Taco Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on taco puns! 🌮 This entry is still a work-in-progress, so please suggest any puns that we’re missing in the comments at the end of the page.

I’ve included a few burrito puns, nacho puns and other Mexican food puns, but I’ve tried to keep it centred around tacos, specifically.

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Taco Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about tacos that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page!

  • Talk about → Taco ’bout: As in “I don’t want to taco ’bout it.” and “Taco ’bout terrible puns!”
  • Talk over → Taco-ver: As in “Don’t taco-ver me!” and “We can taco-ver the phone.” and “Let’s taco-ver coffee.”
  • Talk of → Taco-f: As in “The new restaurant is the taco-f the town.” and “There’s so much taco-f action, but no one’s doing anything!”
  • Takeover → Taco-ver: As in “It was a hostile taco-ver.”
  • Vetigo → Vertaco: As in “Symptoms include: light-headedness, vertaco, …”
  • To co* → Taco*: Some accents make “to” sound close to “tah”, especially when spoken fast. With these accents, if the word “to” is followed by a word starting with the “co” sound, we can make terrible taco puns: “Coast tacoast.” and “We need tacooperate with them.” and “I need you tacoach the team this season.” and “I was going tacoat it with icing but we ran out” and “Learning tacode is fun and rewarding.” and “We need to learn tacoexist happily.” and “My birthday is going tacoincide with a full moon.” and “I’m trying tacope with depression.” and “Trying tacoordinate 3 different jobs is hard.”
  • Take a → Taco: As in “Taco hike.” and “Are you going to taco shot at it?” and “I’m going to taco chance.” and “I’m going to taco short nap.”
  • Beat around → Burrito round: As in “Let’s not burrito round the bush.”
  • Bury it o*  → Burrito*: As in “We can’t bury it here, we’ll need to burritover there.” and “You should burriton that hill.” and “Burritoff the coast of Mexico, under the ocean.”
  • Brit or → Burrit o’: As in “He was either a burrit o’ a German.”
  • Per Italian → Burritolian: As in “None were allowed in as burritolian law.” (Bit of a stretch!)
  • One → Juan: “Juan” is a common given name in Mexico that sometimes features in taco restaurant/franchise names. There are quite a few Juan puns than can be made: “Juan and the same” and “All for Juan and Juan for all.” and “Another Juan bites the dust” and “Bite the big Juan” and “Buy Juan, get Juan free.” and “From day Juan” and “Takes Juan to know Juan” and “Hole in Juan” and “Last Juan there’s a rotten egg” and “Near to Juan’s heart” and “On the Juan hand” and “Juan for the road” and “Juan in a million” and “Juan liner” (one liner) and “Juan moment please.” and “Juan night stand” and “Juan on Juan” and “Juan step at a time” and “Pull a fast Juan” and “Table for Juan” and “Stop me if you’ve heard this Juan
  • *wan* → *Juan*: If a word contains the “wan” / “Juan” sound (or similar), you can make a silly Juan pun: everyjuan, somejuan, juanderful, juan-way, freq-juan-tly, conseq-juan-tly, subseq-juan-tly, peng-juan (penguin).
  • Not your → Nacho: As in “It’s nacho problem” and “It’s nachos, it’s mine!”
  • Not just → Nachos: As in “She’s nachos a pretty face.” and “I’m nachos another one of your minions.”
  • Not yourself → Nachoself: As in “Are you feeling all right? You’re nachoself today.”
  • Not yo* → Nacho*: As in “It’s nachogurt, it’s sour cream.” and “It’s nachoga, it’s Pilates.”
  • Macho → Nacho: As in “Nacho man.”
  • All up in your → Jalapeño: As in “Jalapeño business.” and “Jalapeño grill.”
  • Case of → Queso: As in “A bad queso the flu.”
  • Okay, so → Queso: As in “Que, so what do we do next?”
  • Have a car though → Avocado: As in “You want me to drive you there? I don’t ‘avocado!”
  • Have a car don’t → Avocadon’t: As in “You avacadon’t you?”
  • Got → Guac: Quite a few terrible guacamole puns can be made using this simple swap. Here are some examples: “You have guac to be kidding me!” and “Give it all you’ve guac.” and “I’ve guac a soft spot for Mexican food.” and “I’ve guac no time for games.” and “You’ve guac nothing to lose…” and “Have you guac what it takes?” and “I’ve guac you covered.”
  • Rock → Guac: As in “Between a guac and a hard place” and “Don’t guac the boat” and “Hit guac bottom” and “Guac and roll” and “Guac solid” and “Guac your world” and “You guac my world!”
  • Chilly → Chili / Chilli: As in “Jeez it’s a bit chili this morning isn’t it?”
  • Awkward → Guacward: As in “Well, this is guacward…”
  • Occupation → Guacupation: As in “I’ve just enrolled for the guacupational therapy course.”
  • Octapus → Guactapus: As in “A guactapus has 8 legs.”
  • Occupy → Guacupy: As in “The guacupy Wall Street movement”
  • October → Guactober: As in “In September or Guactober?”
  • Oxygen → Guacxygen: As in “Everyone needs Guacxygen to survive.”
  • Beans: “Spill the beans.”
  • Been → Bean: As in “We’ve all bean there.” and “You know, I’ve bean thinking…” and “Bean there, done that.” and “He’s a has-bean.” and “The die has bean cast.” and “I’ve bean had.” and “She’s bean in the wars lately.”
  • Unbeknown(st) →Unbeanown(st): As in “Unbeanownst to me, she made some enquiries.”
  • *peen* →*bean*: If a word contains the “peen” sound we can make some silly bean puns: Phillibeano (Phillipino), beanalize (penalize), unhappbeaness (unhappiness), subbeana (subpoena).
  • Enough →Beanough: As in “Beanough is beanough.” and “Beanough to make you sick.”
  • Enormous →Beanormous: As in “Your vegetable garden is beanormous!”
  • Beam → Bean: As in “Bean me up, Scotty!” and “Tractor bean.” and “Balancing bean.”
  • Bin → Bean: As in “Please put your rubbish in the bean.”
  • Let us → Lettuce: As in “Lettuce eat!” and “Lettuce celebrate!”
  • Led us → Lettuce: As in “You’ve lettuce down the wrong path!” and “But it lettuce to the wrong conclusion.”
  • To my toes → Tomatoes: As in “I got a shiver from my head tomatoes.”
  • Tomorrow → Tomato: As in “Here today, gone tomato.”
  • Corn → Can: As in “Corn’t we all just get along?” and “Appearances corn be deceptive.” and “Bit off more than you corn chew.” and “Corn you believe it?” and “You corn count on me.”
  • Gone → Corn: As in “Here today, corn tomorrow.” and “It’s all corn pear-shaped.” and “Corn, but not forgotten.”
  • Corny: As in “Very corny taco puns.”
  • Con* → Corn*: Very corny corn puns can be made with some words that start with the “con” sound (or similar): corntract, corncern, corntain, cornference, corntext, corncerned, corntrast, cornfidence, corndition, corntinue, cornsider, corntry, cornclusion, cornduct, cornversation, cornstruction, cornflict, corntribution, cornsent, cornsist, cornclude, cornservation, corntest, cornception, cornsequences, corsult, corncert, cornventional, corncrete, corntinent, cornfine, cornsistantly, cornstitutional, cornvey, cornsiderably, cornsitituent, corntempt, corncede, cornfess, cornfrontation, corngregation, corntroversial, cornsensus, cornsultancy, cornquest, cornvicted, corngratulate. See this list for more.
  • Maze → Maize: As in “It’s a complicated maize to navigate.”
  • Mace → Maize: Another term for “pepper spray” is “mace”. It can also refer to a medieval spiked club weapon.
  • Celebration→ Shellebration: As in “We should have a shellebration!”
  • Shall→ Shell: As in “Shell I compare thee to a summer’s day?” and “He who lives by the sword shell die by the sword.” and “Shell we dance? and “Ask and you shell receive.” and “Seek and you shell find.” and “The truth shell set you free.” and “You shell not pass!”
  • Sell → Shell: As in “How many do we have left to shell?” and “Shell your soul to the devil.”
  • Shell: As in “I’m not going to shell out $50 for something I don’t even need!”
  • Sel* → Shell*: If a word starts with “sel” a (taco) shell pun can be made by switching it with “shell”. For example: shellection (selection), shellect (select), shelldom (seldom), shellfless (selfless).
  • *sel → *shell: Words ending in “sel” can often be punned upon with “shell”: vesshell (vessel), tasshell (tassel), weashell (weasel), musshell (mussel), etc.
  • *sel* → *shell*: Words containing “sel” can yeild nice puns on (taco) “shell”: Hershellf, himshellf, themshellves, itshellf, myshellf, yourshelf, yourshelves, convershelly, counshelling, preshellected, overshelling, undershelling, ushellessely, weashelling.
  • *cial → *shell: When a word has “cial” as a suffix, this suffix can usually be swapped out for “shell” to create a (taco) shell pun: so-shell (social), spe-shell (special), offi-shell (official), finan-shell, commershell, crushell, judishell, artifishell, provinshell, rashell, benefi-shell, superfi-shell, fashell, glashell, sacrifi-shell, antisoshell.
  • She’s → Cheese: As in, “By george, I think cheese got it!” and “Cheese all that” and “Maybe cheese born with it (Maybelline slogan)” and “Cheese the best.”
  • Seize → Cheese: As in, “Cheese them!” and “Cheese the day.”
  • Bees → Cheese: As in, “The birds and the cheese” and “Mind your own cheesewax.”
  • Geez → Cheese: “Oh cheese, I’m so sorry” and “Cheese Louise!”
  • Ease → Cheese: As in, “Cheese up a little” and “Ill at cheese” and “If it will set your mind at cheese.”
  • Easy → Cheesy: As in, “Cheesy as ABC” and “Cheesy as pie” and “Cheesy access” and “Cheesy come, cheesy go” and “Cheesy does it” and “Cheesy money” and “Cheesy on the eyes” and “Cheesy street” and “Cheesy peasy” and “Take it cheesy.”
  • Eas* → Cheese*: cheesygoing (easygoing), cheesel (easel), Cheeseter (Easter), cheesily (easily), Cheesetern (Eastern) and cheesier (easier).

Taco-Related Words

There are many more puns to be made than could be documented in this Punpedia entry, and so we’ve compiled a list of taco-related concepts for you to use when creating your own puns. If you come up with a new pun, please share it in the comments!

taco, tortilla, maize, corn, wheat, filling, salsa, cilantro, guacamole, guac, Mexico, Mexican, avocado, tomato, burrito, sandwich, chili, chipotle, nachos, lettuce, cheese, quesadilla, vegetables, Mexican cuisine, bean, beans, taco stand, taquito, flauta, enchilada, taqueria, chalupa, gordita, Barbacoa, carnitas, hard-shell, soft-shell, shell, tacodilla, tlayuda, tostada, taco bell

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