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Rock Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about rocks that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s the list of rock puns:

  • Rock: There are a few rock-based phrases/idioms that could be used as rock puns: “I’ve hit rock bottom” and “Between a rock and a hard place” and “(Someone) has rocks in his head” and “Rock the boat” and “Rock candy” and “Let’s rock and roll!” and “On the rocks” and “These puns rock!”
  • Stone: “Stepping stones” and”Leave no stone unturned” and “A heart of stone” and “Etched in stone” and “Rosetta Stone” and “Stone-cold sober” and “A stone’s throw away” and “Squeeze blood from a stone” and “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” and “Cast in stone
  • Nice → Gneiss: As in “Gneiss meeting you” and “Gneiss going!” and “No more Mr. Gneiss Guy”
  • Niece → Gneiss
  • Bolder → Boulder: As in “You need to be boulder during your presentations”
  • Solid: This can be slang for “good”, “excellent”, “cool” or similar – as in “Thanks, you did a solid job today.”
  • Crystallise: As in “The idea began to crystallise in my mind”
  • Crystal: “Crystal clear”
  • Gem: As in “There are a few gems amongst all these terrible rock puns.”
  • Concrete: As in “I haven’t got any concrete proof” and “What are the concrete goals of our mission?”
  • Granted → Granite: As in “You took me for granite
  • Pirate → Pyrite: As in “Downloading pyrited movies” and “Pyrites of the Caribbean”
  • Elementary → Sedimentary: As in “Sedimentary, my dear Watson.”
  • Slate: As in “Start with a clean slate
  • Sale → Shale: As in “They’re on shale – 50% off!” and “”
  • Shall → Shale: As in “Seek and ye shale find” and “Shale we dance?” and “Never the twain shale meet”
  • *rox* → *-rocks-*: Words that contain the “rox” sound can be turned into silly rock puns: app-rocks-imate (approximate), app-rocks-imation, p-rocks-imal, p-rocks-imity, hyd-rocks-ide (hydroxide), p-rocks-y (proxy).
  • *roc* → *-rock-*: Words that contain the “roc” sound (or something vaguely similar) can be turned into silly rock puns: brockoli, crockery, bu-rock-racy (bureaucracy), c-rock-odile, c-rock-odilian, Irock (Iraq), skyrocket, shamrock.
  • Sway → Rock: As in “They rocked back and forth slowly.”
  • Or → Ore: As in “All ore nothing” and “Am I right ore am I right?” and “Be there ore be square” and “Believe it ore not” and “Beg, borrow ore steal” and “Fay ore night” and “Come rain ore shine” and “Friend ore foe” and “Give ore take” and “Hit ore miss” and “Heads ore tails” and “Do ore die” and “Now ore never” and “Like it ore not” and “No ifs ore buts” and “More ore less” and “Ore what?” and “Rain ore shine” and “Trick ore treat” and “Thing ore two”
  • Hard: “Fall on hard times” and “A hard pill to swallow” and “Hard pressed” and “Feel hard done-by” and “Cold, hard cash” and “Hard luck” and “No hard feelings” and “The hard way” and “Play hard to get” and “Have a hard time” and “Old habits die hard” and “Take a long hard look at”
  • Pressure: As in “No pressure” and “Peer pressure” and “Under pressure
  • Sh*t → Schist: As in “You are completely full of schist” and “That’s bullschist” and “Eat schist and die”
  • Gist → Schist: As in “I think I get the schist of it”
  • Aggravate → Aggregate: As in “He was charged with aggregated assault”
  • Too far → Tufa: Tufa is a variety of limestone – “Mate, that was tufa. You should apologise.”
  • Two for → Tufa: “A tufa one deal”
  • Shirt → Chert: Chert is a type of hard, dark, opaque rock composed of silica. Some phrase examples: “Been there, done that, got the T-chert” and “You’ll have to eat your chert if your prediction is wrong” and “Keep your chert on!” and “A hair chert” and “Lose one’s chert
  • Cool → Coal: As in “I liked carbon before it was coal” and “Keep your coal” and “Coal bananas” and “Coal as a cucumber”
  • Cold → Coal: As in “Blood runs coal” and “In coal blood” and “Get coal feet” and “Coal reading” and “Left me out in the coal” and “Knocked out coal” and “Gave me the coal shoulder” and “Catch a coal
  • Ignores → Igneous: As in “He just igneous me whenever I try talking to him.”
  • Worry → Quarry: As in “I was quarried sick” and “Not to quarry
  • People → Pebble: As in “Power to the pebble” and “A pebble person” and “Draw pebble together” and “Of all pebble
  • Talk → Talc: As in “Talc is cheap” and “A pep talc” and “I don’t want to talc about it” and “Look who’s talcing!” and “Small talc” and “You’re all talc” and “Straight talc” and “Talc about a …” and “Talced my head off” and “Talc to the hand” and “Talc your ear off” and “Talc to hear your own voice” and “Talc some sense into” and “Talc down to” and “Pillow talc
  • Grain: “There is a grain of truth to what they’re saying” and “Going against the grain” and “Ain’t got a grain of sense” and “Take it with a grain of salt (or basalt)”
  • Again → A grain: “I tell him a grain and a grain, but he never listens.”
  • Polite → Pelite: Pelite is a very fine-grained sediment or sedimentary rock composed of clay or mud particles – “Pelite society”
  • Marble: “They’ve lost their marbles
  • Cobble: “I’m sure I could cobble something together”
  • Couple → Cobble: As in “How long have you two been a cobble?” and “They’re an odd cobble” and “A cobble of people have asked”
  • Petrify: “I was petrified
  • My car → Mica: The term “mica” refers to a group of sheet silicate minerals.
  • Tough → Tuff: The word tuff refers to a hard volcanic rock composed of compacted volcanic ash – “Tuff schist” and “A tuff act to follow” and “One tuff cookie” and “A tuff nut” and “Tuff luck” and “Do it tuff” and “Studying volcanoes can be tuff
  • Wack → Wacke: The term “wacke” refers to a type of sandstone.
  • Bed rock → Bedrock: As in “” and “”
  • Eroded: As in “It slowly eroded what was once a good relationship” and “”
  • God → Geode: As in “Holy mother of geode” and “Geode willing” and “An act of geode” and “Geode forbid!” and “Geode almighty!” and “Honest to geode” and “Thank geode” and “Ye geodes!” and “For geode’s sake”
  • Classic → Clastic: As in “That was a clastic rock pun.”
  • Platonic → Plutonic: As in “It’s just a plutonic relationship”
  • Chip: As in “Why not chip in and help?”
  • Metaphoric → Metamorphic: As in “Metamorphically speaking”
  • Jaded: The word “jaded” means “bored or lacking enthusiasm”, and “jade” is a hard green gem stone.
  • Courts → Quartz: As in “The quartz will probably find him guilty”
  • Course/Coarse → Quartz: As in “Of quartz it is!”
  • Salt → Basalt: As in “No need to rub basalt in my wounds” and “Worth one’s basalt
  • The salt → Basalt: “Pass basalt
  • Assault → Basalt: As in “It is was a basault on my senses”
  • Die alright → Diorite: “Dad, stop worrying. It’s just a geology expedition – I’m not going to diorite?”
  • Chalk: As in “Chalk it up to experience”
  • Talk → Chalk: As in “Chalk is cheap” and “A pep chalk” and “I don’t want to chalk about it” and “Look who’s chalking!” and “Small chalk
  • Cummingtonite: This is a type of rock. There’s an obvious adult-themed pun here that need not be made more explicit.
  • Bed rock → Bedrock
  • Evaporate →Evaporite: The term “evaporite” refers to a type of rock that’s formed when water evaporates away and leaves crystallised minerals.
  • Flinch → Flint-ch: “I didn’t even flintch
  • Fill it → Phyllite
  • A mile a night → A mylonite
  • Flew right → Fluorite: “Some of your jokes fluorite over my head”
  • I’ll bite → Albite: “Careful – albite!”
  • Conundrum → Corundum:  Corundum is an extremely hard aluminium oxide that’s often used as an abrasive. Ruby and sapphire are varieties of corundum. A conundrum is a confusing and difficult problem or question.
  • Grovel → Gravel: As in “They are gravelling at my feet”

Rock-Related Words

Here’s a list of rock-related concepts to help you come up with your own rock puns:

gneiss, stone, boulder, metamorphic, igneous, tufa, petrification, petrify, petrified, limestone, pebble, chert, basalt, whinstone, claystone, grain, mica, quartz, granite, granitic, chondrite, bedrock, achondrite, xenolith, tor, pumice, quartzite, sedimentary, snadstone, stonemason, soapstone, diorite, andesite, lodestone, menhir, ashlar, lithic, plutonic, monolith, flint, marble, crystal, crystallization, conglomerate, dolomite, gravel, milestone, epilithic, cobblestone, pyroclastic, rupestral, stonehenge, shingles, stony, granolith, pegmatite, mineral, sandstone, sedimentary, limestone, gemstone, cornerstone, quartzite, brick, stoneware, erosion, outcrop, lithosphere, jewellery, stonemason, phosphorite, rosetta stone, granular, gabbro, hard, solid, crack, fragment, coal, rhyolite, feldspar, andesite, batholith, gabbro, olivine, diorite, plagioclase, porphyritic, quartzite, diabase, dolerite, hornfels, pyroxine, evaporite, phyllite, peridotite, aphanitic, aphanite, tufa, ashlar, flint, argonite, cummingtonite, corundum

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