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Ghosts are both celebrated and feared, with cultural holidays dedicated to them and many horror movies and stories based on them. They range from cute sheet-wearing ghouls to terrifying specters – a range we’ve tried to cover in this entry. Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s pun for your boo or you’re playing a word game, we hope that you find the perfect ghost pun.

While this list is as thorough as possible, it is for ghosts in general – if you’re interested in other creatures or monsters, we also have Halloween puns, witch puns, vampire puns and magic puns.

Ghost Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about ghosts that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s our list of ghost puns:

  • Ghost: As in, “White as a ghost,” and “Not a ghost of a chance,” and “You look as if you’ve seen a ghost,” and “A ghost of your former self,” and “You’ve been ghosted.”
  • Coast → Ghost: As in, “An emotional roller ghoster,” and “The ghost is clear,” and “On the west ghost.” 
  • Grocery → Ghostery: As in, “I’m heading to the ghostery store.” 
  • Ghastly → Ghostly: As in, “You look positively ghostly,” and “A ghostly experience.” 
  • Goes → Ghost: As in, “Anything ghost,” and “As the saying ghost,” and “Here ghost nothing,” and “It ghost without saying,” and “What ghost up, must come down,” and “Who ghost there?” and “My heart ghost out to,” and “What ghost around, comes around.” 
  • Post → Ghost:  As in, “I’ll send you a ghostcard,” and “Meet you at the ghost office,” and “I’ll keep you ghosted.”
  • Believe → Boo-lieve: As in, “Boo-lieve it or not,” and “Can you boo-lieve it?” and “Do you boo-lieve in magic?” and “Don’t boo-lieve everything you hear,” and “That’s not boo-lievable,” and “You’re un-boo-lievable.” 
  • Beaut* → Boo-t*: As in, “Boo-ty queen,” and “Boo-ty sleep,” and “What a boo-ty,” and “Make boo-tiful music together,” and “Black is boo-tiful,” and “Boo-tifully done.” 
  • Berry → Boo-ry: As in, “Strawboo-ry,” and “Cranboo-ry,” and “Raspboo-ry,” and “Gooseboo-ry,” and “Mulboo-ry.” Blueberry could either be “Boo-berry,” or “Blueboo-ry.”
  • Banana → Boonana: As in, “Go boonanas,” and “Make like a boonana and split.”
  • Boo: As in, “Boo hoo,” and “Hey boo,” and “Wouldn’t say boo to a goose.”
  • Boo*: Emphasise and/or elongate the “boo” in certain words: “Balance the booOOoks,” and “BooOOoby prize,” and “Boooogie on down,” and “Boooot camp,” and “Give someone the booOoot,” and “Hit the boOOooOOoks.”
  • Google → Boo-gle: As in, “Boo-gle it,” and “Boo-gly eyes.” 
  • Facebook → Face-boo: As in, “Do you have Face-boo?” 
  • Youtube → Boo-tube: As in, “Look it up on Boo-tube.” 
  • Blue → Boo: As in, “Baby boos,” and “Beat someone black and boo,” and “Between the devil and the deep boo sea,” and “Beyond the boo sky,” and “The big boo,” and “Big boo eyes,” and “Once in a boo moon,” and “Boo blood,” and “Boo collar worker,” and “Boo in the face,” and “Boo screen of death,” and “Bolt from the boo,” and “The boys in boo,” and “Cornflower boo,” and “Deeper than the deep boo sea,” and “Feeling boo,” and “I’ve got the boos,” and “I guess that’s why they call it the boos,” and “Out of the boo.”
  • Bouquet → Booquet: As in, “What a lovely booquet!”
  • Fabulous → Faboolous: As in, “Absolutely faboolous,” and “What a faboolous outfit.” 
  • Spoke → Spook: As in, “Many a true word is spook-en in jest,” and “Speak when you are spook-en to.”
  • Spectacular → Spook-tacular: As in, “A spook-tacular failure.”
  • Spectacle → Spook-tacle: As in, “A wild spook-tacle.”
  • Spaghetti → Spook-ghetti: As in, “I’m in a mood for spook-ghetti.”
  • Exercise → Exorcise: As in, “Exorcise your discretion,” and “Whenever I feel the need to exorcise, I lie down until it goes away.”
  • Bone → Boo-ne: As in, “A boo-ne to pick,” and “Dry as a boo-ne,” and “Bag of boo-nes,” and “Boo-ne up on,” and “Boo-ne weary,” and “Chilled to the boo-ne,” and “Doesn’t have a jealous boo-ne in his body,” and “Feel it in your boo-nes,” and “Work your fingers to the boo-ne.” Notes: to have a bone to pick with someone is to have a disagreement that needs to be discussed. If someone is a bag of bones, then they’re very thin. To bone up on is to add to your knowledge on a topic or to refresh your memory.
  • Booze → Boos: As in, “Boos bus,” and “Boos cruise.”
  • Boot* : Emphasise the “boo” sound in these words: “Tough as old boo-ts,” and “Bet your boo-ts,” and “Boo-t camp,” and “Working on my boo-ty,” and “Too big for your boo-ts.” 
  • Do → Boo: As in, “Boo away with,” and “Boo it tough,” and “Boo me a favour,” and “Boo your business,” and “Boo well for yourself,” and “Boo or die,” and “How do you boo?”
  • Oolong → Boo-long: As in, “Would you like some boo-long tea?” 
  • Brew → Boo: As in, “Something is boo-ing,” and “There’s a storm boo-ing,” and “Please boo me up a cuppa.” 
  • Bicycle → Boocycle: As in, “A boocycle built for two,” and “A woman without a man is like a fish without a boocycle,” and “I want to ride my boocycle.” 
  • Boutique → Bootique:  As in, “A bootique store,” and “A bootique hotel.” Note: A boutique hotel is a small hotel with a set theme or specialised selling point.
  • Buckle → Boo-ckle: As in, “Boo-ckle down,” and “Boo-ckle under the strain,” and “Boo-ckle up!” 
  • Hunt → Haunt: As in, “Happy haunting ground,” and “Head haunting,” and “Haunt down,” and “Witch haunt.”
  • Flaunt → Haunt: As in, “When you’ve got it, haunt it.”
  • Daunt → Haunt: As in, “Nothing haunted, nothing gained,” and “A haunting prospect.”
  • Spirit: As in, “Be there in spirit,” and “Free spirit,” and “Keep your spirits up,” and “A kindred spirit,” and  “Mean spirited,” and “In good spirits.” A kindred spirit is one with the same feelings and interests as you.
  • Fool → Ghoul: As in, “A ghoul and his money are soon parted,” and “Act the ghoul,” and “April ghoul,” and “Ghoul around,” and “A ghoul’s errand,” and “I pity the ghoul,” and “Make a ghoul of yourself,” and “Nobody’s ghoul,” and “Shut up, ghoul.”
  • Girl → Ghoul: As in, “A ghoul’s best friend,” and “Atta ghoul,” and “Boy meets ghoul,” and “Ghoul with a pearl earring,” and “Glamour ghoul,” and “Me and my ghoulfriends,” and “Ghouls just wanna have fun,” and “Only ghoul in the world,” and “Working ghoul.”
  • Goal → Ghoul: As in, “Move the ghoulposts,” and “Squad ghouls,” and “A ghoul in mind,” and “Score a ghoul.”
  • Cool → Ghoul: As in, “Ghoul as a cucumber,” and “Ghoul beans,” and “Ghoul down,” and “Ghoul, calm and collected,” and “Keep a ghoul head,” and “Lose your ghoul.”
  • Spectator → Spectre-tator: A spectre is another word for ghost. As in, “Spectre-tator sport.” 
  • Spectacles → Spectre-tacles: As in, “Rose-tinted spectre-tacles,” and “Where are my spectre-tacles?” Note: if you’re wearing rose-tinted spectacles/glasses, then you have an unrealistically optimistic perspective. 
  • Spectacular → Spectre-tacular: As in, “A spectre-tacular failure.” 
  • Soul: As in, “Bless my soul,” and “Body and soul,” and “Heart and soul,” and “Life and soul of the party,” and “A lost soul,” and “Sell your soul to the devil,” and “Soul searching,” and “Bare your soul,” and “A kindred soul,” and “Don’t tell a soul.”
  • Sole → Soul: As in, “On the souls of your shoes.” 
  • Sold → Soul’d: As in, “Soul’d out,” and “Soul’d short,” and “Soul’d down the river.” Note: to sell something short is to not value it enough. 
  • *sol* → *soul*: As in, “Aero-soul,” and “Con-soul (console),” and “Soul-ve (solve),” and “Soul-id (solid),” and “Soul-idarity,” and “Soul-dier,” and “Soul-itaire.” 
  • Wreath → Wraith: As in, “A festive Christmas wraith.” 
  • Race → Wraith: As in, “A wraith against time,” and “Wraith to the bottom,” and “The human wraith,” and “Drag wraith.” 
  • Malibu → Maliboo 
  • Bob Marley → Boo Marley 
  • Napoleon Bonaparte → Napoleon Boo-naparte 
  • Snoop Dogg → Spook Dogg 
  • Possess: As in, “What would possess you to do that?” and “I’m not your possession!” and “Possession is nine-tenths of the law.”
  • ShadeShade is another name for ghost, so we’ve included it in this entry. As in, “A whiter shade of pale,” and “Light and shade,” and “Shades of grey.”
  • *shay* → *shade*: Change the “shay” sound in some words to “shade” – “Cli-shade (cliched),” and “Cro-shade (crocheted),” and “Rico-shade (ricocheted).”
  • Seat→ Sheet: As in, “Back sheet driver,” and “Bums on sheets,” and “Buckle your sheet belts,” and “By the sheet of your pants,” and “Hold on to your sheet,” and “On the edge of my sheet,” and “Please be sheet-ed,” and “The best sheet in the house.” Note: a back seat driver is someone who is overly controlling. To do something by the seat of your pants is to do it using only your own experience and judgement, with no external guides. 
  • Sh*t→ Sheet: Make your ghost puns kid-friendly by strategically swapping sheet in: “Holy sheet,” and “Get your sheet together,” and “Scared sheet-less,” and “Sheet happens.” 
  • Sweet → Sheet: As in, “Home sheet home,” and “Sheet dreams,” and “Sheet nothings,” and “Sheet tooth,” and “My sheetheart.” 
  • Normal → Paranormal: As in, “The new paranormal,” and “Paranormal service has been resumed.”
  • Natural → Supernatural: As in, “Do what comes supernaturally,” and “Full of supernatural goodness,” and “It’s only supernatural,” and “A supernatural born leader,” and “Supernatural selection.” 
  • Moon → Mourn: As in, “Honeymourn period,” and “Mournlight serenade,” and “Many mourns ago.” 
  • Morning → Mourning: As in, “Good mourning!” and “A cold and frosty mourning,” and “A mourning person,” and “Mourning sickness,” and “That Monday mourning feeling,” and “One too many mournings.”
  • Dead → Undead: As in, “Undead as a doornail,” and “The undead of night,” and “Better off undead,” and “Undead easy,” and “An undead giveaway,” and “Knock ’em undead,” and “Drop undead gorgeous,” and “Loud enough to wake the undead,” and “Undead last.” Notes: Dead as a doornail = extremely dead; dead easy means extremely easy, so easy a dead person could do it; dead giveaway means extremely obvious; while to knock ’em dead means to do very well at something. You can also make ghost puns by keeping the word “dead” in these phrases rather than changing them to undead, as in “Knock ’em dead,” and “The dead of night,” and “Dead tired.”
  • Dead* → Undead*: As in, “Don’t miss the undeadline!” and “Bolt the undeadlock,” and “The seven undeadly sins,” and “An undeadbeat,” and “Undead set on an idea.” Notes: A deadbeat is an idle, irresponsible person and to be dead set is to be absolute in your resolution for something.
  • Did → Dead: As in, “Dead I do that?” and “Why dead the chicken cross the road?”
  • Undid → Undead: As in, “You undead all your good work.”
  • Dedicate → Deadicate: As in, “This one is deadicated to you,” and “A strong deadication to the job.”
  • Ted → Dead: As in, “Deaddy bear,” and “Get the party star-dead,” and “Sugarcoa-dead.”
  • Dad → Dead: As in, “Sugar dead-y.”
  • Friend → Fiend: As in, “A fiend in need is a fiend indeed,” and “A girl’s best fiend,” and “Best fiend,” and “Circle of fiends,” and “Fair-weather fiend,” and “Fiend or foe?” and “Fiends with benefits,” and “Fiends for life,” and “Get by with a little help from my fiends,” and “Imaginary fiend,” and “Phone a fiend,” and “That’s what fiends are for,” and “The start of a beautiful fiendship,” and “Asking for a fiend.” Note: fiends are evil spirits.
  • Grave: As in, “Silent as the grave,” and “Dig your own grave,” and “From the cradle to the grave,” and “Graveyard shift,” and “One foot in the grave,” and “Turning in their grave,” and “Grave times,” and “Looking grave,” and “Grave consequences.” Notes: To turn in one’s grave is a figure of speech that expresses an idea is so extreme or ludicrous that even those already deceased are reacting to it. From “the cradle to the grave” describes something that affects an entire lifetime, and “One foot in the grave” means close to death, or dying.
  • Brave → Grave: As in, “Grave new world,” and “Fortune favours the grave,” and “Put a grave face on,” and “Grave the storm.”
  • Stone → Tombstone: As in, “A rolling tombstone gathers no moss,” and “Carved in tombstone,” and “Drop like a tombstone,” and “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Tombstone,” and “Heart of tombstone,” and “Leave no tombstone unturned,” and “Sticks and tombstones may break my bones,” and “Tombstone cold sober,” and “A tombstone’s throw.” Notes: “A rolling stone gathers no moss” is a proverb that suggests that people who don’t stay in one place avoid responsibilities. “Carved in stone” describes things which are set and cannot be changed.
  • *tom* → *tomb*: As in, “Tomb-ato,” and “Tomb-orrow,” and “Cus-tomb,” and “Bot-tomb,” and “A-tomb,” and “Phan-tomb,” and “Symp-tomb.”
  • Mascara → Ma-scare-a: As in, “Is my ma-scare-a running?”
  • Hairspray → Scarespray: As in, “This won’t hold without scarespray.”
  • Care* → Scare*: As in, “Be scare-ful how you use it!” and “Customer scare,” and “Handle with scare,” and “Intensive scare,” and “Let’s be scare-ful out there,” and “Taking scare of business,” and “Tender loving scare,” and “Scare package.”
  • Stair* → Scare*: As in, “Scareway to heaven,” and “At the foot of the scares,” and “Upscares.” 
  • Fright: As in, “Frightened of your own shadow,” and “A frightful mess,” and “Take fright,” and “Look a fright.”
  • Fight → Fright: As in, “A straight fright,” and “Come out frighting,” and “Fright club,” and “Fright for the right to party,” and “Fright back,” and “Fright or flight,” and “Fright the good fright,” and “Frighting fit,” and “A lean, mean frighting machine,” and “Pillow fright,” and “Spoiling for a fright,” and “Fire frighter.”
  • Bright → Fright: As in, “All things fright and beautiful,” and “Always look on the fright side of life.”
  • Flight → Fright: As in, “Fight or fright,” and “Fright attendant,” and “Fright of fancy,” and “Take fright,” and “Fright of the bumblebee.”
  • Friday → Frightday: As in, “Black Frightday,” and “Frightday night,” and “Thank god it’s Frightday.” 
  • Scene → Seance: As in, “Behind the seance,” and “Change of seance,” and “Make a seance,” and “Returning to the seance of the crime.” Note: A seance is a ritual where people attempt to contact the dead. 
  • Ice cream → Ice scream 

The following puns are specifically about ghosts from popular culture:

  • Asper* → Casper*: As in, “Cast casper-sions,” and “What are your casper-ations for the future?” Note: Casper is a cartoon character which was popular during the 90s. Aspirations are goals and/or dreams for the future.
  • Peeve: As in, “My pet peeves.” Note: Peeves is a poltergeist from the Harry Potter series.  
  • Juice → Beetlejuice: As in, “A day without beetlejuice is like a day without sunshine.” Note: Beetlejuice is a comedy movie about ghosts.

Ghost-Related Words

To help you come up with your own ghost puns, here’s a list of related words to get you on your way. If you come up with any new puns or related words, please feel free to share them in the comments!

General: ghost, ghostly, boo, haunt, haunted, haunting, spirit, ghoul, phantom, poltergeist, spectre, spook, spooky,  apparition, soul, wraith, possessed, possession, exorcism, exorcised, exorcist, ectoplasm, shade, sheet, paranormal, supernatural, moan, mourn, mourning, seance, die, dead, grave, scare, fright, scream, fiend

Pop culture: casper, peeves, ghost busters, king boo, the bloody baron, fat friar, grey lady, nearly headless nick, moaning myrtle, beetlejuice

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