Dinosaur Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on dinosaur puns! 🐲 This entry is a work-in-progress, so please help us out by submitting new puns at the bottom of the page. There’s currently a few puns based around “saurus”, a couple of t-rex puns and a smattering of puns on other dinosaur species and related concepts. Enjoy! 🙂

Dinosaur Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about dinosaurs that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s the list of dinosaur puns:

  • Saw us → Saurus: Many dinosaur names end in “saurus” (meaning “lizard”). If you can find some way to slip “saw us” into your sentence, but replace it with “saurus”, you’ve got yourself a corny little dinosaur pun: “Do you think he saurus?”
  • Saw → Saur: Groups of related dinosaurs often have collective names ending in “saur”, for example the pterasaurs were a group of flying dinosaurs, a member of which was the pterodactyl. An example: “I came, I saur, I conquered.”
  • Sore → Saur: See the above explanation. Idioms: “You’re a saur loser” and “A sight for saur eyes” and “Sticks out like a saur thumb”
  • Soar → Saur: See the explanation above.
  • Thesaurus: Simply mentioning thesaurus (with a slight emphasis on “saurus” if needed) is a staple dinosaur pun in the right context.
  • They saw us → Thesaurus: This one’s a bit of a stretch (more of a thesaurus pun), but still viable if you’re punning in writing/text: “We tried to run and hide from them, but thesaurus.”
  • Dynamite → Dinomite: As in “Napoleon Dinomite
  • Bone: The word “bone” may be a viable dinosaur pun simply because the majority of the evidence that dinosaurs have left is their fossilised bones which are often on display at museums: “A bone to pick” and “A bone of contention” and “All skin and bones” and “Bare-bones” and “As dry as a bone” and “Chilled to the bone” and “Bone dry” and “Funny bone” and “I can feel it in my bones
  • Wrecks → Rex: As in “Ship rex” and “Train rex” and “Nervous rex
  • Wreck → Rex: As in “Check yo’self before you rex yo’self”
  • Treks → T-rex: As in “He takes people on t-rex through the jungle for a living.”
  • Forex: “Online Forex trading”
  • You’re a sick → Jurassic: As in “Jurassic puppy, James.”
  • Drastic → Jurassic: As in “Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures.”
  • Your ass I c* → Jurassic*: As in “Can I do it? You bet Jurassican.”
  • Dunno → Dino: As in “I dino whether that’s the correct answer.”
  • Footprint: Since fossilised dinosaur footprints are a well known thing (seen in museums, for example), simply slipping the word “footprint” into your sentence may be enough to make a subtle dinosaur/fossil pun.
  • *tious → *ceous: The cretaceous period started 145 million years ago and ended 79 million years later. Dinosaurs existed during this time and the majority became extinct at the end of this period due to the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event. Anyway, if you’re in the company of people who are familiar enough with geological time periods to know the term “cretaceous”, then perhaps you can switch “tious” or “cious” (when it occurs at the end of a word) with “ceous” to make a subtle dinosaur pun as follows: ambiceous, cauceous (cautious), contenceous, nutriceous, pretenceous, ficticeous, supersticeous, surrepticeous, tenaceous, flirtaceous, curvaceous. If you can somehow add “period” after these words, then they’ll work a lot better, e.g. “The flirtaceous period” and “The ambiceous period” and “The surrepticeous period
  • Ter* → Pter*: If a word starts with “ter”, replace it with “pter” or “ptero” to make a silly pterodactyl pun: pteroible (terrible), pterofied (terrified), pterorist (terrorist), pterotories (territories), pteror (terror), pterotorial (territorial).
  • Erectile → A reptile: As in “A reptile dysfunction”
  • Raw → Rawr: As in “A rawr deal” (an unfair deal)
  • Old → Prehistoric: Describe things as “prehistoric” rather than “old”.
  • Stinks → Extincts: As in “What’s that smell? It extincts!” (So corny! :P)
  • Wrapped or → Raptor: As in “Would you like it gift raptor not?”
  • Large/Huge → Mammoth: Note that dinosaurs and mammoths didn’t exist during the same period! However, since the myth runs so deep, you can probably make a dinosaur pun by describing “big” things as “mammoth” things.
  • Old person/thing → Fossil: It can, of course, be derogatory to call an old person a “fossil”, for example: “Some old fossil called the police about the noise.” So you might want to stick to referring to very old things like antiques as “fossils”.
  • Facile→ Fossil: The term “facile” means “superficial”. So a fossil puns might go: “His fossil and superficial theory about the extinction of the dinosaurs.”
  • Clause→ Claws: Many of the most well-known dinosaurs (e.g. velociraptor) are known for their claws, and so a “claw” pun may pass off as a dinosaur pun in the right context.
  • Got a dinosaur pun that we don’t? Please post it in the comments, below! 🙂

Dinosaur-Related Words

There are many more dinosaur puns to be made! Here’s a list of dinosaur-related concepts to help you come up with your own. If you come up with a new pun, please share it in the comments!

t-rex, tyrannosaurus rex, dino, fossil, bones, footprint, scary, pterodactyl, pterasaur, egg, paleontology, triceratops, sauropod, jurassic, reptile, jurassic park, velociraptor, cretaceous, triassic, extinction, extinct, brachiosaurus, prehistoric, species, meteorite, mammoth, mastodon, stegosaurus, brontosaurus, allosaurus, lizard, theropod, carnosaur, sauropod, dinosaur, hadrosaur, cretaceous, mesozoic, bony armor, crest, scales, claws, teeth, raptor, rawr

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Turtle Puns

This entry is all about turtle puns! There are also a sprinkle of tortoise puns too, so be careful if you’re looking for specifically turtle-based puns (tortoise are completely land-based, turtles mostly live in or around water). As you’ll see, there are a lot of “shell”-based puns to be made, and also a few puns using the names of different turtle species/families.

You might also like to check out the Punpedia entries on on otter puns, frog puns, fish puns, shark puns, beach puns and squid puns for some more water-based word play.

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Turtle Puns List

Each item in this list of turtle puns is either a simple word-swap (e.g. total → turtle) or it may be a general rule from which multiple puns can be made. In the case of general rules, the asterisks sign (*) represents one or more letters.

  • Total→ Turtle: “I am in turtle awe of her skills.”
  • Totally→ Turtley: “Turtley!” and “This is turtley amazing!”
  • Totalitarian→ Turtleitarian: “It’s a cruel turtle-itarian regime.”
  • Celebration→ Shellebration: As in “After finishing we should have a shellebration.”
  • Startle → Sturtle: “Oh! You sturtled me!” and “That was sturtling news.”
  • Turtle-neck: A “turtle-neck” is a high, close-fitting neck on a shirt. Can be used as a turtle pun with the right context.
  • Sel* → Shell*: If a word starts with “sel” a shell pun can be made by switching it with “shell”. For example: shellection (selection), shellect (select), shelldom (seldom), shellfless (selfless), shellfish (selfish).
  • *sel → *shell: Words ending in “sel” can often be punned upon with “shell”: vesshell (vessel), tasshell (tassel), weashell (weasel), musshell (mussel), etc.
  • *sel* → *shell*: Words containing “sel” can yeild nice puns on “shell”: Hershellf, himshellf, themshellves, itshellf, myshellf, yourshelf, yourshelves, convershelly, counshelling, preshellected, overshelling, undershelling, ushellessely, weashelling.
  • Shall→ Shell: As in “Shell I compare thee to a summer’s day?” and “He who lives by the sword shell die by the sword.”
  • *cial → *shell: When a word has “cial” as a suffix, this suffix can usually be swapped out for “shell” to create a shell pun: soshell (social), speshell (special), offishell (official), finanshell, commershell, crushell, judishell, artifishell, provinshell, rashell, benefishell, superfishell, fashell, glashell, sacrifishel, antisoshell.
  • Sell → Shell: “How many do we have left to shell?”
  • Hell → Shell: “The party last night was a shell of a time.”
  • Flip her → Flipper: As in “Don’t you dare flip her off! That’s rude!” and “We’re going to need to flip her on her belly before the surgery.”
  • Flip out → Flipper-t: “Woah! No need to flipper-t about my bad turtle puns.”
  • Taught us → Tortoise: “Our parents tortoise to be kind to animals.”
  • Tore this → Tortoise: “Turtle puns tortoise family apart.”
  • Bleak → Beak: Many turtles have beak-like mouths – “The outlook is beak.”
  • Riddle → Ridley: Refers to a type of small turtle that lives in tropical seas – “Ridley me this!” and “She speaks in ridleys.”
  • A → Loggerhead: Refers to a species of large marine turtle. Also used as an insult for someone who speaks or behaves unintelligently: “That news anchor is a bit of a loggerhead.”
  • Snapping: A “snapping turtle” is a type of turtle known for its aggression and powerful jaw. The term “snapping” is also used for quick and irritable speech: “The teacher was intermittently snapping at her.”
  • Snap in → Snapping: Refers to a type of turtle. “To snap in quarters.”
  • Napping → Snapping: “Did I wake you up? Na, I was jus’ snapping.”
  • A → Leatherback: Refers to a very large black turtle with a thick leathery shell.
  • Stinkpot: Refers to a species of turtle which can defensively produce a foul smell. Can also refer to a contemptible or foul smelling person or thing: “Jason, you stinkpot! Stop making turtle puns.”
  • Plaster on → Plastron: Refers to the underside part of a turtle’s (or tortoise’s, or snake’s) shell: “You may need to put some plastron after I beat you in this pun battle.”
  • S’cute → Scute: A “scute” refers to large bony or horny plate as on an armadillo or turtle: “Aww, scute how he walks all wobbly like that.”
  • Slow: Although many turtles are quite fast (The pacific leatherback turtle can swim as fast as 34 km/h), the “turtles are slow” stereotype may allow you to use the word “slow” as a turtle pun in the right context.
  • Mutant: The series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles may be well-known enough for the word “mutant” to constitute a turtle pun in the right context.
  • Mossback: A “mossback” can refer to a very old turtle that, because of its age, has grown moss on its back. It can also refer to a very conservative person; one with old-fashioned views.
  • Hair → Hare: Because of the fame of the Tortoise and the Hare story, one might be able to make a subtle turtle/tortoise pun (with the right context) by switching “hair” for “hare“.

As you can see our turtle puns list is still short! Below is a list of turtle-related words that we still need puns for. If you’d like to help us out, please post suggestions in the comments! Also, this source of turtle-related words may be handy (as might this source).

  • ? → Hawksbill: Refers to a small, endangered tropical sea turtle.
  • ? → Reptile: All turtles and tortoises are reptiles.
  • ? → Carapace: Refers to the hard upper shell of a turtle, crustacean, or arachnid.
  • ? → Raphael: A fictional turtle from TMNT.
  • ? → Michaelangelo: A fictional turtle from TMNT.
  • ? → Donatello: A fictional turtle from TMNT.
  • ? → Leonardo: A fictional turtle from TMNT.
  • ? → Genbu: Refers to a mythical turtle in Japanese Mythology.
  • ? → Kurma: Means “turtle” in Sanskrit and refers to the Hindu Turtle God.
  • ? → Great A’Tuin: Refers to the “World Turtle” that helps carry the world in the Discworld series of novels by Terry Pratchet.
  • ? → Mock turtle: Refers to a fictional turtle in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll (wiki).
  • ? → Galapagos: Galapagos tortoises are a species of giant tortoise found on the Galapagos islands.
  • ? → Anapsid: Refers to “a primitive reptile having no opening in the temporal region of the skull; all extinct except turtles”
  • ? → Sea turtle
  • ? → Tortoiseshell

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