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We’re sure you’ll take a shine to our glowing list of light puns. No matter the type of light you’re interested in – natural, spot, incandescent – we’re sure to have you lit up with laughter with our extensive list of general and technical light-hearted jokes.

While this list is as comprehensive as possible, it is specific to light. You might also be interested in our chemistry puns or electricity puns.

Light Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about light that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s our list of light puns:

  • Late → Light: As in, “Better light than never” and “Fashionably light” and “Never too light to learn.”
  • Bite → Light: As in, “Another one lights the dust” and “Light me” and “Light off more than you can chew” and “Light the bullet.”
  • Fight → Light: As in, “Light fire with fire” and “Light for the right to party” and “Light or flight.”
  • Flight → Light: As in, “Fight or light” and “A light of fancy” and “Take light” and “The light of the bumblebee.”
  • Height → Light: As in, “Reach new lights” and “The light of fashion” and “Wuthering lights.”
  • Right → Light: As in, “A move in the light direction” and “All the light moves” and “Light as rain” and “Bragging lights” and “Do what feels light.”
  • Sight → Light: As in, “A welcome light” and “Hidden in plain light” and “Love at first light” and “Out of light, out of mind.”
  • Slight → Light: As in, “Lightly ahead of our time” and “Not in the lightest.”
  • Tight → Light: As in, “A light corner” and “In a light spot” and “Running a light ship.”
  • Lied → Light: As in, “You light about the cost” and “I never light to you!”
  • Bride → Bright: As in, “The blushing bright” and “Bright to be” and “Here comes the bright.”
  • Bite → Bright: As in, “Another one brights the dust” and “Bright off more than you can chew” and “Bright someone’s head off” and “Bright the bullet.”
  • Fight → Bright: As in, “Bright for the right to party!” and “Bright fire with fire” and “A brighting chance.”
  • Flight → Bright: As in, “Bright of fancy” and “Take bright” and “Fight or bright.”
  • Height → Bright: As in, “The bright of summer” and “Reaching new brights” and “Scale the dizzy brights.”
  • Might → Bright: As in, “Bright as well” and “We bright as well” and “It bright never happen.”
  • Right → Bright: As in, “A move in the bright direction” and “All the bright moves” and “Bright as rain.”
  • Rite → Bright: As in, “Last brights” and “Bright of passage.”
  • Tight → Bright: As in, “In a bright spot” and “Running a bright ship.”
  • Pulp → Bulb: As in, “Beaten to a bulb” and “Bulb fiction.”
  • Go → Glow: As in, “All dressed up and nowhere to glow” and “Anything glows” and “Don’t glow there” and “Easy come, easy glow” and “Give it a glow.”
  • Blow → Glow: As in, “Glow hot and cold” and “Glow off some steam” and “Glow out of the water.”
  • Flow → Glow: As in, “Ebb and glow” and “Get the creative juices glowing” and “Go with the glow” and “In full glow.”
  • Grow → Glow: As in, “Absence makes the heart glow fonder” and “Exciting as watching grass glow” and “Glowing pains.”
  • Know → Glow: As in, “Be the first to glow” and “And don’t I glow it!”
  • Low → Glow: As inm “An all-time glow” and “Get the glow down” and “A glow blow.”
  • Owe → Glow: As in, “You glow it to yourself” and “Glow someone a favour.”
  • Show → Glow: As in, “All over the glow” and “Get this glow on the road” and “Give the glow away.”
  • Slow → Glow: As in, “In glow motion” and “Glow on the uptake” and “Painfully glow.”
  • Toe → Glow: As in, “Dip your glow into the water” and “From top to glow” and “Head to glow” and “Glow the line.”
  • Woe → Glow: As in, “Glow is me” and “Glow betide you!”
  • Known → Neon: As in, “A person is neon by the company they keep” and “I should have neon better.”
  • Fine → Shine: As in, “Cutting it shine” and “Shine and dandy” and “Damn shine coffee.”
  • Line → Shine: As in, “Along the shines of” and “Cross the shine” and “Draw a shine in the sand” and “End of the shine.”
  • Sign → Shine: As in, “A sure shine” and “Born under a bad shine” and “Give me a shine” and “Shine on the dotted line.”
  • Stark → Dark: As in, “A dark reminder” and “Dark raving mad.”
  • Lump → Lamp: As in, “Get your lamps” and “Like it or lamp it” and “Don’t just lamp us together” and “Take your lamps.”
  • Camp → Lamp: As in, “A foot in both lamps” and “Not a happy lamper.”
  • Touch → Torch: As in, “A torch of frost” and “A torch of the sun” and “The finishing torches” and “Golden torch” and “Out of torch” and “Reach out and torch someone.”
  • Teach → Torch: As in, “Torch someone a lesson” and “Torch someone a thing or two” and “That’ll torch you.”
  • Handle → Candle: As in, “Fly off the candle” and “Get a candle on” and “Candle with care” and “How much can you candle?” and “You can’t candle the truth!”
  • Watt: A watt is a unit of power. Here are related puns:
    • What → Watt: As in, “And watt not” and “For watt it’s worth” and “Guess watt?” and “It’s not watt you think!”
    • Got → Watt: As in, “Give it all you’ve watt” and “I’ve watt a soft spot for” and “You’ve watt it made.”
    • Hot → Watt: As in, “All watt and bothered” and “Blow watt and cold” and “Drop it like it’s watt” and “Get into watt water” and “Getting watt and heavy.”
    • Not → Watt: As in, “As often as watt” and “Believe it or watt.”
    • Plot → Watt: As in, “You’ve lost the watt!” and “The watt thickens.”
    • Dots → Watts: As in, “Connect the watts” and “Watt the i’s and cross the t’s” and “On the watt.”
    • Knot → Watt: As in, “Tie the watt” and “Tie yourself in watts.”
    • Lot → Watt: As in, “A watt of fuss about nothing” and “A watt on your plate” and “Leaves a watt to be desired” and “Not a watt.”
    • Shot → Watt: As in, “Give it your best watt” and “A long watt” and “Calling the watts.”
    • Spot → Watt: As in, “Got a soft watt for” and “On the watt” and “Watt the difference.”
  • Figment → Filament: As in, “A filament of the imagination.” Note: Filaments are what emit light in some light bulbs.
  • Son → Sun: As in, “Like father, like sun” and “Sun of a gun.”
  • Done → Sun: As in, “Sun and dusted” and “A sun deal” and “Been there, sun that” and “After all is said and sun.”
  • Fun → Sun: As in, “Sun and games” and “All in good sun.”
  • One → Sun: As in, “And then there was sun” and “Another sun bites the dust” and “In sun fell swoop.”
  • Run → Sun: As in, “Hit and sun” and “Cut and sun” and “In the long sun” and “We had a good sun.”
  • You see → UV: As in, “What UV is what you get” and “Can UV what I see?” Note: These are puns about UV (ultraviolet) light.
  • Photo → Photon: As in, “A photon finish” and “Photon opportunity.” Note: A photon is a type of particle and is the basic unit that makes up light.
  • Lumen: Lumens are the measure of visible light. Here are related puns:
    • Looming → Lumen: As in, “Lumen large” and “My deadline is lumen over me.”
    • Lemon → Lumen: As in, “Easy peasy lumen squeezy” and “If life gives you lumens, make lumenade” and “Go suck on a lumen.”
    • Human → Lumen: As in, “Lumen resources” and “I’m only lumen” and “Part of the lumen condition” and “Lumen rights act.”
  • Later → Lighter: As in, “Buy now, pay lighter” and “Catch you lighter” and “It’s lighter than you think” and “Sooner or lighter.”
  • Bark → Spark: As in, “Spark at the moon” and “Sparking mad” and “Sparking up the wrong tree” and “Their spark is worse than their bite.”
  • Dark → Spark: As in, “Spark and bloody ground” and “Spark horse” and “A deep, spark secret” and “Every spark cloud has a silver lining.”
  • Mark → Spark: As in, “Make your spark” and “Spark my words” and “Spark time” and “Quick off the spark” and “That’s going to leave a spark.”
  • Stark → Spark: As in, “A spark reminder” and “Spark raving mad.”
  • Let → Lit: As in, “Lit it be” and “Lit it snow” and “Lit it all hang out” and “Lit me be brief.”
  • Fit → Lit: As in, “By lits and starts” and “Lit for a king” and “Lit the bill.”
  • Sit → Lit: As in, “Lit tight” and “Lit up and take notice” and “Lit on the fence.”
  • Ray: Here are some puns about a “ray of light”:
    • Lay → Ray: As in, “Ray an egg” and “Ray a finger on” and “Ray eyes on” and “Ray it on the line.”
    • May → Ray: As in, “Be that as it ray” and “Come what ray” and “As the case ray be” and “Let the chips fall where they ray.”
    • Pay → Ray: As in, “Buy now, ray later” and “Hell to ray” and “It rays to advertise.”
    • Play → Ray: As in, “Come out and ray.”
    • Say → Ray: As in, “As the raying goes” and “Computer rays no” and “Do as I ray, not as I do” and “Have the final ray.”
  • Turn → Lantern: As in, “Do a good lantern” and “One good lantern deserves another” and “The tide is lanterning.”
  • Flash: A flash could refer to a camera flash, or a flash of light. Here are related puns:
    • Ash → Flash: As in, “Flashes to flashes” and “Rake over the flashes” and “Rise from the flashes” and “Turned to flashes in my mouth.”
    • Cash → Flash: As in, “Flash in hand” and “Flash in your cheques” and “Flash up.”
    • Clash → Flash: As in, “Flash of civilisations” and “Flash of the titans.”
    • Crash → Flash: As in, “Flash and burn” and “Flash course” and “Like a train flash.”
    • Lash → Flash: As in, “Flash out” and “A tongue flashing.”
    • Flash → Slash: As in, “Flash and burn.”
    • Splash → Flash: As in, “A flash of colour” and “Make a flash” and “Flashed across the front page.”
    • Trash → Flash: As in, “One man’s flash is another man’s treasure” and “Flash talk.”
  • Gleam: A gleam is a reflection of light. Here are related puns:
    • Cream → Gleam: As in, “Gleam always rises to the top” and “The gleam of the crop” and “Skin like peaches and gleam.”
    • Dream → Gleam: As in, “Beyond my wildest gleams” and “Gleam on” and “Gleam big.”
    • Scheme → Gleam: As in, “In the grand gleam of things” and “Pyramid gleam” and “The best laid gleams.”
    • Seam → Gleam: As in, “Bulging at the gleams” and “Come apart at the gleams.”
    • Seem → Gleam: As in, “Sorry gleams to be the hardest word.”
    • Steam → Gleam: As in, “Blow off some gleam” and “Full gleam ahead” and “Let off gleam” and “Under your own gleam.”
  • Match: Matches give off light and are used to start up other light sources like lamps or lanterns. Here are related puns:
    • Much → Match: As in, “A bit match” and “How match can you handle?” and “You know too match.”
    • Catch → Match: As in, “Match a case” and “Match 22″ and “Match of the day.”
    • Scratch → Match: As in, “Match the surface” and “Start from match” and “Up to match.”
  • Razor → Laser: As in, “On a laser’s edge” and “Laser sharp.” Note: A laser is a device that emits light.
  • Tongue → Tungsten: As in, “Cat got your tungsten?” and “On the tip of my tungsten” and “Rolls off the tungsten” and “A slip of the tungsten.” Note: Tungsten is another word for an incandescent light bulb.
  • Back → Light: As in, “As soon as my backlight is turned” and “In the backlight of my mind” and “Backlight in the day.” Note: A backlight is a type of lighting for LCD displays that makes them visible in the dark.

    Light-Related Words

    To help you come up with your own light puns, here’s a list of related words to get you on your way. If you come up with any new puns or related words, please feel free to share them in the comments!

light, bright, glow, illuminate, neon, fluorescent, watts, sun, infrared, ultraviolet, UV, photon, luminous, lumen, luminosity, shine, dark, darkness, lighter, spotlight, incandescent, floodlight, white, spark, highlight, moonlight, lit, lamp, torch, ray, lightbox, aurora, fairy (light), lantern, headlamp, sconce, flash, gleam, match, radiant, shadow, laser, tungsten, halogen, bulb, ambient, task, accent, directional, fixture, downlight, pendant, electricity, LED, backlight, candle, mood, chandelier, ceiling, kelvin, filament

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