Turkey Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on turkey puns! 🦃 ⛅

While turkeys are seasonally popular due to holiday demand, they’re loved all year round at Punpedia. Whether you’re looking for a specific pun for your Thanksgiving celebrations, attempting to contribute to (or win!) a pun thread, or trying to make some really terrible pick-up lines, we hope this list has what you need.

Note: Punpedia never jokes about killing or hurting animals, and so you won’t find any puns about slaughtering, plucking, debeaking, battery cages, or anything like that. Only happy puns that are friendly to our turkey pals 🙂 Enjoy!

Turkey Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about turkeys that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s the list of turkey puns:

  • Turkey: As in, “Cold turkey,” and “Talk turkey.” Notes: Cold turkey refers to the abrupt and complete quitting of something. To talk turkey is to speak frankly and openly.
  • The Key → Turkey: As in, “Turkey to your heart,” and “Lock him up and throw away turkey,” and “Turkey to a nice, relaxed evening,” and “Turkey to success.”
  • Gobble: Turkeys are known for their signature “gobbling” sound. As gobbling also means to eat quickly and messily, we can make some corny turkey puns out of using these double meanings. Adult male turkeys are also called gobblers, so there are pun possibilities there too.
  • Goblet → Gobble-t: As in, “A wine gobble-t,” and “Crystal gobble-t.”
  • Goblin → Gobblin’: As in, “Gobblin‘ down a vegan feast.”
  • Bird: There are quite a few phrases/idioms related to birds which can be used as puns in the right context: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” and “A bird-brain” and “Bird’s eye view” and “A little bird told me …” and “An early bird” and “Early bird gets the worm” and “Like a bird in a gilded cage” and “The birds and the bees” and “Birds of a feather flock together” and “Flip someone the bird” and “Free as a bird” and “The bird has flown” and “Sing like a bird” and “Jailbird“.
  • Fowl: As in, “Neither fish nor fowl.” Note: this refers to something which is not easily categorised.
  • Foul → Fowl: As in “By fair means or fowl” and “Cry fowl” and “Fowl language” and “Fowl up” and “No harm, no fowl” and “A fowl-mouthed person” and “Fowl play”.
  • Fell → Fowl: As in “In one fowl swoop” and “Little strokes fowl great oaks” and “The bottom fowl out of the market” and “She fowl asleep at the wheel” and “He fowl under her spell” and “It fowl into my lap” and “She fowl victim to the scammer”. Note: If something is done in one fell swoop, then it was done quickly and in one single action.
  • Fall → Fowl: As in, “A fowling out,” and “Easy as fowling off a log,” and “Bread always fowls butter side down,” and “Can’t help fowling in love,” and “Catch a fowling star,” and “Fowl about laughing,” and “Fowl between the cracks,” and “Fowl from grace,” and “Fowl into bad habits,” and “A fowlen angel,” and “Oh how the mighty have fowlen,” and “The bigger they are, the harder they fowl,” and “United we stand, divided we fowl.”
  • Vowel → Fowl: As in, “The owl without a fowl.” Note: this is a reference to Bill Mlkvy.
  • *fal* → *fowl*: As in, fowllacy (fallacy), fowlter (falter), fowlse (false), fowllout (fallout), buffowlo (buffalo), crestfowllen (crestfallen), defowlt (default), downfowl (downfall), fowlsetto (falsetto), fowlt (fault), fowlsify (falsify), freefowl (freefall), nightfowl (nightfall), waterfowl (waterfall).
  • Chuck → Chick: As in, “Chick a sickie,” and “Get chicked out,” and “Chick overboard.”
  • Trick → Chick: As in, “Bag of chicks,” and “Every chick in the book,” and “How’s chicks?” and “Never misses a chick,” and “One chick pony,” and “A chick of the light,” and “Chick or treat!” and “Chicks of the trade,” and “Up to your old chicks.”
  • Thick → Chick: As in, “As chick as thieves,” and “Blood is chicker than water,” and “In the chick of things,” and “The plot chickens,” and “Chick and fast,” and “Through chick and thin,” and “Lay it on chick.”
  • Hen: “Don’t let the fox guard the hen-house” and “As scarce as hen’s teeth” and “A mother hen” and “Hen-pecked” and “Hen’s night/party”. Note: to be henpecked is to be bullied or intimidated by a female.
  • *hen*: Words than contain “hen” can be silly chicken/hen puns: Apprehend, appre-hen-sion, comprehend, comprehension, comprehensive, hence, henceforth, repre-hen-sible, stonehenge.
  • *han* → *hen*: As in, “Give me your hend (hand),” and “Do you have a hendle (handle) on it?” and “You look so hendsome tonight,” and “Your hendwriting has improved,” and “Their kids are a real hendful,” and “She was raised as an orphen,” and “The elephent in the room,” and “Please enhence the image,” and “I’ve had an epipheny!” and “This is your last chence,” and “Change the chennel.”
  • *hin* → *hen*: As in, “You’re hendering (hindering) me,” and “Doorhenge,” and “Give me a hent (hint),” and “In hendsight (hinsight),” and “You’re a hendrance (hindrance),” and “Change comes from withen,” and “Looking a bit then (thin),” and “Take it on the chen (chin),” and “Got kicked in the shens (shins),” and “Contrary to what you may think, dolphens are mammals,” and “A rush of endorphens,” and “A street urchen.” Note: to hinder is to block someone’s progress or to make something difficult to complete.
  • *hon* → *hen*: As in, “Brutally henest (honest),” and “An henourable mention,” and “Hello, heney (honey).”
  • *hun* → *hen*: As in, “A wild hench (hunch),” and “The henter (hunter) becomes the hented (hunted),” and “One hendred,” and “I’m hengry,” and “That’s not what I henger (hunger) for.”
  • Tom: Male turkeys are called “toms”. Make some bad tom puns with these: “Peeping tom,” and “Tom, Dick and Harry,” and “Tom foolery.”
  • *tom*: As in, “Red as a tomato,” and “An old tome,” and “Tomb Raider,” and “As if there were no tomorrow,” and “Custom made,” and “Rock bottom,” and “An atomic flavour,” and “The Phantom Menace,” and “Another symptom of,” and “It takes time to get accustomed,” and “The epitome of grace,” and “Turns my stomach,” and “The customer is not always right.”
  • *tam* → *tom*: As in, tome (tame), tomper (tamper), tomarind (tamarind), tomp (tamp), bantom (bantam), stomp (stamp), testoment (testament), stomina (stamina), metomorphosis (metamorphosis), vitomin (vitamin), stompede (stampede), contomination (contamination). Note: to tamp or tamper something is to press it firmly down so that it becomes compressed. Bantam is a class of weight and is used both in measuring poultry weight and in boxing/mixed martial arts.
  • *tem* → *tom*: As in, tomporal (temporal), tomper (temper), tomperature (temperature), tomperament (temperament), tomplate (template), tomporary (temporary), tompo (tempo), tompest (tempest), systom (system), stom (stem), ecosystom (ecosystem), itom (item), totom (totem), contompt (contempt), and contomplate (contemplate). Notes: temporal means relating to time. A tempest is a storm.
  • *tim* → *tom*: As in, tomeline (timeline), tomid (timid), tomely (timely), tomber (timber), tomeframe (timeframe), toming (timing), verbatom (verbatim), victom (victim), ultomate (ultimate), intomate (intimate), legitomate (legitimate), estomate (estimate), sentoment (sentiment), optomal (optimal), optomistic (optimistic).
  • *tum* → *tom*: As in, tomble (tumble), tomultuous (tumultuous), tomult (tumult), tombler (tumbler), tommy (tummy), tomeric (tumeric), momentom (momentum), quantom (quantum), stomp (stump), and stomble (stumble). Note: if something is tumultuous, then it’s chaotic. Briefly put, quantum refers to the smallest amount of something.
  • Fly: There are a few phrases related to flying which can be used as bird puns in the right context: “Fly by the seat of your pants” and “Fly in the face of the evidence” and “Fly off the shelves” and “A fly on the wall” and “Fly by night” and “On the fly” and “Pigs might fly” and “Let fly” and “Watch the sparks fly” and “Fly in the ointment” and “Fly into a rage” and “Fly off the handle” and “Fly the coop” and “I’ve gotta fly” and “Fly the white flag” and “Wouldn’t hurt a fly
  • Fry → Fly: As in, “Bigger fish to fly,” and “Out of the flying pan, into the fire,” and “Small fly.” Note: to be out of the frying pan and into the fire means to have escaped one situation only to be caught up in a worse one.
  • Flight: “Flight of fancy” and “Take flight” and “Flight of imagination” and “In full flight” and “Flight attendant”.
  • Waddle → Wattle: As in, “Look at that duck’s wattle.” Note: a wattle is the fleshy part on the turkey’s face that hangs down.
  • Snooty → Snood-y: As in, “A snood-y waiter.” Note: a snood is a part of the turkey’s forehead.
  • Feather: There are a few phrases related to feathers: “As light as a feather” and “In full feather” and “Feather in your cap (symbol of honour/achievement)” and “Feather one’s nest” and “Ruffle (a few/someone’s) feathers” and “You could have knocked me down with a feather“.
  • Father → Feather: As in “The founding feathers” and “Like feather, like son”.
  • Further → Feather: As in “Without feather ado” and “Look no feather” and “Kick the can feather down the road”
  • Beard: As in, “His beard was white as snow.” Note: turkeys have beards.
  • Beer → Beard: As in, “Cry into your beard,” and “Everything you always wanted in a beard,” and “Ginger beard,” and “I’m only here for the beard,” and “Life’s not all beard and skittles,” and “The champagne of beards,” and “Hold my beard.”
  • Beak: “To wet one’s beak” and “beak” may be slang for nose in some places.
  • Peek → Beak: As in “Beak-a-boo” and “Sneak beak“.
  • Peak → Beak: As in “Beak performance” and “They climbed to the beak
  • Peck: “The pecking order” and “Peck at (eat only a bit)” and “You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die”. Note: having to eat a peck of dirt before you die means that no-one can escape unpleasant things; everyone will have some kind of unfortunate circumstance to endure during their lifetime.
  • *pec* → *peck*: As in, “Peckuliar circumstances,” and “Peckan pie,” and “Work those pecks (pecs)!” and “Don’t make a specktacle of yourself,” and “A different perspecktive,” and “Treat them with respeckt,” and “Take all aspeckts into account,” and “Sexuality is a specktrum,” and “Prospecktive interests.”
  • *pac* → *peck*: As in, “Good things come in small peckages,” and “A blood peckt,” and “Pay pecket,” and “Positive social impeckt,” and “A compeckt car,” and “Peckyderm (pachyderm).” Note: a pachyderm is a type of animal (elephants are pachyderms).
  • *pic* → *peck*: As in, “The big peckture,” and “Peck up sticks,” and “In a peckle,” and “A peckturesque view,” and “A few sandwiches short of a pecknic (picnic),” and “An epeck movie,” and “I’m a bit myopeck,” and “Stay on topeck,” and “A new biopeck,” and “A philanthropeck mission,” and “Acting conspeckuous,” and “An accurate depecktion,” and “A despeckable villain.” Notes: if someone is myopic, then they’re short-sighted. A biopic is a biographical film. A philanthropic cause is one which aims to promote charity and the welfare of others.
  • *poc* → *peck*: As in, “Pecket-sized,” and “Get outta here with your hypeckrisy (hypocrisy),” and “Apeckalyspe now,” and “You’re being a hypeckrite.”
  • *puc* → *peck*: As in, pecker (pucker), peckered (puckered), and cappeckcino (cappucino).
  • *bac* → *peck*: As in, “Peckground noise,” and “Peckterial (bacterial) infection,” and “Political pecklash,” and “A beautiful peckdrop,” and “The peckchelor (bachelor),” and “In my peckyard,” and “What a depeckle (debacle).”
  • *bec* → *peck*: As in, peckome (become), peckon (beckon), barpeckue (barbecue).
  • *bic* → *peck*: As in, aeropeck (aerobic), arapeck (arabic), cupeckle (cubicle).
  • Pique → Beak: As in, “You’ve beaked my interest.” Note: to pique is to arouse.
  • Wing: “Left wing / right wing” and “Let’s just wing it” and “Take under your wing” and “Clip someone’s wings” and “Spread your wings
  • *wing: Make some turkey puns by emphasising the “wing” in certain words: swing, drawing, following, harrowing, brewing, growing, owing and knowing.
  • Wringer → Winger: As in, “Put through the winger.”
  • Win → Wing: As in, “Can’t wing for losing,” and “Due a wing,” and “Every one a winger,” and “Heads I wing, tails you lose,” and “How to wing friends and influence people,” and “It’s not the winging that counts, it’s the taking part,” and “It’s not whether you wing or lose; it’s how you play the game,” and “Play to wing,” and “Some you wing, some you lose,” and “Winger takes all.”
  • Whinge → Winge: As in, “Having a winge.”
  • Ring → Wing: As in, “Alarm bells began to wing,” and “A dead winger,” and “Doesn’t wing a bell,” and “Don’t wing us, we’ll wing you,” and “In the wing,” and “Wing of fire,” and “Run wings around,” and “Throw your hat into the wing,” and “Give them a wing,” and “My ears are winging,” and “Does that wing any bells?”
  • Tail: As in, “Happy as a dog with two tails,” and “Nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs,” and “Bright eyed and busy tailed,” and “Can’t make head or tail of it,” and “Chase your own tail,” and “Two shakes of a lamb’s tail.” Note: two shakes of a lamb’s tail is a phrase used to indicated that something is very fast.
  • Tale → Tail: As in, “Dead men tell no tails,” and “Fairytail ending,” and “Live to tell the tail,” and “Never tell tails out of school,” and “An old wives’ tail,” and “Tattle tail,” and “Tell tail sign.”
  • Talent → Tailent: As in, “___’s got Tailent,” and “A tailented painter,” and “Where would you say your tailents lie?”
  • Toilet → Tailet: As in, “Down the tailet,” and “In the tailet.”
  • Style → Stail: As in, hairstail, freestail, lifestail, and stailus (stylus)
  • Tile → Tail: As in, fertail (fertile), percerntail (percentile), projectail (projectile), reptail (reptile), and versatail (versatile).
  • Spur: As in, “Spur of the moment.” Note: turkeys have a spur on the back of their feet.
  • *spir* → *spur*: As in, spural (spiral), spurit (spirit), conspuracy (conspiracy), perspuration (perspiration), and inspuration (inspiration).
  • *sper* → *spur*: As in, whispur, aspurions (aspersions), prospur (prosper), despurate (desperate).
  • *bur* → *spur*: As in, hurly-spurly, spurning (burning), spurner (burner),  spuried (buried), spurn (burn), spurst (burst), spury (bury).
  • Fan: As in, “Fan the flames,” and “I’m a big fan,” and “Fan dance,” and “Fancy one’s chances,” and “Flight of fancy,” and “Hit the fan,” and “Tickle one’s fancy,” and “Fancy free,” and “A little of what you fancy does you good,” and “Fancy pants.”
  • Than → Fan: As in, “Bite off more fan you can chew,” and “Blood is thicker fan water,” and “Easier said fan done,” and “More fan meets the eye,” and “You can’t say fairer fan that,” and “Actions speak louder fan words,” and “Better to be safe fan sorry,” and “Two heads are better fan one,” and “Better late fan never,” and “Better to be healthy fan wealthy.”
  • Thanks → Fan-ks: As in, “Accept with fan-ks,” and “Give fan-ks,” and “Fan-k your lucky stars.”
  • Nest: “Leave the nest” and “Empty nest syndrome” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Love nest” and “Stir up a hornet’s nest” and “A nest of vipers” and “A mare’s nest” and “Nest together”. Notes: empty nest syndrome is the feeling of loneliness a parent may experience when their children move out for the first time. A mare’s nest is a state of confusion or chaos.
  • Next → Nest: As in “Nest minute …” and “Better luck nest time” and “Boy/girl nest door” and “Nest generation” and “Nest in line to the throne” and “Nest to nothing” and “Take it to the nest level” and “Nest to nothing” and “The nest big thing.” and “Cleanliness is nest to godliness” and “In nest to no time” and “Nest to nothing” and “One day chicken and the nest day feathers” and “Catch the nest wave” and “As ___ as the nest girl/guy”. Note: “One day chicken and the next day feathers” is a phrase indicating that things we consider valuable can be lost in no time at all (like a job, marriage, or a house etc).
  • Clutch: Clutch has two meanings: to hold onto something tightly, and a group of eggs. We can make some egg puns using this: “A drowning person will clutch at a straw,” and “Pearl-clutcher.” Note: a pearl-clutcher is someone who is overly prudish.
  • Claw: As in, “Tooth and claw,” and “Get your claws into.”
  • Chlo* → Claw*: As in clawride (chloride) and clawrine (chlorine).
  • Clo* → Claw*: As in, clawbber (clobber), claw-ck (clock), clawckwise (clockwise), clawg (clog), clawset (closet), clawth (cloth).
  • Flock: “To flock around/to (someone/something)” and “Flock together” and “Birds of a feather flock together”. Note: birds of a feather flock together means that ones with similar tastes or interest tend to congregate together.
  • Flick → Flock: As in, “Chick flock,” and “Give it the flock.” Note: to give something the flick is to get rid of it.
  • Fluke → Flock: As in, “A lucky flock.”
  • Flake → Flock: As in, “Flock out,” and “Flock-y pastry.” Note: to flake out is to not stand up to promises or expectations.
  • Paltry → Poultry: The term “paltry” means “small, insignificant or worthless” and the term “poultry” refers to domesticated chickens (and ducks, geese and other fowl). As in, “A poultry amount of work.” Note: young turkeys are called poults, so any poultry pun should also work with poult.
  • Poetry → Poultry: As in, “Poultry in motion,” and “Spoken word poultry.” Note: spoken word poetry is performative poetry that tends to involve themes of social justice.
  • Poltergeist → Poultrygeist: As in, “Peeves the poultrygeist.” Note: Peeves is a famous poltergeist from the Harry Potter series.
  • Pulled → Poult: As in, “He really poult me along.”
  • Bolt → Poult: As in, “A poult from the blue,” and “Poulted upright,” and “Poulted for the door,” and “Get down to the nuts and poults of it,” and “No point locking the stable door after the horse has poulted.” Notes: a bolt from the blue is a sudden, unexpected event. To lock the stable door after the horse has already bolted is to take precautions after the worst has already happened.
  • Joke → Jake: A jake is a young male turkey, so we can make some terribly turkey puns here. As in, “Beyond a jake,” and “By way of a jake,” and “An inside jake,” and “It’s not a jaking matter,” and “The jake’s on you,” and “A terrible jake,” and “Can’t take a jake.”
  • Click → Cluck: As in “Cluck on that button” and “Her explanation clucked with me straight away”.
  • Clock → Cluck: As in “The cluck is ticking” and “A race against the cluck” and “Around the cluck” and “Biological cluck” and “Turn back the cluck” and “Stop the cluck” and “10 o’cluck“.
  • Egg: There are a few phrases/idioms that contain the word “egg”: “A bad egg” and “Egg on” and “A hard egg to track” and “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and “Egg on one’s face” and “A good egg” and “A rotten egg” and “Egg and spoon race”. Note: to have egg on your face means that you’ve been made to look foolish.
  • *eg* → *egg*: If a word contains the “egg” sound then we can make a silly egg pun: dereggulation, beggar, begging, deggradation, eggsistence (existence), eggsit (exit), eggshortation (exhortation), eggsile (exile), eggsistential (existential), impreggnated, irreggularity, irreggular, kegg, legg, begg, meggabyte, leggings, meggawatts, neggatively, neggative, neggligently, nutmegg, peggasus, preggnancies, reggular, reggulation, seggment, unreggulated, preggnant, omegga, seggregated.
  • Agg* → Egg*: As in, eggregate, eggressive, and eggravate.
  • *igg* → *egg*: As in, tregger (trigger), geggle (giggle), peggyback (piggyback), weggle (wiggle).
  • *ugg* → *egg*: As in, streggle (struggle), seggest (suggest), regged (rugged), smeggle (smuggle), sleggish (sluggish), jeggle (juggle), beggy (buggy).
  • Coup → Coop: A “coup” is a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government. While it works visually, “coup” is pronounced without the “p” while “coop” is pronounced with.
  • Coop: “Cooped up (confined in a small place)” and “Fly the coop (to escape)”
  • Coupe → Coop: A coupe is a car with a fixed roof and only two doors and is generally shorter than a sedan.
  • *coop*: Words with the “coop” sound are easy chicken coop puns: coopon (coupon), scoop, scooped, recoop (recoup), recooperation (recouperation).
  • Rafter: As in, “Packed to the rafters.”
  • Scoop → S-coop: As in, “Full s-coop,” and “Get the s-coop,” and “Inside s-coop,” and “Poop and s-coop,” and “What a s-coop.”
  • Strut: As in, “Strut your stuff.” Note: strutting is a courtship behaviour for turkeys.
  • Street → Strut: As in, “Easy strut,” and “Mean struts,” and “On the sunny side of the strut,” and “Right up your strut,” and “Strut cred,” and “The struts of London are paved with gold,” and “The word on the strut,” and “A two-way strut,” and “Trust is a two-way strut.”
  • Stretch → Strut-ch: As in, “By any strut-ch of the imagination,” and “Home strut-ch,” and “Strut-ch your legs,” and “Strut-ching the truth.”
  • Strat* → Strut*: As in, strutegy (strategy), strutegic (strategic), strutosphere (stratosphere), strutification (stratification). Notes: the stratosphere is a layer in the Earth’s atmosphere. Stratification is a system of layers or categories.
  • Scratch: As in, “I scratch your back, you scratch mine,” and “Scratch the surface,” and “Start from scratch,” and “Up to scratch,” and “Handwriting like chicken scratch,” and “Scratching your head.” Note: if you’ve got handwriting like chicken scratch, then you’ve got illegible handwriting.
  • Prin* → Preen*: As in, preenciple (principle), preence (prince), preencess (princess), preent (print), preenter (printer), preenciple (principal).
  • *pren* → *preen*: As in, preenatal, preenup, preenuptial, entrepreeneur, appreentice and neopreene.
  • Help → Yelp: As in, “A cry for yelp,” and “Bend over backwards to yelp,” and “Beyond yelp,” and “Can I yelp you?” and “Can’t yelp falling in love,” and “Yelp yourself,” and “A yelping hand,” and “With a little yelp from my friends,” and “Yelp make ends meet.” Note: a yelp is a type of turkey call.
  • Spit: Turkeys are known for spitting, so we can make some bad turkey puns here – as in, “Spit and polish,” and “Spit in the eye of,” and “Dummy spit,” and “Spit take,” and “Spitting image,” and “Spitting with rain,” and “Within spitting distance.” Notes: spit and polish is an extreme attention to cleanliness and appearance. A spit take is where someone spits a drink out of their mouth in reaction to something.
  • Court: As in, “Contempt of court,” and “Courting disaster,” and “Haul before the court,” and “Order in the court,” and “See you in court,” and “The ball is in your court.” Note: court has a few different meanings, including the type of courting that turkeys do to attract each other – which allows us to make use of this for some terrible turkey puns.

Turkey-Related Words

There are many more turkey puns to be made! Here’s a list of turkey-related concepts to help you come up with your own. If you come up with a new pun, please share it in the comments!

turkey, gobble, hen, tom, gobbler, poult, jake, jenny, flock, rafter bird, egg, poultry, fowl, chick, wattle, snood, caruncle, beard, feather, wing,  tail, fan, beak, spur, plumage, domesticated, wild, pecking order, strut, fly, nest, claw, scratch, preen, cluck, yelp, spit, forage, courting, clutch, eastern wild turkey, osceola, rio grande, merriam’s wild, gould’s wild, south mexican wild

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Monkey Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on monkey puns! 🐒 This entry is specifically for monkeys and so you won’t find any ape related wordplay (chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas, etc.). Also note that this entry is a work-in-progress, so please share monkey puns that we don’t have in the comments! Thanks 🙂

Monkey Puns List

  • Monkey: There are a few phrases/idioms that include the word “monkey” and so might be used as monkey puns: “Monkeying around” and “Monkey business” and “Monkey see, monkey do” and “Monkey’s uncle” and “A monkey on one’s back” and “More fun than a barrel of monkeys” and “Grease monkey” and “Make a monkey of (someone)” and “Brass monkey” and “Don’t give a monkey’s
  • Banana: Phrases involving the word “banana” can be used as monkey puns: “I am bananas for you.” and “He’s going bananas!” and “Banana republic” and “She’s the top banana around here.” and “No worries, that’s a one-banana problem.”
  • Given → Gibbon: As in “You will be gibbon no quarter” and “We can take that as a gibbon” and “At any gibbon hour” and “I was gibbon the sack today”
  • Tambourine → Tamarin: The tambourine is a musical instument, and a “tamarin” is a type of monkey. This may suit some esoteric music/monkey pun situation.
  • Howler: Howler monkeys are a type of monkey well known for their very loud howls. Someone who excessively complains or cries, or does so loudly might be termed a “howler” to make a monkey pun.
  • Reese’s pieces → Rhesus pieces: The rhesus macaque is one of the most well-known “old-world” monkeys.
  • Cappuccino → Capuchino: The capuchin monkey is a well known species that has been used in many films and television series. A “cappuccino” is a common type of coffee of Italian origin. Interestingly, the name of this monkey and the coffee seem to have similar origins that stem from their similar colour.
  • Surely → Surili: The surilis are a group of small, slim monkeys that exist in some parts of south-east Asia. Some sentence examples: “Slowly, but surili” and “Surili not?”
  • Mamma said → Marmoset: A marmoset is one of 22 species of small monkey that are native to South America.
  • Roll away → Roloway: A roloway monkey is an endangered monkey that’s native to tropical West Africa.
  • Going on → Guenon: As in “What’s guenon?” – The guenons are a genus of forest monkeys that are native to sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Dry as → Dryas: As in “I’m dryas a bone” – The dryas monkey is a little-known species of guenon that is only found in the Congo Basin.
  • Manga be* → Mangabey: As in “I read mangabey-cause it’s fun.” – The term mangabey refers to a group of 3 somewhat related genera of monkeys.
  • Duck → Douc: A “douc” is a type of monkey (from one of 3 different species) in Southeast Asia that is well known for its bright colours. Example sentences: “A sitting douc” and “Douc, douc, goose” and “Like water off a douc’s back”
  • Give it → Grivet: As in “Grivet here! That’s mine!” – A grivet (aka African green monkey) is a monkey that’s native to Ethipia, Sudan, Djbouti and Eritrea, and has long white tufts of hair alongside its face.
  • Man drill → Mandrill
  • Monk key → Monkey
  • My car can → Macaque-an: As in “Macaque-an go faster than yours”

Monkey-Related Words

Here’s a list of monkey-related concepts to help you come up with your own monkey puns:

primate, tail, arboreal, climb, tree, swing, banana, bananas, simian, baboon, capuchin, marmoset, spider monkey, tamarin, howler, macaque, mandrill, rhesus, vervet, gibbon, proboscis, patas, tantalus, malbrouk, dryas, roloway, guenon, mangabey, langur, lutung, surili, douc, squirrel monkey, night monkey, titi, saki, uakari, howler, muriqui, woolly monkey, grivet, douroucouli, talapoin, platyrrhine, hanuman, guenon, entellus

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Dog Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on dog puns! 🐶 The puns in the list below play on a breed of dog, or on a dog-related concept (collar, puppy, etc.). There’s also a big list of dog-related words at the bottom of the list to help you come up with your own dog puns (please share them in the comments!).

Dog Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about dogs that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s the list of dog puns:

  • Dog: There are quite a few phrases and idioms that directly use the word “dog”: “Dog eat dog” and “Barking dogs seldom bite” and “As crooked as a dog’s hind leg” and “As sick as a dog” and “Dog days” and “Dog in the manger” and “Dog tired” and “Dog’s bollocks” and “Dog’s breakfast” and “Don’t keep a dog and bark yourself” and “Every dog has her/his day” and “Give a dog a bad name” and “Hot diggety dog” and “The dog ate my homework” and “The tail wagging the dog” and “Work like a dog” and “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” and “A shaggy dog story” and “A sly dog” and “Call off the dogs” and “Everybody and their dog” and “Doggie paddle”
  • Rough → Ruff: As in “Ruff and tumble” and “Ruff around the edges” and “Diamond in the ruff” and “Ruff stuff” and “Take the ruff with the smooth” and “Ruff someone up”
  • Might → Mutt: As in “With all my mutt” and “Mutt as well” and “Mutt makes right” and “It mutt have been worse” and “Try as I mutt
  • Massive → Mastiff: As in “It was a mastiff waste of time.” and “The queue is mastiff!”
  • Least → Leashed: As in “It’s the leashed I could do.” and “At the very leashed.” and “Last but not leashed” and “The path of leashed resistance” and “When you leashed expect it” and “Not in the leashed” and “To say the leashed
  • Bite: As in “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” and “Bite the big one” and “A bite to eat” and “Love bite” and “Bite someone’s head off” and “Bite back” and “Bite me”
  • Dogmatic / Dogmatism: As in “It’s this sort of dogmatism that’s tearing our country apart.”
  • Dawg → Dog: As in “What’s up dog.”
  • Puppy: “He’s one sick puppy” and “Puppy love” and “Look at these puppies” and “Puppy fat” and “Hush puppies
  • Hound: As in “They hounded me for days before I finally gave in.” and “Hold with the hare and run with the hounds (To be hypocritical or duplicitous)”
  • Hand → Hound: As in “It wasn’t hounded to me on a silver platter” and “A bird in the hound is worth two in the bush” and “This is getting out of hound” and “We’ve got the upper hound” and “In the palm of your hound” and “Right hound man” and “Take your hound in marriage”
  • Wolf: As in “The boy who cried wolf” and “Wolf whistle” and “Wolf something down (eat fast)” and “Wolf in sheep’s clothing” and “A lone wolf” and “Hold a wolf by the ears” and “Sell wolf tickets (originally ‘woof’ tickets)” – and a related wolf-related phrase is “Alpha female/male“.
  • Pack: (In reference to a pack of wild dogs or a pack of wolves) “Leader of the pack” and “Pack a punch” and “Pack heat” and “Pack your bags” and “Six pack
  • Donation → Dalmatian: As in “A small monthly dalmatian to a charity.”
  • ‘kay, nine → Canine: As in “‘kay, nine should be enough anyway.”
  • Collar: “Blue/white collar workers” and “Hot under the collar
  • Husky: “He had a slow, husky voice.”
  • Has led → ‘sled: As in “This map ‘sled us down the wrong path.”
  • Patch → Pooch: As in “My business has been going through a rough pooch lately.” and “That cut looks bad but the doc will pooch it up nicely.”
  • Corny → Corgi: As in “Sorry that my dog puns are so corgi.”
  • Heel: “Archilles’ heel” and “Turn on your heel” and “Under the heel of” and “Brought to heel” and “Head over heels” and “Dig your heels in” and “They’re on our heels” and “Well-heeled” and “Cool your heels
  • Tail: As in “To chase one’s tail” and “Heads or tails” and “Get off my tail!” and “Has the world by the tail” and “Can’t make heads or tails of it” and “With one’s tail between one’s legs” and “To work your tail off”
  • Chase: As in “Chase around after” and “Cut to the chase” and “A wild-goose chase” and “Chasing rainbows” and “Chase down”
  • Fetch: As in “You’re looking quite fetching tonight!” and “Can you fetch me a pen please?” and “All I did during my internship was fetch and carry for the manager.”
  • Bagel →Beagle: As in “I’ll just get a coffee and beagle, thanks.”
  • Boggle →Beagle: As in “It’s mind-beagle-ing.”
  • Neutral → Neuter-al: As in “I don’t really have an opinion on this – I’m neuter-al.”
  • Breed: “Hatred breeds hatred” and “A dying breed” and “A rare breed” and “Familiarity breeds contempt”
  • Mongrel: This refers to a dog which is a cross between diverse breeds (the opposite of a purebred), but if often used to describe someone in a derogatory manner: “That mongrel kid stole the pie from my window sill!”
  • Lab: This is short for Labrador, and also (obviously) to a place where scientific research is done (i.e. a “science lab”). These two meaning could be played with to create a dog pun with common phrase like “Lab report” and “Science lab
  • Retriever: If you can use the word “retriever” in its literal sense rather than in reference to a dog breed, that might constitute a dog pun.
  • Retrieve her → Retriever: As in “She went to retriever hat, since she dropped it from the balcony by accident.”
  • Guide: A pun on guide dogs might be possible by simply using the word “guide” in the right context.
  • Sniff: “Sniff around” and “Nothing to be sniffed at” and “Sniff out something (e.g. the truth)”
  • Terror → Terrier: As in “Reign of terrier” and “Terrierism” and “A holy terrier
  • Tear your → Terrier: As in “Don’t terrier self up about it”
  • Peg → Pug: As in “Like a square pug in a round hole” and “That took him down a pug or two” and “Don’t try to pug the blame on me!”
  • Up → Pup: As in “We got it back pup and running in no time.” and “She had an ace pup her sleeve” and “It’s not all it’s cracked pup to be” and “It doesn’t quite add pup.” and “Barking pup the wrong tree” and “I’m pup against a brick wall” and “I’m pup to my ears in (something)” and “It all blew pup in my face.” and “Bottoms pup!’
  • Pom or Iranian → Pomeranian: As in “It was an unusual accent and the line wasn’t good, but they were either a Pom or Iranian.” (Terrible! :D)
  • Bull: “Oh that’s utter bull and you know it.” and “What a load of bull
  • Spinal → Spaniel: As in “I have to take my dog in for a spaniel cord operation on Tuesday.”
  • Border of California → Border of Colliefornia
  • Border: As in “That’s bordering on rude.”
  • Schnauzer: This sounds a bit like “schnoz” – a slang word for nose, so perhaps a puns could be made there.
  • Pincher → Pinscher
  • Pinch her → Pinscher
  • Retailer → Rottweiler: As in “Myer is a rottweiler of clothes, accessories and related products.”
  • Bark: “Their bark is worse than their bite.” and “You’re barking up the wrong tree” and “She’s barking mad”
  • Pure bread → Purebred: As in “They’re so unhealthy, they’ve got a diet that’s basically purebred.”
  • Spits → Spitz: As in “I do so much to help him and he just spitz in my face like that.”
  • Doggedly: This means “in a manner that shows tenacity and grim persistence.”
  • Bitch: This is the term often used by breeders to refer to a female dog. It has obvious slang meanings to which could be used for word play.
  • How’ll (How will) → Howl: As in “Howl we be able to make up the lost time?”
  • Well → Whelp: As in “Whelp, I guess it’s time to go home.” (the term “whelp” is a synonym for puppy.)
  • Cur-*: The term “cur” refers to an aggressive dog, or one that is not healthy. If a word starts with “cur” a pun can sometimes be made of it: cur-ently, cur-iculum, cur-ency, cur-ve, cur-tain, cur-l, cur-se.
  • Mush: This is the term used to encourage sled dogs to go, or to go faster, or to refer to a sledding journey. It also refers to “a soft, wet, pulpy mass” the the process of mashing to make such a mass.
  • Much → Mush: As in “Thank you so mush.” (Spoken with an accent)
  • Sick → Sic: To “sic” is to set a dog onto someone (especially a dog trained to attack). In the right context a pun on “sick” could probably be made. Some idioms/phrases: “You make me sic.” and “Sic to death of (something)” and “Sic to one’s stomach” and “I was worried sic.” and “They called in sic
  • Yep → Yap: As in “Yap, I agree.”
  • Whip it → Whippet: As in “Whippet. Whippet good.”
  • Cable → Kibble: As in “Kibble TV” and “We need to bury this kibble under the lawn.”
  • Yelp: As well as referring to a dog’s bark of distress, this can refer to Yelp (the company), or to a short sharp cry from a human.
  • Flee → Flea: As in “The thief fleaed from the crime scene on foot.”
  • Fee → Flea: As in “Have you paid your annual fleas?”
  • Bad zoo → Shih Tzu: As in “Tickets of entry were nearly 50 bucks and it turned out to be a Shih Tzu
  • Pointer: “Let me give you a few pointers” and “I need a laser pointer for my presentation.”
  • Wag: “They wagged school”
  • Applause → Appaws: As in “A round of appaws.”
  • Melancholy → Melancollie
  • Call → Collie: As in “I’ll collie you back later.”
  • Subwoofer
  • R?f* → Ruff: If a word begins with “ruf”, “ref”, “rof” or similar, it can often be turned into a silly dog puns: rufferals (referrals), ruffle (raffle), rufferee, rufference, rufferendum, ruffinement, rufflection, rufflectors, rufformation, ruffreshingly, ruffurbishment, ruffuted, ruffugee, ruffrigerator, ruffled.
  • Wine → Whine: As in “Whining and dining.”
  • Dark → Bark: As in “Come to the Bark Side, Luke.” and “It’s getting a bit bark, shall we start heading home?”
  • Thug → Pug: As in “Pug life.”
  • Puddle → Poodle: As in “Don’t step in that poodle!” and “”
  • Pop → Pup: As in “Pup-corn”
  • Pause → Paws: “Let’s paws and reflect.”
  • For → Fur: “Fur the love of god!” and “Fur real?” and “A fur effort” and “Good-fur-nothing” and “A penny fur your thoughts” and “Bat fur the other side” and “Our fur the count” and “Spoiled fur choice” and “Worse fur wear” and “Can’t see the forest fur the trees” and “Cause fur alarm” and “Different strokes fur different folks” and “Dollar fur dollar” and “Fur what it’s worth” and “Fur instance, …” and “Fur the time being” and “Asking fur trouble” and “Taken fur granted” and “Too close fur comfort” and “Fish fur a compliment” and “Fur better or for worse” and “Fur crying out loud!” and “Fur good measure” and “Fur one thing, …” and “Fur the fun of it” and “Fur your information” and “A sight fur sore eyes”
  • Poor → Paw: “Oh you paw thing.”
  • Positively → Pawsitively: “Processed and red meats have been pawsitively linked to several common cancers.”
  • Position → Pawsition: “I’m not in a pawsition to comment on that.”
  • Possible → Pawssible: “That’s simply not pawssible!”
  • Possession → Pawsession: “Charged for pawsession of narcotics.”
  • Posture → Pawsture: “I need to pay more attention to my pawsture.”
  • Posh → Pawsh: “This party is too pawsh for me.”
  • Postulate → Pawstulate: “We can only pawstulate that he escaped via the window.”
  • Posterity → Pawsterity: “The names were recorded for pawsterity.”
  • Posthumously → Pawsthumously: “He was granted the nobel prize pawsthumously.”
  • *por* → *paw*: If a word contains the “por” sound (or similar) we can usually replace it with “paw” to make a silly dog pun: airpawt, appawled, appawntment, coupawns, dispropawtionately, depawtation, downpaw (downpour), depawted, expawted, impawted, impawtance, impawssibility, passpawt, pawtal, pawtability, pawtfolio, pawtion, pawtland, pawtray, pawtrayal, pawsterior, propawtionally, purpawted, self-pawtrait, repawter, unsuppawted, suppawter, transpawting.
  • Underdog
  • Watchdog: This term is often used in a non-dog sense, for example “A government watchdog organisation to prevent corruption.”
  • Degrade → Dograde: As in “These puns are very dograding.”
  • Dignity → Dognity: As in “I’ve lost all dognity at this point.” and “I’ll at least try to make a dognified exit.”
  • *dog*: If a word contains “dig”, “dag”, “derg” or similar sounds, a very silly dog pun cans ometimes be made: indognantly (indignantly), indognation (indignation), madogascar, undograduate, pedogogical, pro-dog-al, undoground, undogone (undergone).
  • *pet*: If a word contains the “pet” sound, it may work as a silly pet pun: competitive, competitor, petri dish, parapet, petrochemical, petrol, petticoat, pipet (pipette), repetitive.
  • *fur*: If a word contains the “fur” sound (or similar), we can make silly fur puns: a-fur-mative, di-fur-ent, further, infurmation, offur, effurt, furget, furgotten, comfurt, suffur, furm (firm), furnish, furgive, comfurtable, confurm, furmly, Afurica, Oxfurd, furever, furniature, philosofur, furbidden, transfur, confurmation, diffur, furtile, furbid, confurence, confurred, uncom-fur-table, furgiven, furlorn (forelorn), confurm, furbade, confur, furnace, furocity, transfurmation, infur, infurence, defur, furthermore, furtively, furvently, cifur (cipher), furthest, biografur, affurm, furvent, furmentation, photografur, vocifurous, unfurled, afurism (aphorism), perifural (peripheral), chaufur (chauffeur).

Dog-Related Words

There are many more puns to be made than could be documented in this Punpedia entry, and so we’ve compiled a list of dog-related concepts for you to use when creating your own puns. If you come up with a new pun, please share it in the comments!

pet, puppy, hound, wolf, dachshund, great dane, ruff, poodle, man’s best friend, dalmatian, Irish wolfhound, canis, K9, canine, sled dog, husky, pack, pooch, doggie, doggy, chihuahua, corgi, guard dog, heel, tail, chase, fetch, artificial selection, bull terrier, canidae, beagle, neuter, breed, guide dog, mongrel, Labrador, golden retriever, sniff, yorkshire terrier, terrier, bloodhound, domesticated, chase after, pug, mutt, pup, dingo, mastiff, pomeranian, bulldog, spaniel, border collie, collie, english mastiff, schnauzer, dobermann, rottweiler, schipperke, pinscher, cocker spaniel, keeshond, shaggy, basset hound, mammal, purebred, bow-wow, bark, greyhound, spitz, seeing eye dog, companion, german shepard, pedigree, bull mastiff, sniffer dog, animal shelter, dog wash, doggedly, mad dog, bitch, howl, kennel, whelp, cur, sheepdog, watchdog, woof, lapdog, mush, boxer, police dog, sic, yap, dogged, dog tired, muzzle, leash, whippet, bandog, kibble, yelp, blue heeler, fleas, collar, basset hound, shih tzu, pitbull, bull terrier, jack russell, shetland sheepdog, pointer, bichon frise, st. bernard, alaskan mamalute, maltese, lhasa apso, akita, boston terrier, papillion, bernese mountain dog, bite, wag, paws, whine, bone, watchdog, underdog

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