Panda Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on panda puns! 🐼 This list starts with puns specifically on the word “panda” and then also has a bunch of generic bear puns to back them up. Enjoy! 🙂

Panda Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about pandas that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s the list of panda puns:

  • Pander → Panda: “The newspapers are pandaing to people’s baser instincts.”
  • Pandemonium → Pandamonium: “What was originally a small argument ended in utter pandamonium.”
  • Pandemic → Panda-emic: “This unassuming disease has caused a panda-emic.”
  • Expendable → Ex-panda-ble: “It just feels like you think I’m ex-panda-ble.”
  • Expanded→ Expandad: “Living in China for a few years expandad my world-view”
  • Expandable: “We’ve built the business such that it’s expandable to other markets.”
  • Expenditure → Ex-panda-ture: “Our monthly ex-panda-ture is over 5 thousands dollars.”
  • Pan the → Panda: “Panda camera slowly to the left”
  • Banned a → Panda: “We restricted one user and completely pandanother.”
  • Dependence → Depandance: As in “Alcohol depandance” and “We need to be careful about our depandance on non-renewable resources.”
  • Dependent → Depandant: As in “We’re depandant on our parents still.”
  • Pendant → Pandant: As in “She got me this cute little pandant for my birthday.”
  • Appendages → Appandages: As in “Four furry appandages that it uses for walking”
  • Suspenders → Suspandas: As in “I’ve got some suspandas to help keep my pants from slipping down”
  • Stupendous → Stupandas: As in “That was an incredibly impressive, nay, stupandas feat!”
  • Independent → Indepandant: As in “I love the feeling of indepandance” and “That’s an indepandant variable”
  • Panda bear → Punda bear
  • Bamboozle: To “bamboozle” someone is to fool or cheat them. Since pandas only eat bamboo, this is a simple bamboo/panda pun.
  • Her before → Herbivore: “I’ve never met herbivore.”
  • Try’na (Trying to) → China: “What are you China get from me?”
  • Black and white: Since pandas are black and white, you might get away with a panda pun that plays on this: “The issue isn’t black and white – there are many factors to consider.” and “They shot the film in black and white to get a noir feel.”
  • In danger → Endangered: Though it’s not really something to joke about, the Giant panda was once endangered (in 2016 it was downgraded to “vulnerable”). You might slip in the word “endangered” wherever you can (e.g. in place of “in danger” or similar) to make a cheeky panda pun.
  • Bear: Now we get into some general puns about bears (and not specifically pandas): “Bear with me.” and “I can’t bear this anymore.” and “I will bear the responsibility for this.” and “Child-bearing.” and “Will you bear this luggage across the river for me?” and “Does this tree bear fruit?”
  • Bearings: “Just let me get my bearings.”
  • Bearer: “I hate to be the bearer of bad news.”
  • Barbarian → Barbearian: “He thinks he’s Conan the Barbearian.”
  • Barbaric → Barbearic: “Their behaviour is barbearic.”
  • Bare → Bear: “The landscape is bear.”
  • Barefoot → Bearfoot: “We’ll have to walk bearfoot.”
  • Barefaced → Bearfaced: “A bearfaced lie.”
  • Barely → Bearly: “I can bearly stand another of your puns.”
  • Baritone → Bearitone: “We’ll need another bearitone for the chorus.”
  • Barium → Bearium: “Bearium is a chemical element.”
  • Baron → Bearon: “The bearon will see you now.”
  • Baroness → Bearoness: “The bearoness controls most of this territory.”
  • Barricade → Bearicade: “We’ll need to bearicade these doors.”
  • Barrier → Bearier: “This industry has a high bearier-to-entry.”
  • Barrister → Bearister: “They’ve hired very good bearisters.”
  • Bearable: “The music is the only thing that makes this party bearable.”
  • Bearings: “The axle needs new bearings.”
  • Burial → Bearial: “This is an ancient bearial site.”
  • Buried → Bearied: “We bearied the chest on the beach,”
  • Bury → Beary: “She was bearied in thought.”
  • Cadbury → Cadbeary: “Cadbeary should bring out a dairy-free line.”
  • Childbearing: “This grizzly is of childbearing age.”
  • Embarrass → Embearass: “Oh, I’m so embearassed!”
  • Embarrassment → Embearassment: “This evening has been a complete embearassment.”
  • Embarrassing → Embearassing: “Oh, how embearassing!”
  • Forbearance: “He’s very annoying. It will require patient forbearance.”
  • Forebears: “Generations of our forebears have lived in this forest.”
  • Gooseberry → Goosebeary: “Ripe yellow goosebearies.” Also works for mulbeary, rasbeary, strawbeary, cranbeary, blackbeary, etc.
  • Berries → Bearies: “Mmm, these bearies are so sweet!”
  • Threadbare → Threadbear: “She was wearing a tattered, threadbear overcoat.”
  • Unbearable: “These puns are almost unbearable.”
  • Unbearably: “He was unbearably patronising.”
  • Wheelbarrow → Wheelbearow: “A wheelbearow would make this job a lot easier.”
  • Kid/Child → Cub: “Oh c’mon you’re acting like a cub.”
  • Very → Beary: “I saw it with my beary own eyes.”
  • For → Fur: “Fur the love of god!”
  • Poor → Paw: “Oh you paw thing.”
  • Positively → Pawsitively: “Processed and red meats have been pawsitively linked to several common cancers.”
  • Position → Pawsition: “I’m not in a pawsition to comment on that.”
  • Possible → Pawssible: “That’s simply not pawssible!”
  • Possibility → Pawsibility: “Is there a slight pawsibility?”
  • Possession → Pawsession: “Charged for pawsession of narcotics.”
  • Pose → Paws: “Strike a paws!”
  • Posture → Pawsture: “I need to pay more attention to my pawsture.”
  • Posh → Pawsh: “This party is too pawsh for me.”
  • Postulate → Pawstulate: “We can only pawstulate that he escaped via the window.”
  • Posterity → Pawsterity: “The names were recorded for pawsterity.”
  • Posthumously → Pawsthumously: “He was granted the nobel prize pawsthumously.”
  • Be* → Bear*: If a word begins with “be” it can usually be turned into a very corny bear pun: before (bear-fore), become (bear-come), between (bear-tween), because (bear-cause), believe (bear-lieve), begin (bear-gin), best (bear-st), bed (bear-d), benefit (bear-nefit), behaviour (bear-haviour), behind (bear-hind), began (bear-gan), became (bear-came), beginning (bear-ginning), belief (bear-lief), bedroom (bear-droom), belong (bear-long), believed (bear-lieved), benefits (bear-nefits), becomes (bear-comes), becoming (bear-coming), beside (bear-side), berlin (bear-lin), beneath (bear-neath), belt (bear-lt), begun (bear-gun), benjamin (bear-njamin), begins (bear-gins), behalf (bear-half), besides (bear-sides), beliefs (bear-liefs), beaten (bearten), belly (bear-lly), bedrooms (bear-drooms), belonged (bear-longed), believing (bear-lieving), belonging (bear-longing), beneficial (bear-neficial), beneficiary (bear-neficiary), bedside (bear-dside), belongs (bear-longs), betray (bear-tray), beginner (bear-ginner), betrayal (bear-trayal), believer (bear-liever), beloved (bear-loved), behaved (bear-haved), benefited (bear-nefited), bereavement (bear-reavement), beforehand (bear-forehand), beginnings (bear-ginnings), behaving (bear-having), behaviours (bear-haviours), bellow (bear-llow), belts (bear-lts), benchmark (bear-nchmark), benefactor (bear-nefactor), beneficiaries (bear-neficiaries), benign (bear-nign), bestow (bear-stow), bewildered (bear-wildered).
  • Beard → Bear-d: “A very bushy bear-d
  • Because → Bear-claws: “I’m yawning bear-claws I’m tired.”
  • Pause → Paws: “Let’s paws and reflect.”

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