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Geology Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about geology that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s the list of geology puns:

  • Plate: “I’ve got a lot on my (tectonic) plate right now” and “Step up to the plate
  • Greater → Crater: As in “Crater than the sum of its parts” and “Crater than or equal to” and “For the crater good”
  • Dated: “I’ve dated a few interesting specimens over the years.”
  • Date: “A blind date” and “A date with destiny” and “Up to date” and “To date” and “Out of date” and “Double date
  • Seek → Cirque: A cirque is an amphitheatre-like valley formed by glacial erosion – “Cirque and you will find.”
  • Suffer → Sulphur: As in “You will sulphur the consequences” and “She doesn’t sulphur fools gladly”
  • Undermine: As in “It undermines our democracy”
  • Pick: As in “Geologists never pick their friends” and “I’ve got a bone to pick” and “Pick apart” and “Pick someone’s brain” and “Pick up the pieces”
  • Anticlimactic → Anticline-actic: As in “Well… that was anticline-actic
  • Earth: As in “What on earth are you talking about?” and “Down to earth” and “The scum of the earth
  • Soil: As in “I think I’ve soiled my pants”
  • Cave: As in “I caved in and bought it”
  • Gold: As in “All that glistens is not gold” and “Good as gold” and “A heart of gold” and “Sitting on a gold mine” and “Strike gold” and “The gold standard” and “Worth its weight in gold
  • Fault: “That’s not my fault!” and “Though no fault of my own” and “Generous to a fault” and “Find fault with (someone/something)” and “We all have our faults” and “Sorry, my fault.”
  • Fold: In geology, a fold is a bent/curved stack of strata due to deformation via high temperature and pressure. Obviously the word “fold” has a bunch of other non-geology definitions which can be used for puns – you can fold washing, “fold” (give up the round) in poker, worry about your business “folding” (bankruptcy), as a few examples.
  • Start a → Strata: As in “Strata fight” and “Strata family”
  • Underground: “Geologists are such hipsters – they’re only into underground stuff.”
  • Eruption: This word can be used outside of the volcanic context for a sneaky pun: “The geologists erupted into laughter at the silly pun.”
  • Interrupt →Interupt
  • Seduction → Subduction: “Subduction leads to orogeny
  • Seductive → Subductive
  • Monorail → Mineral
  • Origin → Erosion
  • Original → Erosional
  • Cliche → Caliche: The term “caliche” is pronounced like “ka-lee-chee”, so it’s not very close to the pronunciation of “cliche”, but that just makes this pun all the more terrible/great (and better used as a written pun than a spoken one).
  • Mixture → Conglomerate: In geology, a conglomerate is a a sedimentary rock composed of rounded fragments of smaller rocks cemented together within the sediment. In general usage, the term “conglomerate” just refers to a mixture or cluster. Some large corporations are also “conglomerates” because they’re really a cluster of smaller corporations.
  • More rain → Moraine: The term “moraine” refers to an accumulation of earth and rocks carried and finally deposited by a glacier.
  • Convergence: This word has a geology meaning (referring to tectonic plates coming together) and also, of course, the usual meaning – referring to anything coming together or intersecting.
  • Divergence: Similar to above.
  • Condiment → Continent
  • Continental breakfast
  • Size → Seis: A silly pun playing on “seismic”, “seismology”, etc.
  • Intrusion: In geology, this refers to the action/process of igneous rock being forced between/through existing formations without reaching the surface – “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude!” and “This is an intrusion into my private life.” and “The intruder was caught by police”
  • Love → Lava: As in “I lava you.”
  • Love a → Lava: As in “I lava bit of mint with my green tea.”
  • Love at → Lava-t: As in “Lava-t first sight”
  • Lover → Lava: As in “Star-crossed lavas
  • Mental → Mantle: As in “Take a mantle note” and “He’ll go mantle
  • Mantle-piece: “Put your birthday cards up on the mantle-piece.”
  • All night → Allanite: “Minerologists party allanite long.”
  • Mountain: As in “Make a mountain out of a mole hill”
  • Dig: As in “I’ll dig something up” and “Dig up some dirt on someone”
  • Appetite → Apatite: As in “Whet your apatite” and “I’ve lost my apatite
  • Load → Lode: A lode is a vein of metal ore in the earth – “That’s a lode of schist” and “Get a lode of that!” and “Take a lode off” and “Thanks a lode” and “A few bricks shy of a lode
  • Alcoholic → Alkalic: “He drinks way too much – he’s probably an alkalic.”
  • Affable → Amphibole: To be “affable” is to be friendly, good-natured, or easy to talk to. To be “amphibole” is to be a rock-forming silicate or aluminosilicate mineral.
  • Solicit → Silicic: A “silicic” rock is one that’s rich in silica. To “solicit” is to request, beg, seek or apply for.
  • Ratify → Stratify: As in “Both countries were due to stratify the treaty by the end of the month.”
  • Deposition: This term has a few non-geology meanings. First, it can refer to overthrowing someone (especially a monarch) – “The king’s deposition happened on the third day of protesting”. Second, it can refer to the giving of sworn evidence – “The deposition of 3 expert witnesses”. Finally, it can simply refer to depositing something. Deposition, in the geological sense, is the process in which sediments, soil and rocks are added to a landform or land mass.
  • Horse → Horst: “Hung like a horst” and “A dark horst” and “A horst of a different color” and “On your high horst” and “Hold your horstes” and “Straight from the horstes mouth” and “A trojan horst” and “A one horst race” (See the horst wiki page for info)
  • Sentiment → Sediment: As in “My sediments exactly.”
  • Crop out → Outcrop: “You totally outcropped my face from that picture!”
  • Boring: As in “Geology is great fun, but sometimes the field work is boring
  • Crust: “She’s got a lot of crust—coming in here like that.” and “We’ve all got to earn a crust somehow” and “James is from the upper crust, but he is penniless”
  • Tore → Tor: The term “tor” refers to a hill or rocky peak.
  • Lift → Rift: As in “Bro, do you even rift?” and “Need a rift?” and “Face rift” and “Rift the veil” and “We have rift off!”
  • This entry is a work in progress! Stay tuned for more geology puns 🙂

Geology-Related Words

Here’s a list of geology-related concepts to help you come up with your own geology puns:

subduct, crater, cirque, moraine, anticline, fault, conglomerate, magma, sial, sima, caliche, stratigraphy, intrusion, extrusive, lava, mantle, crust, alkalic, amphibole, silicic, eruption, volcano, volcanic, subvolcanic, stratigraphy, mineralogy, sedimentary, plate tectonics, fault, rock, mineral, metamorphic, lava, geochemistry, petrology, earth science, clastic, paleontology, convergence, divergence, continental drift, geoscience, seismology, crystallography, strata, stratify, deposition, lithification, crust, glaciology, subduction, hydrothermal vent, geologist, sediment, erosion, convection, eruption, intrusive, weathering, earthquake, volcanic, volcano, salination, anticlinial, anaclinial, interstratify, synclinial, plasticity, accretion, deflation, thrust, bedded, heave, cleavage, fracture, geophysics, craton, continent, precambrian, cambrian, subsurface, shale, geodesy, geographical, geo, overthrust, seismic, outer core, core, aquifer, regolith, volcanology, seismology, meteorite, carbon, carbon dating, dating, radiocarbon, potassium-argon dating, carbon isotope, isotope, stratum, mining, earth, mineral, underground, fold, outcrop, lineation, foliation, absolute dating, accretion, aftershock, agglomeration, allochthonous, alluvial fan, alluvium, amber, amphibole, amphibolite, amydaloidal, antexis, andalusite, andesite, anorthite, aphanitic, aquifer, argonite, archean eon, arenaceous, arenite, arenitic, arkose, argillaceous, ash, asphalt, asthenosphere, augite, aureole, autochthonous, basalt, basement rock, basin, batholith, bedrock, bioerosion, biostratigraphy, biotite, bioturbation, blueschist, breccia, boudin, buckling, calcareous, calcite, calcrete, caldera, cambrian, casting, cenozoic era, chert, chalk, clast, clastic, cleavage, coccolith, compactions, compression, conchoidal, concretion, conglomerate, metamorphism, continental crust, continental margin, continental shelf, convergent boundary, copal, coprolites, cordierite, core, craton, cross-bedding, dacite, delta, degradation, dendrites, deposition, detachment fault, diagenesis, diamictite, diapir, diatomite, diopside, diorite, dike, dip slope, disconformity, divergent plate boundary, drumlin, duricrust, eclogite, eon, epicenter, epidiorite, epirogenetic, epoch, erosion, erratic, escarpment, esker, estuary, eugeosyncline, euhedral, eustatic movements, exfoliation, extrusive, facies, fault zone, fels, felsic, ferricrete, fission track dating, foliation, fossiliferous, gabbro, gastroliths, gondwanaland, granitoid, granoblastic, graywacke, grus, half-life, hinge, holocrystalline, hornblende, hornfels, hydrothermal, hypersaline, ichnology, island arc, interbedded, jurassic, kame, kaolinite, karst, joint, kyanite, laval lamprophyres, leucocratic, liquefaction, limestone, loess, lowland, Ma, mafic, magma, magnetite, mantle, marble, marl, mesozoic, mica, migmatite, mineralization, molasse, muscovite, moraine, mullion, neogene,  oligoclase, olivine, ordovician, orogeny, orogenesis, orthoclase, orthorhombic, peridotite, phyllite, pliocene, plutonic, protolith, pumice, pyroxene, precipitate, porphyry, porphyroblast, pneumatolysis, pyroxenite, quartzite, quaternary, reticulite, retrograde metamorphism, rhyolite, rift, rudaceous, rudite, saccharoidal, sanidine, sediment trap, sericite, shale, shear zone, silcrete, silt, slate, slaty cleavage, slickenside, slump, soil liquefaction, sphene, staurolite, surficial, syenite, syncline, talus, techtonics, tundra, triclinic, travertine, tachyte, topography, till, tillite, tephra, turbidite, ultramafic, vacuoles, variscan, varve, vein, vermiculite, vergence, thrusting, vug, xenotime, xenolith, xyoid coal, ypresian, zeolite, zircon, meteoric

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