Frog Puns

This entry is all about frog puns! Topics related to frogs like tadpoles and toads are also included. Interestingly, the term “toad” is just a “folk taxonomy” which is based mostly on the visual appearance of the animal. Some “toad” species are more closely related to frogs than to other toads. If there’s enough demand, toads may eventually get their own entry.

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As with all entries on Punpedia, if you’ve got a great frog pun, you can post it in the comments and one of our curators will add it to this entry.

Frog Puns List

Each item in this list of frog puns is either a simple word-swap (e.g. froggy → foggy) or it may be a general rule from which multiple puns can be made. In the case of general rules, the asterisks sign (*) represents one or more letters.

  • Riveting → Ribbeting: “This documentary is ribbeting!”
  • Rivet → Ribbet: “We need more ribbets to connect the steel beams.”
  • Forgot → Frogot: “Sorry, I completely frogot!”
  • Forgotten → Frogotten: “I’ve frogotten all the lyrics!”
  • Forgetfulness → Frogetfulness: “My frogetfulness is the reason I was fired.”
  • Forgiveness → Frogiveness: “I’m sorry. Can I have your frogiveness?”
  • Forgave → Frogave: “Oh, I frograve you for that a long time ago!”
  • Forgo → Frogo: “We need to frogo some of our privileges so that we can help others in need.”
  • Unforgettable → Unfrogettable: “That holiday was completely unfrogettable.”
  • Fragment → Frogment: “I’ve still got a frogment of hope left.”
  • Fragrance → Frogrance: “Oh, that frogrance has a lovely smell.”
  • Friggin’ → Froggin’: “This is froggin’ awesome!”
  • Frugal → Frogal: “I’m only buying necessities – I’m trying to be frogal.” (Terrible! :P)
  • Towed → Toad: “If you park here, your car will be toad.”
  • Told → Toad: “I toad you kids to get off my lawn!”
  • Toed → Toad: “I prefer open-toad shoes.”
  • Today → Toaday: “Toaday is the big day!”
  • Toddler → Toaddler: “Toaddlers are so cute! Always toaddling about and falling over.”
  • Totalitarianism → Toadalitarianism: “The toadalitarian regime lasted for 14 years.”
  • Totally → Toadally: “Frog puns are toadally awesome.”
  • Total → Toadal: “We have thirty two dollars and ten cents in toadal.”
  • Fib → Am-fib-ian: (Corniness level: maximum) “Are you telling am-fib-ians?”
  • Girls → Gills: Frogs don’t have gills, but tadpoles do – you might have to use this one with care.
  • Depend → depond: “Can I depond on you or not?”
  • Appendix → Appondix: “The graph is in the appondices.”
  • Compendium → Compondium : “A well organised compondium of useful information.”
  • Dependence → Depondence : “I’ve developed a depondence on frog puns over the years.”
  • Perpendicular → Perpondicular : “Perpondicular lines are at 90 degree angles to one another.”
  • Suspended → Susponded : “I was susponded for excessive frog pun usage.”
  • Hop: “I’m just going to hop over to the shops, do you want anything?”
  • Hopping: “He’s hopping mad!”
  • Hop → Hope: “I hop to one day start a charity.”
  • Hoping → Hopping: “I’m hopping this frog pun isn’t too shameful.”
  • Come here to → Kermit: If “come here to” is pronounced in a very slurred accent (“kerm ere’ ta”), then it sounds a little like “kermit”. Use carefully!
  • Commit → Kermit: “We’re in a kermitted relationship.” and “Happily, the number of people kermitting suicide is falling.”
  • Hermit → Kermit: “Yeah, an old kermit lives in that house.”
  • Bug: “Will you please stop bugging me?”
  • Paddling: “We used to receive a paddling for acting up in class.”
  • Cloak → Croak: “I need a water-proof croak for winter.”
  • Froggy: This term is an adjective for anything with has some froglike characteristics: “The old seargent’s gruff, froggy voice.”
  • Foggy → Froggy: “It’s really froggy on the roads tonight, drive carefully.”

That’s all the frog puns we have so far! There’s lots more to be made and we need your help! The list of frog-related words below is just to get you started. Please submit any and all frog puns in the comments to help improve this Punpedia entry.

  • ? → Webbed
  • ? → Webbed feet
  • ? → Protruding eyes
  • ? → Rainforest
  • ? → Tongue
  • ? → Frogger
  • ? → Pepe
  • ? → Croak
  • ? → Croaker
  • ? → Croaking
  • ? → Frogspawn
  • ? → Batrachian
  • ? → Frog-eyed
  • ? → Insectivore
  • ? → Poison dart
  • ? → Tadpole
  • ? → Tree-frog
  • ? → Bullfrog
  • ? → Metamorphosis
  • ? → Pollywog

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Eel Puns

This entry is all about eel puns! Eels are (primarily) predatory fish which have characteristically elongated bodies, such that they look a bit like underwater snakes. The most famous eels are perhaps the moray eel, the conger eel and electric eels (which technically aren’t eels, but rather knifefish).

As you’ll see, eel puns are mostly a play on words containing the “eel” sound, or similar, but there are some more sneaky puns to be made too.

You might also like to check out the Punpedia entries on fish punsshark puns, beach puns and squid puns for related wordplay.

As with all entries on Punpedia, if you’ve got a great eel pun, you can post it in the comments and one of our curators will add it to this entry.

Eel Puns List

Each item in this list of eel puns is either a simple word-swap (e.g. ill → eel) or it may be a general rule from which multiple puns can be made. In the case of general rules, the asterisks sign (*) represents one or more letters.

  • *eel*: Most words containing “eel” can be used as eel puns: wheel, cartwheel, feel, feelers, feelings, genteel, heel, heels, keel, kneel, kneeling, newsreel, pinwheel, peel, peelings, steel, steelworker, wheelbarrow, wheelchair, wheelie.
  • Field → Feeld: Words containing the “eel” sound (or similar) can be used as homophonic puns with he right emphasis: appeeling, feeld, ceeling (ceiling), automobeel, battlefeeld, ameeliorate, conceelment, deeler, eelongation, geelotine (guillotine), heeler, heelium, ideelism, memorabeelia, reveel, repeel, reelization, reely, reeligion, reelationships, reelaxation, sheeld, steeling, sheela, seel, surreelism, transeelvania, yeelding.
  • Ill → Eel: “I’m not feeling very well, I’m afraid I might be eel.”
  • I’ll → Eel’l: “Eel’l have to wait a few more days.”
  • *ihl* → *eel*: Words with the “ihl” sound in them somewhere can be used as eel puns with a bit of phonetic twisting: abeelities (abilities), acceptabeelity (acceptability), accountabeelity, acreelic, adaptabeelity, admissibeelity, affeeliate, affeeliation, applicabeelity, arteellery, availabeelity, barceelona, beelated, beelief, beweeldered, beweelderment, beelow, beeloved, beelies, beelongings, beelong, brazeelians, breelliant, beelding, caterpeellars, capabeelities, cheeldren, civeelian, conceeliation, credibeelity, culpabeelity, daffodeel, debeelitating, deelectable, deelay, deeliberately, deeliberation, deelightful, deelinquent, deelivered, deelusion, desirabeelity, diseellusionment, durabeelity, eelaborated, eelastic, eelation, eelections, eelectorate, eelectrical, eelectrode, eelectromagnetic, eelectronic, eelectrostatic, eeligibility, eelimination, eellipse, eelongated, eelusive, exheelaration, faceelitate, fameeliarity. This is only a small number of the possible puns that can be created using this pattern. To create more, use a tool like this one.
  • That’s amore → That’s a moray: “When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s a moray.” The word “amore”, pronounced “ah-mor-ray” means “love” in Italian and was made famous by the singer Dean Martin. A “moray eel” is a type of eel.
  • More ale → Moray-eel: “Drinking moray-eel is not a good idea.”
  • Morale → Moray-eel: “Captain, the army’s moray-eel is low.”
  • More → Mor-ay: A bit laboured, but still possible: “Some mor-ay people will arrive soon.”
  • Can’t go → Conger: “I conger to work today because I am sick.” A “congo” is a type of large, scaleless, marine eel.
  • Congo → Conger: “Conger is a republic in central Africa.”
  • Congo → Conger: “Come on! Join the conger line.” (See conga line Wikipedia entry if you’ve never heard of it.)
  • Electric: Electric eels are famous enough that you could probably use just the word “electric” as an eel pun, with no modification to its phonetics. If you need more emphasis, you could use “eelectric”. Same with electricity, electrostatic, etc. In the right context you may also get away with using some other electricity-related terms as eel puns: short circuit, static, current, volt, ampere, voltage, watt, kilowatt, electrify, circuit, arc, electrocute, charge, power.
  • Elder → Elver: “I was always told to respect my elvers according to their desert.” An elver is a young eel.
  • Elderly → Elverly: “An elverly couple lives in that house.” An elver is a young eel.
  • Hell of a → Elver: “We had an elver time on our last adventure.”
  • Hell → Eel: “Eel hath no fury like an anguilliform scorned.”
  • Foray → F-moray: Very laboured! “I wrote this during my first f-moray into poetry.”
  • ? → Anguilliform: All eels are part of the “anguilliform” biological taxonomic order. Got a pun for this? Please share it in the comments!
  • ? → Leptocephalus: A leptocephalus is the slender transparent larva of eels. Got a pun for this? Please share it in the comments!

As you can see our eel puns list is still short! If you’d like to help us out, this source of eel-related words may be handy (as might this source). If you come up with any puns for these words, please share them in the comments!

If you’re after more aquatic animal word play, check out our entry on crab puns and our massive fish puns entry.

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Water Puns

This entry is about water puns! It’s closely related to the Punpedia entry on ocean puns, but with a tighter emphasis on water, and including puns about rivers, freshwater topics, liquid, ice and rain to name a few of the main topics. There is also a bit of cross-over with the beach puns entry, so check that out if you’re interested.

As usual, the images and visual puns at closer to the end of the article, so scroll down if that’s what you’re looking for. And if you’ve got a terrible/amazing pun that isn’t in this entry, please post it in the comments and one of our curators will add it to this entry.

Water Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any water related puns that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page!

  • What are → Water: As in “Water you doing out so late tonight?” and “Water you doing tomorrow?”
  • What are we → Watery: As in “Watery going to do?” and “Watery doing today, friends?”
  • What about → Water boat: As in “Water boat we have tofu curry for dinner tonight?” and “Water boat Ching? Does she want to come to the beach too?”
  • What do → Water: As in “Water you think about this?”
  • What her → Water: As in “I know water problem is.” and “Do you know water mother thinks about this?”.
  • Do you → Dew: As in “Dew want to grab a coffee some time?” and “How dew do?”
  • Whatever → Waterever: As in “Waterever, I don’t care.” and “Do waterever you want”.
  • Each → Beach: As in “Beach of us have our own towel”.
  • Bitch → Beach: As in “Those beaches don’t know me!” and “She says you were being a bit beachy“.
  • Damn → Dam: As in “This is the best damned water pun you’ve ever heard.” and “These dam otters are stealing all my trees.”
  • *dam*: Most words containing “dam” can be made into “dam” puns: damage, damnation, madam, goddamn, adamant, damsel, fundamental.
  • Shallow: As in “That comment was very shallow.”
  • Like → lake: As in “Swim lake a fish.” and “Lake a fish out of water.”
  • Current: As in “Currently we have no other options.”
  • *ways → *waves: Words than end in “ways” can be made into bad wave puns: alwaves (always), railwaves (railways), sidewaves, pathwaves, lengthwaves, doorwaves.
  • Fathom: A “fathom” is a unit of length equal to 6 feet (~1.8m) and is most commonly used in reference to the depth of water. Example sentences: “I can’t fathom what she means.” and “It’s completely unfathomable!”
  • Acquaintance → Aquaintance: As in “I don’t know her well, she’s just an aquaintance“.
  • No → Snow: As in “There’s snow way you’re coming with us.”
  • Tired → Tide: As in “It’s late, and I’m getting tide of water puns.”
  • Tidy → Tidey: As in “After the party we need to tidey the beach.”
  • Tied → Tide: As in “I’m tide up at the moment, can someone else help?” and “Yep, they tide the knot!”
  • Other → Otter: As in “It was just the otter day.”
  • Flow: As in “The conversation was flowing quite nicely for a while.” and “The rhythm and flow are just perfect.”
  • Seizure → Seazure: As in “If I read one more water pun I’m going to have a seazure.”
  • App* → Carpp*: If a word starts with “app” you can replace it with “carpp” to create a really bad pun on the freshwater fish. Examples include: carppear (appear), carpproach (approach), carpply (apply). You can find more “app*” words in this list.
  • Stream: As in “I’m streaming a video.” and “I can’t stream because my connection is too slow.”
  • You’re in → Urine: As in “Urine for a treat!” and “Urine for a fleecing!”
  • Wait → Wet: As in “I’ll just wet here.” and “We were wetting for a gap.”
  • Ponder: As in “I love to just sit and ponder the meaning of life.” And some similar ones: pondtificate (pontificate) pondtoon (pontoon), ponderously.
  • Waded: Along with walking through water, this can mean to “read laboriously through a long piece of writing”, so a water pun could be by using it with this definition: “Wading through your last comment was difficult.” It could also just be used in place of “walk”.
  • Wish → Fish: As in “I just fish we had more time!” and “If you rub the lamp you get three fishes“.
  • Tad → Shad: A “shad” is a common herring-like fish which lives in the sea and breeds in rivers.
  • Bubbly: “bubbly” has a “this water is bubbly” sense and a “he has a really bubbly personality” sense.
  • Boy → Buoy: As in “It’s a buoy!” and “His buoyfriend is a great person”.
  • Issue → Fishue: As in “That’s not the fishue here though.” and “I was fishued a sign for parking without a ticket”.
  • *able → *abubble: Words ending in “able” can be converted to terrible bubble puns by replacing it with “abubble”: reasonabubble (reasonable), availabubble (available), enabubble (enable), comfortabubble (comfortable), valuabubble (valuable), constabubble (constable), acceptabubble, capabubble, inevitabubble, vegetabubble, suitabubble, variabubble, vulnerabubble, profitabubble, acceptabubble, sylabubble, reliabubble, … Many more shameful puns like this can be made with the help a of list like this one.
  • *bably → *bubbly: As in “I’m probubbly going to stick around for a bit longer” and “It was indescribubbly mysterious” and “All the while he just impertububbly paced along the shore”.
  • *pear → *peir: As in “Then all of a sudden she dissapeired!” and “After appeiring to check his watch, he quickly ran away.” and “Don’t you think speir fishing is cruel?”.
  • ?id* → Squid*: If a word begins with “?id” where ‘?’ represents any letter, then this prefix can sometimes be replaced with “squid”. For example: squiddle (middle), squidlife crisis (midlife crisis), squidget (midget), squiddle (riddle), squidiculous (ridiculous), squideotape (videotape), squiddish (yiddish), squidth (width), squidow (widow), squidget (widget).
  • Kid* → Squid*: The prefix “kid” can be replaced with “squid” as follows: squidding (kidding), squidnapped (kidnapped), squidney (kidney), squid (kid).
  • Wail → Whale: As in “Poor thing, he’s been whaling over his grandmother who recently passed.” and “A good whale can help one overcome grief”.
  • El* → Eel*: A word that starts with “el” can often be an eel pun: eelection (election), eelse (else), eelement (element), eelectricity, eeliminate, eelite, eelephant, eelectron, eeleven, eelegant, eeligible, eelderly, eelicit, eelated, eelusive, eeligibility, eelapse, eelevator, eelbow, eelastic, eeloquent, eelipse.
  • Defin* → Dolphin: As in “We dolphinitely need more time to finish the mission.” and “What is the dolphinition of this word?” and “Please dolphine this word.” and “It’s the dolphinitive source of Nordic history.”
  • *tual* → *shoal*: A “shoal” can refer to a large group of fish, or an area of shallow water, or an underwater sand bank. If a word contains “tual” it can often be replaced with “shoal” for a cute little pun: actshoal (actual), actshoality (actuality), intellectshoal (intellectual), ritshoal (ritual), spiritshoal, mutshoally, eventshoal, eventshoally, conceptshoal, conceptshoalise, virtshoal, contractshoal, factshoal, factshoally, perpetshoal, textshoal, contextshoal, perceptshoal, punctshoal, instinctshoal, actshoally, habitshoally.
  • Should* → Shoald*: As mentioned above, a “shoal” can refer to a large group of fish, or an area of shallow water, or an underwater sand bank. We can use “shoal” be used to make puns like: shoald (should), shoalder (shoulder), shoaldering.
  • Bas* → Bass*: If a word begins with “bas” it can be replaced with “bass”, the name of a common European freshwater perch: bassically, basskets, basstard, bassic, basshful, bassin.
  • *cy → *sea: If a word ends in “cy” it’s an easy “sea” pun: polisea, agensea, democrasea, currensea, emergensea, efficiensea, tendensea, frequensea, fansea, constituensea, pregnansea, accurasea, redundansea, bureaucrasea, presidensea, legasea, conspirasea, mersea, privasea, bankruptsea, consistensea, literasea, urgensea, deficiensea, dependency, consultansea, tenacity, isea (icy), secrecy, intimasea.
  • Se* → Sea*: Some words that start with just “se” also have a “sea”-ish sound: seacret, searious, seargeant, seacretion, seacure, seacurity, seacondary, seacretariat, seaconds, seacrete, searum, searenity, searvitude.
  • Sea*: Most words starting with “sea” are easy sea puns: season, seasonal, seated, searingly, sealants, seam.
  • See* → Sea*: If a word starts with “see” it can often be replaced with “sea” to create a simple sea pun: seaminly, seads, seaker, seathe, seap, seak, sean, sea (see).
  • Sealant / Sealing / Seal: Easy seal puns can be made with words starting with “seal” (e.g. sealant, seal) or “ceil” (e.g. sealing).
  • Or* → Oar*: If a word starts with “or” it can be replaced with “oar” for a neat little boat pun. Some examples: oarganisation, oariginally, oarange, oarchestra, oargan, oarbit, oarnament, oarthodoxy, oariental, oarnaments, oarchid, oardering.
  • Simmer → Swimmer: As in “I left the pot swimmering and now my vegetable curry is burnt!” and “Hey swimmer down, there’s no need to turn this into a fight”.
  • Or → Oar: As in “Let’s go oar we’ll be late!” and “Should we swim oar keep sunbaking?”.
  • Crappy → Crappie: A “crappie” is a North American freshwater fish. “Crappy” is used to describe something or poor quality.
  • Purpose → Porpoise: As in “I didn’t do it on porpoise!” and “What is the porpoise of this?”
  • *sib* → *ship*: If a word contains “sib” it can usually be replaced with “ship” to create a terrible pun. For example: posshiply (possibly), accesshipility (accessibility), incomprehenshiple, feashipble, irresponshipble, invishipble, ostenshipbly, revershipble, vishipble. An example sentence might be: “I am responshiple for my puns.”
  • Someone → Salmon: As in “Will salmon please help me?” and “Salmon’s at the door”.
  • Opportunity → Op-perch-tuna-ty: As in “I’m glad I got an op-perch-tuna-ty to say this pun.”
  • Well: The word “well” can mean “in a good or satisfactory way” and also “a shaft dug into the ground to extract water, oil, etc.”, so it’s a simple pun. An example sentence: “Very well, I’ll stop making water puns now.”
  • Well/Welcome → Whale/Whalecome: As in “Whalecome to our home!” and “Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here?”.  Whale puns can be made with many more words like welfare (whalefare), welsh (whalesh) and wellness (whaleness). Check out the entry on whale puns for more.
  • Row/Roe: “Row” as in “row your boat” and “roe” as in fish or shellfish eggs, are two words that can be inserted into many other words: roetine/rowtine (routine), rowmans/roemans (romans), rowtation/roetation (rotation), rowd/roed (rowed), rowse (rose), rowl (roll), rowp, rowmantic, rowbust, rowbot, rowgue, roest. Check out the boat puns entry for more.
  • Kil* → Krill*: Kill, kilogram, killer, killing, kilowatt are all words that can be punned with “krill” (the microscopic shrimp-like ocean critters). For example: “I just bought a krillogram of tofu” and “Krilling sentient creatures is often morally wrong”
  • Combine → Combrine: As in “With our power combrined we should be able to defeat them.” and “It’s what you get when you combrine salt and water”. Similar puns can be made for most words ending in “bine”: turbrine (turbine), concubrine (concubine), columbrine (columbine).
  • *ice: Some words that end in “ice” an be very simple ice puns: price, nice, advice, device, twice, slice, rice, sacrifice, vice, suffice, mice, spice, entice, lice, splice.
  • Jus* → Juice*: As in “There can be no juicetification of this behaviour!” and “Juicet three dollars?! Is that all?” and “Juicetice has been served.” There are of course many more juice puns of this variety: juicetify, juicetifyable, injuicetice, unjuicetifyable, etc.
  • Adjust → Adjuicet: As in “There will be an adjuicetment period.” and “We need to adjuicet the course of this conversation”.
  • Court → Quart: As in “The supreme quart.” and “He’s been quarting her for months.”
  • Will → Well: As in “It’s just a lack of well power.” and “Well you marry me?” and “You well regret this.”
  • Esteem → Esteam: As in “She has great self-esteam.” and “I hold her in high esteam.”
  • Creak → Creek: As in “The stairs creeked as I walked up.”
  • Run → Rain: As in “She rains so fast!” and “He’s raining amok.”.
  • Tap: As in “Tap out! Her water puns are too good!” and “I heard a tap at the door.”
  • Lock → Loch: As in “If there’s any more water puns, I’ll loch the thread.” and “No shit, Sherloch.”
  • *lock → *loch: If a word ends in “lock”, it’s a lovely opportunity for a lake pun: bloch, cloch, floch, deadloch, padloch, hilloch, interloch, warloch, sunbloch, unbloch, hemloch.
  • Seem → Steam: As in “Things are not always as they steam.”
  • *hale → *hail: As in “Inhail deeply, then exhail slowly.”
  • Flake: As in “Yeah, I thought you might flake on me.” and “Cornflakes aren’t all that healthy.”
  • *late → *lake: Terrible lake puns can be made by replacing the “late” suffix with “lake”: calculake, stimulake, translake, contemplake, manipulake, circulake, accumulake, congratulake, congratulaketions, speculake, correlaketed (correlated), violaketed (violated), inarticulake.
  • I s* → Ice s*: Any phrase which has the word “I” and word after it which begins with “s” can be made into an ice pun. Here are a couple of examples: “Ice see dead people.” and “And ice stood there for a moment, completely stunned.” and “Ice simply have no idea.”
  • I see → Icey: As in “Icey what you did there.” and “Icey dead people.”
  • Boy l* → Boil l*: If a sentence has the word “boy” followed by a word starting with “l”, we can make a water pun. For example: “I thought a boil like you would have some manners.” and “The young boil left the room abruptly.”

Water-Related Phrases

Common phrases, idioms and cliches which are related to water can be used for some subtle and witty word play. Here is a list of the water themed phrases that we’ve found so far:

  • When it rains, it pours
  • I’ll be damned
  • Drowning in sorrow
  • To dampen one’s enthusiasm/spirits
  • Break the ice
  • Watered down
  • You shore can
  • Go with the flow
  • You’re in deep water
  • Dry humour
  • Don’t piss off the alligator until you’ve crossed the river
  • Keep at bay
  • Keep the pot boiling
  • That’s water under the bridge
  • Kick up a storm
  • She’s in hot water
  • Rain on your parade
  • Off the deep end
  • Open the floodgates
  • Channel surfing
  • Run out of steam
  • The calm before the storm
  • Sleep with the fishes
  • Blow off steam
  • In hot water
  • Until hell freezes over
  • Take a raincheck
  • Skating on thin ice
  • Rubber duck
  • Trim one’s sails
  • Slippery when wet
  • Water over the dam
  • Went storming off
  • In every life a little rain must fall
  • My head is swimming
  • Pour it on thick
  • Bored to tears
  • Between the devil and the deep blue sea
  • Muddy the water
  • You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make her drink
  • Throwing out the baby with the bath water
  • As white as snow
  • As helpful as a screen door on a submarine
  • Better than a slap in the face with a wet fish
  • Mexican wave
  • A fine kettle of fish
  • A big fish in a small pond
  • Plain sailing
  • Binge drinking
  • Blood, sweat and tears
  • Behind the clouds, the sun is shining
  • Body surfing
  • Rising tide
  • Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it
  • Chasing rainbows
  • Paddle your own canoe
  • Babble like a brook
  • Laugh like a drain
  • Crocodile tears
  • Lame duck
  • Sitting duck
  • Soft drink
  • Don’t rock the boat
  • If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck…
  • If your ship doesn’t come in, you have to row out to meet it
  • Drink like a fish
  • He’s fishing for compliments
  • Hook, line and sinker
  • If today was a fish, i’d throw it back in the river
  • Lay there like a beached whale
  • Rats abandon a sinking ship
  • River of tears
  • As sharp as a sack of wet mice
  • As sharp as a wet corn flake
  • Stew in his own juice
  • She’s not the only fish in the sea
  • Still waters run deep
  • Tip of the iceberg
  • After the rain comes a rainbow
  • We might as well get our ears wet
  • Wet behind the ears
  • All’s well that ends well
  • Well’s run dry
  • Whatever floats your boat
  • Cold as ice
  • A wet bird never flies at night
  • A whale of a time
  • Cottage by the lake
  • Couldn’t punch your way out of a wet paper bag
  • Cross that bridge when we get to it
  • Cry me a river
  • Son’t give a damn
  • All in the same boat
  • Dry as a bone
  • Duck the question
  • Eat drink and be merry
  • Even at the turning of the tide
  • The tides have turned
  • Every cloud has a silver lining
  • A fish out of water
  • A drop in the ocean
  • Full steam ahead
  • Full head of steam
  • Get your ducks in a row
  • Getting soaked (as in cheated)
  • Going against the tide
  • Head in the clouds
  • That shore is (funny/sad/long/etc.)

Water-Related Words

There are many more puns to be made than could be documented in this Punpedia entry, and so we’ve compiled a list of water-related concepts for you to use when creating your own puns:

afloat, alligator, amazon river, amphibian, aqua, aquarium, aquatic, aqueduct, aqueous, aquifer, bath, bath water, bathe, bay, beach, beverage, bilge, billabong, bird bath, boat, boating, body of water, boggy, boiling, boiling point, bottled water, bottom of the sea, brackish, breakwater, bridge, brim, brine, brook, bubble, bucket, canal, canoe, carbonated water, channel, cistern, cloud, condensation, coral, crab, creek, crocodile, crystal clear, dam, damp, dampen, deep, deep blue sea, deep water, dehydration, deluge, desalination, dew, diarrhoea, dishwasher, dissolve, distillation, distilled water, dive, diving, dock, dolphin, douse, downstream, drainage, drench, drink, drinking, drinking water, drizzle, droplet, drought, drown, dry, dryer, duck, dunk, eddy, eel, effervescent, estuary, evaporation, falls, faucet, fin, fish, fishermen, fishing, float, flood, floodwater, fluid, flush, flush toilet, fountain, freeze, freezing, freezing point, fresh water, freshwater, frog, gills, glacier, ground water, groundwater, gutter, H2O, hail, half empty, half full, hard water, heavy water, holy water, hot water, humidity, hydrant, hydrate, hydration, hydraulic, hydroelectricity, hydrogen, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, hydrosphere, hygiene, ice, iceberg, inlet, irrigate, irrigation, jellyfish, jet ski, juice, kayak, kelp, lagoon, lake, lime water, liquefied, liquid, liquid water, litre, marine, marine mammal, marsh, melt, melt water, mineral water, mist, moist, moisture, navy, nile, ocean, ocean spray, oceanic, orca, otter, patter, pee, perspiration, phlegm, piddle, pier, pint, pirate, piss, plankton, pond, pond lily, pond water, pool, pour, precipitation, puddle, pump, quart, rain, rainbow, raincoat, rainy, reeds, rinse, river, riverbed, river basin, running water, sail, saline, salinity, saliva, salt lake, saltwater, scald, scuba, sea, seaborne, seal, seasick, seawater, seaweed, seven seas, sewage reservoir, shallow, shark, ship, shipwreck, shoal, shore, shower, simmer, sink, siphon, skim, slobber, snorkel, snow, snowflake, soak, soda, sodden, soft water, solvent, sonar, sopping, splash, splashing, spring, spring water, sprinkle, squid, squirt, steam, storm, stream, string ray, submerge, submerse, sunken, surfing, swamp, swash, sweat, swell, swimmer, swimming, tadpole, tap, tap water, tear, teardrop, tidal force, tide, tidepool, toilet, torrent, torrential rainfall, umbrella, underwater, upstream, urine, vapour, wade, wash, washing, wastewater, water bomb, water buffalo, water cycle, water filter, water fowl, water gun, water park, water pipe, water polo, water skiing, water slide, water soluble, water spout, water supply, water tank, water tight, water treatment, water works, waterboard, watercolour, watercourse, waterfall, watering hole, waterlogged, watermark, waterway, watery, wave, well, wet, wet season, whale, whirlpool, wring out, trout, turtle, sea turtle, tortoise, wetland, loch, fish pond, catfish, tuna, mud, blowfish, bydrobiology, marine biologist, catchment, crayfish, lobster, reef, moat, sea life, swan, seagull, sturgeon, open water, paddle, watermelon, conductive, spurt

Water Jokes

If you’re looking for some very corny water jokes, you’ve come to the right place. All of these one-liner-style water jokes use puns in their punchline (whether homophonic, homographic, or based on a slang phrase or cliche).

  • What do you call a duck that refuses to go in the water? – A chicken!
  • What keeps a dock floating above water? – Pier pressure!
  • Did you hear the watermelon joke? – It’s pitiful.
  • Is it dangerous to swim on a full stomach? – No, it’s just more fun in water.
  • Why is the letter T like an island? – Because its in the middle of water!
  • What do you call a guy with no arms or legs floating in the water? – Bob
  • Why is it bad to joke about boiling water? – Because it gets all steamy.
  • How do you make holy water? – You boil the hell out of it!
  • How does Moses make his tea?  – Hebews it.
  • Why do seals swim in salt water? – Because pepper water makes them sneeze!
  • What eight letters can you find in water from the Arctic Ocean? – H to O
  • What vegetable is forbidden on all ship? – Leeks!
  • What did the trout say when it swam into a concrete wall? – Dam!
  • What type of specialist can carry out operations underwater? – Sturgeon
  • Where do fish wash? – In a river basin!
  • Where do fish keep their money? – In river banks.
  • What do you call the small tributaries of the main river in Cairo? – Juveniles
  • Why didn’t the hipster swim in the river? – It was too mainstream.
  • What happened when the scientist tried to capture some fog? – She mist!
  • Why did the student study hydrology? – Because she had a great thirst for knowledge.
  • Who is the world’s greatest underwater spy? – Pond. James Pond.
  • All the toilets in New York’s police stations have been stolen. Police have nothing to go on.
  • Why is tea so therapeutic? – Because boiling the water raises your self of steam.

Water Pun Images

Below is a collection of water-related visual puns and meme-type images. If you’ve created your own visual water puns or found one that we’ve missed, please post us a link in the comments section 🙂

Water Pun Conversations & Battles

Here’s a small selection of conversations and threads where water was the general topic of word play. Some of the comments may lead toward ocean puns, but in general the pun battles/conversations stay close to the water theme. If you’ve found any threads or messenger/iPhone screenshots that are water-themed but aren’t included here, please post a comment at the bottom of the page!

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