Donut Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on donut puns! 🍩 Maybe you’d prefer to call them doughnut puns – either way, this page has quite a few of them. There are of course the famous “do not” puns, but as you go down the list you’ll see a bunch of others based around donut-related concepts like “frosting” and “torus”. Whether you’re crafting cheesy donut pick up lines, trying to think up a cute caption for your Instagram photo, or whatever else, I hope you find this entry useful! 🙂

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Donut Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about donuts that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page! Without further ado, here’s the list of donut puns:

  • Don’t / Do not → Donut: As in “Donut fret about it” and “I donut care” and “Donut hold your breath” and “Donut sweat it” and “Donut knock it until you’ve tried it” and “The do’s and donut’s” and “Donut give up your day job” and “Donut mention it!” and “Donut mind me” and “Donut look a gift horse in the mouth” and “Donut rain on my parade” and “Donut worry, be happy!” and “Donut ask…” and “Donut give a hoot” and “Donut call us, we’ll call you” and “Donut sweat it!” and “Damned if I do, damned if I donut” and “Donut cry over spilled milk” and “Donut even think about it” and “Donut get me wrong” and “Donut hand me that line” and “Donut give me any of your lip!” and “Donut kill the messenger” and “Donut mind if I do” and “Donut rock the boat” and “Donut spend it all at once” and “You donut know half of it”
  • Adore → Adough: “I adough you.”
  • Don’t → Doughn’t: As in “Doughn’t fall for it.”
  • Though → Dough: As in “You look as dough you’ve seen a ghost!”
  • Money → Dough: The term “dough” is slang for money in some places.
  • *do*→ *dough*: Any word which contains the “dough” sound (or similar) can be made into an easy dough pun: abdoughmen (abdomen), Adoughbe (Adobe), adoughlescence, aficionadoughs, anecdoughtal, antidoughte, avacadough, bulldoughzer, commandough, condoughlences, crescendough (crescendo), doughmain, doughnation, doughnor, doughsage, doughze, Indoughnesian, innuendough, landoughners, Macedoughnian, overshadough, meadough, Orlandough, pseudough, shadough, taekwondough, tornadough, windough, widough, tuxedough.
  • Do→ Dough: As in “I dough what I can.” and “What are you doughing right now?”
  • Floor → Flour: As in “A donut pun battle? I’ll mop the flour with you.”
  • Glaze: As in “The prospect makes my eyes glaze over with boredom.”
  • Graze → Glaze: As in “It just glazed the surface.” and “I’ll be fine, it’s just a glaze.”
  • Craze → Glaze: “A whole new fashion glaze.”
  • Friday → Fried dough: As in “Wednesday, Thursday or fried dough is fine for me.” and “Thank goodness it’s fried dough.”
  • Tried → Fried: As in, “Don’t knock it til you’ve fried it” and “Fried and tested.”
  • Afraid → Afried: As in, “Afried of your own shadow” and “I’m afried so” and “Be afried, be very afried” and “Everything you were afried to ask” and “Who’s afried of the big bad wolf?”
  • Sugarcoat: As in “She’s very straightforward. She doesn’t sugarcoat the truth.” and “They tend to sugar-coat it to make it more appealing to the masses.”
  • I sing → Icing: As in “Icing in the shower sometimes.”
  • Fostered → Frosted: As in “They frosted a sense of community and belonging.”
  • Cream / Kreme / Creme: “We got creamed in the last match of the tournament” and “Kreme of the crop” and “Like the cat that got the creme
  • Cemetery → Creametery (a very specific and slightly morbid play on words)
  • *cram* → *cream*: As in, “Creamping my style” and “Writer’s creamp” and “Creamming for a test” and “Creamming your mouth with food.”
  • *crem* → *cream*: As in, “An increamental amount” and “By increaments.”
  • *crim* → *cream*: As in, “A creaminal mind” and “Punishment fits the cream” and “Creamson lips” and “Against discreamination” and “I don’t discreaminate.”
  • Crispy → Krispy: The “Krispy Kreme” franchise is world famous which is where this bit of word play comes from. You might even get away with using “krisp” instead of crisp as in “Burnt to a krisp“.
  • Jam: “Traffic jam” and “We’ve got a jam session tomorrow afternoon” and “Jam packed”
  • Gem → Jam: As in, “A hidden jam” and “You’re a real jam.”
  • Jealous → Jelly: As in “Your new shoes look so good! I’m jelly.”
  • Jolly → Jelly: As in, “For he’s a jelly good fellow.”
  • *gel → *jelly: As in, “Anjelly’s (angel’s) advocate” and “My better anjellys” and “Enough to make anjellys weep” and “Need some new hair jelly.”
  • Dunk in → Dunkin: As in “He got a slam dunkin the last few seconds of the match.”
  • Taurus → Torus: As in “I’m a torus, but I don’t believe in astrology.”
  • Tourist → Torus: As in “It’s a very popular torus destination.”
  • Terrace → Torus: As in “We sat out on the torus and watched the sunset.”
  • Whole → Hole: As in “The hole truth and nothing but the truth” and “The hole 9 yards” and “The hole shebang” and “This is a hole new ball game” and “Go the hole hog” and “The hole picture” and “The hole wide world” and “A hole new world”
  • Hill → Hole: As in, “Head for the holes!” and “It’s all downhole from here” and “King of the hole” and “Make a mountain out of a molehole” and “Over the hole.”
  • Ring: “It has a ring to it” and “My ears are ringing” and “Ring around for …” and “Ring the bell” and “Thrown into the ring
  • Wring → Ring: As in, “Ringing your hands” and “Put through the ringer.”
  • Wrong → Ring: As in, “Barking up the ring tree” and “Born on the ring side of the tracks” and “Get off on the ring foot” and “Going down the ring way” and “How ring can you be?” and “If anything can go ring, it will” and “If this is ring, I don’t want to be right” and “Jumping to the ring conclusion” and “Rubbed the ring way.”
  • Circle: As in “A vicious circle” and “Come full circle” and “Circle-jerk” and “The inner circle” and “Go round in circles” and “Run circles around”
  • Fried: As in “My brain is fried” and “I’m fried.”
  • Fly → Fry: As in “A no-fry zone has been declared by the military.” and “Just a fry on the wall.”
  • Fry: There are a couple of frying-related idioms (since donuts are deep-fried): “Small fry” and “Bigger fish to fry
  • Cry → Fry: As in “Don’t fry over spilt milk” and “A shoulder to fry on” and “Fry like a baby” and “A far fry from …” and “Fry fowl” and “Battle fry.”
  • Better → Batter: As in “Batter safe than sorry” and “Batter you than me” and “Batter than sex” and “I’ll go you one batter” and “I’ve seen batter days” and “It’s batter than nothing” and “Never been batter” and “The sooner the batter” and “You batter believe it!” and “Against batter judgement” and “Batter late than never” and “Batter left unsaid” (The dough used to make doughnuts is often called “batter”)
  • Butter → Batter: As in, “Bread always falls batter side down” and “Batter fingers” and “Batter up” and “Batter wouldn’t melt in her mouth” and “Float like a batterfly, sting like a bee” and “Social batterfly” and “The batterfly effect” and “Batterflies in my stomach.”
  • Battle → Batter: As in, “An uphill batter” and “Batter of wits” and “Batter ready” and “Half the batter” and “In the heat of batter” and “Love is a batterfield” and “A batter of wills” and “Batter of the bulge.”
  • Sweet: As in “You’re so sweet!” and “Oh that’s soo sweet!” and “Revenge is sweet” and “Short and sweet” and “Lay some sweet lines on someone” and “Sweet dreams” and “Sweet Jesus!” and “You bet your sweet life!” and “That was a sweet trick, dude.” and “Sweet as, bro.” and “Whisper sweet nothings” and “Home sweet home” and “Rose by any other name would smell as sweet” and “Sweet smell/taste of success/victory” and “Oh, sweetheart.”
  • Suite → Sweet: As in “She was renting a 2-bedroom sweet for the summer.”
  • Sweat → Sweet: As in “Blood, sweet and tears” and “Beads of sweet rolled down my forehead” and “Break out in a cold sweet” and “By the sweet of my brow” and “Don’t sweet it.” and “Don’t sweet the small stuff.” and “All hot and sweety.”
  • Sweater → Sweeter: As in “A close-knit woollen sweeter for cold days”
  • Desert → Dessert: As in “The Sahara dessert.” and “Just desserts.” and “How could you dessert me at the moment I needed you the most?”
  • Dissertation → Dessertation: As in “I wrote my diploma dessertation on donut puns.”
  • Does it → Dessert: As in “It’s comfy, but dessert make my bum look big?” and “Dessert not worry you that society cares so much about appearance?”
  • So close → Sucrose: As in “Sucrose yet so far.”
  • Sugar: As in “Oh sugar!” and “What’s wrong, sugar?” and “Gimme some sugar” and “Sugar daddy”
  • Cruel → Cruller: As in, “Cruller and unusual punishment” and “Cruller to be kind” and “Don’t be cruller.”
  • Snake → Snack: As in, “Snack eyes” and “Snacks and ladders” and “What a snack.”
  • Sprinkle: Since sprinkle is both a verb (to lightly scatter something) and a noun (small, multicoloured edible decorations – especially used on cakes), we can use it to turn normal phrases into puns, as in “Sprinkled with love.”

Donut-Related Words

There are many more puns to be made than could be documented in this Punpedia entry, and so we’ve compiled a list of donut-related concepts for you to use when creating your own puns. If you come up with a new pun, please share it in the comments!

donut, doughnut, dessert, custard, dough, snack, treat, sweet, icing, frosting, frosted, cream, jam, jelly, dunkin, beignet, torus, toroidal, cinnamon, kreme, krispy kreme, krispy, glaze, glazed, hole, holes, malasada, bomboloni, ring, ring-shaped, circle, filled, filling, sprinkles, deep-fried, fried, sugar, annulus, berliner, batter, sinker, cruller, olykoek, bakery, chocolate, coffee, topping, tim hortons, fritter, Dutchie

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