Otter Puns

This entry is all about otter puns! Otter is the common name of a family of semi-aquatic carnivorous mammals that are closely related to weasels. Otters are sometimes confused with beavers, which are a completely different animal. Beavers build dams, are herbivores, and are relatives of rats. The two most well-known otter puns (thanks to their meme-fame) are on the words “utter” and “other” as in: “Otterly deplorable!” and “My significant otter” but there are lots more to be made!

As you’ll see, otter puns mostly play on words that contain anything sounding vaguely like “otter”, but there are some more sneaky puns to be made based on well known characteristics of otters and their behaviour.

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Otter Puns List

Each item in this list of otter puns is either a simple word-swap (e.g. other → otter) or it may be a general rule from which multiple puns can be made. In the case of general rules, the asterisks sign (*) represents one or more letters.

  • Other → Otter: “You should have see the otter guy!”
  • Others → Otters: “Hey, hold up! Wait for the otters!”
  • Otherwise → Otterwise: “We need to leave now, otterwise we’ll be late!”
  • Otherworldy → Otterworldly: “There’s some otterworldly feeling about this place.”
  • Utter → Otter: “You’re otterly deplorable!” and “That’s otter nonsense!” and “Stop ottering things under your breath.”
  • Utterance → Otterance: “There was a gasp at this public otterance of the forbidden word.”
  • Attorney → Otterney: “My otterney advised me to plead guilty.”
  • Outer → Otter: “I hope one day we can explore otter space.”
  • Out of→ Otter: “This is boring, I’m otter here.” and “It’s like a scene otter a horror film!”
  • Eternal → Otternal: “Otternal life may be possible at some point in the future.”
  • Outermost → Ottermost: “The ottermost layer is the hardest.”
  • Iterate → Otterate: “We need to otterate through this array of integers.”
  • Attraction → Otteraction: “There is otteraction between the magnets because of their magnetic fields.”
  • Attractive → Otteractive: “Religion isn’t otteractive to the younger generations.”
  • Attribute → Otteribute: “Climate change has been conclusively otteributed to human actions.”
  • Atmosphere → Otter-mosphere: “The otter-mosphere is composed mostly of oxygen and nitrogen.” and “This cafe has an unusual otter-mosphere.”
  • Atrocity → Otterocity: “The otterocities committed during WW2 are deeply saddening.”
  • Atrocious → Otterocious: “Only the most otterocious otter puns have made it into this list.”
  • Ought-ta → Otter: “Ten minutes otter be enough time.” and “We otter stop and help him.”
  • Weasel: Otters are “mustelids” which is often referred to as the “weasel” family. A “weasel” can also refer to a deceitful or treacherous person.
  • Hold →  Holt: The den of an otter is called a “holt“. Examples: “Can you please holt off on the otter puns?” and “I holt her in high regard.”
  • Halt → Holt: The den of an otter is called a “holt“. Examples: “Holt! Who goes there?” and “Production was brought to a holt.”
  • Sprained → Spraint: Spraint is the dung of an otter. Examples: “I tripped and spraint my ankle.”
  • Mum will / Mum’ll → Mammal: “I’m working late, so mammal pick you up tonight.”
  • Selfish → Shellfish: The diet of sea otters consists mostly of shell fish: “Share some with me – stop being so shellfish.”
  • Anvil: Otters are known for their anvil-like use of tools to crack shellfish while floating on their back.
  • The other → Sea otter: “But sea otter guy punched first!”
  • Automatically → Ottermatically: “We ottermaticaly became friends.”
  • Autobiography → Otterbiography: “She finished the otterbiography just before she passed.”
  • Automation → Ottermation: “The ottermation of many repetitive jobs has already happened.”
  • Autopilot → Otterpilot: “I’ve switched the plane to otterpilot mode.”
  • Autopsy → Otterpsy: “The otterpsy suggests it was a tumor.”
  • Autocracy → Ottercracy: “We’re living in an ottercracy. These damn otters!”
  • Autograph → Ottergraph: “Hello, can I please get your ottergraph?”
  • Auto → Otter: “Grand theft otter.”
  • Outdoor → Otter: “I really like my new otter furniture set.” (This only works in a very slurred accent.)
  • Odder → Otter: “Scientology is odd, but not much otter than most other religions.”
  • Adore → Otter: “I absolutely otter you, my dear.”
  • Adorable → Otterable: “Aww, this otter meme is so otterable!”  (A tenuous one)

As you can see our otter puns list is still short! If you’d like to help us out, this source of otter-related words may be handy (as might this source). If you come up with any more otter puns, please share them in the comments!

Otter Pun Images

There’s no shortage of otter memes and visual puns on there internet, but they’re a bit scattered. We’ve collected some of the best to present you here. If you find or make better ones, please share a link in the comments!

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