Squid Puns

This entry is all about squid! As you’ll notice, the majority of squid puns are just seeing how many words you can fit “squid” into without completely destroying the original phonetics.

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Squid Puns List

Each item in this list of squid puns is either a simple word-swap (e.g. kidding → squidding) or it may be a general rule from which multiple puns can be made. In the case of general rules, the asterisks sign (*) represents one or more letters.

  • Inkling: As in “I have an inkling that he’s lying.”
  • Inc* → Ink*: Most words that starts with “inc” can be turned into an squid pun (because most squid can release ink). You can use this list of words starting with “inc” to invent your own. Here are some examples: inklude, inkrease, inkome, inkorporate, inklusion, inkur, inkredible, inkonvenience, inkapable, inkompetence, inkubate, inkursion, inkumbent, inkorrect, inkonsistency, inkoherence, inkarceration, inkrements, inkonspicuous, inkarnate, inkapacitated.
  • Think* → Ink*: As in, “By George, I ink you’ve got it,” and “Come to ink of it,” and “Great minds ink alike,” and “I ink I love you,” and “I can’t hear myself ink,” and “I ink, therefore I am,” and “It makes you ink,” and “Positive inking,” and “Put on your inking cap,” and “Ink the un-inkable!”
  • Kid → Squid: As in “Yeah, she is the smartest squid in her class.”
  • Kidding → Squidding: As in “I was just squidding!”
  • Kid* → Squid*: Generalising the above pun, the prefix “kid” can be replaced with “squid” as follows: squidding (kidding), squidnapped (kidnapped), squidney (kidney), squid (kid).
  • ?id* → Squid*: If a word begins with “?id” where ‘?’ represents any letter, then this prefix can sometimes be replaced with “squid”. For example: squiddle (middle), squidlife crisis (midlife crisis), squidget (midget), squiddle (riddle), squidiculous (ridiculous), squideotape (videotape), squiddish (yiddish), squidth (width), squidow (widow), squidget (widget).
  • Kraken: As in, “Release the kraken!” Note: the kraken is a legendary sea monster that is popular in pirate stories and mythology. 
  • Cracking → Kraken: As in, “Get kraken!” and “You’re kraken me up!”
  • Crack → Kraken: As in, “At the kraken of dawn,” and “Kraken a smile,” and “Have a kraken at it,” and “Snap, kraken, and pop.”
  • Bid → Squid: As in “I squid you farewell!”
  • Bidder → Squider: As in “The vase will go the the highest squidder.”
  • Did → Squid: As in “I squid not eat the cookie! He’s lying!”
  • Didn’t → Squidn’t: As in “I squidn’t mean to bother you.”
  • Ten tickles → Ten-tickles: As in “Surely ten-tickles would make anyone laugh?”
  • *s quit → *s squid: If the word “quit” follows a word ending in “s” it could work as a squid pun: “The main reason smokers squid is because of family pressure.” and “Quit means squid!”
  • Quid → Squid: As in “Mate, you still owe me 10 squid from that bet the other night.” The term “quid” is slang for “pound” or “dollar” depending on the region.
  • Accidentally → Acsquidentally: As in “I acsquidentally dropped my plate.”
  • Acidification → Asquidification: As in “This farming land has been ruined by asquidification.”
  • Incidentally → Insquidentally: As in “The drugs was discovered only insquidentally after their arrest.”
  • Assiduously → Asquiduously: As in “He assquiduously cleaned every nook and cranny.” Assiduously means with great care and attention to detail.
  • Coincidentally → Coinsquidentally: As in “Do you know his name, coinsquidentally?”
  • Subsidiary → Subsquidiary: As in “No, it’s a subsquidiary of that company.”
  • Reconsider → Reconsquider: As in “Please, I beg you to reconsquider.”
  • Insidious → Insquidious: As in “The insquidious erosion of rights and liberties.” Also works for “inksquidious.”
  • Suck*: As in, “Sucks to be you,” and “Sucker punch,” and “Sucker for punishment,” and “Suck someone dry,” and “A sucker for squid puns.”
  • Bleak → Beak: As in “The outlook is beak.”
  • Bake → Beak: As in, “Beak and shake,” and “Beak off,” and “Beaker’s dozen,” and “Half-beaked,” and “I’m beaking a pie.”
  • Stef → Ceph*: As in, “Cephano,” and “Cephanie.”

As you can see our squid puns list is still quite short! If you’d like to help us out, the following squid-related words still need puns: calamari, cephalopod, beak, dibranchate, leviathan, ink sac, tentacles, decapod, octapod. If you come up with any puns for these words, or any other squid-themed words, please share them in the comments!

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User-Submitted Squid Puns:

  1. Ten tackles – Ten tacles “As a foot ball player the pile that results from tentacles is tentacular”
    Spectacular or any word with a set of three letters beginning with T – Tentacular/tenTAC “Tenticle tentacle tentoecal nowhere near as tentacular As Monopoly”

  2. tentacles – ten tickles
    “My mate laughed when he ate the calamari – must’ve been the ten tickles.”