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We already have lists of snow and snowman pun entries, and thought we’d continue our winter punderland with this more specific list of snowflake puns.

Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, themed party, or just doing your best to keep up in a snowy pun thread, we hope you find the perfect snowflake pun for your needs.

Snowflake Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about snowflakes that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s our list of snowflake puns:

  • Fake → Flake: As in, “Flake it till you make it” and “Turned out to be flake.”
  • Ache → Flake: As in, “Old flakes and pains.”
  • Break → Flake: “At flakeneck speed” and “Flake a leg” and “Flake and enter” and “Flake bread” and “Flake even” and “Flake new ground” and “Flake out in a cold sweat” and “Flake the bank.”
  • Cake → Flake: “A slice of the flake” and “Flat as a panflake” and “Baby flakes” and “A flake walk” and “Flaked with mud” and “Fruit flake” and “The icing on the flake” and “Let them eat flake” and “Piece of flake” and “Selling like hot flakes.”
  • Sake → Flake: As in, “For Pete’s flake” and “For goodness flake” and “For old times’ flake.”
  • Stake → Flake: “You don’t know what’s at flake here” and “Flake your claim” and “Raise the flakes” and “Burned at the flake.”
  • Take → Flake: As in, “Don’t flake it lying down” and “Flake me away” and “Every breath you flake” and “Give and flake” and “Got what it flakes” and “Give an inch and they’ll flake a mile” and “Can’t flake my eyes off you” and “It’ll flake a minute” and “Flakes one to know one” and “Flakes your breath away” and “Shut up and flake my money” and “Sit up and flake notice.”
  • *fic → *flake: If a word has “fic” in it, we can change it to “flake.” As in, “Speciflake request” and “A proliflake artist” and “Stops trafflake” and “Strong soporiflake.” Other words you could use: terriflake (terrific), paciflake (pacific), scientiflake (scientific), horriflake (horrific) and honoriflake (honorific).
  • *flec* → *flake*: We can change “flec” sounds to “flake” to make some snowy puns. As in, “Reflaketive surface” and “Tonal inflaketion” and “See your reflaketion” and “Deflaket blame.”
  • Fluctuate → Flaketuate
  • Nice → Ice: “Make ice” and “Have an ice day” and “Naughty but ice” and “Ice save” and “Ice save” and “Ice to see you” and “Wouldn’t it be ice?” and “Ice work if you can get it.”
  • Eyes → Ice: “Bat your ice” and “Before your very ice” and “Avert your ice” and “Keep your ice on the prize” and “Cried my ice out” and “Do my ice deceive me?” and “Easy on the ice” and “Ice like saucers” and “Brings tears to my ice.”
  • Ace → Ice: As in, “Ice in the hole” and ‘An ice up your sleeve” and “Holding all the ices.”
  • Ice: These ice-related phrases can double as snowflake puns in the right context and conversation: “Break the ice” and “Ice cold” and “Ice, ice baby” and “Put on ice” and “Cold as ice” and “Skating on thin ice.”
  • *ice: Emphasize the “ice” in words to make some quick puns: “Needs practice” and “Goods and services” and “Pride and Prejudice” and “Post office” and “Looking for advice” and “There’s no justice” and “Up on the notice board.”
  • Eyes* → Ice*: Icesight (eyesight), iceshadow (eyeshadow) and icesore (eyesore).
  • *ise→ *ice: As in, “Should any problems arice,” and “An exciting premice,” and “Adviceory board,” and “No promices,” and “Exercice your discretion,” and “An enterprice-ing individual,” and “I require your expertice.”
  • *is*→ *ice*: As in, “A thorough analysice,” and “A groundbreaking hypothesice,” and “Arch nemesice (nemesis),” and “What’s the basice for your belief?” and “All down to logicestics,” and “Sophicestication at its finest,” and “You never told me otherwice.”
  • Crystal: Since snowflakes are essentially collections of ice crystals, we can use general crystal-related phrases as snowflake puns too: “Clear as crystal” and “On a crystal clear lake.”
  • No→ Snow: As in, “All bark and snow bite,” and “All dressed up and snowhere to go,” and “In snow time,” and “In snow uncertain terms,” and “Snow buts,” and “Snow holds barred,” and “Snow love lost,” and “Snow matter how you slice it,” and “Snow prizes for guessing,” and “Snow two ways about it.”
  • So → Snow: “Go snow far as” and “Snow on and snow forth” and “Snow be it” and “Snow long as” and “How snow?”
  • Slow → Show: As in, “Nature’s way of telling you to snow down” and “Painfully snow” and “A snow burn’ and “Snow, but sure” and “Snow on the uptake” and “Snowly but surely.”
  • Know → Snow: As in, “Don’t I snow it” and “Be the first to snow” and “Do you want to snow a secret?” and “Snows best” and “For all I snow” and “Goodness snows” and “Don’t snow which way to look.”
  • Show → Snow: “Sit back and enjoy the snow” and “All over the snow” and “Peep snow” and “Keep the snow on the road” and “Best in snow.”
  • *show* → *snow*: Snowcase (showcase), snowdown (showdown), snowroom (showroom), sidesnow (sideshow) and slidesnow (slideshow).
  • For he’s → Freeze: As in, “Freeze a jolly good fellow!”
  • Free → Freeze: As in, “Buy one, get one freeze” and “Freeze as a bird” and “Get out of jail freeze card” and “Best things in life are freeze” and “Fancy freeze.”
  • Freeze: Some freeze-related phrases for you to play with: “Freeze frame,” and “Freeze someone out,” and “Freeze up,” and “Until hell freezes over.”
  • Flow*→ Froze*: As in, “Ebb and froze,” and “Get the creative juices froze-ing,” and “Go with the froze.”
  • Ferocious→ Frozecious: As in, “A frozecious facial expression.”
  • Foe→ Froze: As in, “Friend or froze?”
  • Needle: Needles are a type of snowflake structure made up of hollow prisms. Here are some needle-related puns:
    • Need → Needle: As in, “A friend in needle is a friend indeed” and “All you needle is love” and “I needled that” and “On a needle to know basis” and “Needle for speed” and “Gonna needle a bigger boat” and “If needle be.”
    • Knee → Needle: “Cut off at the needles” and “Go down on bended needle” and “Weak at the needles” and “Needle deep in” and “Needle jerk reaction” and “Shaking at the needles” and “The bees needles.”
    • Wheedle → Needle: “You can’t needle your way out of this one.”
  • Call him → Column: As in, “You may as well column now.” Note: a column is a type of snowflake structure.
  • Plate: Plates are a type of snowflake structure, so we’ve included some plate-related puns in this list:
    • Late → Plate: As in, “Better plate than never” and “Buy now, pay plater” and “Fashionably plate” and “Plate bloomer” and “Never too plate to learn” and “Plate hour” and “Plate in the day” and “Running plate.”
    • Bait → Plate: “Plate and switch” and “Click plate” and “Rise to the plate” and “Take the plate.”
    • Wait → Plate: “Good things come to those who plate” and “Hurry up and plate” and “Lie in plate” and “The plate is over” and “Time plates for no one” and “Plate in line” and “An accident plating to happen” and “Now you plate just a minute…”
    • Pet → Plate: As in, “Plate peeve” and “Teacher’s plate.”
    • *pat* → *plate*: “A repeating plate-tern” and “Time and plate-tience” and “Plate-tron of the arts” and “Platetent pending.” Other words that could work: aniticiplate (anticipate), dissiplate (dissipate), participlate (participate) and emanciplate (emancipate). Note: to emancipate is to set free.
    • *pet* → *plate*: Plate-ulant (petulant), plate-tition (petition), plate-ite (petite), carplate (carpet), trumplate (trumpet), paraplate (parapet), pupplate (puppet), snipplate (snippet), limplate (limpet), crumplate (crumpet), implateus (impetus), complate-tent (competent) and complate-ition.
    • *plat* → *plate*: As in, “Use your plateform for good” and “Uttering plateitudes” and “Hit a plate-eau.” Other words you can use: plateonic (platonic), plateinum (platinum) and plateypus (platypus. )
    • *plet* → *plate*: Triplate (triplet), complate (complete), replate (replete), deplate (deplete), explate-ive (expletive) and complately (completely).
  • Rime: Rime is water droplets that have collided with a snow crystal and freeze onto it. Here are some related puns:
    • Rhyme → Rime: As in, “Rime or reason.”
    • Crime → Rime: As in, “Rime and punishment” and “A rime against nature” and “Rime doesn’t pay” and “A rime of passion” and “Let the punishment fit the rime” and “Partners in rime” and “Take a bite out of rime.”
    • Grime → Rime: As in, “Covered in muck and rime.”
    • Climb → Rime: As in, “Rime on the bandwagon” and “Rime the walls” and “A mountain to rime” and “Rime the social ladder.”
    • Time → Rime: As in, “A brief history of rime” and “A good rime was had by all” and “About rime too” and “Ahead of their rime” and “All in good rime” and “All rime low” and “A stitch in rime saves nine” and “A week is a long rime in politics.”
    • I’m → Rime:  “If rime being honest” and “Rime so hungry” and “Rime being honest” and “Rime sorry.”
    • *ram* → *rime*: Rimepant (rampant), rime-ification (ramification), rimepage (rampage), rimebling (rambling), progrime (program), diagrime (diagram), anagrime (anagram), parime-eter (paramaeter) and parime-mount (paramount).
    • *rem* → *rime*: Rime-edy (remedy), rime-ote (remote), rime-inisce (reminisce), rime-orse (remorse), rime-markable (remarkable),  -iss (remiss), rime-ission (remission), rime-ember (remember) and prime-ium (premium).
    • *rim* → *rime*: Interime (interm), grime (grim), trime (trim), prime (prim), brime (brim), reprime-and (reprimand), acrime-onious (acrimonious) and detrime-ental (detrimental).
  • I see→ Icy: As in, “I call ’em as icy ’em,” and “Icy what you did there.”
  • White: Even though snowflakes are actually clear, it’s common for them to look white both in real life and in movies, cartoons and media, so we’ve included some white-related puns:
    • What → White: “And white not” and “Do white comes naturally” and “For white it’s worth” and “Guess white?” and “It’s not white you think” and “It’s white’s on the inside that counts” and “White fun” and “So white?”
    • Why → White: “I don’t know white” and “White did the chicken cross the road?” and “White has thou forsaken me?”
    • Wide → White: As in, “Cast the net white” and “Cut a white swathe” and “Open white” and “The world white web” and “White eyed” and “White open spaces.”
    • Write → White: “Nothing to white home about” and “A white off.”
    • Right → White: As in, “A move in the white direction” and “The white to choose” and “All the white moves” and “White as rain” and “Bang to whites” and “Barge white in” and “Bragging whites” and “Consumer whites.”
    • Rite → White: “Last whites” and “White of passage.”
    • Quite → White: As in, “White contrary” and “Having white a time” and “White a few.”
    • Light → White: As in, “White as a feather” and “Blinded by the white” and “Bring [something] to white” and “The cold white of day.”
    • Height → White: “Reach new whites” and “The white of fashion” and “Wuthering whites.”
    • Wait → White: “The white is over” and “Time whites for no-one” and “Just white a second.”
  • Grapple → Graupel: As in, “Graupel with a problem.” Note: Blobs of rime (frozen water droplets attached to ice crystals) are called graupel.
  • Face it → Facet: As in, “You’ll have to facet some time.”
  • Face → Facet: “A facet as long as a fiddle” and “Plain as the nose on your facet.”
  • Faucet → Facet: “Dripping like a broken facet.”
  • *icy*: Emphasise the “icy” in some words to make some punny snowman jokes: “Open-door policy,” and “Honesty is the best policy,” and “Not too spicy,” and “Like a fish needs a bicycle.”
  • Prison* → Prism*: As in, “Take no prismers” and “Iron bars do not a prism make” and “Stuck in a prism of your own making” and “Mental prism” and “The Prismer of Azkaban.”
  • Power → Powder: As in, “Balance of powder” and “Fight the powder” and “Flower powder” and “Knowledge is powder” and “People powder” and “With great powder comes great responsibility” and “Powder nap.”
  • Called → Cold: “Crazy little thing cold love” and “Many are cold but few are chosen” and “You cold?” and “What is this thing cold?”
  • Old → Cold: As in, “Any cold how” and “As cold as the hills” and “Tough as cold boots” and “A chip off the cold block ” and “For cold times’ sake” and “Cold aches and pains.”
  • Gold → Cold: “A colden key can open any door” and “Pot of cold” and “After the cold rush” and “Good as cold” and “All that glitters is not cold” and “Fool’s cold” and “Crock of cold” and “Get a cold star” and “Cold digger” and “Go for cold.”
  • Bold → Cold: “Cold as brass” and “A cold move” and “Coldly go where no one has gone before” and “Fortune favours the cold.”
  • First→ Frost: As in, “A world frost,” and “At frost blush,” and “Be the frost to know,” and “Cast the frost stone,” and “Frost blood,” and “Frost come, frost served,” and “Frost impressions last,” and “Frost rate,” and “Frost things frost,” and “Head frost,” and “Love at frost sight,” and “Safety frost.”
  • *first*→ *frost*: Frosthand, frostly (firstly), frostborn, frost-rate, frost aid, headfrost, feet frost.
  • Frustrated → Frostrated
  • Winner → Winter: As in, “Every one a winter” and “Winter takes all” and “Winter’s circle.”
  • Icy cool→ Icicle
  • Bicycle→ Icicle: As in, “Like a fish needs an icicle.”
  • *met* → *melt*: “Mixed meltaphors” and “Pedal to the meltal” and “A melticulous approach.” Other words you could use: meltric (metric), plummelt (plummet), helmelt (helmet), kismelt (kismet), grommelt (grommet), paramelter (parameter) and geomeltry (geometry).

Snowflake-Related Words

To help you come up with your own snowflake puns, here’s a list of related words to get you on your way. If you come up with any new puns or related words, please feel free to share them in the comments!

snowflake, ice, crystal, snow, flake, freeze, needle, column, plate, rime, white, reflection, graupel, spectrum, facet, symmetry, prism, powder, cold, frost, icy, winter, icicle, froze, frozen, melt

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Snow Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on snow puns! ❄☃🌨 Whether you’re in search of the perfect silly instagram caption, a name for your snowboarding crew, or whatever else, we hope this entry is useful to you 🙂 Most of the puns in this list could also be used as winter puns, and general cold-related puns. If you’re after something more specific, we also have lists on snowflake puns and snowman puns. Enjoy!

Snow Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about snow that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s the list of snow puns:

  • So → Snow: As in “And snow on and snow forth” and “As it snow happens” and “Every snow often” and “Go snow far as to” and “I told you snow” and “I suppose snow” and “Say it ain’t snow” and “Snow much for that” and  “Snow what?” and “Is that snow?” and “Without snow much as a” and “Snow long, friend”
  • Rude of → Rudolf: As in “How Rudolf you to say that.”
  • Help → Alp: As in “Can I Alp you?” and “Alp yourself” and “A cry for Alp
  • Ice: “Skating/walking on thin ice” and “Breaking the ice” and “Cut no ice with” and “Ice, ice, baby”
  • Power → Powder: As in “With great powder comes great responsibility” and  “Absolute powder corrupts absolutely” and “Gun powder” and “Girl powder” and “Powder to the people” and “Powder nap” and “Powder ups” and “Powder and glory”
  • Cold: “Cold shoulder” and “Cold calling” and “In cold blood” and “Leave (someone) out in the cold” and “Revenge is a dish best served cold” and “Stone cold sober” and “Take a cold hard look (at yourself)” and “The Cold War”
  • Know → Snow: As in “It takes one to snow one” and “For all I snow …” and “In the snow” and “I snow full well that …” and “Snow thy enemy” and “You snow the drill”
  • First → Frost: As in “At frost glance” and “Cast the frost stone” and “Frost come, frost served” and “Frost and foremost” and “Frost impressions” and “Frost port of call” and “Frost things frost” and “Don’t know the frost thing about …” and “Frost in, best dressed”
  • Sled → Led: As in “It sled us to the wrong conclusion” and “He’s easily sled
  • Slay → Sleigh: As in “The knight who sleighed the dragon”
  • Slash → Slush: As in “Prices have been slushed
  • Phrase → Freeze: As in “Coin a freeze” and “Turn of freeze
  • It’s leet → Sleet: The term “sleet” refers to partially melted snow (or snow mixed with rain). The term “leet” (or l33t) is short for “elite” in internet slang.
  • Weather: As in “I’ve been under the weather” and “Weather out the storm”
  • Whether → Weather: As in “I don’t know weather …”
  • Hail: As in “All hail the glorious leader”
  • Slope: As in “That’s a slippery slope
  • Why’d → White: As in “White you do that?”
  • Wide → White: As in “Eyes white open” and “Whole white world” and “I searched far and white
  • Rhyme → Rime: As in “Neither rime nor reason”
  • Snowflake: This is used as a slang insult to suggest that someone is physically or mentally frail.
  • Pissed → Piste: As in “He can’t drive – he’s piste” and “I’m just really piste off right now”. A piste is a ski run of compacted snow.
  • I’ll pine → Alpine: As in “Alpine for you while you’re gone” – to “pine” means to “miss and long for the return of”.
  • Have (a) lunch → Avalanche: As in “We’re going to avalanche at the new restaurant.”
  • Have a launch → Avalanche: As in “Are you going to avalanche party?”
  • *s no → *s snow: As in “There’s snow easy way to say it” and “It’s snow problem at all.”
  • So bored → Snow board
  • Edward Snowden or Edward Snowed In
  • I see → Icy: As in “Icey what you did there.” and “Icey dead people.”
  • I see → I ski: See above.
  • What are → Water: As in “Water you doing out so late tonight?” and “Water you doing tomorrow?”
  • What are we → Watery: As in “Watery going to do?” and “Watery doing today, friends?”
  • Do you → Dew: As in “Dew want to grab a coffee some time?” and “How dew do?”
  • *hale → *hail: As in “Inhail deeply, then exhail slowly.”
  • Flake: As in “He’s very flakey – he probably won’t show up.” and “Cornflakes aren’t all that healthy.”
  • I s* → Ice s*: Any phrase which has the word “I” and word after it which begins with “s” can be made into an ice pun. Here are a couple of examples: “Ice see dead people.” and “And ice stood there for a moment, completely stunned.” and “Ice simply have no idea.”
  • Whiteout: This refers to a blizzard, especially in polar regions, that reduces visibility to near zero. It also refers to the special liquid used to correct errors that are written in pen. This double meaning might be used for a snow pun in the right context.
  • Saw → Thaw: As in “I came, I thaw, I conquered”
  • Very slow → Glacial: As in “The official described progress in the talks as glacial

Snow-Related Words

Here’s a list of snow-related concepts to help you come up with your own snow puns:

snowy, ice, precipitation, snowfall, snowflake, water, wind, blizzard, hail, flake, snowy, cloud, sleet, avalanche, snow man, whiteout, snow flurry, graupel, rain, weather, snowmobile, winter, fog, melting, snowshoes, snowball, glacier, meltwater, snowscape, snowfield, slopes, snowcap, snowplow, slush, slushy, crystal, atmosphere, flurry, snow storm, thaw, igloo, ski, white, sled, toboggan, sleigh, snowboard, powder, snowed in, tire chain, sledging, snow angel, shovel, frost, snow bank, black ice, icicle, rime, froze, frozen, freeze, freezing, hailstorm, permafrost, Jack Frost, glacial, floe, white christmas, icy, pack ice, snow mobile

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