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Welcome to the Punpedia entry on pizza puns! 🍕 The most common pizza puns directly involve the word “pizza”, and this entry has its fair share of those, but it also includes a bunch of puns about pizza-related topics. The list is fairly short by Punpedia standards, so if you’ve got one that we’re missing, please post it in the comments at the end!

A quick side note before we begin: I feel obligated to remind readers that (most) pizza is generally a terribly unhealthy food. It’s delicious, but not something people should really be putting in their bodies regularly if they don’t want heart disease to kill them at 50. Healthier wholegrain pizzas with plant-based toppings are becoming more and more common at pizzerias. Go easy on the cheese! 🙂

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Pizza Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about pizza that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page!

  • Piece of → Pizza: As in “You want a pizza me?” and “That’s a pizza cake.” and “They all want a pizza the action.” and “That’s a fine pizza ass.” and “That’s a pizza piss.” and “He’s a nasty pizza work.” and “How long is a pizza string?” and “I’ll give him a pizza my mind!” and “You’re a real pizza work.” and “Pizza the pie” and “Abbreviated pizza nothing”
  • Piece of my heart → Pizza my hut
  • Peace of mind → Pizza mind
  • Pete’s sake → Pizzake: As in “For pizzake! Will you two get a room?”
  • Beats are → Pizza: As in “I love your music! These pizza so good.”
  • Beats a → Pizza: As in “It pizza poke in the eye with a sharp stick.” and “It pizza slow and painful death.”
  • Beats around → Pizza-round: As in “He pizza-round the bush and never gets anything accomplished.”
  • Heart → Hut: (A play on Pizza Hut, the international pizzeria franchise) As in “A man after my own hut” and “Absence makes the hut grow fonder” and “Be still my beating hut” and “You broke my hut” and “Cross my hut and hope to die” and “Cry your hut out” and “Eat your hut out” and “Follow your hut” and “Has my best interests at hut” and “From the bottom of my hut” and “Hut and soul” and “Hut warming” and “In my hut of huts” and “I will wear my hut upon my sleeve.” and “Near to one’s hut” and “Steal someone’s hut” and “Take it to hut.”
  • Had → Hut: As in “I’ve hut it up to here with you!” and “It hut to be seen to be believed.” and “You hut to be there.” and “She hut us in stitches!”
  • Hurt → Hut: As in “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hut me.” and “What you don’t know can’t hut you.”
  • Trust → Crust: As in “Crust me, I’m a doctor.” and “That was a breach of crust.” and “He’s a crustworthy young man.”
  • Christ → Crust: As in “Crust has fallen, crust has risen.” and “Crust is a main figurehead in western mythology.”
  • Crusty: This term can refer to someone (especially an older person) who is bad-tempered.
  • Rusty → Crusty: As in “My punning skills are a little crusty, sorry.”
  • Just → Crust: As in “It’s crust not my day today.” and “It’s crust around the corner.” and “Crust add water.” and “It’s crust a matter of time.”
  • Cust* → Crust*: If a word begins with “cust”, swap it with “crust”: crustodian, crustomer, crustom, crustomary, crustody, crustard, crustodial, crustomise, crustomarily.
  • *ust* → *crust*: If a word has the “ust” sound, it can sometimes be made into a pizza crust pun: crustice (justice), crustification (justification), crustachioed (mustachioed), crustainable (sustainable), crustainability (sustainability).
  • Least→ Yeast: As in “Last, but not yeast.” and “Yeast common denominator.” and “It’s the yeast I could do.”
  • East→ Yeast: As in “I’m heading over yeast for a holiday.”
  • Need → Knead: As in “Only on a knead-to-know basis.” and “A friend in knead is a friend indeed.” and “You knead your head examined.”
  • Needy → Kneady: As in “He’s a bit kneady.”
  • Kneed → Knead: As in “He was knead in the chest during his rugby match.”
  • Leaving → Leaven: “Leaven” is another term for “rising agent”: the ingredient added to make pizza dough rise (usually yeast). Examples: “You’re leaven me here all by myself?” and “Oh, you’re leaven so early?!”
  • Money → Dough: The term “dough” is slang for money in some places.
  • Adore → Adough: “I adough you.”
  • Don’t → Doughn’t: As in “Doughn’t fall for it.”
  • Though → Dough: As in “You look as dough you’ve seen a ghost!”
  • *do*→ *dough*: Any word which contains the “dough” sound (or similar) can be made into an easy dough pun: abdoughmen (abdomen), Adoughbe (Adobe), adoughlescence, aficionadoughs, anecdoughtal, antidoughte, avacadough, bulldoughzer, commandough, condoughlences, crescendough (crescendo), doughmain, doughnation, doughnor, doughsage, doughze, Indoughnesian, innuendough, landoughners, Macedoughnian, overshadough, meadough, Orlandough, pseudough, shadough, taekwondough, tornadough, windough, widough, tuxedough, wierdough.
  • Do→ Dough: As in “I dough what I can.” and “What are you doughing right now?”
  • Slice: As in “It’s a lie no matter how you slice it.” and “Slice of the action”
  • Even → Oven: As in “I don’t care about profit, I’ll be happy if we break oven.” and “Keep an oven keel.” and “I’m going to get oven with him.”
  • Often → Oven: As in “Do you come here oven?” and “Every so oven.”
  • Make → Bake: As in “I can’t bake head or tail of it.” and “Enough to bake you sick.” and “Bake believe” and “It’ll bake a world of difference.” and “Just trying to bake ends meet.” and “Bake a name for yourself.”
  • Making → Baking: As in “A legend in the bakin’” and “This is history in the baking” and “You’re baking a fool of yourself.”
  • Great → Grate: As in “Oh grate! Another pizza pun.” and “Grate minds think alike.”
  • I love → Olive: As in “Olive you so much!” and “Olive silly food puns!”
  • Or live → Olive: As in “Live like a king olive on a shoe string.”.
  • All of → Olive: As in “Sending olive my love to your family.”
  • Much room → Mushroom: “It’s only a little elevator, there isn’t mushroom in here.”
  • To my toes → Tomatoes: As in “I got a shiver from my head tomatoes.”
  • Tomorrow → Tomato: As in “Here today, gone tomato.”
  • All up in your → Jalapeño: As in “Jalapeño business.” and “Jalapeño grill.”
  • Delivery: As in “Good pizza pun, great delivery. 10/10″
  • Delivery man: As in “Good pizza pun, great delivery, man. 10/10″
  • Take away → Take-away: As in “If you take-away my freedom to pun I will become a husk of a person.”
  • Take out → Takeout: As in “We need to takeout their trade routes and lay siege from the north.”
  • Topping: As in “She keeps topping me with better pizza puns whenever I think I’ve got a good one.”
  • Topped: As in “This pizza pun cannot be topped.”
  • Supreme: As in “Is there really such a thing as a magical supreme being?” and “Disco music reigned supreme in the 70s” and “That was supremely disappointing.”
  • Cheesy: As in “All of these pizza puns are so cheesy.”
  • She’s → Cheese: As in, “By george, I think cheese got it!” and “Cheese all that” and “Maybe cheese born with it (Maybelline slogan)” and “Cheese the best.”
  • Seize → Cheese: As in, “Cheese them!” and “Cheese the day.”
  • Geez → Cheese: “Oh cheese, I’m so sorry” and “Cheese Louise!”
  • Ease → Cheese: As in, “Cheese up a little” and “Ill at cheese” and “If it will set your mind at cheese.”
  • Easy → Cheesy: As in, “Cheesy as ABC” and “Cheesy as pie” and “Cheesy access” and “Cheesy come, cheesy go” and “Cheesy does it” and “Cheesy money” and “Cheesy on the eyes” and “Cheesy street” and “Cheesy peasy” and “Take it cheesy.”
  • Eas* → Cheese*: cheesygoing (easygoing), cheesel (easel), Cheeseter (Easter), cheesily (easily), Cheesetern (Eastern) and cheesier (easier). Note: here are some delicious dairy-free cheese recipes you can enjoy
  • Around → Round: As in “I’ll be there ’round 5pm.”

Pizza-Related Words

There are many more puns to be made than could be documented in this Punpedia entry, and so we’ve compiled a list of pizza-related concepts for you to use when creating your own puns. If you come up with a new pun, please share it in the comments!

pizza, pizzeria, pizza hut, Papa John’s, Little Caesars, Domino’s, cheese, italy, pepperoni, tomato, mozzarella, dough, yeast, knead, spin dough, toss dough, tomato paste, gourmet, takeout, take-away, flatbread, masonry oven, anchovies, anchovy, delivery, deliveryman, pizza man, basil, calzone, crust, slice, pizzetta, margherita, topping, toppings, lahmacun, deep-dish, marinara, stone-baked, fast food, supreme, deluxe, cold pizza, olives, pineapple, bake, baked, stromboli, peel, cornicione, matzah, vegetariana, hawaiian, napolitana, capricciosa, mexicana, round

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User-Submitted Pizza Puns:

  1. Thin skin –> Thin crust: “When folks don’t like my pizza puns, my feelings get hurt very easily. I mean, I really have a thin crust.”

  2. I oven make pizza puns,but that pizza me won’t make puns tomato.
    Should I live a 1000 years in a single life,olive 1000 years in 100 lives?
    I know my puns aren’t grate,but bakin’ one is really hard.