Puns About Puns

Wait, wait, wait… You’re looking for puns about puns? Well, I’m not sure what sort of apocalyptic demon you’re trying to summon here, but this is Punpedia, so I guess it’s our duty to help you out. Just know that it can be dangerous if you get too meta with your puns. Don’t go too deep!

If you’ve got any “pun puns” that we don’t, please share them in the comments at the end!

List of Puns About Puns

This list is the current, full collection of homographic and homophonic wordplay on the topic of puns. Each item either describes a direct pun (e.g. fun → pun) or a rule which can describe a set of possible puns. In the latter case, the asterisk (*) character is used to denote one or more letters.

  •  Pun*: Words that begin with “pun” are your entry-level puns about puns: punishment, punisher, punishingly, punt, punter, punchline, punch, punching, punctuate, punditry, pungent, punk, punctuality, punnet, punter,
  • Pen* → Pun*: Words that begin with “pen” are easy ones: punalise (penalise), punalty (penalty), punchant (penchant), puncil, (pencil), pundant (pendant), pundulum (pendulum), punelope (penelope), punetrate (penetrate), punetrating (penetrating), puninsula (peninsula), punicillin (penicillin), punitentiary (penitentiary), puniless (peniless), punnsylvania (pennsylvania), punsioner (pensioner), punsion (pension), puntegon (pentagon), punthouse (penthouse), punultimate (penultimate).
  • Pen → Pun: As in “Can I please borrow your blue pun?”
  • un* → pun*: Some very easy/cheap/corny puns can be made by replacing the prefix “un” with “pun”. There are thousands of words in English that begin with “un” because we use “un” as a prefix to negate a word (e.g. unimportant, uninformed, unsuccessfully, unwrap). So we’ll list a few examples here, and you can check out this list of words starting with “un” to help you create your own. Okay, on to the examples: punstoppable, punderstanding, punemployment, punfortunately, pundertaking, pundoubtably, pundergraduate, puncomfortable, punprecedented, punfamiliar, punlimited, pundertaking, punpredictable, punderstatement, punequivocal, punconstitutional, punquestionably.
  • *pun*: Words which have “pun” in them are easy puns about puns: accupuncture, compunction, counterpunch, expunction, cyberpunk, expunge, homespun, impunity (homographicly), spunky.
  • *bun*: Words which have “bun” in them are easy puns about puns: pundle (bundle), pungalow (bungalow), punkmates (bunkmates), punker (bunker), punghole (bunghole), apundance (abundance), apundantly (abundandly), rampunctious (rambunctious).
  • Fun* → Pun*: Som words starting with “fun” tend to work all right as corny puns (the most famous being “punny”): punny (funny), pundamentally (fundamentally), pundamentalist (fundamentalist), punctionality (functionality), pundraising (fundraising).
  • Or the gravy → Orthography: As in “Would you like tomato sauce orthography?”
  • Or the graphic → Orthographic: As in “This graphic, orthographic by the other artist?” Orthography is the study of spelling and how letters combine to represent sounds and form words.
  • Phoney/Phony → Homophony: As in “Your puns aren’t genuine, they’re homophony.”

As you can see our list is quite short at the moment! If you’ve got any puns about puns to donate, please post them in the comments!

Pun-Related Words

Need more puns than we’ve got? How about trying your hand at inventing some! Here are a bunch words that are related to the idea of wordplay to help you come up with some original puns. Please share your creations in the comments! 🙂

equivoque, paronomasia, paranomasy, repartee, malapropism, malaprop, rhetorical device, neologism, misspelling, alliteration, onomatopeia, idiomatic, rhetoric, word play, wordplay, joke, pun, puns, punning, punster, punner, portmanteau, wombination, cliche, homophone, homograph, rhyme, metonym, metonymy, polysemic, polysemes, pronunciation, mispronunciation, phonemes, word sense, ambiguous, homonym, heteronym, syllable, orthography, polyptoton, humor, humour, assonance, hyperbation, paragram, witty, wit, metalepsis, antiphrasis, ambage, hypallage, ideophone, allusion, agnomination, idiom, metaphoric, double entendre, speech error, badinage, banter, solecism

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