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Welcome to the Punpedia entry about pie puns! 🙂 Most of the pie puns in the list are on the word “pie” itself, so they’re applicable to apple pie, pumpkin pie and any other pie variety. There’s a few others towards the end of the list that play on pie-related concepts like “crust”, “filling”, “dessert”, etc. There’s a bunch of puns based on pie sayings like “Easy as pie” and “Pie in the sky”. Whatever your purpose in looking for pie puns, I hope you find this entry useful!

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Pie Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about pie that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page!

  • Pie: There are several phrases/idioms which contain the word “pie”: “Easy as pie” and “To eat humble pie” and “As sweet as pie” and “Pie in the sky” and “Pie-eyed” and “A piece of the pie” and “Sweetie pie” and “Cutie pie” and “Shut your pie hole” and “A finger in every pie” and “Pie chart / Pie graph”
  • Pi (π) → Pie: The Greek letter “pi” is commonly used in maths to represent the number which is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle.
  • I → Pie: As in “Pie couldn’t care less.” and “Pie beg to differ” and “Pie beg your pardon!” and “Pie can feel it in my bones.” and “Pie kid you not.” and “Well, pie never!” and “Pie see what you did there.” and “Pie stand corrected.”
  • I’m → Pie’m: As in “Pie’m all ears” and “Pie’m outta here!”
  • Eye → Pie: As in “Beauty is in the pie of the beholder.” and “As far as the pie can see” and “Bird’s pie view” and “It caught my pie” and “A pie for a pie, a tooth for a tooth.” and “Pie of the Tiger” and “In the pie of the storm” and “Pie up the competition” and “I’ve got my pie on you” and “In the blink of a pie” and “In my mind’s pie” and “Keep a pie out for …” and “In the public pie” and “I spy with my little pie” and “Keep your pie on the ball” and “Sleep with one pie open” and “Turn a blind pie” and “Through the pie of a needle”
  • Buy → Pie: As in “The best that money can pie” and “Pie and sell” and “Pie one, get one free” and “Pie low, sell high” and “I need you to pie me some time”
  • Bye → Pie: As in “Goodpie, cruel world.” and “Goodpie and good riddance” and “Pie-pie for now (PPFN)” and “Hush a pie
  • By → Pie: As in “Bit pie bit” and “Abide pie the rules” and “I was taken pie surprise” and “We won pie a hair’s breadth” and “Pie a show of hand’s, who …” and “She was, pie all appearances, …” and “Pie all means” and “Pie any means necessary” and “Pie any stretch of the imagination” and “Pie hell or high water” and “Pie Jove” and “We need to do it all pie the book” and “Pie the same token” and “Day pie day” and “Fall pie the wayside” and “Hard done-pie
  • *bi* → *pie*: As in, apie-de (abide), antipie-otic (antibiotic), autopieography (autobiography), pie-as (bias), pie-polar (bipolar), piesexual (bisexual), pie-curious (bicurious), pie-ble (bible), piecarbonate (bicarbonate), pie-ceps (biceps), piecycle (bicycle), pie-odegradable (biodegradable), pie-odiversity (biodiversity), pieography (biography), pie-ological (biological), pieson (bison), pie-t (bite), Du-pie (Dubai), lullapie (lullaby) and sympieosis (symbiosis).
  • Prize → Pies: As in “Keep your eyes on the pies” and “A pies catch” and “My most piesed possession.”
  • Pause → Pies: As in “It was a tragedy that gave us all pies for thought.”
  • Pose → Pies: As in “Strike a pies” and “Pies a question” and “Will you pies for my painting?”
  • Poise → Pies: As in “Pies and good manners can be cultivated in a person.”
  • Piece → Pies: As in “Pies of the action” and “A nasty pies of work” and “A pies of my mind” and “A conversation pies” and “Pies of crap” and “You want a pies of me?” and “All of a pies” and “Speak your pies” and “Abbreviated pies of nothing”
  • Pirate → Pierate: As in “Online pieracy” and “Pierates attacked the harbour.”
  • Spy → Spie: As in “I spie with my little eye”
  • Piety: As in “Acts of piety and charity.” and “Piety and religious zeal are irrational and often harmful to society.”
  • *pie*: If a word contains the “pie” sound (or similar), we might be able to turn it into a terrible pie pun. Note that some puns of this type are already in the list (above and below this item), but I’ve included them again here so they’re all in one place. Here I use hyphens or underlines for cheesy emphasis, but you can of course present them however you like: occu-pie-d (occupied), pie-lot (pilot), piep (pipe), em-pie-re (empire), inspiered, pie-ous (pious), des-pie-t (despite), pie-l (pile), occu-pie, pien (pine), piety, spie (spy),  pient (pint), expiered (expired), pie-oneer, s-pie-der, s-pie-ces, alpiene, as-pie-ring (aspiring), com-pie-led, spiene, cons-pie-red, s-pie-tful, s-pie-ky, pie-racy, magpie, vampiere, pieneapple, ex-pie-ry, pers-pie-re, preoccu-pie-d, pie-romaniac, s-pie-derman, pie-thon, pie-pline.
  • Pie*: There are a couple of words that start with the letters “pie” but not with the “pie” sound. These aren’t phonetic puns, so you can’t speak them, but they may be useful still for written word play: piece, pieces, pier, pierce, piercing, piercings, pierced, piecemeal, piezoelectric.
  • P*: Words that simply start with “p” can sometimes be turned into terrible pie puns: pieticularly (particularly), piepose (purpose), piessibility (possibility), pievate (private), pietential (potential), piement (payment), pieblish (publish), piemary school, pieblication (publication), pieority (priority), piellution (pollution), piesuade (persuade), pielitics (politics), piesentation (presentation), piessession (possession), piem (poem), piesue (persue), piessenger (passenger), pied (pride), piecentage, pieliceman, pieception (perception), pieticipation, pieschology (psychology), piemanent marker, pieliamentary (parliamentary), pietrait (portrait), pie-ano (piano), pie-riod (period), pieliticians (politicians).
  • *ply/pli* → *pie*: As in, piewood (plywood), pieing (plying), pie-ers (pliers), pie-ometric (plyometric), ap-pie (apply), sup-pie (supply), com-pie (comply), re-pie (reply), sim-pie (simply), multipie (multiply), dee-pie (deeply).
  • Pilates → Pie-lates: As in, “There’s a big difference between yoga and pie-lates.”
  • Filling: The stuff inside a pie is called “filling”, but this word (of course) has other senses which might be potentially useful for pie puns: “That pie was very filling.” and “We’re filling the open positions with graduate students.” and “I’m filling the car with petrol.” and “Fillings are expensive at any dentist.”
  • Feeling → Filling: As in “I’ve got a bad filling about this…” and “I had a gut filling that something was wrong.” and “I’ve been filling blue lately.” and “Don’t say that. You’ll hurt his fillings.” and “Are you filling okay?” and “I’ve got mixed fillings about this.” and “No hard fillings.” and “I’m filling like a million bucks.”
  • Homemade: Since the term “homemade pie” is somewhat common, you may be able to get away with a pie pun by simply using the word “homemade” in some non-food sense – perhaps to describe something that is of poor quality.
  • Pewdiepie: This is the name of a famous YouTuber.
  • Sweet: As in “How sweet of you!” and “Revenge is sweet” and “Short, but sweet” and “Sweet dreams” and “Whisper sweet nothings”
  • Savour it → Savoury-t: As in “You shouldn’t take it for granted; savoury-t.”
  • Tart: A tart is similar to a pie except that it has an “open top” (no pastry “lid”). The term “tart” has also been used historically to refer to a prostitute and is still used as a slut-shaming term today (a derogatory term for women and girls who don’t conform to traditional expectations of sexual behaviour or dress).
  • Slice: Since pies are so commonly eaten in slices, you may be able to make a pie pun by simply mentioning the word “slice”, as in “No matter which way you slice it” and “Slice of the action”
  • Apple: Since apple pie is such a common variety of pie, you may be able to make a pie pun by just mentioning the word “apple” as in “You’re the apple of my eye” and “How do you like them apples?” and “Bad apple” and “The big apple” and “Apple of discord.” and “Apple’s new iPhone”
  • Desert → Dessert: As in “The Sahara dessert.” and “Just desserts.” and “How could you dessert me at the moment I needed you the most?”
  • Dissertation → Dessertation: As in “I wrote my diploma dessertation on candy puns.”
  • Does it → Dessert: As in “It’s comfy, but dessert make my bum look big?” and “Dessert not worry you that society cares so much about appearance?”
  • Trust → Crust: As in “Crust me, I’m a doctor.” and “That was a breach of crust.” and “He’s a crustworthy young man.”
  • Christ → Crust: As in “Crust has fallen, crust has risen.” and “Crust is a main figurehead in western mythology.”
  • Crusty: This term can refer to someone (especially an older person) who is bad-tempered.
  • Rusty → Crusty: As in “My punning skills are a little crusty, sorry.”
  • Just → Crust: As in “It’s crust not my day today.” and “It’s crust around the corner.” and “Crust add water.” and “It’s crust a matter of time.”
  • Cust* → Crust*: If a word begins with “cust”, swap it with “crust”: crustodian, crustomer, crustom, crustomary, crustody, crustard, crustodial, crustomise, crustomarily.
  • *ust* → *crust*: If a word has the “ust”, it can sometimes be made into a crust pun: crustice (justice), crustification (justification), crustachioed (mustachioed), crustainable (sustainable), crustainability (sustainability).
  • Break → Bake: As in, “A bad bake” and “At bakeneck speed” and “Bed and bakefast” and “Bake a leg” and “Baking and entering” and “Bake bread” and “Baking new ground” and “Bake even” and “Bake out in a cold sweat” and “Bake the bank” and “Bake the ice” and “Bake the mold” and “Bake with tradition” and “Baking news” and “Don’t go baking my heart” and “Give me a bake!” and “A lucky bake” and “Make a bake for it” and “Sticks and stones may bake my bones.”
  • Brake → Bake: As in, “Hit the bakes.”
  • Back → Bake: As in, “Bake in black” and “Bake to the future” and “Bake in the day” and “Bake in business” and “Bake on your feet” and “Bake to basics” and “Bake to square one” and “Double bake.”
  • Beck → Bake: As in, “At my bake and call”
  • Bike → Bake: As in, “On your bake!”
  • *bac* → *bake*: As in, “Full of bake-teria” and “A messy debake-l (debacle).”
  • *bec* → *bake*: As in, “Temptation bake-ons (beckons)” and “What have you bake-ome?” and “Just bake-ause you can doesn’t mean you should” and “Bakeoming my worst nightmare” and “Vegan barbake-ue” and “This attitude is unbake-oming of you.”
  • *bic* → *bake*: As in, “Stop bakering (bickering)!” and “Stop with the acerbake (acerbic) tone” and “Aerobake exercise” and “Feeling claustrophobake.”Note: is something is acerbic, then it’s bitter.
  • *buc* → *bake*: As in, “Bake-et list” and “A drop in the bake-et” and “Bake-l (buckle) up!” and “A bake-aneer’s life.”
  • *bik* → *bake*: As in, “Bake-ini body” and “Bakeram (bikram) yoga” and “Rubake‘s cube.”
  • *pec* → *bake*: As in, “A bake-uliar situation” and “Baketoral muscles” and “Blinking behind your s-baketacles” and “A s-baketacular performance” and “Fresh persbaketive” and “A wide s-baketrum.”
  • Pakistan → Bakeistan

Pie-Related Words

There are many more puns to be made than could be documented in this Punpedia entry, and so we’ve compiled a list of pie-related concepts for you to use when creating your own puns. If you come up with a new pun, please share it in the comments!

pie, pies, pastry, crust, apple pie, custard, pumpkin pie, pudding, dessert, dough, bake, cream, sweet, rhubarb, lemon meringue, pecan pie, blueberry, cherry, raspberry, pie chart, pie graph, tart, cobbler, humble pie, filling, savoury, piece of pie, homemade, slice, piece, quiche.

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