Bee Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on bee puns! 🐝 This entry is a work-in-progress, but currently has a reasonable number of puns based on bees and bee-related words (honey, pollen, buzz, hive, etc.). You won’t find any wasp puns in this entry – wasps deserve their own entry and will get one soon 🙂

Bee Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about bees that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s the list of bee puns:

  • Bee: There are a few phrases/idioms which include the word “bee” and so could be used as bee puns in the right context: “Bee in your bonnet” and “As busy as a bee” and “Busy bee” and “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” and “The bee’s knees” and “None of your bee’s wax” and “Queen bee” and “Put the bee on (someone)” and “The birds and they bees
  • Be → Bee: As in “If truth bee told” and “Not all it’s cracked up to bee” and “A force to bee reckoned with” and “Well I’ll bee!” and “Appearances can bee deceiving.”
  • Honey: “Honey, I’m home!” and “The land of milk and honey” and “Honey-mouthed (smooth, persuasive, seductive)” and “Honey trap” and “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”
  • Buzz: “Buzz word” and “Catch a buzz (i.e. become tipsy)” and “Buzz off” and “Get a buzz out of something” and “Give someone a buzz (i.e. call them)”
  • Bus → Buzz: As in “I catch the buzz to school most days.”
  • Bizarre → Buzzare
  • Hive: “Hive-mind” and “A hive of activity” and “Hive off”
  • Have → Hive: As in “As luck would hive it” and “Do I hive to paint you a picture?” and “Don’t hive a clue” and “Hive a bite to eat” and “Hive a crack at (something)” and “Hive a laugh” and “Hive a looksee” and “Hive a nice day” and “Hive a mind to …” and “Hive in your sights” and “Hive it both ways” and “Hive no truck with” and “Hive your head examined” and “Hive your fingers in the till” and “Hive the world at your fingertips” and “Hive the final say” and “Hive it your way” and “I hive a dream” and “I hive it on good authority” and “If I tell you I will hive to kill you” and “A must hive” and “We hive lift off” and “Hive seen better days” and “You hive to be in it to win it” and “You could hive heard a pin drop”
  • I’ve → Hive: As in “Hive had enough of your terrible puns.”
  • Queen: As in “Beauty queen” and “Drag queen” and “Queen bee” and “Drama queen” and “Ice queen
  • Behave → Beehive: As in “Be on your best beehive-iour.” and “Oh, beehive!”
  • Beeswax: “None of your beeswax.”
  • Be* → Bee*: If a word starts with “be” then it’s an easy (and terrible :P) bee pun: beech (beach), bee-bee-c (BBC), beecon (beacon), beeker (beaker), beecame (became), beest, beeds, beever, beeting, beetle, beegan (began), beetween, beeside, beelow, beeing (being).
  • *be* → *bee*: If a word contains the “be” sound (or similar) then there’s the potential for a silly bee pun: adobee (adobe), am-bee-ent (ambient), amphi-bee-ans, amphi-bee-ous, babeesitter, chubbee, claustropho-bee-a, diso-bee-dience, Elizabeethan, freebee, furbee, dubeeous (dubious), disobeedient, homophobeea, heartbeet, lesbeean, microbeeal, memora-bee-lia, mozambeeque, obeedience, obeesity, phobeea, serbeea, rugbee, unbeetable, suburbeea, zombee.
  • Pullin’ → Pollen: As in “You’re pollen my leg” and “Pollen power” and “Like pollen teeth”
  • Pull in → Pollen: As in “Pollen to the driveway on your left” and “Pollen the reins”
  • Pauline → Pollen
  • Darling, be → Honey, bee: As in “Honey, bee careful with that bag, it’s got a hole in the bottom.”
  • Bumble: To “bumble” is to move, act or talk in an awkward or confused manner. It’s of course related to bees via bumblebees.
  • Fly: In some context the word “fly” (the verb) may be a potential bee pun. Here are some idioms/phrases to help you out in cases like that: “I’ve got to fly” and “Fly off the handle” and “Fly into a rage” and “Fly in the face of danger” and “Fly the flag” and “Fly low” and “Fly by the seat of one’s pants” and “Sparks fly” and “On the fly
  • Drone: This term can refer to monotonous speech (e.g. “The speaker droned on and on.”), a low humming sound, an aerial vehicle that is remotely controlled and/or self-controlled. It also refers to a male bee within a colony that does no work but can fertilise the queen.
  • Large number of → Swarm of: Whenever referring to a large group of things, especially if they are moving in some sense, you might refer to them as a “swarm”.
  • Swam → Swarm
  • It’s warm → Swarm: As in “Swarm today, isn’t it?”
  • It hurts → It stings: When describing pain, say it “stings” as a sneaky little bee pun.
  • Might → Mite: Bee populations worldwide are suffering due to a mite called varroa destructor. This mite problem may be well known enough to allow for some “mite” puns.
  • Community/District → Colony: Replace words like “community”, “settlement” and “district” with “colony” – a term closely associated with bees.
  • Culture → Apiculture: As in “It doesn’t reflect the apicultural values of our company.” and “I felt a bit of apiculture shock a couple of weeks after moving.”
  • Wing: “Taken under the wing of (someone)” and “Left/right wing” and “Waiting in the wings” and “Clip (someone’s) wings” and “Spread (one’s) wings
  • Flight: As in “Take flight” and “In full flight” and “Flight of stairs”
  • Annoy → Bug: As in “Stop bugging me” and “Sorry to bug you, but …”
  • Intersectional → Insectional: As in “Insectional social justice organisation”

Bee-Related Words

There are many more bee puns to be made! Here’s a list of bee-related concepts to help you come up with your own. If you come up with a new pun, please share it in the comments!

honey, insect, fly, flight, buzz, pollination, pollen, hive, queen, queen bee, beehive, beeswax, pollinator, beekeeper, honey bee, bumblebee, bumble, flower, wasp, drone, honeycomb, regurgitation, swarm, sting, stung, bee sting, stinger, dance, flower, apiculture, apiarist, apiary, colony, beekeeping, apis mellifera, wings, mite, thorax, invertebrate, compound eye, bug, nectar, bee, hornet

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Crab Puns

Halfway through a pun battle about crabs? Naming your new hermit crab? Or maybe you just want to stock up on some crab puns for future reference. Whatever the case, this Punpedia entry is all about crabs and crustaceans, so you’re in the right place!

You may also like to read the entries on beach punsocean puns, water puns, fish puns, boat puns, shark puns, whale puns and dolphin puns.

Not that this entry also includes lobster puns, prawn puns, and more generally, crustacean puns. If you’re looking for visual crab puns (memes, comics, images), scroll to the bottom of this page.

Crab Puns List

Below is list of puns for crab-related topics with associated example sentences for each. Most of these puns are terrible, which is probably exactly what you’re after, but there are a few diamonds in the rough, so get digging! Oh and some items explain a “pattern” which can be applied to create many crab puns. In these items, the asterisk, “*”, denotes a wild card (one or more letters).

Remember, there’s lobster puns, shellfish puns, and other crab-related puns mixed throughout, so if you’re having a purely crab-based pun battle or something like that, then just know that not all of these will be relevant 🙂

  • Captivating → Crabtivating: As in “That was an incredibly crabtivating speech.”
  • Cab → Crab: As in “I think the crab-driver was drunk.”
  • Cab* → Crab*: If a word starts with “caB” we can make a terrible crab pun of it: crabinet (cabinet), crabbage (cabbage), crabaret (cabaret), crabling (cabling), crable (cable), cabbies (crabbies).
  • Cap* → Crab*: If a word starts with “cap” we can make a terrible crab pun: crabital (capital), crabacity (capacity), crabtain (captain), crabitalism (capitalism), crababilities (capabilities), crabtion (caption), crabuccino (cappuccino), crabpricious (capricious), crabsicum (capsicum).
  • Capable → Crab-apple: As in “I am completely crab-apple of completing this task ma’am.”
  • *cab* → *crab*: If a word contains “cab” we can often make a terrible crab pun: applicrability (applicability), amicrable (amicable), dispicrable (dispicable), replicrable (replicable), scrabbard (scabbard), vocrabulary (vocabulary).
  • Carbohydrates → Crabohydrates: As in “Low-crabohydrate diets are just an unhealthy fad.”
  • Carbon → Crabon: As in “Crabon-fibre is the new chitin.” and “We need more bicrabonate soda.”
  • Cry → Cray: As in “These puns are making me cray.”
  • Clammy: As in “Can we open some windows? It’s a bit clammy in here.”
  • Crave → Crayve: As in “I’m crayving some tofu right now.”
  • Cra* → Cray*: Words that start with the “cray” sound can be crayfish puns: craydle (cradle), crayg (craig), craynial (cranial), crayzy, crayter, crayziness.
  • Crabby: As in “He just woke up, he’s a little crabby.”
  • Crabbed: As in “Sorry, I’m just a little crabbed because my team lost.”
  • Grab → Crab: As in “Can you crab me a glass of water while you’re up please?”
  • Grabbing → Crabbing: As in “I’m just crabbing a drink before we go.”
  • Nap → Nip: As in “If you’re drowsy, have a nip.”
  • Pinch: As in “A pinch of salt will do, thanks.”
  • Law → Claw: As in “We need to abide by the claw.”
  • Clor* → Claw*: If a word begins with the “clor” sound then we can make a silly claw pun: clawstrophobia (claustrophobia), clawdia (claudia), clawophyll (chlorophyll).
  • Decrepit → Decapod: A very laboured pun. A decapod is “a crustacean of the order Decapoda, such as a shrimp, crab, or lobster.” Decrepit means elderly and infirm or “worn out or ruined because of age or neglect”.
  • Shit n’ → Chitin: Chitin is the material which forms the exoskeleton of arthropods (like insects and crustaceans). Example sentence: “Eat chitin die.”
  • Cheatin’ → Chitin’: Chitin is the material which forms the exoskeleton of arthropods (like insects and crustaceans). Example sentence: “That chitin’ bastard stole my money!”
  • Lost her → Lobster: As in “My kid’ll be so angry that I lobster favourite teddy.”
  • Sheila → Chela: “Sheila” is Australian slang for “woman”: “This chela runs the department store down the road.”
  • Hermit: As in “Yes, the old hermit has lived there for years.”
  • Scuttle: As in “I saw her scuttling down the street the other day.”
  • Sure → Shore: As in “Are you shore?” and “She shore is strong!”.
  • Imp* → Shrimp*: If a word starts with “imp”, you can usually replace it with “shrimp”, for example: shrimportant (important), shrimpossible (impossible), shrimply (imply), shrimpose (you get the idea), shrimpose, shrimportshrimpudent, shrimpact, shrimperfect, shrimpaled, shrimpartial, shrimpart. Shrimp puns probably deserve their own entry, but until then you can use this list to help you.
  • Whatever → Waterever: As in “Waterever, I don’t care.” and “Do waterever you want”.
  • What her → Water: As in “I know water problem is.” and “Do you know water mother thinks about this?”.
  • What do → Water: As in “Water you think about this?”
  • What about → Water boat: As in “Water boat we have tofu curry for dinner tonight?” and “Water boat Ching? Does she want to come to the beach too?”
  • What are → Water: “Water you doing out so late tonight?” and “Water you doing tomorrow?”
  • What are we → Watery: As in “Watery going to do?” and “Watery doing today, friends?”
  • Celebration→ Shellebration: As in “After finishing we should have a shellebration.”
  • Roe: “Row” as in “row your boat” and “roe” as in shellfish eggs, are two words that can be inserted into many other words: roetine (routine), roemans (romans), roetation (rotation), roed (rowed), roese (rose), roel (roll), roep, roemantic, roebust, roebot, roegue, roest.
  • Kil* → Krill*: Kill, kilogram, killer, killing, kilowatt are all words that can be punned with “krill”. For example: “I just bought a krillogram of tofu” and “Krilling sentient creatures is often morally wrong”.
  • Pawn/Pwn → Prawn: This pun can be used in the gamer-culture sense: “I got prawned a pro last night”, in the chess sense “He moved his prawn to C4″, and in the pawnbroker sense: “I had to prawn all my stuff to pay for college.”
  • Crea* → Cray*: Many words that begin with “crea” can be used to make shoddy crayfish puns. For example: crayture (creature), craytive (creative), crayte (create).
  • Crayon: The word “crayon” includes “cray” – the short version of “crayfish”, and so can be used as a pun.
  • Brilliant → Krilliant: As in “Isn’t the weather just krilliant today?” Krill are small shrimplike plankton.
  • Brilliant → Brill-iant: “Brill” are a type of European flatfish.
  • Angrily→ Ankrilly: As in “The monster roared ankrilly“.
  • Hungrily→ Hunkrilly: As in “She hunkrilly ate the sweet potato slices”.
  • Selfish → Shellfish: As in “Stop being so shellfish.” See the next item for a generalisation of this pun.
  • Sell → Shell: As in “How many do we have left to shell?” and “Shell your soul to the devil.”
  • Shell: As in “I’m not going to shell out $50 for something I don’t even need!”
  • Sel* → Shell*: If a word starts with “sel” a shell pun can be made by switching it with “shell”. For example: shellection (selection), shellect (select), shelldom (seldom), shellfless (selfless).
  • *sel → *shell: Words ending in “sel” can often be punned upon with “shell”: vesshell (vessel), tasshell (tassel), weashell (weasel), musshell (mussel), etc.
  • *sel* → *shell*: Words containing “sel” can yeild nice puns on “shell”: Hershellf, himshellf, themshellves, itshellf, myshellf, yourshelf, yourshelves, convershelly, counshelling, preshellected, overshelling, undershelling, ushellessely, weashelling.
  • Obs* → Lobs*: If a word begins with “obs” a terrible lobster pun can sometimes be made by switching it with “lobs”, as in observation (lobservation, or even lobstervation), obstruction (lobstruction or even lobsterusction), obscurity (lobscurity), obsolescence (lobseolescence), obsessively (lobsessively).
  • Simmer → Swimmer: As in “I left the pot swimmering and now my vegetable curry is burnt!” and “Hey swimmer down, there’s no need to turn this into a fight”.
  • Sea*: Most words starting with “sea” are easy sea puns: season, seasonal, seated, searingly, sealants, seamseatbelt.
  • See* → Sea*: If a word starts with “see” it can often be replaced with “sea” to create a simple sea pun: seaminly, seads, seaker, seathe, seap, seak, sean, sea (see).
  • Se* → Sea*: Some words that start with just “se” also have a “sea”-ish sound, and the ones that don’t can usually be made into terrible puns anyway: seacret, searious, seargeant, seacretion, seacure, seacurity, seacondary, seacretariat, seaconds, seacrete, searum, searenity, searvitude, seanile, seadation, seaclusion, seacretive, seaze, seaquential, sealection, seacretly, seaquences, seanior, seaniority, seagregate, seaping, seacession, seariousness, seaminars, seaveral, seaxual, seaparation, seantimental, seansational, seaquential, seacluded, seacularist, seathing, seaquin, seasame, seaclusion.
  • Se*cy/Ce*cy → Sea*sea: Most words that start with “se” or “ce” and end with “cy” can be double sea puns: seacresea (secrecy), sealibasea (celibacy).
  • *cy → *sea: If a word ends in “cy” it’s an easy “sea” pun: polisea, agensea, democrasea, currensea, emergensea, efficiensea, tendensea, frequensea, fansea, constituensea, pregnansea, accurasea, redundansea, bureaucrasea, presidensea, legasea, conspirasea, mersea, privasea, bankruptsea, consistensea, literasea, urgensea, deficiensea, dependency, consultansea, tenacity, isea (icy), secrecy, intimasea.
  • Simp* → Shrimp*: Words beginning with “simp” can often be made into shrimp puns by replacing the “simp” with “shrimp”: shrimple (simple), shrimplification, shrimplify, shrimplistically, shrimpleminded, shrimpleton.
  • Shall→ Shell: As in “Shell I compare thee to a summer’s day?” and “He who lives by the sword shell die by the sword.” and “Shell we dance? and “Ask and you shell receive.” and “Seek and you shell find.” and “The truth shell set you free.” and “You shell not pass!”
  • Symb* → Shrimpb*: Replacing the suffix “symb” with “shrimpb” gives some pleasantly jarring shrimp pins: shrimpbolic (symbolic), shrimpbolises (symbolises), shrimpbiosis (symbiosis).
  • Con* → Conch*: A terrible shell pun can be made of almost any word that begins with “con”: conchtrol (control), conchsider (consider), conchtinue (continue), conchdition, conchtract, conchern, conchtain, conchference, conchtext, conchcept, conchtrast, conchfidence, conchtent, conchtribution, conchflict, conchsideration, conchstruction, conchtinued, conchclusion, conchduct, conchversation, conchgress, conchsumer, conchcentrate, conchtribute.
  • *cial → *shell: When a word has “cial” as a suffix, this suffix can usually be swapped out for “shell” to create a shell pun: soshell (social), speshell (special), offishell (official), finanshell, commershell, crushell, judishell, artifishell, provinshell, rashell, benefishell, superfishell, fashell, glashell, sacrifishel, antisoshell.
  • Muscle → Mussel: As in “Yeah, she’s so mussely!” and “Mussels are made up of millions of tiny cells”.
  • Seizure → Seazure: As in “If I read one more ocean pun I’m going to have a seazure.”
  • *bably → *bubbly: As in “I’m probubbly going to stick around for a bit longer” and “It was indescribubbly mysterious” and “All the while he just impertububbly paced along the shore”.
  • *pon → *prawn: Words ending in “pon” can be converted to prawn puns by replacing it with “prawn”: weaprawn (weapon), couprawn (coupon), whereuprawn (whereupon), tamprawn (tampon), thereuprawn (thereupon), uprawn (upon), whereuprawn (whereupon).
  • *able → *abubble: Words ending in “able” can be converted to terrible bubble puns by replacing it with “abubble”: reasonabubble (reasonable), availabubble (available), enabubble (enable), comfortabubble (comfortable), valuabubble (valuable), constabubble (constable), acceptabubble, capabubble, inevitabubble, vegetabubble, suitabubble, variabubble, vulnerabubble, profitabubble, acceptabubble, sylabubble, reliabubble, … Many more shameful puns like this can be made with the help a of list like this one.
  • Clam*: Words that begin with clam can be used as shellfish puns: clamouring, clammy, clamp, clamber, clampdown.
  • Bubbly: “bubbly” has a “this water is bubbly” sense and a “he has a really bubbly personality” sense.
  • *ways → *waves: Words than end in “ways” can be made into bad wave puns: alwaves (always), railwaves (railways), sidewaves, pathwaves, lengthwaves, doorwaves.
  • Title → Tidal: As in “I like it, but I’m not sure on the tidal” and “Use ‘Ms.’ as her tidal” and “The championship tidal match is tomorrow morning.”
  • Acquaintance → Aquaintance: As in “I don’t know her well, she’s just an aquaintance“.
  • Tied → Tide: As in “I’m tide up at the moment, can someone else help?” and “Yep, they tide the knot!”
  • Tidy → Tidey: As in “After the party we need to tidey the beach.”
  • Crazy → Cray-sea: As in “He is so craysea!” and “Enough of this crayseaness!”. Hyphen is, of course, optional.

Got crab puns that we don’t? Please share them in the comments. We’re especially looking for puns for: thorax, invertebrate, arthropod, isopod, branchiopod, swimmeret, copepod, ostracod, exoskeleton, pincer, chela, crustacean and carapace.

Crab-Related Phrases

Common phrases, idioms and cliches which are related to crabs can be used for some subtle and witty word play. Here is a list of the crab-themed phrases that we’ve found so far:

  • Feel the pinch
  • In a pinch
  • Faster than a speeding crawfish
  • Having a little nip
  • Fishing for compliments
  • Penny pincher
  • Serious as cancer
  • Red in tooth and claw
  • He’s in hot water
  • Smells fishy
  • (We need more crab-related phrases, please suggest some in the comments!)

Crab-Related Words

This Punpedia entry certainly isn’t an exhaustive list of all the possible crab puns, so below is a large list of crab-themed words which you can use to invent your own puns. Some of the words below are leaning towards crustacean-related, rather than precisely crab-related, and some of the items in this list are phrases rather than words. Here they are:

king crab, king, dungeness crab, dungeness, lobster, shellfish, fish, shrimp, crustacean, fiddler crab, crab louse, stone crab, crayfish, prawn, seafood, spider crab, shell, exoskeleton, crabmeat, crab meat, crabby, crabby person, pincer, pincers, pinch, claw, jonah crab, grouch, complain, oyster, clam, mussel, abalone, hermit, hermit crab, carapace, scuttle, scurry, scamper, sideways, shell, crabs, crab, shrimps, seafloor, beach, tide pool, oceanside, porcelain crab, horseshoe crab, crab legs, sea animal, nipper, nip, barnacle, copepod, ostracod, krill, jointed limbs, arthropod, chitin, segmented body, segmented limbs, decapoda, decapod, isopod, branchiopod, branchiopoda, underwater, sea, ocean, water, aquatic, spiny lobster, crawfish, invertebrate, swimmeret, lobster tail, thorax, langoustine, crabstick, cancer, hard shell, palm crab, robber, crab, crabbed, crabbing, solder crab, chela, mud crab, crabwise, shed, land crab, rock crab

Crab Jokes

Jokes of the exceedingly cheesy or one-liner variety usually involve some sort of pun. Here’s a list of crab-themed jokes involving word play. Tap or hover on the black rectangles to reveal the answer.

  • What did one tide-pool say to the other tide-pool? – Show me your mussels!
  • Why was the sand wet? – Because the sea weed!
  • How do oysters call their friends? – On shell phones!
  • What is the strongest creature in the sea?  – A mussel!
  • Where do crabs go to borrow money? – The prawn broker!
  • Why don’t oysters share their pearls? – Because they’re shellfish!
  • Why is the sand so quiet? – Because the waves keep going “Shhhh!”
  • Why did the crab need a day off work? – (He pulled a mussel!)
  • Who brings young crabs Christmas presents? – (Santa Claws!)
  • How much salt do crabs like on their food? – (Just a pinch)
  • So, this crab walks into a bar. The bartender says, “You look confused. Are you in the right place?” The crab replies, “Actually, I’m looking for a sand bar. “

Crab Pun Images

Looking for visual crab puns? Below is a collection of crab pun pictures that we’ve managed to find. Have you found or made a good one? Post us the link in a comment at the bottom of the page 🙂

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