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Side note: You might notice that there’s no bacon puns, pork puns or any puns that involve piggeries. If you’re wondering why there are no jokes, puns or idioms about these specific things, please learn about the cruelty involved in growing pigs for meat (information, graphic video).

Pig Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about pigs that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s the list of pig puns:

  • Hog: “Stop hogging all the food!” and “Give me some! You’re such a hog.” and “Go hog wild” and “He’s a ball hog who doesn’t know what teamwork means.” and “The road hog was straddling 2 lanes.” and “We went whole hog
  • Nonsense → Hogwash: As in “That’s utter hogwash and you know it.”
  • Bore → Boar: As in “Boared out of my brains” and “Boared to tears/death” and “Boar someone stiff” and “Boar the pants off someone” and “Boared silly” and “Boared out of my mind” and “They boared a hole with the drill”
  • Hug → Hog: “A bear hog” and “Hogs and kisses”
  • Whine → Swine: As in “Stop swining! We’re nearly there.”
  • *s wine → *s swine: As in “How much for a bottle of this swine?”
  • Swain → Swine: A man who is a women’s lover is sometimes (especially in literature) called a “swain”. In the right context this could be used for a pig pun.
  • Piggy bank: This is a small container for saving money in, especially one that is shaped like a pig with a coin slot in its back.
  • Piggy in the middle: This refers to “someone who is between two people or groups who are arguing but who does not want to agree with either of them.
  • Picky → Piggy: As in “I’m really piggy when it comes to choosing what to wear.”
  • Pigment / Pigmentation
  • Person → Porcine: The term “porcine” means “relating to or resembling a pig or pigs”. Some phrases/idioms: “I’m a morning porcine” and “I’m not a people porcine” and “Couldn’t have happened to a nicer porcine” and “I feel like a new porcine” and “Porcine of interest” and “A porcine is known by the company they keep” and “We met in-porcine” and “A cat porcine” and “It varies from porcine to porcine
  • Grant → Grunt: As in “Taken for grunted” and “To grunt someone something” and “Don’t take anything for grunted” and “Grunt no quarter”
  • Wallow: “Wallowing in self-pity” and “Wallowing in money” and “Wallowing in my fame”
  • Scream/Cry → Squeal
  • Who f* → Hoof*: As in “Hoofeels hungry right now?” and “Hoofinished the last bit of coconut icecream?”
  • Walk → Hoof it: As in “We missed the bus and had to hoof it home.”
  • Tamed → Domesticated: You might be able to make a pig pun by replacing words like “tamed”, “calmed down” and similar words/phrases with “domesticated”.
  • *pic*→*pig*: If a word contains the “pic” sound (or similar), it can usually be replaced with “pig” to create a silly pig pun: conspiguous (conspicuous), depigtion (depiction), despigable (despicable), Pigasso (Picasso), piget (picket), microscopig (microscopic), pigture (picture), pigsels (pixels), pigturesque (picturesque), philanthropig (philanthropic), pigup line (pickup line), pigle (pickle), piguliarities (peculiarities), piguliar (peculiar), inconspiguous (inconspicuous), olympigs (olympics), pignic (picnic), stereotypigal, telescopig, topigal (topical), typigal (typical).
  • Sow: A “sow” (the “ow” is pronounced like the “ou” in “ouch”) is a female pig. To “sow” (pronounced like “so”) is to plant seeds in the soil. Since these two words are spelled the same, you can make some silly pig puns: “As you sow, so shall you reap” and “Sow one’s wild oats” and “Sow the seeds of (something)” and “You reap what you sow
  • So → Sow: Since “sow” is pronounced like “s-ow” and not “s-oh”, this is a corny one: “Sow what?” and “I’m afraid sow” and “And sow on and sow forth” and “Even sow, …” and “Ever sow (soft/happy/friendly/etc.)” and “I hope sow” and “How sow?” and “I guess sow” and “I told you sow!” and “Not sow fast” and “Sow much for” and “Sow to speak” and “Sow long as”
  • Guilt → Gilt: A “gilt” is a young female pig. Some phrases/idioms: “Gilt trip” and “Gilt complex” and “Absolved from gilt” and “Send someone on a gilt trip”
  • It’s not → It’s snout: As in “It’s snout my kind of event” and “It’s snout as if …”
  • Root: Wild pigs are known for eating roots and tubers, so the words “root” or “rooted” (and similar) may be viable pig puns: “I’m rooting for you!” and “The root cause” and “Idleness is the root of all evil” and “Root around (for something)” and “The root of the problem”
  • Babe: The film “Babe” is likely famous enough that the use of the word (e.g. as a term of endearment for one’s partner, or in reference to an attractive person) will probably pass off as a pig pun.
  • Bristle: Wild pigs have stiff hairs covering a lot of their body that are called bristles. This has some potential for a subtle pig pun: “Bristling with rage” and “Bristle with indignation” and “The shopping centre bristled with hurried Christmas shoppers.”
  • Showed → Shoat: A “shoat” is a young pig.
  • Do rock → Duroc: A “duroc” is a breed of large, reddish American pigs.
  • Ointment → Oinkment
  • Niels Bohr → Niels BoarNiels Bohr was a famous physicist.

Pig-Related Words

There are many more pig puns to be made! Here’s a list of pig-related concepts to help you come up with your own. If you come up with a new pun, please share it in the comments!

boar, wild boar, hog, hoof, omnivore, swine, domesticated, piglet, oink, pig, pigs, sow, piggy, porcine, piggy bank, grunt, cloven hoof, hooves, warthog, wallow, farrow, truffle, snout, squeal, gilt, root, bristle, shoat, duroc, babe

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User-Submitted Pig Puns:

  1. The pig started to cry. The dragon asked what was wrong? “Its SNOUT your problem!” Exclaimed the pig.

  2. It’s snout your problem!
    Hoofeels like making pig puns? I do,but don’t consider them conspiguous.
    My friends are very piggy when it comes to food.
    Nothing can grunt you eternal happiness.
    Hoofeels like drinking this swine?