. No need to rabbit in!”
  • Bunny rabbit → Punny rabbit: This is a sort of “meta pun” or “pun about rabbit puns”.
  • Borrow → Burrow: As in “Living on burrowed time” and “Beg, burrow, or steal” and “Can I burrow some money?”
  • Brow → Burrow: As in “High-burrow comedy” and “Bushy eye-burrows” and “By the sweat of one’s burrow
  • Brew → Burrow: As in “A storm is burrowing” and “Home-burrowed beer”
  • Warring → Warren: As in “The three warren tribes”
  • Bony → Bunny
  • Ebony → A bunny: As in “A bunny and ivory, living together in harmony”
  • Bunny hop: This can refer to a bike trick and more generally to a small “hop” up into the air.
  • Breed: “Hatred breeds hatred” and “A dying breed” and “A rare breed” and “Familiarity breeds contempt” and “Breed like rabbits
  • For → Fur: “Fur the love of god!” and “Fur real?” and “A fur effort” and “Good-fur-nothing” and “A penny fur your thoughts” and “Bat fur the other side” and “Our fur the count” and “Spoiled fur choice” and “Worse fur wear” and “Can’t see the forest fur the trees” and “Cause fur alarm” and “Different strokes fur different folks” and “Dollar fur dollar” and “Fur what it’s worth” and “Fur instance, …” and “Fur the time being” and “Asking fur trouble” and “Taken fur granted” and “Too close fur comfort” and “Fish fur a compliment” and “Fur better or for worse” and “Fur crying out loud!” and “Fur good measure” and “Fur one thing, …” and “Fur the fun of it” and “Fur your information” and “A sight fur sore eyes”
  • *pet*: If a word contains the “pet” sound, it may work as a silly pet pun: competitive, competitor, petri dish, parapet, petrochemical, petrol, petticoat, pipet (pipette), repetitive.
  • Free → Furry: Some cute furry puns can be made from this swap: “Buy one, get one furry.” and “Break furry” and “Furry falling” and “Get out of jail furry card” and “There’s no such thing as a furry lunch” and “The best things in life are furry” and “Furry enterprise” and “As furry as a bird” and “A furry-for-all’ and “A furry spirit” and “Got away scot-furry
  • Hunch → Hutch: As in “I’ve got a hutch that he’s lying.” and “She was hutched over and walking awkwardly.” and “The Hutch-Back of Notre Dam”
  • Angry → Angora: As in “I’m so angora at you!”
  • Lop-sided: There are a few well known “lop” rabbit breeds (breeds with floppy ears), and so the use of the word “lop-sided” (meaning “uneven”/”off-centre”) might constitute a subtle bunny pun.
  • East or → Easter: As in “North, south, easter west.”
  • Her before → Herbivore: As in “I’ve never met herbivore.”
  • Dust bunny: This term is used to refer to clumps of dust, as in: “She swept the dust bunnies out from under her bed.”

Bunny-Related Words

Here’s a list of rabbit-related concepts to help you come up with your own rabbit puns. If you come up with any new ones, please share them in the comments! 🙂

rabbit, bunnies, hop, furry, fur, ears, hare, cottontail, bunny rabbit, burrow, angora, warren, bugs bunny, easter bunny, easter, burrowing, jackrabbit, hutch, coney, lop-eared, domesticated, mammal, lionhead, grass, breed, pet, whiskers, herbivore, rabbit hole

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