Words containing the “per” sound or similar

This is an appendix entry of Punpedia. For actual Punpedia entries, head over to the homepage. Here are some words containing something similar to a “per” sound:

present, purpose, paper, particular, property, proper, opportunity, spring, particularly, presented, emperor, papers, upper, separate, whispered, supper, protect, protection, production, temper, proceed, properly, pursued, purposes, desperate, separated, deeper, operation, operations, purple, newspaper, preparing, pursuit, hypertext, purchase, opportunities, whisper, preparations, temporary, preparation, newspapers, protected, pursue, springs, temperature, purchased, copper, purse, particulars, inspiration, separation, promotion, paperwork, corporation, prosperous, temperament, contemporary, imperfect, apparatus, superstition, pursuing, pepper, whispering, shepherd, supernatural, parole, expert, pearls, superb, productions, desperately, properties, paroles, superstitious, dispersed, keeper, housekeeper, protecting, productive, superficial, transportation, pursuits, spur, temporal, spurs, superfluous, whispers, operate, slippers, purposely, cooper, superintendent, shepherds, impertinent, purchasing, slippery, tempered, corporal, exasperated, operating, temperance, cheaper, inseparable, separating, operated, imperfectly, pur, supervision, incorporated, desperation, rupert, skipper, incomparable, emperors, vapor, superstitions, experimental, uppermost, spurred, corporations, prosper, prerogative, purchases, expiration, cooperation, superseded, pursuers, pearl, separates, keepers, parental, troopers, imperceptible, disperse, sharper, worshippers, experts, operator, impersonal, purport, aspiration, aperture, drapery, protective, superhuman, comparable, harper, hampered, reparation, stupor, respiration, taper, interspersed, pursues, superman, prospered, purchaser, paralysis, sleeper, draperies, tempers, prepares, corporate, imperfection, helper, pauper, imperfections, trooper, imperceptibly, spurious, irreparable, exasperating, leopard, parisians, pearly, tapers, innkeeper, purge, suppers, distemper, tapering, purses, wrapper, exasperation, piper, cowper, slipper, opportune, parishioners, operative, prerogatives, hamper, purged, hopper, super, vapors, intemperate, improperly, paraded, supercilious, trapper, shopkeepers, spurned, operates, incomparably, sleepers, purgatory, trappers, dispersion, evaporation, contemporaries, supersede, shopkeeper, impervious, torpor, superlative, corp, temperatures, helpers, apparitions, purchasers, paupers, evaporated, sporadic, superbly, inspirations, spurn, leper, cooperate, scampered, contemporaneous, operators, incorporation, hooper, pampered, storekeeper, viper, repartee, parochial, pursuer, grasshopper, jeopardy, dispersing, separately, pursuant, operatic, purring, grasshoppers, incorporate, gaspar, superficially, spurt, whimpering, temperaments, tampered, aspirant, dapper, inseparably, pursed, parade, purcell, coppers, spurring, draper, jasper, sheppard, caspar, purser, juniper, operatives, capers, bumper, parading, pyramidal, cooperative, aspirations, exasperate, stopper, purposeless, purporting, scampering, purplish, valparaiso, apparition, superstructure, doorkeeper, lepers, parenthesis, leopards, steeper, scamper, caper, damper, impersonation, peppers, roper, tampering, whimper, aspirants, evaporate, desperadoes, promotions, inopportune, copernicus, paradis, sperm, tamper, superintendents, superimposed, purging, parfums, shepard, supervise, bookkeeper, incorporating, purr, gamekeeper, copperfield, prospering, housekeepers, purdy, parades, vipers, desperado, papered, reaper, purveyor, peppermint, respiratory, temperamental, tempering, capernaum, vesper, hampers, chaparral, unhampered, particularity, improper, tipperary, spurted, supervisor, purported, supervised, hyperbole, purposeful, peppered, clipper, dipper, hesper, repertory, obstreperous, tupper, parisienne, dispersal, purloined, aspersions, repertoire, speranza, parentheses, coppery, purports, spurning, wrappers, pipers, separations, superseding, interloper, pariah, parishioner, paradiso, supervising, purvis, hampering, spurts, inoperative, whopper, corpora, purdie, flapper, evaporating, tapered, spurns, jumper, purples, jeopardize, camper, aspersion, cooperating, skippers, temporize, clapper, simper, superlatives, culpepper, supervisors, harpers, pamper, impersonality, purveyors, copernican, bumpers, chopper, parabola, temporizing, prospers, evaporates, kaspar, casper, pearse, spurting, larkspur, sweeper, protections, shippers, recuperate, chaperone, innkeepers, parenthetically, separateness, separatists, snapper, contemporaneously, disparate, kemper, recuperation, impersonated, irreparably, separatist

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