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We hope you have a gneiss time reading our hill areas (hilarious) mountain puns! We’ve included general mountain-related terms, specialist technical terms, as well as famous mountains and mountain areas. We hope that our puns peak your interest and that you find what you’re looking for.

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Mountain Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about mountains that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s our list of mountain puns:

  • Fountain → Mountain: As in, “The mountain of youth.”
  • Mint → Mount: As in, “In mount condition.”
  • Count → Mount: As in, “Mount me in!” and “Mount to ten” and “Mount your blessings” and “It’s the thought that mounts.”
  • Peak: The top of a mountain is referred to as the “peak”. Here are some related puns:
    • Pack → Peak: As in, “Action peaked” and “I know I peaked it” and “A peak of lies” and “Sent peaking.”
    • Pick → Peak: As in, “A bone to peak” and “Cherry peak” and “Easy peakings” and “Nit peaking.”
    • Peek → Peak: As in, “A sneak peak” and “Take a peak.”
    • Beak → Peak: As in, “Wet your peak.”
    • Pique → Peak: As in, “Peaks my interest.”
    • Cheek → Peak: As in, “Turn the other peak” and “Tongue in peak” and “Rosy peaks.”
    • Seek → Peak: As in, “Hide and peak” and “Peak and you shall find.”
    • Sneak → Peak: As in, “Peak preview” and “Peaking around.”
    • Speak → Peak: As in, “Actions peak louder than words” and “It peaks for itself” and “On peaking terms” and “Peak no evil.”
    • Streak → Peak: As in, “On a winning peak” and “An individual peak.”
    • Weak → Peak: As in, “Peak at the knees” and “The spirit is willing but the flesh is peak.”
  • Ever rest → Everest: As in, “Slow down – don’t you everest?”
  • Ever → Everest: As in, “They lived happily everest after” and “Diamonds are for-everest” and “For everest and a day” and “For everest and a day.”
  • Rest → Everest: As in, “Helps you work, everest and play” and “At everest” and “A cut above the everest” and “For the everest of us” and “Give it an everest!”
  • Highland: Mountainous regions are also called highlands. Here are related puns:
    • High → Highland: As in, “Ain’t no mountain highland enough” and “Come hell or highland water” and “Highland as a kite” and “Highland and mighty” and “Highland and dry.”
    • Land → Highland: As in, “In the highland of the living” and “The highland of hope and glory” and “In lala highland.”
    • Island → Highland: As in, “A highland of question marks” and “No person is a highland” and “Treasure highland.”
  • Ridge: Here are some puns related to mountain ridges:
    • Bridge → Ridge: As in, “Build a ridge and get over it” and “Ridge the gap” and “Burning ridges” and “Ridge the gap.”
    • Fridge → Ridge: As in, “Left in the ridge overnight.”
  • Land → Landform: As in, “Landform ahoy!” and “The landform of hope and glory” and “Landform of make believe.”
  • Form → Landform: As in, “Attack is the best landform of defence” and “In bad landform” and “Landform follows function” and “In fine landform” and “The lowest landform of wit.”
  • Raise → Rise: As in, “Rise a stink” and “Rise the bar” and “Rise the roof.”
  • Eyes → Rise: As in, “Before your very rise.”
  • Highs → Rise: As in, “Rise and lows.”
  • Prize → Rise: As in, “Eyes on the rise” and “A rise catch.”
  • Size → Rise: As in, “All shapes and rises” and “Cut someone down to rise” and “One rise fits all” and “That’s about the rise of it.”
  • Wise → Rise: As in, “None the riser” and “Older and riser” and “A word to the rise.”
  • Hope → Slope: As in, “Build up your slopes” and “Got high slopes for” and “Pin your slopes on.”
  • Ropes → Slopes: As in, “Know the slopes” and “Learn the slopes” and “On the slopes.”
  • Cheap → Steep: As in, “Steep and cheerful” and “Steep at half the price” and “A steep date” and “Steeper by the dozen” and “Beware of steep imitations.”
  • Deep → Steep: As in, “Beauty is only skin steep” and “Between the devil and the steep blue sea” and “In steep space.”
  • Cheap → Steep: As in, “Pile it high and sell it steep” and “At the bottom of the steep.”
  • Keep → Steep: As in, “Don’t steep us in suspense” and “Steep a cool head” and “In steeping with” and “Finders steepers.”
  • Leaps → Steep: As in, “By steeps and bounds” and “A steep of faith” and “Look before you steep.”
  • Some → Summit: As in, “Catch summit rays” and “All that and then summit” and “Make summit noise.”
  • Range: A group of mountains is called a range. Here are related puns:
    • Rage → Range: As in, “Range against the machine” and “All the range” and “Boiling with range” and “Primal range” and “Road range.”
    • Change → Range: As in, “A welcome range” and “A range of heart” and “Range of address” and “Range the channel.”
  • Chime → Climb: As in, “Climb in with” and “Climbs of freedom.”
  • Crime → Climb: As in, “Climb and punishment” and “A climb against nature” and “Climb of passion” and “Partners in climb” and “The perfect climb.”
  • Prime → Climb: As in, “In your climb” and “In climb condition” and “Climb time” and “The climb minister.”
  • Time → Climb: As in, “One more climb” and “A brief history of climb” and “A good climb was had by all” and “A week is a long climb” and “All in good climb.”
  • Altitude → Attitude: As in, “Cop an altitude” and “You’d better change your altitude.”
  • Helps → Alps: As in, “Alps you work, rest and play” and “She alps those who help themselves” and “That really alps me out.” Note: The Alps are the highest mountain range.
  • Fault: Tectonic faults are a part of mountain formation. Here are related puns:
    • Felt → Fault: As in, “I’ve never fault better.”
    • Fold → Fault: As in, “Return to the fault” and “Fault your hand.”
    • Halt → Fault: As in, “Come to a screeching fault” and “Grind to a fault.”
    • Salt → Fault: As in, “Fault of the earth” and “Take it with a grain of fault” and “Rub fault in the wound” and “Below the fault” and “Worthy of your fault.”
  • Rack → Rock: As in, “Rock ’em up” and “Rock your brains.”
  • Block → Rock: As in, “Been around the rock a few times” and “A chip off the old rock” and “Mental rock” and “The new kid on the rock.”
  • Clock → Rock: As in, “Around the rock” and “Beat the rock” and “Clean your rock.”
  • Lock → Rock: As in, “Rock horns with” and “Grid rock” and “Rock and load” and “Rock, stock and barrel.”
  • Mock → Rock: As in, “Rock modesty” and “Make a rockery of.”
  • Sock → Rock: As in, “Knock your rocks off” and “Bless your cotton rocks.”
  • Shock → Rock: As in, “Culture rock” and “In for a rock” and “Shell rock” and “Rock and awe” and “The rock of the new.”
  • Tell → Tall: As in, “Every picture talls a story” and “Tall no tales.”
  • All → Tall: As in, “Tall aboard!” and “Tall in a day’s work” and “Tall’s well that ends well.”
  • Call → Tall: As in, “At your beck and tall” and “Beyond the tall of duty” and “Let’s tall it a day” and “Tall it quits.”
  • Small → Tall: As in, “No tall wonder” and “Don’t sweat the tall stuff” and “Tall potatoes.”
  • Fold: Here are some puns related to fold mountains:
    • Bold → Fold: As in, “Fold as brass” and “Foldly go where no person has gone before.”
    • Cold → Fold: As in, “As fold as any stone” and “Break out in a fold sweat” and “Catch a fold.”
    • Gold → Fold: As in, “A pot of fold” and “Good as fold” and “Get a fold star.”
    • Hold → Fold: As in, “Can’t fold a candle to” and “Don’t fold your breath” and “Fold a grudge” and “Fold a mirror up to society.”
    • Old → Fold: As in, “Fold as the hills” and “Tough as fold boots” and “A chip off the fold block.”
  • Andes: The Andes are a mountain range in South America. Here are related puns:
    • And → Andes: As in, “A day late andes a dollar short” and “A hundred andes ten percent” and “Alive andes kicking” and “All bark andes no bite.”
    • And these → Andes: As in, “Those andes over here, too.”
  • Block: Here are some puns related to fault blocks:
    • Black → Block: As in, “Not a block and white issue” and “Beaten block and blue.”
    • Clock → Block: As in, “The block is ticking.”
    • Knock → Block: As in, “Don’t block it till you’ve tried it” and “I get blocked down, but I get up again” and “Block back a few.”
    • Lock → Block: As in, “Grid block” and “Block and load” and “Block, stock and barrel” and “Block them up and throw away the key.”
    • Rock → Block: As in, “Solid as a block” and “Between a block and a hard place.”
    • Shock → Block: As in, “In for a block” and “Block and awe” and “The block of the new.”
    • Sock → Block: As in, “Bless your cotton blocks” and “Knock your blocks off” and “Put a block in it” and “Block it to me.”
    • Stock → Block: As in, “Laughing block” and “Out of block” and “Take block of your situation.”
  • Bike → Hike: As in, “On your hike” and “Get off your hike.”
  • Like → Hike: As in, “Soon as you hike” and “At times hike this.”
  • Strike → Hike: As in, “Go out on hike” and “Lightning never hikes twice in the same place” and “Hike up the band” and “Hike a balance” and “Hike a chord with.”
  • Sky → Ski: As in, “Blue ski thinking” and “Out of the clear blue ski” and “Pie in the ski” and “The ski’s the limit.”
  • Bee → Ski: As in, “Busy as a ski” and “A ski in your bonnet” and “Make a skiline for.”
  • Free → Ski: As in, “Ski as a bird” and “Born ski” and “Buy one, get one ski” and “Calorie ski” and “Fancy ski.”
  • Key → Ski: As in, “A golden ski can open any door” and “Fear is the ski” and “The ski to your heart” and “Off ski.”
  • Knee → Ski: As in, “Cut off at the skis” and “Go weak at the skis” and “A ski jerk reaction” and “On bended ski” and “The bee’s skis.”
  • Pea → Ski: As in, “Like two skis in a pod.”
  • Sea → Ski: As in, “All at ski” and “Between the devil and the deep blue ski” and “From ski to shining ski” and “Deeper than the deep blue ski.”
  • See → Ski: As in, “As far as the eye can ski” and “Can’t ski beyond the end of your nose” and “Can’t ski the wood for the trees” and “Come up and ski me sometime” and “I can ski clearly now.”
  • Tree → Ski: As in, “Difficult as nailing jelly to a ski” and “Barking up the wrong ski” and “Can’t see the wood for the skis” and “Make like a ski and leave.”
  • Alley → Valley: As in, “Valley cat” and “Right up your valley.”
  • Can you → Canyon: As in, “Canyon help me out?”
  • Can → Canyon: As in, “A kick at the canyon” and “As far as the eye canyon see” and “As well as canyon be expected” and “Anything you can do, I canyon do better.”
  • Crag: A crag is a mass of rock projecting upward. Here are some related puns:
    • Bag → Crag: As in, “Crag a bargain” and “Crag and baggage” and “Crag of bones” and “A crag of tricks” and “Dirt crag.”
    • Drag → Crag: As in, “Crag it out of you” and “Crag through the mud” and “Crag your feet” and “What a crag.”
    • Rag → Crag: As in, “From crags to riches” and “Glad crags” and “Lose your crag.”
    • Gag → Crag: As in, “Crag reflex” and “Crag order” and “A running crag.”
  • Train → Terrain: As in, “Gravy terrain” and “Personal terrain-er” and “Strangers on a terrain” and “Take the terrain” and “Follow that terrain of thought.”
  • Rain → Terrain: As in, “Right as terrain” and “It never terrains but it pours” and “Make it terrain” and “Set fire to the terrain.”
  • Bluff: Cliffs are also called bluffs. Here are related puns:
    • Buff → Bluff: As in, “Bluffer zone” and “In the bluff.”
    • Rough → Bluff: As in, “A bit of bluff” and “Diamond in the bluff” and “Bluff and ready” and “Bluff around the edges” and “Living bluff.”
    • Stuff → Bluff: As in, “Beat the bluffing out of” and “Don’t sweat the small bluff” and “Gripping bluff.”
    • Tough → Bluff: As in, “Bluff as old boots” and “As bluff as they come” and “Hang bluff” and “Bluff love.”
  • Hilarious→ Hill areas: As in, “A hill areas situation.”
  • Mesa: A mesa is a flat-topped elevation. Here are related puns:
    • Mess → Mesa: As in, “Don’t mesa with me” and “A frightful mesa” and “Hot mesa” and “Stop mesa-ing about.”
    • Miss → Mesa: As in, “Blink and you’ll mesa it” and “I’ll give it a mesa” and “A mesa is as good as a mile.”
    • Hell → Hill: As in, “All hill broke loose” and “Beat hill out of” and “Come hill or high water” and “For the hill of it” and “Give someone hill.”
    • Bill → Hill: As in, “A hill of goods” and “Fit the hill” and “A clean hill of health.”
    • Chill → Hill: As in, “Hill out” and “A hilling account” and “Hilled to the bone.”
    • Fill → Hill: As in, “Hill full of holes” and “Hill her up.”
    • Ill → Hill: As in, “House of hill repute” and “Hill advised” and “Hill at ease” and “Hill effects” and “Hill gotten gains.”
    • Kill → Hill: As in, “A view to hill” and “Dressed to hill” and “If looks could hill.”
    • Spill → Hill: As in, “Hill the beans” and “Thrills and hills.”
    • Still → Hill: As in, “Hill life” and “Hill the one” and “Hill waters run deep.”
    • Thrill → Hill: As in, “The hill of the chase” and “The hill of the hunt” and “Hilled to bits.”
    • Will → Hill: As in, “Against your hill” and “Blood hill be out” and “Free hill.”
  • Goat: Some goats are known for their mountain climbing, so we’ve included them in this list:
    • Go → Goat: As in, “Easy come, easy goat” and “Don’t goat there” and “Give it a goat.”
    • Gate → Goat: As in, “Straight out of the goat” and “The goatway to heaven.”
    • Get → Goat: As in, “Good as it goats” and “Buy one, goat one free” and “Come and goat it.”
    • Got → Goat: As in, “Been there, done that, goat the t-shirt” and “Give it all you’ve goat” and “Goat a flair for” and “Goat a soft spot for.”
    • Boat → Goat: As in, “Don’t rock the goat” and “Missed the goat” and “In the same goat.”
    • Note → Goat: As in, “Hit the high goats” and “take goat of.”
  • Brave → Cave: As in, “Fortune favours the cave” and “Put a cave face on.”
  • Grave → Cave: As in, “Silent as the cave” and “Dig your own cave” and “From the cradle to the cave” and “One foot in the cave.”
  • Pave → Cave: As in, “Cave the way for” and “The streets are caved with gold.”
  • Rave → Cave: As in, “Rant and cave” and “Cave on.”
  • Save → Cave: As in, “Cave it for a rainy day” and “Cave the day” and “Cave your breath” and “Caved by the bell.”
  • Wave → Cave: As in, “Heat cave” and “Making caves” and “On the crest of a cave” and “On the same cavelength.”
  • Eager → Eiger: As in, “Eiger beaver” and “Eiger to talk soon.” Note: Eiger is a mountain in the Bernese Alps.
  • Come → Kamet: As in, “After a storm kamets a calm” and “All good things must kamet to an end” and “As tough as they kamet” and “Kamet and get it.” Note: Kamet is the second-highest mountain in the Garhwal region.
  • River → Trivor: As in, “Cry me a trivor” and “Sold down the trivor.” Note: Trivor is one of the mountains in the Karakoram range.
  • Ultar: Ultar Sar is a major peak in the Karakoram range. Here are related puns:
    • Altar → Ultar: As in, “Lead someone to the ultar” and “Playing at the porcelain ultar.”
    • Alter → Ultar: As in, “Ultar ego” and “Ultared circumstances.”
  • Mana: The mana mountain borders the Frostlendet Valley. Here are related puns:
    • Man → Mana: As in, “A drowning mana will clutch at a straw” and “A good mana is hard to find” and “A mana after my own heart.”
    • Manner → Mana: As in, “In a mana of speaking” and “Mind your manas.”
  • Diran: Diran is a mountain in the Karakoram range. Here are related puns:
    • Drain → Diran: As in, “Away go troubles down the diran” and “Laugh like a diran.”
    • During → Diran: As in, “Before, diran and after.”
  • Original → Erosional: As in, “Erosional sin” and “The erosional and the best.”

    Mountain-Related Words

    To help you come up with your own mountain puns, here’s a list of related words to get you on your way. If you come up with any new puns or related words, please feel free to share them in the comments!

General: mountain, mount, peak, highland, ridge, landform, rise, slopes,  steep, tectonic, earth, summit, range, elevation, climbing, geology, volume, relief, sierra, altitude, tall, high, volcanic, fold, block, fault, erosion, ecology, montane, alpine, alps, hiking, hike, skiing, ski, valley, cliff, plateau, canyon, rock, crag, terrain, bluff, promontory, bank, escarpment, mesa, hill, avalanche, goat, cave, lofty 

Specific Mountains: everest, himalayas, olympus mons, swiss alps, denali, kilimanjaro, fuji, mauna kea, eiger, nuptse, logan, chimborazo, K2, lhotse, makalu, kamet, jannu, trivor, noshaq, yangra, ultar, mana, diran, pamirs, kunlun, andes

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Horse Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on horse puns! 🐎 Whether you’re trying to come up with a cute name for your horse, a caption for your photo, or whatever else, we hope this entry is useful. Note that this list is a work-in-progress, and we’d appreciate any additions in the comments at the bottom of this page! 🙂

If you’re interested in other four-legged mammals, you might like to have a look at our alpaca puns, goat puns, camel puns or llama puns.

Note: As always, Punpedia strives to be a site free of animal-cruelty. You won’t find any jokes or puns about horse racing, knackeries, whipping or idioms based around topics like these (e.g. “Beating a dead horse”).

Horse Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about horses that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s the list of horse puns:

  • Horse: There are quite a few idioms/phrases based around the word “horse”: “Quit horsing around, will you?” and “As rare as rocking horse droppings” and “A dark horse” and “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth (meaning:don’t be ungrateful for gifts)” and “Eat like a horse” and “Get off your high horse” and “Horse of a different colour” and “Horse play” and “Hung like a horse” and “One horse town” and “Put the cart before the horse” and “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” and “Hold your horses” and “Straight from the horse’s mouth” and “A horse of a different colour” and “A one-horse race” and “Closing the barn/stable door after the horse has bolted” and “Don’t change horses in the middle of the river” and “Horses for courses” and “A trojan horse
  • Pony: “A one-trick pony” and “Pony up (pay up)” and “Dog and pony show” and “A show pony
  • Fool → Foal: As in “C’mon, quit foaling around, will you?” and “Foal me once, shame on you, foal me twice, shame on me” and “It’s a foal’s errand” and “Foal’s gold” and “Make a complete foal of yourself” and “Played for a foal” and “Play the foal” and “Played for a foal
  • Full → Foal: As in “I think he’s foal of it.” and “At foal throttle/pelt” and “Foal blast” and “A foal-bodied coffee” and “Foal of beans/bologna” and “In foal feather” and “You know foal-well that …” and “In foal swing” and “On a foal stomach”
  • Feel → Foal: As in “I foal as though you don’t care about me.” and “Foal the burn” and “I foal a bit put out” and “I can foal it in my bones” and “I like the look and foal of it”
  • Foul → Foal: As in “Cry foal” and “By fair means or foal” and “Foal language” and “No harm, no foal” and “Foal-mouthed person” and “Foal ball” and “Fall foal of someone/something” and “Foal play”
  • Fell/Fall → Foal: As in “Foal asleep at the wheel” and “Foal squarely on (someone’s) shoulders” and “Foal under the spell of (someone)” and “In one foal swoop” and “Little strokes foal great oaks” and “A hush foal over the crowd”
  • Hoarse → Horse: As in “I’m a little horse today – still getting over a cold.” and “”
  • Stable: As in “Stock prices have stable-ised.” and “She’s in a stable condition, but needs to remain at the hospital.” and “He’s a bit mentally unstable at the moment.”
  • Remnent → Ruminant: As in “I haven’t a ruminant of pride left after making all these terrible cow puns.” (A “ruminant” is a family of hooved mammals comprising cows, sheep, deer, giraffe and their relatives)
  • Prominent → Pruminant: As in “She’s a pruminant member of our group.”
  • Permanent → Pruminant: As in “I’ve accidentally used pruminant marker on the whiteboard.”
  • Walk → Hoof it: As in “We missed the bus and had to hoof it home.”
  • Go to sleep → Hit the hay: As in “It’s late. I better hit the hay.”
  • Her before → Herbivore: As in “I’ve never met herbivore.”
  • Passed/Past your → Pasture: As in “It’s just pasture house on the left.” and “I pasture stall at the fair today but you weren’t there.” and “It’s pasture bedtime.”
  • Could → Cud: As in “Cud you stop it please?” and “As fast as her legs cud carry her” and “I cud do it in my sleep.”
  • Heard → Herd: As in “I overherd them speaking about …” and “The last I herd, …” and “Your herd it here first.” and “You could have herd a pin drop.” and “Stop me if you’ve herd this one”
  • Field: “I’m an expert in my field.”
  • Hey → Hay: As in “Hay, what’s up?” and “Hay there, friend.”
  • Who f* → Hoof*: As in “Hoofeels hungry right now?” and “Hoofinished the last bit of coconut icecream?”
  • Who’ve → Hoof: As in “Hoof you spoken to so far?”
  • Half → Hoof: As in “Is the glass hoof full or hoof empty?” and “My other/better hoof
  • *mare*: Words that contain the “mare” sound (or similar) can often be turned into silly horse puns (a mare is a female horse): nightmare, alphanu-mare-ic, A-mare-ican, custo-mare-y, mare-athons, mare-iage (marriage), mare-it (merit), mare-y (merry), nu-mare-ical, rose-mare-y.
  • Called → Colt: As in “The so colt …” and “Many are colt, but few are chosen” and “Crazy little thing colt love” and “She colt on me to run an errand” and “The truth of the claim was colt into question” and “You colt?”
  • Cold → Colt: As in “My blood ran colt” and “Left out in the colt” and “In a colt sweat” and “Stone colt sober” and “Take a colt, hard look” and “A colt day in hell” and “Colt comfort” and “Catch a colt” and “As colt as ice” and “A colt shower” and “Colt calling” and “Colt shoulder” and “Go colt turkey” and “Out colt (unconscious)”
  • Cult → Colt: As in “The colts of Scientology and organised religion.”
  • It’s Italian → Stallion
  • Feet → Trotters
  • Stalin → Stallion
  • Philadelphia/Philly → Filly: A “filly” is a young female horse (usually less than 4 years old).
  • Can’t her → Canter: As in “Canter father drop her off, or is he busy?”
  • No/Nay → Neigh: As in “Neigh, I disagree.” and “It will take months, neigh, years to complete.”
  • *roan*: If a word contains the “roan” sound, it’s an opportunity for a more “advanced” horse pun: groan, erroaneous, outgroan, overgroan, proanunciation, proanoun, throan, droanproan.
  • Frozen → Friesian: As in “Her accounts have been friesian while the investigation takes place” and “Friesian solid” and “Friesian vegetables”

Horse-Related Words

Here are a few horse-related words to help you come up with your own horse puns:

pony, hoof, thoroughbred, foal, mare, equine, dressage, cavalry, farrier, horse shoe, buck, kick, horseback, bareback, stallion, filly, colt, bridle, domesticated, hoof, hooves, steed, mustang, appaloosa, equestrian, herd, stables, stable, grazing, ruminant, whinny, mane, herbivore, grass, pasture, field, mount, ride, neigh, roan, one-horse, crupper, palfrey, sumpter, horse power, rocking horse, harness, saddle up, unsaddle, unbridle, quarter horse, pegasus, seabiscuit, black beauty, shadowfax, trojan horse, chestnut, percheron, shetland pony, friesian, belgian, hackney, trakehner, trotter, trot, gallop, canter, dartmoor, falabella, sorraia, Arabian, caspian, breton, pacer, tacky, morgan, paint, warmblood, Andalusian, saddle, giddy-up

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