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We’ve made this entry specific to zombies, but if you’re interested in other monsters and spooky beings, we also have witch puns, vampire puns and Halloween puns, and will have other monster entries coming soon too.

Note: The concept of zombies is heavily tied in to the history of Haitian slavery, as slave drivers would use horrifying stories of the undead to instil a fear of zombification into the slaves to discourage them from committing suicide. Slavery still exists for both humans and animals in way too many parts of the world, and not enough people know about it. We are lucky that zombies are simply a harmless bit of entertainment for us, rather than a terrifying idea used to control our agency over our own lives.

Zombie Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about zombies that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s our list of zombie puns:

  • Beans → Zombeans: As in, “Spill the zombeans,” and “Full of zombeans.” Note: to be full of beans is to be full of energy and enthusiasm – the “beans” in this context are possibly a reference to coffee beans.
  • Somebody → Zombodie: As in, “Find me zombodie to love,” and “Zombodie has to do it,” and “Zombodie that I used to know,” and “Use zombodie.”
  • Abercrombie & Fitch → Aberzombie & Fitch (Note: Abercrombie & Fitch are an American clothing retailer.)
  • Brain: Use these brain-related phrases to make some corny zombie puns – “All brawn and no brains,” and “Brain drain,” and “Brain fart,” and “Brain teaser,” and “Brainwave,” and “Brainstorming session,” and “A no-brainer,” and “Pick your brain,” and “Rack your brains.” Notes: A brain drain is a colloquial term for the emigration of highly trained experts or professionals.
  •  *brain*: As in, “Birdbrain,” and “Brainchild,” and “Brainless,” and “Brainpower,” and “Brainstorm,” and “Brainwash,” and “Brainy.”
  • Rain → Brain: As in, “Right as brain,” and “Come brain or shine,” and “Make it brain,” and “Over the brainbow,” and “Braining cats and dogs,” and “Take a braincheck,” and “Taste the brainbow,” and “A wild brainforest.” Note: to take a raincheck is to accept an invitation, but only at a later date.
  • Grain → Brain: As in,  “Go against the brain,” and “A brain of truth,” and “Take it with a brain of salt.”
  • Be → Zombie: As in, “Zombie all you can be,” and “Zombie done with it,” and “I’ll zombie around,” and “Zombie my guest,” and “Zombie yourself.”
  • Bee → Zombee: As in, “Busy as a zombee,” and “Zombee in your bonnet,” and “Birds and the zombees,” and “Float like a butterfly, sting like a zombee,” and “Make a zombee-line for,” and “The zombee’s knees.”
  • Beat → Zombie’t: As in, “Zombie’t around the bush,” and “Zombie’t the clock,” and “Zombie’ts me,” and “Zombie’t someone else.”
  • Bon → Bone: As in, “Bone appetit!”
  • Dead → Undead: As in, “Undead as a doornail,” and “The undead of night,” and “Better off undead,” and “Undead easy,” and “An undead giveaway,” and “Knock ’em undead,” and “Drop undead gorgeous,” and “Loud enough to wake the undead,” and “Undead last.” Notes: Dead as a doornail = extremely dead; dead easy means extremely easy, so easy a dead person could do it; dead giveaway means extremely obvious; while to knock ’em dead means to do very well at something. You can also make zombie puns by keeping the word “dead” in these phrases rather than changing them to undead, as in “Knock ’em dead,” and “The dead of night,” and “Dead tired.”
  • Dead* → Undead*: As in, “Don’t miss the undeadline!” and “Bolt the undeadlock,” and “The seven undeadly sins,” and “An undeadbeat,” and “Undead set on an idea.” Notes: A deadbeat is an idle, irresponsible person and to be dead set is to be absolute in your resolution for something.
  • Did → Dead: As in, “Dead I do that?” and “Why dead the chicken cross the road?”
  • Undid → Undead: As in, “You undead all your good work.”
  • Dedicate → Deadicate: As in, “This one is deadicated to you,” and “A strong deadication to the job.”
  • Ted → Dead: As in, “Deaddy bear,” and “Get the party star-dead,” and “Sugarcoa-dead.”
  • Dad → Dead: As in, “Sugar dead-y.”
  • Grave: As in, “Silent as the grave,” and “Dig your own grave,” and “From the cradle to the grave,” and “Graveyard shift,” and “One foot in the grave,” and “Turning in their grave,” and “Grave times,” and “Looking grave,” and “Grave consequences.” Notes: To turn in one’s grave is a figure of speech that expresses an idea is so extreme or ludicrous that even those already deceased are reacting to it. From “the cradle to the grave” describes something that affects an entire lifetime, and “One foot in the grave” means close to death, or dying.
  • Brave → Grave: As in, “Grave new world,” and “Fortune favours the grave,” and “Put a grave face on,” and “Grave the storm.”
  • Stone → Tombstone: As in, “A rolling tombstone gathers no moss,” and “Carved in tombstone,” and “Drop like a tombstone,” and “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Tombstone,” and “Heart of tombstone,” and “Leave no tombstone unturned,” and “Sticks and tombstones may break my bones,” and “Tombstone cold sober,” and “A tombstone’s throw.” Notes: “A rolling stone gathers no moss” is a proverb that suggests that people who don’t stay in one place avoid responsibilities. “Carved in stone” describes things which are set and cannot be changed.
  • *tom* → *tomb*: As in, “Tomb-ato,” and “Tomb-orrow,” and “Cus-tomb,” and “Bot-tomb,” and “A-tomb,” and “Phan-tomb,” and “Symp-tomb.”
  • Course → Corpse: As in, “But of corpse,” and “Crash corpse,” and “In due corpse,” and “Let nature take its corpse,” and “Run its corpse,” and “Stay on corpse,” and “The corpse of true love never did run smooth.” Notes: A crash course is a short, intensive bout of training.
  • Flesh: As in, “My flesh and blood,” and “Flesh an idea out,” and “He makes my flesh crawl,” and “In the flesh,” and “A pound of flesh,” and “Put some flesh on your bones,” and “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” Notes: A pound of flesh is a debt owed which will be difficult or painful to repay, while “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” is an expression of physical weariness.
  • Fresh → Flesh: As in, “Flesh as a daisy,” and “A breath of flesh air,” and “Farm flesh,” and “Flesh off the boat,” and “A flesh pair of eyes,” and “A flesh start,” and “Refleshments.” Note: “Fresh off the boat,” or “FOB” is a term of immigrants who haven’t yet assimilated into their new nation’s culture. A casually derogatory and racist term.
  • Flush → Flesh: As in, “Royal flesh,” and “Flesh it out,” and “Fleshed cheeks.” Notes: a royal flush is a type of card combination in poker.
  • Flash → Flesh: As in, “Quick as a flesh,” and “Back in a flesh,” and “Flesh a smile,” and “Flesh forward,” and “Fleshback.”
  • Skul* → Skull*: As in, “Skullduggery,” and “Skull-k.” Note: Skulduggery is unscrupulous behaviour.
  • Skill → Skull: As in, “Social skulls,” and “Very skullful.”
  • Abracadabra → Abra-cadaver (Note: A cadaver is a corpse.)
  • Entail → Entrails: As in, “Well what does it entrails?” Note: entrails are internal organs.
  • Trail → Entrails: As in, “A paper entrails,” and “Hot on the entrails,” and “Happy entrails to you!” and “Entrails mix.” Notes: entrails are internal organs. A paper trail is a collection of potentially incriminating documents.
  • Bone: As in, “A bone to pick,” and “Dry as a bone,” and “Bone up on,” and “Chilled to the bone,” and “Not a jealous bone in their body,” and “Feel it in your bones,” and “Work your fingers to the bone,” and “Bad to the bone.” Notes: To “bone up on” is to revise something, and having “a bone to pick” means having an issue that needs to be talked out.
  • *bon* → *bone*: As in, “Bone-us (bonus),” and “Bone-anza (bonanza),” and “Bone-afide (bonafide),” and “Trombone,” and “Rib-bone (ribbon),” and “Car-bone (carbon),” and “Bour-bone (bourbon).”
  • Skin: As in, “Beauty is only skin-deep,” and “By the skin of your teeth,” and “Comfortable in your skin,” and “Get under your skin,” and “Makes my skin crawl,” and “No skin off my nose,” and “Jump out of your skin,” and “Save your skin,” and “Skin alive,” and “Skin and bone,” and “Skin deep,” and “Skin in the game.” Notes: “By the skin of your teeth” means a narrow escape, and “No skin off my nose,” refers to a situation that you have no preference in since the outcome won’t affect you. “Skin in the game” means to be taking some kind of risk.
  • Ghouls: Ghouls are similar to zombies in that they are also beings who eat human flesh and are associated with death and graveyards, so we’ve included them in this entry. Make some ghoulish puns with these:
  • Fool → Ghoul: As in, “A ghoul and his money are soon parted,” and “Act the ghoul,” and “April ghoul,” and “Ghoul around,” and “A ghoul’s errand,” and “I pity the ghoul,” and “Make a ghoul of yourself,” and “Nobody’s ghoul,” and “Shut up, ghoul.”
  • Girl → Ghoul: As in, “A ghoul’s best friend,” and “Atta ghoul,” and “Boy meets ghoul,” and “Ghoul with a pearl earring,” and “Glamour ghoul,” and “Me and my ghoulfriends,” and “Ghouls just wanna have fun,” and “Only ghoul in the world,” and “Working ghoul.”
  • Goal → Ghoul: As in, “Move the ghoulposts,” and “Squad ghouls,” and “A ghoul in mind,” and “Score a ghoul.”
  • Zombification is generally believed to be spread through an outbreak of disease, so we’ve included disease and viral-related words in this entry:
  • Break → Outbreak: As in, “Outbreaking news,” and “Don’t go outbreaking my heart,” and “Give me an outbreak,” and “A lucky outbreak,” and “Make a clean outbreak,” and “All hell outbreaks loose.” Notes: a clean break refers to a complete removal or ending of a relationship or situation.
  • Plague: As in, “Avoid like the plague.”
  • Disease: As in, “Coughs and sneezes spread disease,” and “Social disease.”
  • In fact → Infect
  • Deca* → Decay*: As in, “Decay-de (decade)” and “Decay-dent (decadent)”.
  • Die: As in, “Cross my heart and hope to die,” and “Curl up and die,” and “Do or die,” and “Never say die,” and “Old habits die hard.” Notes: To “cross your heart and hope to die” is to display sincerity in a promise, to “curl up and die” is to express severe shame and regret at a situation, and “never say die” means to never give up on a situation.
  • Body: As in, “Over my dead body,” and “The body is still warm.”
  • Bodies: As in, “We know where the bodies are buried.” Note: this means to know everything about a situation, including all secrets.
  • *di* → *die*: Use and change words that have a “die” sound in them to visually include “die”: “Die-agram (diagram)” and “”Die-alogue (dialogue)” and “Die-agonal (diagonal)” and “Die-per (diaper)” and “Die-rection (direction)” and “Die-ve (dive)” and “Die-rectly (directly)” and “Die-vulge (divulge)” and “Die-namic (dynamic)” and “Paradie-se (paradise).”
  • Death: As in, “At death’s door,” and “Blue screen of death,” and “Bored to death,” and “Catch your death of cold,” and “Death by chocolate,” and “Death trap,” and “Done to death,” and “A fate worse than death,” and “Life or death struggle,” and “Nothing is certain but death and taxes,” and “Scared to death,” and “Sick to death of.”
  • Dying: As in, “A dying breed,” and “Dying out,” and “Until your dying day,” and “Dying for (something).”
  • Monster: As in, “Cookie monster,” and “Green eyed monster,” and “Here be monsters,” and “Monster mash,” and “Monster of depravity,” and “The monster is loose.”

Zombie-Related Words

To help you come up with your own zombie puns, here’s a list of related words to get you on your way. If you come up with any new puns or related words, please feel free to share them in the comments!

We have two separate lists – the first for general words that are related to “zombie” and a second for popular movies, games or books that feature zombies.

General: zombie, undead, brain, flesh, body, bodies, cadaver, skin, meat, carcass, entrails, blood, skull, bones, marrow dead, die, death, dying, deathly, ghoul, corpse, deceased, murdered, graveyard, grave, cemetery, tombstone, tomb, outbreak, virus, bacteria, plague, disease, infected, infection, apocalypse, apocalyptic, funeral, burial, buried, decay, horror

In pop culture: frankenstein, dawn of the dead, night of the living dead, day of the dead, resident evil, 28 days later, I am legend, plants vs. zombies

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