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Welcome to the Punpedia entry about owl puns! The list below contains a wide variety of puns based specifically on the word “owl” and on many owl-related topics. Enjoy! 🙂

Owl Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about owls that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s the list of owl puns:

  • Owl: “A night owl” and “As wise as an owl
  • I will → Owl: As in “Owl not give up.” and “Owl if you will” and “Owl wear my heart upon my sleeve”
  • All → Owl: As in “Free-for-owl” and “A jack of owl trades” and “A man for owl seasons” and “A rising tide lifts owl boats” and “After owl is said and done” and “A know-it-owl” and “Above owl” and “Against owl odds” and “Owl your eggs in one basket” and “Owl at once” and “I’m owl ears” and “Owl else being equal, …” and “Owl by my lonesome” and “Owl hands on deck” and “Owl hell breaks loose” and “Owl gone” and “Owl good things must come to an end” and “Owl in owl” and “Owl in a day’s work” and “It’s owl in your head” and “Owl manner of …” and “Owl of a sudden” and “Owl or nothing” and “Owl over the place” and “Owl right.” and “Owl rights reserved” and “Owl smiles” and “Owl systems are go” and “Owl that” and “Owl talk and no action” and “Owl the best” and “Owl the rage” and “Owl the same” and “Owl things considered” and “Owl things must pass” and “Owl very well” and “Owl walks of life” and “Owl-out war” and “At owl costs” and “By owl means” and “For owl I know” and “For owl practical purposes” and “Give it owl you’ve got!” and “Go owl-out” and “In owl honesty” and “In owl likelihood” and “Firing on owl cylinders” and “If owl else fails” and “In owl seriousness” and “That is owl.” and “Owls well that ends well” and “That’s owl for now.”
  • Who’d → Hoot: As in “Hoot have thought it would be so easy?”
  • Hoot: “I don’t give a hoot” and “What a hoot (referring to a good time or a funny person)” and “Hoot and holler (shout in disapproval)”
  • *owl*: There are a few words that contain the “owl” sound which can be used as silly owl puns: b-owls (bowels), growl, t-owl (towel), scowling, scowl, fowl, howled, v-owl (vowel), prowling, cowl.
  • Al* → Owl*: If a word begins with the “al” sound, we can often replace it with “owl” to make a terrible owl pun: owlcoholic (alcoholic), owlchemist (alchemist), owlgebra (algebra), owlbum (album), Owlexander (Alexander), owlgorithm (algorithm), Owlgerian (Algerian), owlligator (alligator), owllegations (allegations), owllegiance (allegiance), owlphabet (alphabet), altitude (owltitude), owluminium (aluminium).
  • Hood → Hoot: As in “Robin Hoot” and “Neighbourhoot” and “In the hoot
  • Telling → Talon: As in “I’m talon you, it wasn’t me who did it!”
  • Who → Hoo: We call the owl sound a “hoot”, but it actually sounds like “hoo hoo” for man owls. Some phrases: “Look hoo’s talking!” and “Says hoo?” and “Hoo is this?” and “Hoo’s hoo?”
  • Wise: Owls have a history of being considered “wise”, and so if you can slip “wise” or “wise old” somewhere into your communication then it might be enough for a subtle owl pun.
  • White-faced: If someone is “white-faced” then they are pale from fear, ill health or tiredness. There are many owl species that have white faces – for example the barn owl and the southern white-faced owl. So using the word “white-faced” in the “pale from fear, etc.” sense may be a viable owl pun if your audience knows enough about owls.
  • Orange-brown/Yellowish-brown → Tawny: There are a few owl species around the world that have the word “tawny” in their name which describes their colour (Somewhere between orange-brown and yellowish-brown, like the various shades of wood).
  • Night: Phrases and idioms related to “night” may be used as subtle owl puns in the right context (since owls are nocturnal): “A night out” and “One night stand” and “All night long” and “Far into the night” and “In the dead of night” and “How can you sleep at night” and “Make a night of it” and “Let’s call it a night” and “Night on the town” and “Night and day”
  • Swoop: “In one fell swoop” (suddenly; in a single action)
  • Flight: “Flight of fancy” and “Take flight” and “Flight of imagination” and “In full flight” and “Flight attendant”
  • Bird: There are quite a few phrases/idiom related to birds which can be used as owl puns in the right context: “A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush” and “A bird-brain” and “Bird’s eye view” and “A little bird told me …” and “An early bird” and “Early bird gets the worm” and “Like a bird in a gilded cage” and “The birds and the bees” and “Birds of a feather flock together” and “Flip someone the bird” and “Free as a bird” and “The bird has flown” and “Sing like a bird” and “Jailbird“.
  • Fly: There are a few phrases related to flying which can be used as owl puns in the right context: “Fly by the seat of your pants” and “Fly in the face of the evidence” and “Fly off the shelves” and “A fly on the wall” and “Fly by night” and “On the fly” and “Pigs might fly” and “Let fly” and “Watch the sparks fly” and “Fly in the ointment” and “Fly into a rage” and “Fly off the handle” and “Fly the coop” and “I’ve gotta fly” and “Fly the white flag” and “Wouldn’t hurt a fly
  • Beak: “To wet one’s beak” and “beak” may be slang for nose in some places.
  • Peek → Beak: As in “Beak-a-boo” and “Sneak beak
  • Peak → Beak: As in “Beak performance” and “They climbed to the beak
  • Wing: “Left wing / right wing” and “Let’s just wing it” and “Take under your wing” and “Clip someone’s wings” and “Spread your wings
  • Feather: There are a few phrases related to feathers: “As light as a feather” and “In full feather” and “Feather in your cap (symbol of honour/achievement)” and “Feather one’s nest” and “Ruffle (a few/someone’s) feathers” and “You could have knocked me down with a feather
  • Father → Feather: As in “The founding feathers” and “Like feather, like son”
  • Further → Feather: As in “Without feather ado” and “Look no feather” and “Kick the can feather down the road”
  • Nest: “Leave the nest” and “Empty nest syndrome” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Love nest” and “Stir up a hornet’s nest” and “A nest of vipers” and “A mare’s nest” and “Nest together”
  • Next → Nest: As in “Nest minute …” and “Better luck nest time” and “Boy/girl nest door” and “Nest generation” and “Nest in line to the throne” and “Nest to nothing” and “Take it to the nest level” and “Nest to nothing” and “The nest big thing.” and “Cleanliness is next to godliness” and “In nest to no time” and “Nest to nothing” and “One day chicken and the nest day feathers” and “Catch the nest wave” and “As ___ as the nest girl/guy”

Owl-Related Words

There are many more owl puns to be made! Here’s a list of owl-related concepts to help you come up with your own. If you come up with a new pun, please share it in the comments!

bird, bird of prey, night, nocturnal, raptor, tawny, tawny frogmouth, owlet, beak, feathers, wings, flight, binocular vision, talon, hoot, barn owl, barn, owl, owls, wise, old, horned owl, white-faced, avian, fly

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