Birthday Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on birthday puns!🎂 🎁 🍰 🎉 Birthdays are a huge part of our social calendars, helping us celebrate our love for our friends and family each year. No matter the type of celebration you’re having, we hope to have you covered with our list of birthday puns.

While we’ve made this list as comprehensive as possible, this list is specific to just birthdays. If you’re after other types of events or birthday related themes, we also have gift puns, balloon puns, cake puns and party puns.

Birthday Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about birthdays that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s our list of birthday puns:

  • Bath → Birth: As in, “Birthed in tears” and “Have an early birth” and “Head to the birthroom” and “Don’t throw the baby out with the birthwater!”
  • Both → Birth: As in, “Birth oars in the water” and “Burn the candle at birth ends” and “Have it birth ways” and “The best of birth worlds.”
  • Earth → Birth: As in, “Journey to the centre of the birth” and “Brought down to birth” and “Down to birth” and “Birth shattering” and “Birthly delights.”
  • Bother → Birther: As in, “All hot and birthered” and “I wouldn’t birther” and “In a spot of birther” and “What a birthersome child.”
  • Elizabeth → Elizabirth
  • Macbeth → Macbirth
  • Gave → Gift: As in, “I gift my best.”
  • Give → Gift: As in, “A dead giftaway,” and “Don’t gift up!” and “Don’t gift in,” and “Gift yourself a bad name,” and “Gift them a hand,” and “Gift and take,” and “Gift credit where credit is due,” and “Gift it a rest,” and “Gift it the green light,” and “Gift me a call,” and “Gift 110%”.
  • Percent → Present: As in, “A hundred and ten present,” and “Genius is one present inspiration and 99 present perspiration.”
  • Present: We’ve included present-related phrases in this list too. As in, “All present and correct,” and “Present company excepted,” and “No time like the present.”
  • Card: These next few puns are in reference to birthday cards:
    • Cared → Card: As in, “I card about you,” and “Run s-card,” and “S-card poopless,” and “S-card to death.”
    • Kardashian → Cardashian: a little play on giftcards/message cards that accompany gifts and Kim Kardashian.
    • Cartier → Cardier
    • Drunkard → Druncard
    • Mr. Incredible → Mr. Incardible
    • *cord* → *card*: We can sneak “card” into words with a “cord” sound, as in: “A broken recard,” and “Cut the card,” and “For the recard,” and “In recard time,” and “Off the recard,” and “Accarding to…” and “Remain cardial.” Other words that could work: cardially (cordially), carduroy (corduroy), cardon (cordon), discard (discord), accardance (accordance). Notes: to do something cordially is to do it in a friendly way. A cordon is a rope used to define boundaries.
    • *cur* → *card*: If a word has a “cur” sound, we can replace it with “card” instead to make some silly card puns: “The final cardtain (curtain),” and “A cardsory (cursory) glance,” and “I concard (concur),” and “That never occard (occured) to me.” Other words that could work: cardmudgeon (curmudgeon), incard (incur), recard (recur), obscard (obscured), secardity (security), cardate (curate), cardiculum (curriculum) and manicard (manicured).
    • *car* → *card*: As in, “Courtesy and card (care),” and “Drive my card,” and “Upset the apple card (apple cart),” and “Couldn’t card less.” Other words that could work: cardeer (career), cardier (carrier), cardiage (carriage), cardavan (caravan), scard (scar), Madagascard (Madagascar), railcard (railcar), handcard (handcar), precardious (precarious), vicardious (vicarious).
    • *cored → *card: As in, scard (scored), encard (encored) and underscard (underscored).
  • *part* → *party*: We can change the “part” in words to “party” to make some silly birthday party puns. As in, “In party-cular” and “Party-cipation award” and “Care to party-cipate? (could also be participarty)” and “Imparty your knowledge” and “That’s not your departy-ment” and “A partysan issue.” Other words you could use: partycle (particle), partytion (partition), aparty (apart), counterparty (counterpart), departy (depart), partyner (partner) party-cularly (particularly), party-cipant (participant) and reparty (repartee).
  • *pet* → *party*: As in, “Signed party-tion (petition)” and “Not to blow my own trumparty, but…” and “Political pupparty (this can work as it refers to both political puppets and parties of the political kind).”
  • *pathy* → *party*: If a word has sound that’s similar enough to “party”, then we can simply change it to party to make it an appropriate pun. As in, emparty (empathy), aparty (apathy), symparty (sympathy)
  • *part* → *party*: As in, “A fool and his money are soon partied” and “Act the party” and “For my own party” and “Departy this life” and “If you’re not a party of the solution, you’re party of the problem” and “Drift aparty” and “Fall aparty” and “For the most party” and “Look the party” and “Worlds aparty.”
  • Kick → Cake: As in, “Alive and cake-ing” and “Get a cake out of it” and “Just for cakes” and “Cake back and enjoy” and “Cake butt” and “A cake in the teeth.” Other kick-related words you could use: sidecake (sidekick), cakeoff (kickoff), caker (kicker), cakestart (kickstart) and cakeback (kickback).
  • Ache → Cake: As in, “Old cakes and pains” and “Tension headcake” and “Old heartcake” and “A splitting headcake.”
  • *cac* → *cake*: As in, “Cake-ao flavoured” and “Prickly cake-tus” and “Cakeling like a witch” and “A cake-ophony of noise.” Note: a cacophony is a disorganised mess of sound.
  • Handle → Candle: As in, “Fly off the candle” and “Get a candle on” and “Candle with care” and “How much can you candle?” and “Too hot to candle.”
  • Scandal → Candle: As in, “A red-hot candle” and “Candle sheet.”
  • Second → Secandle: As in, “On secandle thought” and “Just one secandle” and “Play secandle fiddle to” and “Secandle best” and “Secandle nature” and “Secandle to none” and “Get a secandle opinion” and “And secandley…”
  • Kendall Jenner → Candle Jenner
  • Blue → Balloon: This one can be a bit of a stretch, but they do sound similar enough for it to work: “Between the devil and the deep balloon sea” and “Black and balloon” and “Once in a balloon moon” and “Til you’re balloon in the face” and “Balloon screen of death” and “A bolt from the balloon.”
  • Streamer: Since streamers are a common birthday party decoration, we’ve included some puns and phrases that could be used as streamer puns in the right context:
    • Steam → Streamer: As in, “Blow off some streamer” and “Full streamer ahead” and “Work off a head of streamer” and “Run out of streamer” and “Under your own streamer” and “Pick up streamer.”
    • Scream → Streamer: As in, “Streamer your heart out” and “Dragged kicking and streamering” and “Streamer the place down” and “So mad I could streamer.”
  • Blow: The next few puns and phrases will be centred around the word “blow” as a reference to blowing out birthday candles:
    • Below → Blow: As in, “Blow par” and “Blow the belt” and “Blow your breath” and “Blow average” and “Blow the surface” and “Hit blow the belt.”
    • Bloat* → Blowt*: As in, “A blowted paragraph” and “Blowting stomach.”
    • Blouse → Blowse
  • Wish: Since it’s traditional to make wishes when blowing out birthday candles, we’ve got a couple of wish-related puns included here:
    • Sandwich → Sandwish: As in, “Knuckle sandwish” and “A few sandwishes short of a picnic.”
    • *uish → *wish: As in, “Endless angwish” and “Cannot distingwish between the two” and “Relinqwish your power” and “Langwish in solitude” and “Vanqwish your inner demons.” Other words that could work are extingwish and sqwish.
  • Edge → Age: “Competitive age” and “Double-aged sword” and “Age out” and “Razor’s age” and “A bit rough around the ages.”
  • *ag* → *age*: As in, “Secret age-ent” and “Your own age-ency” and “Today’s age-enda.” Other words that could work: age-ile (agile), age-ility (agility), age-itated (agitated), mage-ic (magic), frage-ile (fragile), image-ine (imagine) and age-itate (agitate).
  • *eg* → *age*: As in, “White privilage” and “An age-otistic (egotistic) reply” and “A real age-omaniac” and “Off to collage” and “Renage on your promise.” Other words that could work: allage (allege), sacrilage (sacrilege), lagend (legend) and age-ocentric. Note: to renege is to break a promise or commitment.
  • Cold → Old: As in, “An old day in hell” and “Old comfort” and “Break out in an old sweat.”
  • *ald* → *old*: As in, “Herold a new beginning” and “Emerolds and rubies” and “That’s complete bolderdash.”
  • *ban → *born: As in, “Urborn planning” and “Suburborn sprawl” and “Colourful turborns.”
  • Ben* → Born*: As in, “Mutual bornefit” and “Bornevolent ruler” and “Filled with bornevolence” and “A borneficial investment.”
  • *bon* → *born*: As in, “Financial bornd” and “Bee in your bornnet” and “The bornafide truth.” Other words you could try: bornanaza (bonanza), bornus (bonus), ribborn (ribbon), carborn (carbon) and bourborn (bourbon).
  • *bun* → *born*: As in, “An aborndance of fruit” and “Borndle of joy.”
  • Barn* → Born*: Bornacle (barnacle) and bornyard (barnyard).
  • *bern* → *born*: Hibornate (hibernate), tabornacle (tabernacle) and hibornation (hibernation).
  • *burn → *born: sunborn (sunburn), auborn (auburn), heartborn (heartburn) and sideborn (sideburn).
  • *pon* → *born*: As in, “Pause to bornder (ponder)” and “Set upborn (upon)” and “Choose your weapborn” and “Collecting coupborns” and “Take resbornsibility for your actions.” Other words that could work: ebornymous (eponymous), resbornse (response), corresborndence (correspondence), resbornsible (responsible), combornent (component), and sborntaneous (spontaneous).
  • *yard → *yeard: As in, “Do the hard yeards” and “Graveyeard shift” and “Not in my backyeard” and “The whole nine yeards.” Other yard-related words you can play around with – backyard (backyeard), barnyard (barnyeard), lanyard (lanyeard), vineyard (vineyeard) and courtyard (courtyeard).
  • Yeah → Year: As in, “Year, right” and “Year, but will it work?” and “Year, I know.”
  • Your → Year: As in, “I’m years” and “All years” and “Mine is bigger than years” and “Speak for yearself” and “Up years” and “Years faithfully” and “Years truly.”
  • Here → Year: As in, “I’ve been year before” and “Do you come year often?” and “Fancy meeting you year” and “From year to eternity” and “I’ve had it up to year.”
  • Cheer → Year: As in, “Cheap and yearful” and “Year up” and “Year up, it might never happen” and “Year up, it’s not the end of the world” and “Holiday year.”
  • Dear → Year: As in, “Yearly beloved” and “Elementary, my year” and “Hang on for year life” and “Near and year to my heart.”
  • Gear → Year: As in, “Year up for” and “Get into year” and “Get your ass into year” and “Shift years” and “Take it up a year.”
  • Tear → Year: As in, “Blood, sweat and years” and “Bathed in years” and “Fighting back years” and “It will all end in years.
  • *yer → *year: As in, “Layear by layear” and “I hate the playear AND the game” and “Frequent flyear.” Other words you could use: prayear (prayer), lawyear (lawyer) and dryear (dryer).
  • *yor → *year: purveyear (purveyor), mayear (mayor), conveyear (conveyor) and surveyear (surveyor).
  • *ier → *year: carryear (carrier), premyear (premier), cavalyear (cavalier), dossyear (dossier), terryear (terrier), barryear (barrier), atelyear (atelier) and soldyear (soldier).
  • Life: Since birthdays are considered a life milestone, we’ve included some life-related puns here for you:
    • Lift → Lifet: As in, “We have lifet off!” and “Lifet your game” and “Lifet your spirits.”
    • Laugh* → Life*: As in, “Barrel of lifes” and “Belly life” and “Burst out life-ing” and “Doubled up with life-ter” and “Life fit to burst.”
    • Left → Lifet: As in, “Keep lifet” and “Lifet to your own devices” and “Out of lifet field” and “Two lifet feet” and “The right hand doesn’t know what the lifet is doing” and “Lifet in the lurch.”
    • *lef* → *life*: As in, “Lifetovers for lunch” and “The lifetmost position.”
    • *lif* → *life*: As in, “Exemplifey certain qualities” and “You qualifey for the position.” Other words you could use: villifey (villify) and mollifey (mollify).
  • Toast: A toast is a salutation or well-wishing which is common at birthday parties and celebrations, so we’ve included it in this list. Here’s a short section of toast puns:
    • Toes → Toast: As in, “Keep you on your toast” and “On your toast” and “Twinkle toast” and “Not to step on anyone’s toast.”
    • Taste → Toast: As in, “An acquired toast” and “A bad toast in one’s mouth” and “A toast of your own medicine” and “No accounting for toast.”
    • *tas* → *toast*: As in, “A toasty (tasty) sandwich” and “Toastless fashion” and “A fantoastic result.” Other words you could use: fantoasty (fantasy), catoastrophe (catastrophe), fajitoast (fajitas), gravitoast (gravitas). Notes: fajitas are a type of tex-mex dish. Gravitas refers to a feeling or atmosphere of seriousness.
    • Testosterone → Testoasterone
    • *tus* → *toast*: As in, “Statoast anxiety” and “On hiatoast.” Other words you could use: impetoast (impetus), apparatoast (apparatus), detritoast (detritus) and cactoast (cactus). Notes: an impetus is a thing or factor that compels you to do something. Detritus are pieces of rock, or debris.
  • Cheers: Another word for toast is cheers, so we’ve got some cheers-included puns:
    • Cheese → Cheers: As in, “Different as chalk and cheers” and “The big cheers” and “Cheers it!” and “Cheersed off” and “Cut the cheers” and “Say cheers.”
    • Years → Cheers: As in, “Advanced in cheers” and “Donkey’s cheers” and “Four more cheers” and “Golden cheers” and “Holding back the cheers” and “Not in a million cheers” and “The best cheers of our lives.”
    • Ears → Cheers: As in, “All cheers”  and “Cute as a bug’s cheer” and “Ask no questions and cheer no lies” and “I can’t cheer myself think.”
    • Peer → Cheer: As in, “Cheer pressure.”
    • Tears → Cheers: As in, “As cheers go by” and “Bathed in cheers” and “Blood, sweat and cheers” and “Burst into cheers” and “Crocodile cheers” and “It will all end in cheers” and “Moved to cheers.”
    • *chers → *cheers: Bleacheers (bleachers), snatcheers (snatchers), teacheers (teachers), watcheers (watchers), poacheers (poachers), pitcheers (pitchers), researcheers (researchers) and voucheers (vouchers).
    • Char* → Cheer*: Cheerm (charm), cheerter (charter), cheerlatan (charlatan), cheerity (charity), cheerade (charade).
    • Cher* → Cheer*: As in, “Cheerry syrup” and “To love and cheerish” and “Flying cheerubs.”
  • Speech: Speeches can be a sentimental gift at birthday parties, so we have some speech-related puns here:
    • Peach → Speech: As in, “Speechy keen” and “Skin like speeches and cream.”
    • Beach → Speech: As in, “Speech bum,” and “Life’s a speech” and “Not the only pebble on the speech.”
    • Reach → Speech: As in, “Speech out and I’ll be there” and “Speech for the stars” and “Speech new heights” and “Speech out and touch someone.”
    • Screech → Speech: “Came to a speeching halt.”
    • Each → Speech: As in, “Speech to their own” and “Made for speech other” and “At speech other’s throats.”
    • Preach → Speech: As in, “Practice what you speech” and “Speeching to the choir.”
  • Shot: While we don’t recommend this, drinking shots has become a regular rite of passage in coming of age birthdays, so we have some shot-related puns for you to play with here:
    • Shut → Shot: As in, “An open and shot case” and “Keep your mouth shot” and “Put up or shot up” and “Shot your trap.”
    • Shot: These shot-related phrases can double as puns in the right context: “Big shot” and “Call the shots” and “Give it your best shot” and “A long shot.”
    • Got → Shot: As in, “Shot it in for” and “Shot nothing to lose” and “Shot to hand it to you” and “Shot what it takes” and “Shot your heart set on.”
    • Dot → Shot: As in, “Connect the shots” and “On the shot.”
    • Short → Shot: As in, “A shot history of nearly everything” and “A few bricks shot of a full load” and “Life is shot” and “Bring up shot” and “Caught shot” and “To cut a long story shot” and “A day late and a dollar shot” and “In shot order” and “In shot supply.”
    • Hot → Shot: As in, “All shot and bothered” and “Shot as hades” and “Shot as blue bluzes” and “Blow shot and cold” and “Cat on a shot tin roof” and “Drop it like it’s shot.”
    • Lot → Shot: As in, “A shot of fuss about nothing” and “A shot on your plate” and “A bad shot” and “Leaves a shot to be desired.”
    • Pot → Shot: As in, “A shot of gold” and “Hit the jackshot” and “Melting shot.”
    • Ricochet → Ricoshot
    • *sot* → *shot*: As in, “Beshotted with” and “An eshoteric tome” and “Mushroom rishotto.”
  • Drink: Drinks are such a huge part of birthday and party culture that it’s become a termed activity (“birthday drinks” rather than “meet up for drinks”). As such, we’ve got a few drink-related puns here for you:
    • Blink → Drink: As in, “Drink and you’ll miss it” and “It’s on the drink.”
    • Link → Drink: As in, “The missing drink” and “You are the weakest drink.”
    • Trick → Drink: As in, “Box of drinks” and “Dirty drinks” and “Every drink in the book” and “Never misses a drink” and “One drink pony” and “Drinks of the trade.”
  • Bash: Parties can sometimes be called a “bash”, so we’ve included some bash-related puns in here for you:
    • *bis* → *bash*: As in, refurbash (refurbish), cannabash (cannabis), rubbash (rubbish) and bashop (bishop).
    • *bas* → *bash*: As in, “You b*shtard” and “Don’t keep all your eggs in one bashket” and “Saved to the databash” and “On the bashis of..” Other words you could use: bashic (basic), bashin (basin), bashtion (bastion), bombashtic (bombastic).
    • *pas* → *bash: As in, “Bashion for fashion” and “Bashive aggressiveness” and “Bashionate about” and “Combashion fatigue.”
    • *pish* → *bash*: As in, “A sheepbash expression” and “Sheepbashly nodded” and “An impbash grin” and “Waspbash reply.”
    • Bach* → Bash*: “Bashellor pad” and “Bashelorette party.”
  • Gala: Since galas are another word for party and are commonly used in birthday contexts, we’ve got some gala-related puns and phrases for you to play with:
    • Gelato → Galato
    • *gula* → *gala*: As in, “A regalar occurrence” and “Singalar phrasing” and “Regalation codes” and “Rectangalar format” and “Irregalar visits.”
    • *gale → *gala: “Let me regala you with the tales of my glory” and “Sings like a nightingala.”
    • *gali* → *gala*: As in, “Galaleo’s findings” and “An egalatarian society” and “Practicing frugalaty.”
    • *gala*: You can simply emphasise the “gala” that already exists in these words: galaxy and galactic.

Birthday-Related Words

To help you come up with your own birthday puns, here’s a list of related words to get you on your way. If you come up with any new puns or related words, please feel free to share them in the comments!

general: birthday, happy birthday, birth, day, birthdate, party, cake, candle, wick, balloons, streamers, blow (out the candles), wish, birthday song, cake-cutting, wishes, age, aging, older, old, born, year, song, gift, present, card, celebration, life, anniversary, toast, cheers, speech, pass the parcel, musical chairs, musical statues, tradition, shots, drink, legal, blowout, shindig, commemoration, occasion, bash, gala

birthday types: sweet sixteen, 21st, 18th, quinceanera, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, golden birthday, grand birthday, half-birthday, unbirthday, surprise, coming of age, centenary

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Owl Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry about owl puns! The list below contains a wide variety of puns based specifically on the word “owl” and on many owl-related topics. Enjoy! 🙂

Owl Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about owls that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s the list of owl puns:

  • Owl: “A night owl” and “As wise as an owl
  • I will → Owl: As in “Owl not give up.” and “Owl if you will” and “Owl wear my heart upon my sleeve”
  • All → Owl: As in “Free-for-owl” and “A jack of owl trades” and “A man for owl seasons” and “A rising tide lifts owl boats” and “After owl is said and done” and “A know-it-owl” and “Above owl” and “Against owl odds” and “Owl your eggs in one basket” and “Owl at once” and “I’m owl ears” and “Owl else being equal, …” and “Owl by my lonesome” and “Owl hands on deck” and “Owl hell breaks loose” and “Owl gone” and “Owl good things must come to an end” and “Owl in owl” and “Owl in a day’s work” and “It’s owl in your head” and “Owl manner of …” and “Owl of a sudden” and “Owl or nothing” and “Owl over the place” and “Owl right.” and “Owl rights reserved” and “Owl smiles” and “Owl systems are go” and “Owl that” and “Owl talk and no action” and “Owl the best” and “Owl the rage” and “Owl the same” and “Owl things considered” and “Owl things must pass” and “Owl very well” and “Owl walks of life” and “Owl-out war” and “At owl costs” and “By owl means” and “For owl I know” and “For owl practical purposes” and “Give it owl you’ve got!” and “Go owl-out” and “In owl honesty” and “In owl likelihood” and “Firing on owl cylinders” and “If owl else fails” and “In owl seriousness” and “That is owl.” and “Owls well that ends well” and “That’s owl for now.”
  • Who’d → Hoot: As in “Hoot have thought it would be so easy?”
  • Hoot: “I don’t give a hoot” and “What a hoot (referring to a good time or a funny person)” and “Hoot and holler (shout in disapproval)”
  • *owl*: There are a few words that contain the “owl” sound which can be used as silly owl puns: b-owls (bowels), growl, t-owl (towel), scowling, scowl, fowl, howled, v-owl (vowel), prowling, cowl.
  • Al* → Owl*: If a word begins with the “al” sound, we can often replace it with “owl” to make a terrible owl pun: owlcoholic (alcoholic), owlchemist (alchemist), owlgebra (algebra), owlbum (album), Owlexander (Alexander), owlgorithm (algorithm), Owlgerian (Algerian), owlligator (alligator), owllegations (allegations), owllegiance (allegiance), owlphabet (alphabet), altitude (owltitude), owluminium (aluminium).
  • Hood → Hoot: As in “Robin Hoot” and “Neighbourhoot” and “In the hoot
  • Telling → Talon: As in “I’m talon you, it wasn’t me who did it!”
  • Who → Hoo: We call the owl sound a “hoot”, but it actually sounds like “hoo hoo” for man owls. Some phrases: “Look hoo’s talking!” and “Says hoo?” and “Hoo is this?” and “Hoo’s hoo?”
  • Wise: Owls have a history of being considered “wise”, and so if you can slip “wise” or “wise old” somewhere into your communication then it might be enough for a subtle owl pun.
  • White-faced: If someone is “white-faced” then they are pale from fear, ill health or tiredness. There are many owl species that have white faces – for example the barn owl and the southern white-faced owl. So using the word “white-faced” in the “pale from fear, etc.” sense may be a viable owl pun if your audience knows enough about owls.
  • Orange-brown/Yellowish-brown → Tawny: There are a few owl species around the world that have the word “tawny” in their name which describes their colour (Somewhere between orange-brown and yellowish-brown, like the various shades of wood).
  • Night: Phrases and idioms related to “night” may be used as subtle owl puns in the right context (since owls are nocturnal): “A night out” and “One night stand” and “All night long” and “Far into the night” and “In the dead of night” and “How can you sleep at night” and “Make a night of it” and “Let’s call it a night” and “Night on the town” and “Night and day”
  • Swoop: “In one fell swoop” (suddenly; in a single action)
  • Flight: “Flight of fancy” and “Take flight” and “Flight of imagination” and “In full flight” and “Flight attendant”
  • Bird: There are quite a few phrases/idiom related to birds which can be used as owl puns in the right context: “A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush” and “A bird-brain” and “Bird’s eye view” and “A little bird told me …” and “An early bird” and “Early bird gets the worm” and “Like a bird in a gilded cage” and “The birds and the bees” and “Birds of a feather flock together” and “Flip someone the bird” and “Free as a bird” and “The bird has flown” and “Sing like a bird” and “Jailbird“.
  • Fly: There are a few phrases related to flying which can be used as owl puns in the right context: “Fly by the seat of your pants” and “Fly in the face of the evidence” and “Fly off the shelves” and “A fly on the wall” and “Fly by night” and “On the fly” and “Pigs might fly” and “Let fly” and “Watch the sparks fly” and “Fly in the ointment” and “Fly into a rage” and “Fly off the handle” and “Fly the coop” and “I’ve gotta fly” and “Fly the white flag” and “Wouldn’t hurt a fly
  • Beak: “To wet one’s beak” and “beak” may be slang for nose in some places.
  • Peek → Beak: As in “Beak-a-boo” and “Sneak beak
  • Peak → Beak: As in “Beak performance” and “They climbed to the beak
  • Wing: “Left wing / right wing” and “Let’s just wing it” and “Take under your wing” and “Clip someone’s wings” and “Spread your wings
  • Feather: There are a few phrases related to feathers: “As light as a feather” and “In full feather” and “Feather in your cap (symbol of honour/achievement)” and “Feather one’s nest” and “Ruffle (a few/someone’s) feathers” and “You could have knocked me down with a feather
  • Father → Feather: As in “The founding feathers” and “Like feather, like son”
  • Further → Feather: As in “Without feather ado” and “Look no feather” and “Kick the can feather down the road”
  • Nest: “Leave the nest” and “Empty nest syndrome” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Love nest” and “Stir up a hornet’s nest” and “A nest of vipers” and “A mare’s nest” and “Nest together”
  • Next → Nest: As in “Nest minute …” and “Better luck nest time” and “Boy/girl nest door” and “Nest generation” and “Nest in line to the throne” and “Nest to nothing” and “Take it to the nest level” and “Nest to nothing” and “The nest big thing.” and “Cleanliness is next to godliness” and “In nest to no time” and “Nest to nothing” and “One day chicken and the nest day feathers” and “Catch the nest wave” and “As ___ as the nest girl/guy”

Owl-Related Words

There are many more owl puns to be made! Here’s a list of owl-related concepts to help you come up with your own. If you come up with a new pun, please share it in the comments!

bird, bird of prey, night, nocturnal, raptor, tawny, tawny frogmouth, owlet, beak, feathers, wings, flight, binocular vision, talon, hoot, barn owl, barn, owl, owls, wise, old, horned owl, white-faced, avian, fly

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