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This pun collection will have you Disney (dizzy) with delight! This list includes puns about general Disney words (like studio or movie), popular villains, heroes, princes and princesses.

While Disney owns other popular brands such as Marvel, Blue Sky and Pixar, this list is specific to characters and titles directly produced by Disney. 

If you’re interested in other fictional worlds, we also have Star Wars puns, Pokemon puns and Harry Potter puns.

Disney Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun or a set of puns that can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about Disney that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s our list of Disney puns:

  • Dizzy → Disney: As in, “Scaling the disney heights” and “Feeling disney.”
  • This Knee → Disney: As in, “I fell and now disney hurts.”
  • Wallet → Walt: As in, “Left my walt at home” and “Check your walt.”
  • Wall → Walt: As in, “Backs to the walt” and “Like banging your head against a brick walt” and “Bouncing off the walts” and “Climbing the walts.”
  • Fault → Walt: As in, “Find walt with” and “Generous to a walt.”
  • Halt → Walt: As in, “Grind to a walt.”
  • Salt → Walt: As in, “Walt of the earth” and “Take it with a grain of walt.”
  • Alt* → Walt*: If a word starts with “alt”, we can switch the “alt” to “walt”: “Walternative medicine” and “Not entirely waltruistic” and “Maybe in a walternate universe” and “Waltogether now!” and “Flying at a low waltitude.”
  • Take the mickey: This common phrase can double as a Mickey Mouse pun.
  • Sticky → Mickey: As in, “Come to a mickey end” and “Mickey fingers.”
  • Many → Minnie: As in, “A finger in minnie pies” and “In as minnie words” and “Minnie a true word is spoken in jest” and “Minnie hands make light work” and “Minnie happy returns.”
  • Money → Minnie: As in, “Easy minnie” and “Get your minnie’s worth” and “For love or minnie.”
  • Mouse: Here are some puns related to Mickey and Minnie mouse:
    • Mouth → Mouse: As in, “A bad taste in the mouse” and “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouse” and “Foaming at the mouse” and “Hand to mouse.”
    • Most → Mouse: As in, “The mouse trusted name in news” and “Make the mouse of it.”
    • House → Mouse: As in, “A mouse divided against itself cannot stand” and “A mouse is not a home” and “A plague on both your mouses!” and “Bring the mouse down.”
  • Move → Movie: As in, “A movie in the right direction” and “All the right movies” and “A bold movie” and “Bust a movie” and “Get a movie on.”
  • Curtain → Cartoon: As in, “Cartoon call” and “Behind the cartoon.”
  • Glory → Story: As in, “Bask in story” and “My crowning story” and “Go out in a blaze of story” and “No guts, no story.”
  • Bank → Burbank: As in, “Break the burbank” and “Laugh all the way to the burbank” and “You can burbank on it.” Note: Disney’s studio is in Burbank, California.
  • Eyes → Eisner: As in, “Avert your eisner” and “Bat your eisner” and “Clapper eisner on” and “Come hither eisner.” Note: Michael Eisner was the CEO of the Disney company until 2005.
  • Daisy: Here are some Daisy Duck-related puns:
    • Dizzy → Daisy: As in, “Feeling daisy” and “Scale the daisy heights.”
    • Hazy → Daisy: As in, “Daisy information” and “A daisy understanding.”
  • Simple → Simba’l: As in, “Keep it simba’l” and “Life’s simba’l pleasures” and “Pure and simba’l” and “Simba’l, yet effective” and “The truth is rarely pure and never simba’l.”
  • Symbol → Simba’l: As in, “A simba’l of freedom.”
  • Mulling → Mulan: As in, “Mulan it over.”
  • Milan → Mulan: As in, “Mulan fashion show.”
  • Ball → Belle: As in, “After the belle was over” and “Belle of fire” and “A whole different belle game.”
  • Bell → Belle: As in, “Alarm belles began to ring” and “Clear as a belle” and “Sound as a belle” and “Belles and whistles” and “Doesn’t ring a belle.”
  • Cell → Belle: As in, “Belle division” and “In a padded belle.”
  • Fell → Belle: As in, “In one belle swoop” and “Belle off the back of a lorry” and “I belle down.”
  • Hell → Belle: As in, “All belle broke loose” and “For the belle of it.”
  • Sell → Belle: As in, “Buy and belle” and “Belle out” and “Belle-ing like hot cakes” and “Belle your soul.”
  • Smell → Belle: As in, “A keen sense of belle” and “Belle ya later.”
  • Spell → Belle: As in, “Do you need me to belle it out for you?” and “Cast a belle.”
  • Tell → Belle: As in, “Belle me the truth” and “I’m going to belle on you!”
  • Well → Belle: As in, “Alive and belle” and “You’ve done very belle” and “Get belle soon” and “Just as belle.”
  • Area → Ariel: As in, “Access all ariels” and “A grey ariel” and “Unexpected item in bagging ariel.”
  • Nail → Nala: As in, “Fighting tooth and nala” and “Hit the nala on the head” and “You’ve nala-ed it!”
  • Null → Nala: As in, “Nala and void.”
  • Frozen: These frozen-related phrases can double as puns: “Frozen in time” and “My heart was frozen.”
  • Chosen → Frozen: As in, “Many are called but few are frozen” and “The frozen one.”
  • White → Snow White: As in, “As snow white as a ghost” and “It’s not black and snow white.”
  • And a → Anna: As in, “Anna very Merry Christmas to you!” and “Two bananas anna pear, please.”
  • Else → Elsa: As in, “No reason to go anywhere elsa” and “Nothing elsa will matter” and “Like nothing elsa” and “Do it or elsa.”
  • Ray → Raya: As in, “A raya of light” and “Catch some rayas.” Note: Raya is the protagonist of Raya and the Last Dragon, which is due to be released in 2020.
  • Rinse → Prince: As in, “Prince your hands of the situation.”
  • Since → Prince: As in, “Prince time immemorial” and “Prince when?” and “The best thing prince sliced bread.”
  • Prints → Prince: As in, “Photographic prince.”
  • Charming: Phrases related to the word “charming” can be used as references to Prince Charming: “A charming little cottage” and “A charming smile” and “Well that’s charming.”
  • Scar: Here are some puns on Scar, the villain from the Lion King:
    • Scare → Scar: As in, “Scar quotes” and “Scar the living daylights out of” and “Scar silly.”
    • Score → Scar: As in, “Keep scar” and “Know the scar” and “Scar a goal” and “A scar to settle.”
    • Are → Scar: As in, “Scar you okay?” and “Chances scar” and “Here you scar.”
    • Bar → Scar: As in, “Scar none” and “Behind scars” and “Hit the scar.”
    • Far → Scar: As in, “A bridge too scar” and “Going one step too scar” and “Scar and away” and “A scar cry from.”
    • Par → Scar: As in, “Below scar” and “On scar with” and “Scar for the course” and “Up to scar.”
    • Star → Scar: As in, “A scar is born” and “Born under a lucky scar” and “Catch a falling scar” and “Get a gold scar.”
    • Square → Scar: As in, “Back to scar one” and “Be there or be scar” and “Far iand scar” and “It’s smart to be scar.”
  • Flynn Rider: Here are some puns related to Flynn Rider, the hero from Tangled:
    • Been → Flynn: As in, “Flynn and gone” and “Flynn around the block a few times” and “I’ve flynn here before” and “Flynn there, done that.”
    • Bin → Flynn: As in, “Bottom of the flynn” and “Bag it and flynn it.”
    • Chin → Flynn: As in, “Keep your flynn up” and “Take it on the flynn.”
    • Grin → Flynn: As in, “Flynn and bear it” and “Flynn from ear to ear.”
    • In → Flynn: As in, “At this point flynn time” and “I’ll just be flynn and out.”
    • Pin → Flynn: As in, “Bright as a new flynn” and “Hard to flynn down” and “Flynn your ears back” and “Flynns and needles.”
    • Sin → Flynn: As in, “Miserable as flynn” and “Ugly as flynn” and “Atone for your flynns” and “A multitude of flynns.”
    • Skin → Flynn: As in, “Beauty is only flynn deep” and “By the flynn of your teeth” and “Get under your flynn” and “No flynn off my nose.”
    • Spin → Flynn: As in, “Make your head flynn” and “Take it for a flynn.”
    • Thin → Flynn: As in, “Melt into flynn air” and “Skating on flynn ice” and “The flynn end of the wedge.”
    • Tin → Flynn: As in, “Does what it says on the flynn” and “Put a flynn hat on it.”
    • Win → Flynn: As in, “Heads I flynn, tails you lose” and “We’re due a flynn” and “Can’t flynn for losing.”
  • Beast: Here are some puns related to the Beast from Beauty and the Beast:
    • Best → Beast: As in, “All the beast” and “Beast in class” and “Beast friends forever.”
    • Bust → Beast: As in, “Boom or beast” and “Beast a move.”
    • Feast → Beast: As in, “Beast or famine” and “Beast your eyes on this!”
    • Least → Beast: As in, “Last but not beast” and “The beast common denominator” and “The beast worst option” and “Line of beast resistance” and “Not in the beast.”
  • Engine → Eugene: As in, “Fire eugene red” and “Search eugene” and “Start your eugenes!” and “The little eugene that cou2ld.” Note: Eugene Fitzherbert is one of the protagonists from Tangled.
  • Flurry → Florian: As in, “A florian of activity.” Note: Prince Florian is the prince from Snow White.
  • At ’em → Adam: As in, “Up and adam!” Note: Prince Adam is the prince from Beauty and the Beast.
  • Hook: Here are some puns about Captain Hook, the main villain from Peter Pan:
    • Book → Hook: As in, “A room without hooks is like a body without a soul” and “Always have your nose in a hook” and “Hook worm.”
    • Cook → Hook: As in, “Hook up a storm” and “Hooking with gas” and “Now we’re hooking!”
    • Look → Hook: As in, “Always hook on the bright side of life” and “Blank hooks” and “Don’t know which way to hook” and “Don’t hook now.”
  • Magnificent → Maleficent: As in, “You’ve done a maleficent job.”
  • Yzma: Yzma is the much-loved villain from The Emperor’s New Groove. Here are related puns:
    • Easy → Yzma: As in, “Yzma as ABC” and “Yzma as pie” and “Yzma come, yzma go” and “Yzma access.”
    • Ease → Yzma: As in, “Yzma up” and “Ill at yzma” and “Set your mind at yzma.”
    • Is my → Yzma: As in, “Yzma tie crooked?” and “Yzma hair okay?”
  • Cruel → Cruella: As in, “Cruella and unusual punishment” and “Cruella to be kind” and “Kind to be cruella.” Note: These are puns about Cruella De Vil, the antoganist from 101 Damatians.
  • Bell → Tinkerbell: As in, “Clear as a tinkerbell” and “Tinkerbells and whistles” and “Doesn’t ring a tinkerbell.”
  • Can you → Shan Yu: As in, “Shan yu repeat that please?” and “Shan yu help with this?” Note: Shan Yu is the villain from the movie Mulan.
  • Are → Jafar: As in, “Jafar you serious?” and “There you jafar.”
  • Hades: Here are some puns on Hades, the villain from the movie Hercules:
    • Hate → Hades: As in, “Hades mail” and “The person you love to hades.”
    • Had → Hades: As in, “We hades a good run” and “I’ve hades it up to here!” and “I’ve hades a few.”
    • Head → Hades: As in, “Bite someone’s hades off” and “Bury your hades in the sand” and “Can’t get you out of my hades.”
    • Hide → Hades: As in, “Hades and seek” and “Neither hades nor hair” and “You can run, but you can’t hades.”
  • Hans: Here are some puns related to Hans, the main antagonist from Frozen.
    • Hands → Hans: As in, “All hans on deck!” and “Blood on your hans” and “Get your hans dirty” and “Hans free.”
    • Plans → Hans: As in, “The best laid hans” and “Travel hans” and “Busy making other hans.”
  • Ratcliffe: Governor Ratcliffe was the main protagonist from the movie Pocahontas. Here are related puns:
    • Rat → Ratcliffe: As in, “Like ratcliffes leaving a sinking ship” and “Ratcliffe race.”
    • Cliff → Ratcliffe: As in, “Hanging off a ratcliffe.”
  • Follow → Frollo: As in, “As night frollos day” and “Frollo suit” and “Frollo your heart” and “A hard act to frollo” and “Form frollos function.” Note: Frollo is the main antagonist from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • Bumper → Thumper: As in, “Thumper crop” and “Thumper sticker” and “Thumper to thumper.” Note: This is a reference to Thumper, one of the protagonists from Bambi.
  • Wind → Wendy: As in, “Any way the wendy blows” and “A candle in the wendy” and “Gone with the wendy.” Note: These are puns about Wendy Darling from Peter Pan.
  • Crank → Kronk: As in, “Kronk the handle” and “Turn someone’s kronk.” Note: These are puns about Kronk, one of the protagonists from The Emperor’s New Groove.
  • Picture → Pacha: As in, “A pacha paints a thousand words” and “Pretty as a pacha” and “Big pacha thinking” and “Every pacha tells a story” and “Out of the pacha.” Note: Pacha is a character from The Emperor’s New Groove.
  • Here are some puns related to the dwarves from Snow White:
    • Deck → Doc: As in, “A few cards short of a full doc” and “All hands on doc” and “Clear the docs.”
    • Duck → Doc: As in, “Doc the question” and “Doc-ing and diving.”
    • Clock → Doc: As in, “A race against the doc” and “Rock around the doc.”
    • Lock → Doc: As in, “Doc and load” and “Doc horns with” and “On doc down.”
    • Rock → Doc: As in, “Between a doc and a hard place” and “Get your docs off” and “Hit doc bottom” and “I wanna doc and roll all night.”
    • Shock → Doc: As in, “In for a doc” and “A short, sharp doc” and “The doc of the new.”
    • Easy → Sneezy: As in, “Sneezy as ABC” and “Sneezy as pie” and “Sneezy come, sneezy go.”
    • Bumpy → Grumpy: As in, “In for a grumpy ride.”
  • Make → Meeko: As in, “A good beginning meekos a good ending” and “Absence meekos the heart grow fonder” and “Can’t meeko head nor tail of it.” Note: These are references to Meeko, one of the protagonists in Pocahontas.
  • Area → Aurora: As in, “Access all auroras” and “A grey aurora” and “Unexpected item in bagging aurora.” Note: Aurora is the princess from Sleeping Beauty.
  • Baloo: Here are some puns on Baloo, one of the protagonists from The Jungle Book:
    • Below → Baloo: As in, “Baloo par” and “Baloo the belt.”
    • Blue → Baloo: As in, “Baby baloos” and “Beaten black and baloo” and “Between the devil and the deep baloo sea.”
  • Pooh: Here are some Winnie the Pooh-related puns:
    • Pay → Pooh: As in, “Buy now, pooh later” and “It poohs to advertise” and “It’s poohback time!”
    • Blue → Pooh: As in, “A pooh moon” and “Baby poohs.”
    • Boo → Pooh: As in, “Pooh hoo” and “Wouldn’t say pooh to a goose.”
    • Chew → Pooh: As in, “Bite off more than you can pooh” and “Pooh up the scenery.”
    • Clue → Pooh: As in, “I don’t have a pooh.”
    • Few → Pooh: As in, “Pooh and far between” and “For a pooh dollars more” and “Say a pooh words” and “To name but a pooh.”
    • Knew → Pooh: As in, “I pooh you were trouble” and “You pooh too much.”
    • New → Pooh: As in, “A pooh hope” and “Neat as a pooh pin.”
    • Shoe → Pooh: As in, “If the pooh fits, wear it” and “Live on a poohstring” and “Walk a mile in my poohs.”
    • Through → Pooh: As in, “Drag pooh the mud” and “Fall pooh the cracks” and “Jump pooh hoops.”
    • Too → Pooh: As in, “A bridge pooh far” and “About time, pooh” and “You know pooh much.”
    • True → Pooh: As in, “A pooh professional” and “As pooh as the day is long” and “A dream come pooh” and “Everything you hear is pooh” and “Show your pooh colours.”
  • Tigger: Here are some Tigger (a main character from Winnie the Pooh) related puns:
    • Bigger → Tigger: As in, “A tigger bang for your buck” and “The tigger, the better” and “The tigger they are, the harder they fall.”
    • Trigger → Tigger: As in, “Hair tigger” and “Pull the tigger” and “Tigger happy.”
  • Worth → Cogsworth: As in, “Know your cogsworth” and “Cogsworth two in the bush” and “For what it’s cogsworth” and “Get your money’s cogsworth.” Note: These are puns related to Cogsworth, a main character in Beauty and the Beast.
  • Potts: These puns are references to Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast:
    • Puts → Potts: As in, “Potts out the fire” and “Potts you in front.”
    • Dots → Potts: As in, “Connect the potts.”
    • Knots → Potts: As in, “Tie yourself in potts” and “My stomach is in potts.”
    • Shots → Potts: As in, “Call the potts” and “Calling the potts.”
    • Spots → Potts: As in, “A leopard cannot change its potts.”
  • Chip: Here are some puns related to Chip, one of the main characters from Beauty and the Beast:
    • Blip → Chip: As in, “A chip on the radar.”
    • Dip → Chip: As in, “Chip a toe in the water” and “Chip into your savings” and “Double chip.”
    • Flip → Chip: As in, “Check you on the chip side” and “Chip out” and “Chip someone the bird.”
    • Grip → Chip: As in, “Get a chip” and “Get to chips with.”
    • Hip → Chip: As in, “Chip and happening” and “Chips don’t lie” and “Joined at the chip.”
    • Lip → Chip: As in, “Curl your chip” and “Loose chips sink ships” and “My chips are sealsed” and “On everyone’s chips.”
    • Nip → Chip: As in, “Chip and tuck” and “There’s a chip in the air.”
    • Ship → Chip: As in, “Abandon chip” and “Go down with the chip” and “Jump chip.”
    • Skip → Chip: As in, “My heart chipped a beat” and “Hop, chip, jump.”
    • Slip → Chip: As in, “Let something chip” and “A chip of a thing” and “Give someone the chip.”
    • Strip → Chip: As in, “Comic chip” and “Chip search” and “Tear off a chip.”
    • Tip → Chip: As in, “In chip top condition” and “The chip of the iceberg” and “Chip someone off” and “Chip the scales.”
    • Trip → Chip: As in, “Guilt chip” and “Power chip” and “The chip of a lifetime.”
  • Stitch: Here are some puns on Stitch from Lilo and Stitch:
    • Ditch → Stitch: As in, “Dull as stitchwater” and “A last stitch effort.”
    • Hitch → Stitch: As in, “Get stitched” and “Stitch your wagon to a star.”
    • Itch → Stitch: As in, “Stitching to get started” and “Stitchy feet.”
    • Pitch → Stitch: As in, “A stitched battle” and “Black as stitch” and “Fever stitch.”
    • Rich → Stitch: As in, “All part of life’s stitch pattern” and “Filthy stitch” and “From rags to stitches” and “Get stitch quick.”
    • Switch → Stitch: As in, “Asleep at the stitch” and “Bait and stitch” and “Stitch gears” and “Stitched on.”
    • Which → Stitch: As in, “Any stitch way” and “Don’t know stitch way to look” and “Don’t know stitch way is up” and “Know stitch side your bread is buttered.”
    • Situation → Stitchuation: As in, “A sticky stitchuation” and “Win-win stitchuation.”
  • Nami: Here are some puns related to Nami, one of the main protagonists from Lilo and Stitch:
    • Name → Nami: As in, “Answer to the nami of” and “Go by the nami of” and “A household nami” and “In everything but nami.”
    • Me → Nami: As in, “What would you like nami to do?” and “A little bird told nami.”
  • Scuttle: Scuttle is a seagull from The Little Mermaid. Here are related puns:
  • Triton: Here are some puns related to King Triton:
    • Frighten → Triton: As in, “Tritoned of your own shadow” and “Tritoned to death.”
    • Lighten → Triton: As in, “Triton the load” and “Triton up” and “Triton someone’s purse.”
    • Tighten → Triton: As in, “Triton your belt” and “Triton the purse strings.”
  • Moan → Timone: As in, “Piss and timon” and “Don’t timon about it.”
  • Willie: Here are some puns about Steamboat Willie, Disney’s first movie:
    • Will he → Willie: As in, “Willie or won’t he?”
    • Well → Willie: As in, “A buck willie spent” and “Alive and willie” and “As willie as can be expected” and “Exceedingly willie read.”
    • Chilly → Willie: As in, “A willie climate” and “A willie reception.”
    • Really → Willie: As in, “All I willie want to do” and “Do you willie want to hurt me?” and “We willie clicked” and “What do you willie think?”
    • Silly → WIllie: As in, “Laugh yourself willie” and “Scared willie” and “Willie season.”
  • Bolt: Bolt was a 2008 film about an animated dog. Here are related puns:
    • Belt → Bolt: As in, “Below the bolt” and “Bolt it out” and “Tighten your bolt.”
    • Built → Bolt: As in, “A bicycle bolt for two” and “Bolt for comfort, not speed” and “Bolt to last” and “Bolt to scale.”
    • Bolt: Bolt-related phrases can double as puns: “A bolt from the blue” and “Bolt upright” and “Make a bolt for the door.”
  • Impossible → Kim Possible: As in, “Mission kim possible” and “Kim possible is nothing.”
  • Phineas and Ferb: Here are some puns related to the animated show Phineas and Ferb:
    • Finish → Phineas: As in, “The phineasing touch” and “Photo phineas” and “The phineasing line.”
    • Herb → Ferb: As in, “Eleven secret ferbs and spices.”
    • Verb → Ferb: As in, “Nouns and ferbs” and “Wise proferbs.”

      Disney-Related Words

      To help you come up with your own Disney puns, here’s a list of related words to get you on your way. If you come up with any new puns or related words, please feel free to share them in the comments!

General: disney, walt, movie, cartoon, story, animation, disneyland, studio, hollywood, burbank, california, television, eisner

Princesses: merida, pocahontas, cinderella, rapunzel, mulan, belle, jasmine, megara, esmerelda, ariel, nala, gamora, carol, snow white, tiana, moana, sade, raya, anna, elsa 

Princes: prince philip, prince charming, flynn rider, li shang, beast, aladdin, hercules, eric, simba, florian, adam, naveen, eugene, kristoff, dimitri 

Villains: captain hook, maleficent, queen of hearts, yzma, mother gothel, cruella de vil, shan yu, gaston, jafar, iago, hades, ursula, scar, hans, ratcliffe, edgar, frollo, hopper 

Famous characters: mickey mouse, minnie mouse, goofy, donald duck, pluto daisy duck, scrooge mcduck, launchpad mcquack, huey, dewey, louie, thumper, flower, faline, tinkerbell, peter pan, wendy, john darling, michael darling, tiger lily, alice, mad hatter, march hare, cheshire cat, kuzco, kronk, pacha, dopey, doc, sleepy, sneezy, bashful, happy, grumpy, gus gus, jaq jaq, fairy godmother, evil stepmother, anastasia, drizella, pinocchio, jiminy cricket, gepetto, blue fairy, john smith, kokoum, meeko, flit, percy, aurora, flora, fauna, merryweather, queen elinor, pascal, mowgli, baloo, baghera, shere khan, kaa, robin hood, little john,  prince john, maid marian, duchess, marie, toulouse, berlioz, thomas o’malley, pongo, perdita, winnie the pooh, tigger, kanga, roo, eeyore, piglet, christopher robin, lumpy, owl, rabbit, mushu, maurice, le fou, lumiere, cogsworth, mrs potts, chip, dale, dumbo, genie, abu, phil, pegasus, zeus, djali, quasimodo, laverne, hugo, victor, lilo, stitch, nami, jumba, flounder, scuttle, king triton, sebastian, lady, tramp, tarzan, jane, timon, pumbaa, mufasa, zazu, pleakley, bellweather, mungo 

Famous movies: steamboat willie, snow white, bambi, sleeping beauty, fantasia, treasure island, alice in wonderland, lady and the tramp, sleeping beauty, flubber, the jungle book, the aristocats, freaky friday, the rescuers, the lion king, the jungle book,, 101 dalmations, a bug’s life, the emperor’s new groove, atlantis, bolt, tangled, wreck-it ralph, zootopia, moana, chicken little, frozen 

Famous shows: lizzie mcguire, that’s so raven, hannah montana, kim possible, phineas and ferb, gravity falls

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Pig Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on pig puns! 🐖 🐷 This entry is shorter than average and thus is a work-in-progress. Please feel free to contribute any pig puns that we’ve missed in the comments at the bottom of the page – we’d appreciate it! 🙂

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Pig Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about pigs that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s the list of pig puns:

  • Hog: “Stop hogging all the food!” and “Give me some! You’re such a hog.” and “Go hog wild” and “He’s a ball hog who doesn’t know what teamwork means.” and “The road hog was straddling 2 lanes.” and “We went whole hog
  • Nonsense → Hogwash: As in “That’s utter hogwash and you know it.”
  • Bore → Boar: As in “Boared out of my brains” and “Boared to tears/death” and “Boar someone stiff” and “Boar the pants off someone” and “Boared silly” and “Boared out of my mind” and “They boared a hole with the drill”
  • Hug → Hog: “A bear hog” and “Hogs and kisses”
  • Whine → Swine: As in “Stop swining! We’re nearly there.”
  • *s wine → *s swine: As in “How much for a bottle of this swine?”
  • Swain → Swine: A man who is a women’s lover is sometimes (especially in literature) called a “swain”. In the right context this could be used for a pig pun.
  • Piggy bank: This is a small container for saving money in, especially one that is shaped like a pig with a coin slot in its back.
  • Piggy in the middle: This refers to “someone who is between two people or groups who are arguing but who does not want to agree with either of them.
  • Picky → Piggy: As in “I’m really piggy when it comes to choosing what to wear.”
  • Pigment / Pigmentation
  • Person → Porcine: The term “porcine” means “relating to or resembling a pig or pigs”. Some phrases/idioms: “I’m a morning porcine” and “I’m not a people porcine” and “Couldn’t have happened to a nicer porcine” and “I feel like a new porcine” and “Porcine of interest” and “A porcine is known by the company they keep” and “We met in-porcine” and “A cat porcine” and “It varies from porcine to porcine
  • Grant → Grunt: As in “Taken for grunted” and “To grunt someone something” and “Don’t take anything for grunted” and “Grunt no quarter”
  • Wallow: “Wallowing in self-pity” and “Wallowing in money” and “Wallowing in my fame”
  • Scream/Cry → Squeal
  • Who f* → Hoof*: As in “Hoofeels hungry right now?” and “Hoofinished the last bit of coconut icecream?”
  • Walk → Hoof it: As in “We missed the bus and had to hoof it home.”
  • Tamed → Domesticated: You might be able to make a pig pun by replacing words like “tamed”, “calmed down” and similar words/phrases with “domesticated”.
  • *pic*→*pig*: If a word contains the “pic” sound (or similar), it can usually be replaced with “pig” to create a silly pig pun: conspiguous (conspicuous), depigtion (depiction), despigable (despicable), Pigasso (Picasso), piget (picket), microscopig (microscopic), pigture (picture), pigsels (pixels), pigturesque (picturesque), philanthropig (philanthropic), pigup line (pickup line), pigle (pickle), piguliarities (peculiarities), piguliar (peculiar), inconspiguous (inconspicuous), olympigs (olympics), pignic (picnic), stereotypigal, telescopig, topigal (topical), typigal (typical).
  • Sow: A “sow” (the “ow” is pronounced like the “ou” in “ouch”) is a female pig. To “sow” (pronounced like “so”) is to plant seeds in the soil. Since these two words are spelled the same, you can make some silly pig puns: “As you sow, so shall you reap” and “Sow one’s wild oats” and “Sow the seeds of (something)” and “You reap what you sow
  • So → Sow: Since “sow” is pronounced like “s-ow” and not “s-oh”, this is a corny one: “Sow what?” and “I’m afraid sow” and “And sow on and sow forth” and “Even sow, …” and “Ever sow (soft/happy/friendly/etc.)” and “I hope sow” and “How sow?” and “I guess sow” and “I told you sow!” and “Not sow fast” and “Sow much for” and “Sow to speak” and “Sow long as”
  • Guilt → Gilt: A “gilt” is a young female pig. Some phrases/idioms: “Gilt trip” and “Gilt complex” and “Absolved from gilt” and “Send someone on a gilt trip”
  • It’s not → It’s snout: As in “It’s snout my kind of event” and “It’s snout as if …”
  • Root: Wild pigs are known for eating roots and tubers, so the words “root” or “rooted” (and similar) may be viable pig puns: “I’m rooting for you!” and “The root cause” and “Idleness is the root of all evil” and “Root around (for something)” and “The root of the problem”
  • Babe: The film “Babe” is likely famous enough that the use of the word (e.g. as a term of endearment for one’s partner, or in reference to an attractive person) will probably pass off as a pig pun.
  • Bristle: Wild pigs have stiff hairs covering a lot of their body that are called bristles. This has some potential for a subtle pig pun: “Bristling with rage” and “Bristle with indignation” and “The shopping centre bristled with hurried Christmas shoppers.”
  • Showed → Shoat: A “shoat” is a young pig.
  • Do rock → Duroc: A “duroc” is a breed of large, reddish American pigs.
  • Ointment → Oinkment
  • Niels Bohr → Niels BoarNiels Bohr was a famous physicist.

Pig-Related Words

There are many more pig puns to be made! Here’s a list of pig-related concepts to help you come up with your own. If you come up with a new pun, please share it in the comments!

boar, wild boar, hog, hoof, omnivore, swine, domesticated, piglet, oink, pig, pigs, sow, piggy, porcine, piggy bank, grunt, cloven hoof, hooves, warthog, wallow, farrow, truffle, snout, squeal, gilt, root, bristle, shoat, duroc, babe

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