Tuna Puns

Tuna puns! A tuna is a marine fish that’s closely related to Mackerel, and is known for being one of the fastest open-water fish in the ocean. It’s particularly special because it is one of only two fish species that are warm blooded (and there are a lot of fish species!). It’s also one of the few fish species that gets its own entry on Punpedia!

You might also like to check out the Punpedia entries on fish punsshark puns, beach puns and water puns for related wordplay. This entry is focused mainly around wordplay with the word “tuna”.

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Tuna Puns List

  • Universe → Tunaverse: “The tunaverse is truly an incredible place.”
  • Unanimous → Tunanimous: “The members tunanimously voted to ban fish puns.”
  • Unicorn → Tunacorn: “The last tunacorn.”
  • Unification → Tunafication: “I’m a physics grad working on tunafication of fundamental forces.”
  • Uniformly → Tunaformly: “To prevent vibration a tunaformly distributed load is important.”
  • Unilaterally → Tunalaterally: “Tunalateral nuclear disarmament.”
  • Universal → Tunaversal: “I believe in tunaversal right for an animal to own its body.”
  • University → Tunaversity: “Free tunaversity tuition would be economically and morally beneficial.”
  • Cartoonist → Cartunaist: “The cartunaist was only slightly ashamed of his laboured puns.”
  • Tenaciously → Tunaciously: “I’m tunaciously holding on to every bit of pride I have.”
  • Tonality → Tunality: “The sonata has a beautiful variation in tunality.”
  • Opportunity → Opportunaty: As in “We’ve got one opportunaty, let’s make it count” and “Luck is often a combination of preparation and opportunaty“.
  • Opportunist → Opportunaist: “Yeah, he’s a bit of an opportunaist.”
  • Fortune-teller → Fortuna-teller: “That fortuna-teller is a sham.”
  • Fortunately: “Fortunately, this word is already a tuna pun.”
  • Tune a → Tuna: As in “I don’t know how to tuna violin.”
  • Tune her → Tuna: To “tune” can be somewhat vulgar slang for “to flirt with” or “to seduce” as in “He’s trying to tuna, he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.”
  • Tunable: “Where are the pegs? Is this guitar even tunable?”

Looking for more general fish puns (e.g. something → somefin)? Head over to the entry on fish puns – we’ve got a lot of them!

These terms are all related to tuna, but we don’t have puns for them yet: albacore, tunny, bonito, yellowfin, bluefin, tuna fish, skipjack, southern blurfin, atlantic bluefin. If you can come up with any puns for these, please share them in the comments!

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