Pasta Puns

Welcome to the Punpedia entry on pasta puns! 🍝 Pasta puns are many and varied thanks to all the different types of pasta and their interesting Italian names. The list starts with puns on the word “pasta” itself, and then to penne puns, and beyond that anything is fair game: pasta types, brands, preparation topics, and beyond.

This entry also contains other noodle puns (udon, soba, mie goreng, etc.) which have their own section at the bottom of the puns list.

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Pasta Puns List

Each item in this list describes a pun, or a set of puns which can be made by applying a rule. If you know of any puns about pasta that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments at the end of this page!

  • Past a → Pasta: As in “I went pasta cute little park on the way here.”
  • Pass the → Pasta: As in “Can you pasta sauce please?”
  • Past the → Pasta: As in “We went pasta turnoff and got lost.”
  • Past her → Pasta: As in “I walked right pasta without realising.”
  • Past us→ Pastas: As in “That was rude. He just walked straight pastas.”
  • Passed us→ Pastas: As in “Life has pastas by.”
  • Imposter → Impasta: As in “You’re a liar! An impasta!”
  • Passed away → Pasta way: As in “She pasta way last night.”
  • Past in a → Pastina: As in “Yeah, he ran pastina hurry this morning. I hope everything is okay.” (Pastina is tiny pasta)
  • Faster → Pasta: As in “Pasta than a speeding bullet.” and “Pasta than you can say Jack Robinson” and “Pasta than the speed of sound.”
  • Passed up → Pasta-p: As in “I pasta-p the opportunity because it would interfere with my studies.” and “I pasta-p the chance for a promotion.”
  • Passed under → Pasta-nder: As in “The boat gracefully pastander the bridge.”
  • Pastor → Pasta: As in “The pasta of our local church is nuts.”
  • Possibly → Pastably: As in “This is pastably the worst pasta pun ever.” and “The pastabilities are endless!”
  • Prostitute → Pastatute: As in “Some of the women have turned to pastatution.”
  • For my silly → Vermicelli: As in “I’m preparing this gift ver mi celli friend who likes pasta puns.”
  • City → Ziti: As in “An inner ziti apartment.” and “We’re country bumkins and they’re ziti slickers.” and “Sex and the ziti” and “you can’t fight ziti hall.”
  • Penny → Penne: As in “It cost a pretty penne.” and “A penne saved is a penne earned.” and “A penne for your thoughts” and “If I had a penne for every time …” and “Pennes on the dollar” (Penne is a cylindrical type of pasta)
  • Penniless → Penneless: As in “He’s penneless and living on the streets.”
  • Pen name → Penne-m: As in “My earlier work was written under a penne-m.”
  • Penetrate → Pennetrate: As in “We cannot pennetrate their armour.” and “We need to do pennetration tests before laying the concrete.”
  • Penchant → Pennechant: As in “She has a pennechant for pasta dinners.”
  • Or so → Orzo: As in “About a cup orzo of water should do.” and “We ended up with 300 orzo dollars.”
  • Reasoning → Risoni-ng: “Risoni” is another name for “orzo”. You might use this pun like: “The the risoni-ng behind your decision?”
  • Noodle: As in “He’s a bit of a noodle (silly person).” and “Use your noodle (head)! This is an easy question.” and “There were noodles (lots and lots) of them!” – Each of these examples uses a different slang meaning of “noodle” indicated in parentheses.
  • No key → Gnocchi: As in “How do I unlock it? There’s gnocchi hole in this door.”
  • Knock it → Gnocchit: As in “So you’ll just gnocchit down and start building it again?”
  • Fury → Fiori: “Fiori” is a type of decorative pasta. Examples: “Hell has no fiori like a woman scorned.” and “He was completely fiorious about his phone being stolen.”
  • Angel hair: This term refers to a very thin, long type of pasta/noodle. Pasta puns might be made as follows: “She has the hair of an angel.” and “Will you get out of my angel hair?” and “Let your (angel) hair down and relax.”
  • Exclude → Extrude: Most types of pasta are extruded from special presses. Example: “It’s not nice when you extrude people from the discussion like that.”
  • Do you remember → Durum-ember: As in “Durumember that time when …”
  • I nearly → Anelli: Anelli refers to small ring-shaped pasta. Examples: As in “Anelli fell off my chair when I heard the new.” and “Anelli jumped out of my skin!”
  • I’ll dent it → Al dente-t: As in “I don’t want to hit it too hard – I’m afraid al dente-t.”
  • All for nothing → Al forno-thing: As in “We worked so hard, but it was al forno-thing.”
  • I’ll fornicate → Al forno-cate: You can come up with your own example for this one!
  • Above it → A bavette: Bavette is a type of pasta. Example: “I once used to make a lot of puns, but I’ve moved on. I’m a bavette now.”
  • By golly → Bigoli: Bigoli is a type of long thick pasta. As in “Bigoli, is that the time?! I’ve gotta run!” and “Bigoli gosh!”
  • Big ol’ li* → Bigoli-*: As in “He’s a bigoli-bertarian” and “A bigoli-thuanian fell gave me a hand.” and “There’s a bigoli-brary in the middle of town.”
  • Couple in here → Capellini-er: Capellini is the Italian name for “angel hair” pasta. Here’s an example usage of this lovely, atrocious pun: “There’s a capellini-er but I think we’ll need to buy some more.”
  • Can kill yer (you) → Conchiglie: This is pronounced like “con-kee-lee-er“. Example usage: “Be careful! It conchiglie if you don’t follow the instructions carefully.” and “It is said that saying or writing too many pasta puns conchiglie.”
  • I lick → Eliche: As in “Eliche-d the melted chocolate off my fingers.” (Eliche is the name of a type of spiralled pasta)
  • I like it → Eliche-t: As in “Eliche-t when you do that.”
  • For silly → Fusilli: As in “I did it fusilli reasons and I regret it.” (A type of corkscrew pasta)
  • Car can nearly → Garganelli: As in “Your car is much slower. My garganelli reach 200km per hour on a straight.” (A tubular pasta)
  • Most are jolly → Mostaccioli: As in “There are a few grump people around, but mostaccioli.”
  • Ribbon: Many common pastas are ribbon-shaped, so you may be able to make a pasta pun by sneakily using “ribbon” in your communication: “You definitely get the blue ribbon – you’ve out-pasta-punned me.”
  • Shall I tell him → Scialatelli-m: As in “I don’t know what to do. Scialatelli-m?” (Scialatelli is a short, thick fettuccine-like pasta)
  • Fresh → Fresca: The term “fresca” is simply the Italian word for “fresh”, but it’s commonly used in describing pasta that has been made fresh (“pasta fresca”). Examples: “A breath of fresca air.” and “A fresca pair of eyes” and “Make a fresca start” and “Fresca off the boat” and “Fresca as a daisy” and “I’m fresca out of pasta puns!”
  • Develope → Divella-p: As in “I’m trying to divella-p some more self-confidence.” (Divella is a famous pasta brand.)
  • They checkout → De Cecco-t: As in “De Cecco-t of the hotel at 10am tomorrow.” (De Cecco is a famous pasta brand.)
  • Guitar → Chitarra: This term is a reference to “spaghetti alla chitarra” which is a type of spaghetti produced with a tool that looks like a guitar.
  • Cast a line → Castellane: As in “I thought I’d castellane out to see if anyone is interested.”
  • Fat or skinny →Fettuccini: (The worst pasta pun ever?) As in “Your everyday diet determines whether you will be fett u ccini
  • Feed a wa* → Fideua*: As in “You shoudn’t fideua-lrus (feed a walrus) with your bare hands.”
  • Routine → Rotini: As in “My daily rotini was interrupted.”
  • Train it to → Trennette: As in “If I had a dog I’d trennette come when I whistle.” (Trenette is a long, narrow, flat pasta)
  • Trophy → Trofie: As in “Okay congratulations you win. Would you like a trofie?” (Trofie is a short, twisted pasta from Northern Italy, pronounced “traw-fee-eh” which sorta sounds like “trophy-eh”)
  • Peachy → Pici: As in “Everything is just pici.”


Pasta is made from dough which itself is made from flour which itself is made from grain (usually wheat, but sometimes other cereals and grains). With this in mind we can make some slightly deeper pasta puns by playing on these topics:

  • *do*→ *dough*: Any word which contains the “dough” sound (or similar) can be made into an easy dough pun: abdoughmen (abdomen), Adoughbe (Adobe), adoughlescence, aficionadoughs, anecdoughtal, antidoughte, avacadough, bulldoughzer, commandough, condoughlences, crescendough (crescendo), doughmain, doughnation, doughnor, doughsage, doughze, Indoughnesian, innuendough, landoughners, Macedoughnian, overshadough, meadough, Orlandough, pseudough, shadough, taekwondough, tornadough, windough, widough, tuxedough.
  • Do→ Dough: As in “I dough what I can.” and “What are you doughing right now?”
  • Money → Dough: The term “dough” is slang for money in some places.
  • Flower → Flour: As in “Remember to stop and smell the flours.”
  • Adore → Adough: “I adough you.”
  • Don’t → Doughn’t: As in “Doughn’t fall for it.”
  • Though → Dough: As in “You look as dough you’ve seen a ghost!”
  • Hour → Flour: As in “We could go on for flours.” and “The plane leaves in one flour.” and “I’m on a flourly wage.”
  • Again → A grain: As in “Come a grain?” and “Never a grain.” and “Time and time a grain.” and “Now and a grain.”
  • Ingrained: As in “It was ingrained in me from a young age.”
  • Grainy: This can refer to a texture or to a low resolution photograph: “Your profile picture is a bit grainy.”
  • Wait → Wheat: As in “Wheat a second…” and “I am lying in wheat.” and “Wheat and see.”
  • We t* → Wheat: As in “Wheat talked about this last night.” and “Wheat took our time.”
  • We’d → Wheat: As in “Wheat love for you to join us!”
  • What → Wheat: As in “Wheatever, man.” and “Wheat are you up to today?”


The following puns are mostly based around Asian style noodles as opposed to pasta, specifically (which is of course an Italian style noodle):

  • So bad → Soba-d: As in “These puns are soba-d!” and “I miss my mum soba-d!”
  • Roman → Ramen: As in “A well-known ramen emperor.” and “The ramen soldiers advanced upon the city.”
  • You don’t → Udon’t: As in “Udon’t know what it’s like!” and “Udon’t say?” and “Udon’t know me!” and “Udon’t own me!”
  • So many → Somen-y: As in “There are somen-y noodle puns to document!” and “I’ve been to this place somen-y times.” and “I’ve got somen-y memories of this place.”
  • Into me → Indomie: As in “I can tell he’s indomie just by the way acts around me.”
  • Mein → Main: As in “The mein event.” and “He’s my mein squeeze” and “The mein street of the town.”
  • For → Pho: As in “Pho the love of god!” and “Pho sho.” and “All pho one and one pho all!” and “Good-pho-nothing” and “A complete free-pho-all” and “An eye pho an eye” and “I’ll assume liability pho the error” and “I’m at a loss pho words.” and “You’re asking pho trouble.” and “All the more reason pho …” and “That’s a sight pho sore eyes.” and “Bat pho both sides” and “You’re in pho a treat!” and “Come along pho the ride” and “No need to feel sorry pho me.” and “Well, pho a start, …” and “Food pho thought.” and “Pho better or pho worse” and “Pho crying out loud” and “Pho hours on end” and “Pho old times’ sake” and “Pho the record” and “Pho want of a better word” and “Pho the sake of argument” and “Pho the time being” and “Pho your information”
  • Me → Mie: As in “Oh mie, oh my” and “Do you read mie?” and “Allow mie to introduce myself” and “A hand-mie-down” and “Dear mie!” and “Leave mie alone!” and “Don’t get mie started.” and “Don’t patronise mie” and “Don’t give mie that!” and “Far be it from mie” and “Give mie a break!” and “Goodness gracious mie.” and “Mie neither.” and “Pardon mie.”

Pasta-Related Words

There are many more puns to be made than could be documented in this Punpedia entry, and so we’ve compiled a list of pasta-related concepts for you to use when creating your own puns. If you come up with a new pun, please share it in the comments!

agnolotti, al dente, alfabeto, al forno, anelli, anellini, angel hair, anima, arrabbiata, asciutta, barbina, barilla, bavette, bavettine, bigoli, bolognese, brodo, bucatini, buckwheat, buitoni, calamarata, campanelle, cancioni, candele, cannelloni, cannerozzetti, capellini, cappellacci, capunti, carbonara, casarecce, casoncelli, cassuli, castellane, cavatappi, cavatelli, cavaturi, cellentani, chitarra, ciriole, conchiglie, corallini, courgetti, de cecco, ditalini, divella, dough, durum, eliche, elicoidali, extrusion, fagottini, farfalle, fedeos, fettuccelle, fettuccini, fetucce, fetucelle, fideua, fiori, fregula, fresca, fusilli, galletti, garganelli, gemelli, gigli, gnocchi, lagane, la molisana, lanterne, lasagne, lasagna, lasagnette, linguine, mac & cheese, macaroni, mafalde, mafaldine, manicotti, marinara, maritati, maultasche, mezzelune, minestrone, mostaccioli, noodle, noodles, orecchiette, orzo, paccheri, paglia e eieno, pappardelle, parmesan, pasotti, passatelli, pasta, pastas, pastina, pastitsio, pelmeni, penne, penne rigate, pennette, pennoni, perciatelli, pici, pillus, pistou, pizzoccheri, puttanesca, quadrucci, radiatori, rana, ravioli, ribbon, tubular, rigatoni, risoni, rotelle, rotini, ruote, sacchette, sacchettoni, sagnarelli, sagne, san remo, scialatelli, secca, semolina, spaccatelli, spaghetti, spaghettini, spaghettoni, spatzle, stringozzi, strozzapreti, tagliatelle, taglierini, tartufi, tetrazzini, tortellini, tortelloni, trenette, trenne, tripoline, trofie, ventagli, vermicelli, vermicelloni, voiello, ziti, zitoni

ramen, soba, wanko soba, takisoba, udon, sanuki udon, shirataki, somen, indomie, bakmi, nooputt, sevai, guksi, chow mein, wonton, pan mee, pho, bánh canh, instant noodles, Maggi, mie, mie goreng, pad thai, kway teow, pancit, mont di, saimin, thenthuk, laksa, shin ramyun, mee siam, mi krop

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User-Submitted Pasta Puns:

  1. Wow, this is one jar of sauce you might regretti opening. I love these puns, the pastabilities are endless. If I had a penne for all my puns, I’d pastably be rich! Man,icotti so many it’s fusilli! I haven’t even made an al dente! Some are soba-d they’ll have you ramen away pho sure. If you couldn’t rotelle, I can’t stop this mein of thought. You’re probably fiori-ous with me and it’s all mafalde. I’ve got a few more orzo, but I’ll let you get back to your daily rotini.

  2. -Hi! Today,I have somen-y pasta puns,it’s impossible to count.
    -Why are you irritating mie?
    -Today I realised my puns are soba-d.
    -Now I understand your pun habits were ingrained in you. I actually like your puns!
    -Wheat a second: you LIKE them?
    -Yeah! Udon’t know my puns are bad!
    -I adough them.
    -If we had a dog,I would trenette to not bite you.
    -Unrelated question: Wheat are you up to?
    -Nothing,dough I really like you as a friend.
    -Can we just stop the puns? I feel this could continue for flours.
    -Okay! I just wish I had an antidoughte to stop our puns…
    -No problemo! You make the last pun pho today.
    -I’ve got chitarra classes tommorow.